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Laura Love Ch. 02

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Mass Gyrb

Note to readers: This series is a continuation of “Laura’s Femdom Empowerment”. You should read that series before this one.


Chapter 2 A Bitch Boy Learns His Place

It was Thursday evening and I was on my way in to Red Room Studio for a session with a newbie. I preferred repeat sessions because I could push the subs further. With new subs you usually spent the session kind of testing the waters. Tonight would prove to be an exception.

I went into the office and saw Alexis first. She said, “Hi Laura how are you?”

I said, “I’m great.”

Alexis said, “Now that you’re officially a Red Room Studio dominatrix I got you a membership at The Labyrinth.”

I said, “What’s that?”

Alexis said, “It’s a private S&M club on the east side of town.”

I said, “Isn’t that kind of… the bad side of town?”

Alexis countered, “Not necessarily the bad side. It’s the older side of town. There are a lot of old buildings and industrial parks. In fact The Labyrinth is in an old industrial building. It’s off the beaten path and very low profile.”

I said, ” Uh, thanks…”

Alexis smiled and said, “Actually I can write it off as a business expense. It’s kind of a dance club atmosphere but they have more. They have public and private session rooms. Some clients are exhibitionists and prefer to have sessions in front of an audience. They also have some private session rooms with some really impressive equipment.”

I said, “So… you want me to have sessions there? In front of people?”

Alexis said, “That’s totally up to you. I’m just giving you the option. It’s a good way to make a lot of money, plus you can meet some really wealthy clients. I’ll tell you what. I’ll have Jade take you there in the next couple weeks. They have a bar. You can just hang out and she can show you the ropes.”

Alexis smiled and I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Okay.”

Pixie said, “Uh, you missed the joke. Jade is our rope bondage specialist.”

I said, “Oh, gotcha.”

Alexis said, “So what do you have going tonight?”

Pixie said, “She has a session with a newbie. He was early. I got him checked in and went over the rules. Here’s his interest sheet.”

I read it over and said, “Let’s see… slave Jared. Hmm… I know a Jared.”

Pixie continued, “He’s already in the changing room. I told him to wait on the X for you to open the door to the dungeon.”

I said, “Jared huh? What’s his last name?”

Pixie said, “Well, it starts with an S. I can’t read the rest of his signature on the release form.”

Of course the thought crossed my mind that it was Jared Shoemaker. After all, how many “Jared S’s” could there be in Metro City. My main question was, did he schedule with me on purpose?

Pixie said, “Also, he paid the $300 fee in small bills.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

Pixie said, “He paid with three twenty dollar bills and the rest were tens, fives, and even some ones.”

I laughed and said, “It sounds like he’s been saving up his allowance.”

Pixie laughed too and said, “I know right.”

I looked at his interest sheet again, “Let’s see. He wants the session to include shoe and foot worship. That does sound like the Jared I know.”

Pixie said, “Here’s a picture of him from the security camera.”

I took a look and said, “Oh my god. Yep that’s my little Jared Shoelicker.”

Pixie said, “Who?”

I laughed and said, “His name is Jared Shoemaker but my old roommate used to call him Jared Shoelicker. He was the first guy I… well he was my first foot worshipper.”

Pixie said, “Do you want Jake in the dungeon with you? Just in case?”

I said, “No. I can definitely handle him. Oh and it looks like he made a mistake on his interest sheet.”

Pixie said, “Oh? What’s wrong with it?”

I chuckled and said, “It looks like he didn’t list any hard limits. That means I’m going to have a lot of fun with him.”

I decided to do the session wearing only my black nylon panties and bra with some strappy high heels. Jared was obsessed with my feet and wearing just my underwear meant I could be ready in a couple minutes. Besides, I always used to torment Jared in just my underwear.

I entered the dungeon from the domme dressing room. I walked across the dungeon and opened the changing room door. There he was naked and on his knees. As soon as Jared looked up at me he stood up and said, “Laura, I knew you must be Goddess Steele!”

Bam! I kicked him square in the balls and he crumpled to his hands and knees. I watched as he whimpered in pain for a few moments. Then he raised up on his knees and said, “Laura I…”.

Smack! I slapped him hard across the face. He cowered with his eyes to the floor.

I said quietly but sternly, “In this place you are nothing but a slave and I am your goddess. Rule one is that you do not speak unless spoken to. Do you understand?”

Jared said, “Yes.”

Smack! I slapped him hard across the face again.

I continued, “Rule two, you will address me as goddess. Do you think xslot you will be able to remember those two rules?”

