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Learning the Ropes Ch. 03

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Shortly after getting his spectacular blowjob from Denise, Austin emerged from the beach to run into Dre.

“So you and Denise huh?” he asked with a grin.

“What?” Austin asked, still shocked to find him just standing there.

“How’d you do it man? Every guy wants to fuck her!”

“You… saw us?”

“Did you really think you were secluded?” Dre asked, “Anyone from the 15th floor and up could simply look out their window and see you.”

“Damn, I didn’t think of that.” Austin replied.

“So how do you do it man?” Dre asked as they began to walk back to the hotel.

“Honestly Dre,” Austin said, “I have no idea.”

“Well I wish you could share whatever it is with me because you my friend are the buzz of the resort right now.”


“Yup.” Dre replied, “Anytime a virgin boy gets here, the sluts are just waiting to get on that dick. Usually that task is left to the mother but since most feel your mother isn’t taking advantage of that prime opportunity, you’re just like a free agent right now.”


“Yeah,” Dre said, “But with you fucking with Denise now, it might be different thought your credibility just went up.”

“We haven’t fucked,” Austin corrected, “She just gave me a blowjob.”

“Well that’s still major,” Dre said, “How’d you even get her attention like that?”

“I don’t even know,” he replied, “I had just seen her fucking some guy named Ethan in the woods earlier…”

“Ethan?” Dre interrupted, “Red hair, sorta tall?”


“Oh you mean her big brother.”


“Yeah…” Dre said, “Didn’t you see the resemblance between him and Kyle?”

“Yeah… yeah I did.” Austin said, “So does everyone just fuck whoever the fuck they want?”

“I’m gonna level with you,” Dre said, “We’ve got some sort of diplomatic immunity here like we’re our own country. We fuck who we want, what we want whenever we feel like it.”

“You can’t be serious,” Austin said, “I mean so one brother and sister fuck each other but they can’t be everyone here. It’s taboo.”

A group of women nearby stopped their conversation and gave them funny looks before walking off.

“DUDE!!” Dre exclaimed, “You can’t just say that fucking word! Nothing here of sexual nature is off limits.”

“So what happens here? Everyone is fucking their family?”

“Pretty much,” Dre replied with a grin, “The mission here is to find pleasure without worrying about any moral implications.”

“So are you telling me that you fuck your Mom too?” Austin asked.

“All the time,” Dre answered without hesitation. “Dev and I fucked her just this morning after breakfast.”

“Nah man, you’ve got to be kidding.”

“I’m dead serious. I mean don’t you want to fuck Sally?”

“Of course I do but I could never go through with it. She would never let me.”

“What does that have to do with anything? Does she get your dick hard?”


“Then that’s all that matters. If you want to fuck her, do it. No one around here is going to stop you.”

“Yeah right…” Austin said with a roll of his eyes as they got on the elevator.

Dre pressed the button for the fifth floor.

“Hey, I stay on the third floor,” Austin said.

“You still don’t believe my Mom and I fuck do you?”

“Hell no!” Austin replied, “There’s no way as fucking hot as your mother is!”

“Fine, I’ll prove it to you.” Dre replied.

They stepped off as they got to the fifth floor, a massive orgy in the multipurpose room, a tangle of sweaty body parts as they went at it hard and heavy.

Dre opened the door to see Deja washing some dishes.

“Hi baby!” she greeted, “Hi Austin! It was nice of you to invite him up to our room Dre.”

Dre grinned and winked at Austin, coming up behind her and groping her soft tits.

“Mom, I’m horny, you think you can help me out?”

Deja paid little mind to that Austin was there and said, “Honey can’t it wait. I still have dishes to wash and you’re barely even hard. You probably fucked some slut in the lobby.”

Dre laughed and thought, ‘No but that bitch Sally sure knows how to cock block.’

“Cmon please,” he continued, “I can’t help that I have the sexiest mom in the world.”

Deja laughed. “You silver tongued motherfucker. Give Mommy a kiss.”

Austin watched as their lips locked, at first appearing as any other loving mother and son kiss but soon got deeper, Dre palming and squeezing her ass as she backed against the counter.

Dre then kissed down her neck before beginning to lick and suck her chocolate nipples, Deja moaning as she stroked his dick.

“Fuck baby…” she moaned.

‘Oh my god’ Austin thought, beginning to beat his dick to them.

He then watched as Deja got to her knees and slurped Dre’s entire dick down her throat.

“FUCK!” Dre yelled.

Austin could hear the suction of her blowjob, his own dick swelling even harder. Unable to resist, he began to vigorously beat his dick.

“Holy shit…” Dre moaned, pulling his dick from Deja’s mouth, slipping it between Etiler Escort her tits and squeezing them tight around his hard shaft.

The steady flow of precum and saliva made his cock glide between her two massive pillows before she again took the remainder of him in her mouth, Dre groaning loudly as he gripped the countertop.

Without warning, he grabbed her head by two fistfuls of hair and began to mercilessly fuck her face.

