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Late Night Visitors

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“Let’s go upstairs.” He said it matter of factly because this was their routine. She would show up and they would spend a few hours bullshitting, listening to music, just laughing. Then suddenly the mood would change, a sort of erotic air would fill the room and their next move would come as an unspoken agreement.

Tonight was no different, she’d shown up just after he’d gotten home from work. She greeted his dog, Max, a big St. Bernard, at the door. He was after all who she had come to see, or at least he thought so. Entering his duplex she welcomed the familiarity that his home had become. The quaint kitchen that had a plushy bed set up for Max in the corner. Walking into the living room she took in the neatness and how is contrast with everything women are taught about bachelors and their house keeping. His black leather sectional sat invitingly in the center of the room and he was perched at one corner, a glass of milk in one hand, and his other armed draped over the back of the couch.

“Hey cutie” He said smiling at her.

“Hey yourself” She replied meeting his smile with one of her own.

He motioned for her to sit next to him, so she did. Her jean clad thighs sank comfortably into the cushions and she leaned back allowing herself to relax. After all, while she was here, nothing was expected of her. He scoot closer to her, she knew he would. Over time his hand found its way absently to the safe zone just below her upper thigh, skimming his fingers over the flesh that was visible from the rip in her jeans. She liked the comfort his casual touch brought, and how it wasn’t demanding.

They spent time laughing, comparing anecdotes from the week. She checked the clock, it was in the very early hours of the morning, he worked tomorrow but she never rushed it. He turned the TV off and laid his hand on her thigh squeezing it gently.

“Let’s go upstairs.”

She nodded.

As soon as she stood, following his bounding frame as it disappeared up the steps; she felt the heat build in her thighs. He had conditioned her to get wet with that phrase. She stopped in the bathroom to collect herself, Samsun Escort even after as long as they had been meeting he still made her knees weak. When she entered the room he asked her to hit the light, leaving a small corner lamp to cast a soft glow about his sea foam green room. The plush carpet felt soft under her toes. She finally glanced in his direction and saw him casually laid across the inviting looking bed with its fluffy down comforter and micro plush pillows.

“Hey” He offered gently. He opened his arms to beckon her over to him; she swallowed and took the 3 small steps to the bed. Never breaking eye contact she crawled up the bed to his open arms. He smiled at her, his perfect full lips framing pearly white teeth. She loved to bite his lips. She smiled back as he pulled her down to meet his lips. They crashed together softly and tingles spread down her limbs. He put his hand in her hair and pulled her bottom lip into his mouth. She giggled and ran her hands over his scruffy beard. He worked his hands down and removed her tank top followed quickly by her bra. The cool air of his over air conditioned room met her nipples and puckered them. He rolled with her so she was under him. Pulling his shirt off he met her mouth again and began to feverishly work on her jeans. She felt the bulge in his pants as he pressed against her. A moan escaped. He slipped her jeans down her creamy white legs and smiled in appreciation at her green panties that said “Just DEW it” playing on his love of the green fizzy soda.

He undressed himself down to his boxers and settled himself between her thighs. Her breathing hitched as she watched him come forward and kiss her nether lips. He followed each kiss with a rough bite that made her squirm. He knew how to work her up. Spreading her thighs far apart he held them down with his shoulders and began to delve into her pussy. His tongue was everywhere at once, tasting her, eliciting squeals and moans. She dug her nails into his shoulder and her other hand went to the blanket beside her gripping it. His tongue slowed and he licked up and down over her clit, her Samsun Escort Bayan thighs shook. He sucked the swollen nub into his mouth and drove his tongue into her pussy, tasting her where it was the strongest.

“Holy fuck” she gasped out. She started to buck her hips upwards and whimper as he teased her. His fingers found their way inside of her and she cried out. She danced like his marionette puppet and moaned, whimpered, whined and squealed as he commanded.

“Do you want to cum?” He asked sweetly from between her thighs.

She just whimpered.

“I don’t know what that means.” He sank back down and licked fervently over her pussy, slurping and moaning as he tasted her.

“Do. You. Want. To. Cum?” He asked punctuating each word with a thrust of his fingers.

“Y-yessss!” She moaned.

“What?” He asked, enjoying her torture.

“Yes, please make me cum!” She cried out.

“Well if you insist…”

He laid his tongue flat over her clit and licked it up and down and side to side, then in circles and before too long she lost track of the shapes or rhythm but she knew there were lights exploding behind her eyes and a moan was bubbling up from her throat as she arched her back as every muscle tensed inside her. Her legs quivered and all at once she was over the hill cumming in his mouth, on his tongue and lips. He licked and slurped while she moaned and squirmed in ecstasy.

She relaxed, but he didn’t stop licking, bringing on another orgasm. He pulled his mouth back and fingered fucked a third one from her.

“Are you trying to kill me?” She stuttered out.

“Mhmm” he replied, his mouth never coming up from her pussy where he was currently licking her throbbing pussy hole of its remaining juices.

“You’re well on your way.” She gasped.

He laughed and came up, meeting her mouth with his, letting her lick herself off his lips. He pulled her long legs up and settled between them, driving his long, engorged cock into her in one hard push. She was tight and still throbbing from her orgasms, but his invasion filled her and she Escort Samsun found herself moaning again and relaxing to welcome him at his full length.

He wasted no time in finding a rhythm and fucked her hard occasionally placing tender kisses on her knees. Beneath him she arched her back and threw her head back, mouth open, as she came on his cock. He smiled loving how she looked when she was losing herself to him. His cock was hard and he showed no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Turning her on her side he gave her a few minutes of gentle fucking to calm down and catch her breath. He felt himself slipping against the wet, tight walls of her pussy as she throbbed around him. He gripped her ass and reveled in how the supple flesh filled his hand and how he could feel the wet running down her thighs from her arousal. She had another long, drawn out orgasm that he held onto her for. As she relaxed he rolled her back onto her back and pulled her legs up against his chest smiling at her. She met his gaze; her eyes were glazed with lust, her cheeks flush and her lips swollen. She was the epitome of sex in that moment. He kissed her knee, and braced himself against her legs.

With little hesitation he pulled out and drove his entire impressive length into her hard. The tip of his cock brushed against her cervix. She moaned and arched to meet his thrusts. Her tits, though small, bounced wildly with each thrust. Her mouth fell open in a small “O” as he pounded himself into her. Sweat dripped off his forehead onto her shoulder and their skin sounded together with a smack.

She started to tense up again and her pussy started to gush. He felt the fluid coat his dick and balls as she came in a constant wave. He felt his balls pull up and his muscles start to tense. If possible, he drove into her harder and with more brutality. She pushed her face into a pillow and started to moan loudly. Her pussy squeezed him tighter and his pleasure burst from the tip of his cock, coating the inside of her. He fucked her until the last strand of cum had been drained form his balls, then he pulled out and laid beside her.

She lay panting and shivering; he reached over and threw his arm around her as they both came down from their euphoria.

Reaching over she didn’t say anything just held a hand up; he reached over reciprocating her high-5.

They didn’t need words, that was their routine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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