Jared was visibly frightened. His voice was quivering as he said, “Ya… yes goddess.”

I said, “How did you know I worked here? Have you been stalking me?”

Jared said, “No, no goddess Steele. I saw you last weekend in the parking deck here. I saw you go in a door on the far end of the mall. The one that says Red Room. Then I researched online and learned about Red Room Studio. When I saw you… I mean when I saw Goddess Steele on the website I knew it must be you.”

I sneered, “You can’t even see my face in those pictures.”

Jared continued, “I know, but your body and your hair. I knew it was you. I mean I hoped it was you.”

I grabbed his hair and pivoted his face to the floor and said, “Look at my feet. Did you miss them?”

Jared fixed his gaze on my feet and said, “Yes goddess. I missed you and your feet very much.”

Actually I was quite pleased. I had been planning on calling Jared and playing with him in my basement playroom but this was better. There was better equipment, more toys and, best of all, Jared was paying for it.

I said, “Slave. I have to tell you that due to our history I’m a little creeped out. I feel like you’ve been stalking me. Tell me why I shouldn’t just end this session right now.”

Jared said, “No! I mean please no goddess. I’ll do anything. I want to be with you and I’ll do whatever it takes to be with you.”

I said, “Ha. Every slave that kneels before me will do anything. I’ll tell you what. I’m going to make this session special.”

I went over to the cabinet and got a cock leash. It was made from one half of a steel handcuff with a six foot chain. I came back to Jared and said, “Kneel proper and present your genitals.”

He was already on his knees. He straightened up and arched his back slightly. I leaned down and wrapped the steel cuff around the base of his cock and balls and closed it. Once it was snug I tugged the chain to make sure it was secure.

I turned toward the throne. As I started walking I said, “Crawl.”

I kept the chain taut as I walked to make sure he knew who was in control. When I got to the throne I said, “Stop.”

I turned to face him and I sat down on the throne. He was still on all fours. I gave the chain a firm tug and said, “Kneel proper.”

He raised up on his knees with his back straight and his arms at his sides. His cock was fully erect. He was clearly glad to be with me again. I crossed my leg and caressed the bottom of his balls with my exposed toes.

I said, “How are those balls slave. Did I kick you too hard?”

Jared replied, “No goddess. My balls are fine.”

I pulled the chain tight and he winced. I said, “Whose balls?”

Jared quickly responded, “Your balls. Your balls goddess.”

I said, “Yes. Good answer slave.”

I spelled out my plan to make the session different for Jared. I said, “Slave, since you and I have some history here’s what I’m going to do. You know the safe word and how it works?”

Jared said, “Yes goddess.”

I said, “Tell me how it works.”

Jared said, “Okay goddess. The safe word is mercy. If I want you to slow down I say mercy. But if I use the safe word then I lose my chance for an orgasm.”

I said, “Very good slave. Except that’s for everyone else. I’m making a special rule change for you.”

I lowered my foot to the floor and leaned forward. I began gently tracing my fingertip back and forth along the length of his erection as I continued, “First, no orgasm for you tonight, no matter what. Do you understand?”

Jared said, “Yes goddess.”

I said, “Good. Second, I’ll still use the safe word but with a different consequence. Tonight, if you don’t use the safe word, I will call you next week. I’ll have you over to my house and show you my personal basement dungeon. How does that sound?”

Jared was obviously excited and said, “That sounds amazing goddess! Thank you! But what if I do use the safe word?”

I said, “Ah yes. If you say mercy tonight I will slow down the session. And, your only way to see me will be to schedule another session here and you can try again. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Jared looked down at my finger tormenting his penis. He didn’t answer me. I flipped my hand over and slapped his balls. He bent down in pain and said, “Ow, ow…”

I sneered, “Answer me slave. I said doesn’t that sound fun?”

Jared said quietly, “Yes. Yes goddess. It sounds fun.”

I smiled and said, “Another good answer. So tell me… slave Jared. Do you want to worship my feet?”

Jared said, “Yes please goddess, may I?”

I smiled and said, “Not just yet.”

I stood up in front of him and turned my back to him. I said, “Take my panties off so you can kiss my ass.”

Jared reached up and pulled my panties down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. I pointed to my right ass cheek and said, “Start here. Dry kisses, no tongue.”

He moved forward and xslot Giriş started kissing. One kiss after another. As he covered my right cheek with worship kisses I said, “This is where you belong isn’t it slave?”

