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It’s been a long flight, and I’ve slept most of the way. I make my way to the bathroom, taking my bag out of the overhead compartment. Another half an hour, and I’ll be in a new country. I smile as I walk down the aisle, excitement bubbling inside. A few more hours, and I’ll be through all the red tape.

The questions, and the queues, and the smiling people all flash past me in a daze. All I keep wondering is whether you’ll be there waiting for me.

I walk past everyone waiting for the luggage at the roundabout, and make my way through the crowds of people standing there to greet family and colleagues. Everything seems louder and brighter, and I’m looking for one face to stand out from the crowd. I stop at the back, turn around and look again to see if I’ve missed you.

Did I tell you the wrong time, the wrong flight number? I can’t remember now, and I’m looking for my phone to call when I feel strong hands creep around my waist. I close my eyes and turn around slowly, almost scared of what I’ll see. You don’t canlı bahis let go, your hands nestling in the small of my back as I open my eyes and see your face. I can’t contain my grin and I throw my arms around you, pushing my tiny body against yours. I stand on my toes and kiss your cheek and your lips softly before whispering, ‘Hello.’

You smile at me and lean your head down to kiss me, our lips parting as I feel your tongue push against me, and I sigh as I smell you, taste you.

‘It’s better than I imagined.’

I can feel how excited you are, and I laugh, taking your hand and walking through the airport, telling you about the flight, and listening to your voice running in between mine. I can hardly manage the conversation though, all my mind keeps returning to is how long I’ve waited for this moment.

I put my arm around your waist, following you to the carpark. After what feels like miles, you stop and unlock your four-by-four. Without a word, I open the back door, and push you inside. All the way until your bahis siteleri back is resting against the other side. I crawl in on my hands and knees, stopping only to close the door behind me, before tilting forward and kissing you again, softly, then with my tongue pushing deep inside you, harder and longer.

Your hands are running over my thighs and ass, caressing me, and I moan as I reach down with one hand to undo your belt and zip down your pants. I stroke my hand over your penis, feeling it throb slightly, and I pull your pants down far enough to cup your balls in my hand, tickling them through the material of your underwear. The lights of the carpark are bright, and you can see my erect nipples through my stretch-tee, and when I sit up to pull your underwear lower, you cup my breasts and slowly kneed my nipples, groaning when you realise that I haven’t any bra on. I smile a wicked little smile as I lift one leg over your thigh and onto the floor, bracing my other leg on the seat next to you.

I run my nails gently bahis şirketleri over your cock and lean forward, kissing you as I guide you inside me. It’s the first you realise that I haven’t any underwear underneath the skirt, and you moan in excitement first, then pleasure as you feel how wet I am, how warm and soft and ready for you. I lay my head next to your ear as I breathe deeper with each stroke I lift up, feeling you push underneath me to get deeper, your hands caressing my smooth bum. I ride up slowly and down slowly, knowing I can’t last much longer having waited so long, and all I want to do is feel you come inside me. You’re whispering and your voice is making me tingle, and I moan with pleasure as I feel how your body flexes inside me, causing me to shudder, and with that shudder, I can’t hold back anymore.

With a soft cry I push hard onto you, moving faster, my fingers clutching at your shoulders, your arms, my lips pushing against your neck, and you groan as you come with me, your fingers pulling my hips into you, pushing deeper inside me. For a few minutes we just stay locked into that position, breathing deep until I lean back, slide off you.

‘Come, show me the house I bought before you have to get back to the office.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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