“Yeah! YEAH!!” Dre yelled, his nuts banging against her chin to Deja’s delight as she played with her tits, drool spilling out of her mouth.

“Oh my fucking god, I’m gonna cum!” Dre yelled.

Austin watched his dick jolt and fire the first round against the back of her throat before he pulled out and began stroking his cock relentlessly, quickly firing 10 quick rounds onto her face and tits.

Austin groaned loudly and shot his own load onto the polished floor, though Dre and Deja didn’t even notice as she licked and sucked at his softened cock, cleaning it of his baby batter.

As he finished, she massaged his load into her tits. They both looked as if they had run a marathon, glowing in their incest.

They began kissing like horny teenagers despite the fact her face and mouth were coated with his cum but Dre obviously didn’t care, groping her ass as they growled and moaned into each other’s mouths.

Austin looked into the now open door to see his mother, though he was out of her line of sight, rubbing her pussy. As Dre and Deja broke apart however, she quickly left to avoid them seeing her.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Deja asked Austin.

It was then she noticed the pool of cum at his feet and without hesitation crawled to lick up the hot salty cum.

Austin then watched as Dre, reenergized, walked over and shoved his dick into his mother’s ass, beginning to fuck her hard once again.

“YES BABY!!!” Deja screamed, grabbing Austin’s dick and beginning to suck him off.

“FUCK!!” he cried, getting professionally fellatioed as Dre roughly pounded at her back door, Deja loving every second of it.

This went on for about 15 minutes with Dre dumping another load into her asshole and Austin pumping his seed down her throat.

“Mmm… delicious…” Deja said with a smile after licking Austin’s dick clean. “But you get back to your Mom. I’m sure she’s wondering where you are.”

“Damn it… okay,” Austin replied, “This was really fun.”

“Come back anytime Austin,” she said with a warm smile as he left the room.

“So you saw her too, huh?” Dre asked.

“Hell yeah,” Deja said, sliding his dick back into her mouth.

* * * * *

Arriving at his floor, Austin proceeded to his room. Sally meanwhile was taking a shower, her mind vividly replaying the events of that day.

“I can’t believe Austin was getting sucked off by that slut Denise.” she said to herself, “And he was in seventh heaven. Fuck, I should’ve stayed. I bet that little bitch can swallow too. Damn Dre… big… strong… hung Dre.”

She could still taste Austin’s cum in her mouth from earlier that day when they first arrived at the hotel, lingering, making her crave more of it.

‘Maybe the reason I cant escape that memory is because I secretly love it. Oooh and watching Deja and Dre today. Fuck… they were so into it. I hope they didn’t see me.

His dick was so big rubbing against my pussy. If he hadn’t been so damn cocky, I wouldn’t have minded him ramming that big hard black dick inside me. Oooh… but Kyle sure does have a monster on him, so thick and veiny.

Then again, Austin doesn’t do too bad himself down there. It’s not too big but enough to fill me up, nice and girthy. He definitely didn’t that from his dad.’

Sally barely noticed as she started rubbing her pussy and playing with her tits, moaning softly at first but getting louder and louder.

At the same time, Austin was entering the room, hearing the shower running and just decided to watch some t.v before…

“FUCK!!” he heard from the bathroom. He assumed she had brought someone up with her which both shocked and aroused him, prompting him to go take a listen at the door.


“What the fuck?” Austin exclaimed quietly.

He entered the steamy bathroom, obscured from her view by the stained glass shower doors.

“Yes baby…” she moaned, “Mommy wants that big cock in her tight, little pussy.”

Austin began to beat his dick, watching the silhouette of his mother finger herself in the shower.

“OH AUSTIN!!” she cried, getting ready to cum.

“OH MOM!” Austin cried, much louder than he intended.

Sally heard it but her orgasm was already in the works, her pussy exploding onto the tiled walls. She yanked open the door and saw Austin, hand wrapped around his cock.

Austin backed out without a word and closed the door, hearing the shower run a little while longer as he sat on the couch. When Sally exited the bathroom, she said nothing, the pair Fatih Escort sitting in awkward silence.

Austin finally broke it saying, “I can sleep on the couch if you want me to, Mom.”

“You don’t have to sleep on the couch honey, you are more than welcome to share the bed with me.”

“But I heard you say…”

“Never mind that,” she interjected, “With everything that has has happened today, I doubt any modesty between as left so we just keep moving.”

* * * * *

An hour later, Sally and Austin lay in bed, their backs to one another. Sally’s mind raced with memories of her son’s dick even now; just as his mind was filled with thoughts of her tits.

“Austin, are you still awake?” she asked softly.

“Yes.” he replied after a brief silence.

“You have a boner don’t you?” she then asked.

“How’d you know?” he asked in shock. “I haven’t even touched it.”

“A woman senses such things,” Sally replied, her pussy tingling with need.

“I can’t help it,” he then said, “I can go the bathroom and work it out if it bothers you.”

“No it’s fine,” she answered, “Just ignore it and go to sleep.”

“Umm I think that’s impossible Mom,” he said.