He didn’t respond so I pulled his cock leash tight. He groaned and said, “I’m sorry goddess, yes. This is where I belong.”

I said, “Yes. On your knees, kissing my ass. Now my left cheek.”

He moved over and started kissing my left cheek. After a dozen or so kisses I bent over at the waist. He knew what was coming so he moved his mouth to the crack of my ass.

I said, “Did I tell you to stop kissing my left cheek slave?”

He said, “No goddess.” He moved his mouth back to my left ass cheek.

I said, “Don’t worry. You will get to eat my ass, but when I’m ready. Not whenever you want. Do you understand slave?”

He said, “Yes goddess.” He continued kissing.

I said, “Slave. Beg me to eat my ass.”

Jared said, “May I eat your ass?”

I jerked his cock leash tight and demanded, “Beg me, do not ask me.”

Jared said, “Please Goddess Steele. Please allow me to eat your ass. I will do an amazing job of licking your ass. Please allow me to eat it.”

I said, “Okay enough. Shut up and get your tongue on my asshole.”

He moved his mouth to the crack of my ass and I bent over a little further. I hadn’t had my asshole licked for quite some time. I had forgotten how good it felt.

I purred, “Mmm… that feels very good slave. This is one thing you are good for. If you make it through our session tonight I may find other uses for you at my house. Would you like that?”

Jared paused long enough to say, “Yes goddess, I would love it.” He continued licking.

Once I was satisfied I said, “Enough. Put your tongue away.”

He pulled away and I turned around. He face was inches from my pussy. I pulled his nose in to my pussy and said, “Did you miss this?”

Jared inhaled deeply and said, “Oh yes goddess. I think about it all the time.”

I left him there sniffling my pussy as I talked. I said, “So Jared. We never had sex but you always wanted me to fuck you. Isn’t that true?”

Jared looked up at me without taking his nose away from my pussy. He said, “Oh yes goddess. I have dreams about it.”

I sat back down on the throne and said, “Interesting. You dream about me huh? Do I fuck you in your dreams?”

Jared said, “Actually no. I usually wake up first.”

I laughed and said, “Wow, you really are pathetic. You can’t even fuck me in your dreams.”

I continued, “Okay, take off my high heels.”

He was excited as he hurried to get my feet ready to worship. He removed one shoe and carefully placed it upright beside the throne. Then he removed the other one and placed it beside the first. He moved into position over my feet and waited.

I said, “Very good slave. You took care of my shoes and you are waiting for permission to worship my feet. Okay you may start by kissing each toe one time. Start with this pinky toe, then the next toe, and so on. Once you get to the other pinky toe, kiss your way back.”

He began lovingly kissing my toes one by one. I said, “You missed this didn’t you Jared?”

Between kisses Jared said, “Yes goddess. I don’t know why but I need this so bad.”

I said, “Do you like my red nail polish?”

Jared confirmed, “Yes goddess, it’s very sexy.”

I noticed that he was touching his penis with his hand. I pulled his cock leash tight and said, “Get your hands off. You know better than that slave.”

He pulled his hand away and said, “I’m sorry goddess.”

I continued with my instruction, “Now do the toes in the same order but this time suck each one. Before you move to the next toe, lick in between.”

I did enjoy Jared’s foot worshiping. It felt good and turned me on. I started toying with my clit.

When he had gone across all my toes I said, “Now work your way back.”

When he was done I said, “Okay, that’s enough of my feet for tonight. Stand up.”

As he stood up I walked over to the cabinet and got the key to Jared’s cock cuff. I came back over and took it off. I spent a moment stroking him to make sure he stayed as horny as possible.

I pointed to the St. Andrew’s Cross and said, “Get on the cross, ass out.”

He walked over and faced the cross. He stood on the cross’ foot rests and stretched his arms up. I buckled him in from the top down. First his wrists, upper arms, waist, thighs, and finally his ankles. Once he was secure I reached around him and wrapped my hand around his cock.

Then I pressed my breasts against his back and put my mouth to his ear. I said quietly, “Slave, I’ll make you a promise. If you make it through this cross challenge I will fuck you right here in the dungeon. Would you like that?”

Jared nodded and said, “Yes goddess. That would be a dream come true.”

I moved to the cabinet and returned with a new condom. I put it in front of Jared’s face and said, “We will need this. Hold this in your mouth.”

Jared xslot Güncel Giriş opened his mouth and I put the corner of the condom package in his mouth. He bit down to hold it.

I said, “I’ll make this simple. If you keep that condom in your mouth, then I fuck you. If you drop it, then you are just fucked.” I laughed at my own wit.

I went over to the cabinet and took out a Lexan whipping cane. I walked back to Jared and said, “I’m going to warn you Jared. This is going to be difficult. Have you ever felt a cane on your body?”

Jared was clearly nervous as he said through his teeth, “No, no never goddess.”

I began rubbing the cold plastic rod from his waist down his ass and to the backs of his knees. I said, “I want you to keep the prize in mind. Remember, if you make it through, then I’m going to fuck you. I promised and I never break a promise. Okay, are you ready?”

Jared was careful to not drop the condom and said, “Uh huh.”

I held the cane against both of his ass cheeks a couple inches below his waist. I pulled back and measured a short stroke, only about a foot away from him. I snapped it back to his ass and he jumped a little. I repeated that stroke but hit him lower. I worked my way down his ass and thighs.

I looked around Jared and saw that he was still rock hard. I said, “Okay Jared. That was your warmup. I’m going to give you twenty real strokes. I’ll count for you since your mouth is busy. Don’t drop that condom.”

I measured a longer stroke and smacked the cane hard against his ass cheeks. His body tensed and he groaned. After he relaxed I said, “One.”

I pulled back and hit him harder and just a little lower on his ass. He tensed again and made a louder groan. I said, “That was about one half intensity.”

After he relaxed I said, “Two.”

I hit him again, even harder. He wailed and I could hear him say, “Ow, ow.” He managed to keep the condom in his teeth.

I said, “Good slave. Now that was a good one. You have a nice pink line.” Again I waited for him to relax and I said, “Three.”

By the time I got to fifteen he was still holding the condom. He was breathing heavy and he had a dozen stripes from his ass to just above his knees. I peeked around him and saw that his cock was soft. He had tears on his cheeks.

I leaned in to him and put my hand on the back of his neck. I said, “Slave, do you understand that the condom is your safe word?” Jared nodded.

I said, “If you want me to stop, just drop it.”

He sobbed a little and shook his head no. I said, “Have it your way… five to go.”

I applied another hard stroke to his ass. This stroke was on an angle. He tensed but stayed quiet. I didn’t wait for him to relax. I said, “Sixteen.”

The next stroke was on the opposite angle. I said, “Seventeen.” I paused long enough for a pink X to show up on his ass.

I said, “Only three left. Here we go.” I smacked a hard one low on his thighs. He jumped and began sobbing openly.

I said, “Eighteen.” Then I did the last two right in a row on his ass. Smack! Smack!

Finally I said, “Nineteen and twenty.”

I moved behind him to check my work. I said, “You did very well slave. You’ll have these marks for quite a few days. You’ve certainly earned this fucking. Are you excited?”

Jared nodded his head and said, “Uh huh.”

I said, “Just give me a moment.” I walked over and placed the cane in the discard bin and took a minute to get myself ready. I was behind Jared and he couldn’t see me.

I returned to Jared and peeked around him. He was still completely flaccid. I began unbuckling him starting at his ankles and working my way up. As I worked I said, “So slave, do you know how to put a condom on?”

Jared nodded his head and said, “Uh huh.”

I finished removing all his straps. I reached around him and grasped the condom and said, “Okay slave, you made it.”

He opened his mouth to give me the condom and I said, “Turn around.”

I was watching his face as he turned. He looked down at me and a shocked look washed over his face. I was wearing a very realistic strapless dildo. It was L shaped and the shorter side was inside my pussy. I was wearing black latex panties to hold it in place. There was a hole in the front where the flesh colored penis was swinging from my pelvis.

I chuckled and said, “Congratulations slave. You didn’t drop the condom. Now I’m going to fuck you.”

Jared said, “But I…”

Smack! I slapped him across the face. I said sternly, “Rule number one. Only speak when spoken to. I didn’t ask you a question. I told you I’m going to fuck you. Now get on your knees and put this condom on my cock.” I held out the condom to him.

Jared knelt before me and his dick started to get hard again. He took the condom and opened it. I held the base of my artificial cock as he rolled the condom onto it.

I said, “Slave, you need to understand. You will never, ever fuck me. You are lucky I even touch your slave penis.”

Once again he was fully erect. I chuckled and said, “Slave, don’t try to pretend that you don’t want me to fuck you. Your cock always tells the truth.” He was still kneeling in front of me and I said, “Tell me you want to get fucked.”

Jared hesitated so I slapped him hard again. He said, “I want you to fuck me goddess.”

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