“What do you… oh my…” Sally said as she turned over, seeing his dick hard and swollen as she’d never seen it before.

“It kind of hurts,” he said,

“You’ve cum so many times today I’m sure,” she stammered, “How is it that hard?”

“Well I was really turned on by watching you in the shower,” he replied, “I never got off after that.”

“So, you’re saying that your dick is that hard because of me?” Sally asked, feeling warm inside.

“I mean… yeah…” he answered. “Did you really mean it when you said I had a ‘big and beautiful cock’?”

“Yeah… yeah I guess I did,” Sally replied with a small chuckle. “I’m sorry if that made you feel weird.”

“No! Not at all,” Austin said, “I mean I jack off to you pretty much all the time. I guess that’s why it’s so hard now.”

“It is um… really stiff. Do you want me to touch it?”

“Yeah… yeah of course,” Austin said.

Austin gasped as she took hold of it, her soft hand wrapping around his dick like a warm blanket.

“It’s so hot and solid!” she exclaimed.

“Could you help me out Mom? Like you did before?”

Everything in Sally wanted to do that and more but she held down her desires.

“Okay… but you better not tell anyone else about this. I don’t care that everyone around us is doing it. And I swear if any of this gets back to your father…”

“I won’t Mom, I promise!” Austin said.

She sighed and opened a door on the nightstand which Austin hadn’t noticed before, filled with dildos, plugs and bottles of lube and oil.

Applying some to her hands, she wrapped her hand around his cock, a sigh of pleasure escaping his hips which warmed her heart.

At the same time a loud thump sounded through the wall from the next room, followed by more repeated bangs.

“YES JOEY!!” the Mother next door screamed, “FUCK MOMMY GOOD!”

Sally felt her pussy get wetter and Austin’s dick twitched in her hand. She began rhythmically stroke his dick, simultaneously tickling and fondling his balls.

“Oh shit Mom…” Austin moaned, “That feels fucking good.”

“Really?” Sally asked in shock, “I haven’t given a handjob in a while.”

“Well you haven’t lost it…” he said.

‘He’s so fucking thick and hard!’ Sally screamed internally, ‘I haven’t held a cock this perfect in so long!”

“You’re doing great Mom!” Austin shouted, Sally jacking him off faster.

“You really think so?”

“YES!! It’s the best feeling ever!”

“Even better than Denise’s blowjob?” Sally asked with a cocked eyebrow as a look of surprise passed his face.

“You know about that?” he asked.

“Not just that honey, I saw it!” she said with a smile. “It was really hot!”

“Fuck…” he moaned, “I never thought I’d hear you saw that, Mom.”

“Of course honey,” she replied, “We both get urges and sooner or later it’s natural that we’re want to act on them.”

“Damn…” he said, “Well if you ever need to, I can help you out, I mean.”

“Nice try,” she said, “But that’s not happening. Just be happy I’m helping you out like this.”

“I am Mom!” Austin shouted, “Can you suck me off again? Just once?”

“Absolutely not,” she said, “It took the longest time to get the taste of your cum out of my mouth.”

“Fuck that’s so hot!” Austin groaned, Sally feeling his dick twitch again.

“You think that’s hot?”

“Yes!” he shouted, “Tell me what it tasted like!”

“If you want to know so bad why don’t you ask Denise?”

“Cmon Mom,” he begged, “I have to know. I’ll cum faster then!”

“Fine,” she said with an eye roll, “It was sort of salty with a hint of sweetness.”

“Did you like it?” he asked.

Sally was somewhat taken aback by this question, no guy that she had ever sucked off concerned for how she liked swallowing their jizz.

“Yeah.. yeah I did,” she said, Halkalı Escort “It was probably the best load I’ve ever tasted.”

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Austin groaned, “Mom couldn’t you suck me off again?”

“No way,” Sally replied, “That’s too weird!”

“Please?” he begged, “You’ve done it before and you just said that you liked the taste of my cum.”

Sally saw the logic in this statement but said nothing, contenting herself with beating him off faster.

“FUCK!!!!” Austin yelled. “I’M GONNA CUM! Quick Mom, open your mouth!!”

Sally felt her head get grabbed as Austin began stroking his dick.

“Ohhhh fuck…” Austin groaned, his dick shooting his first blast directly into her mouth, several more coming swiftly after, Sally catching each and swallowing until he ran dry.

“God, that was incredible Mom,” he panted, his dick finally going limp.

Sally could barely believe what she’d done. Yet, she felt no shame about doing it.

“Can we do this again sometime?” he asked, breaking through the fog.

“We’ll see honey,” she said, the roof of her mouth coated with his thick jizz, “Lets just get some sleep.”

They crawled back into bed without another word and soon were fast asleep.

* * * * *

The next morning, Sally awoke with a loud yawn.

‘What time is it?’ she thought, ‘I feel like I barely got any sleep. My pussy feels so wet and warm.”

She then felt Austin stir in his sleep and felt his dick brush against her pussy. In a flash she was up, frightened he had fucked her while she was out.

Realizing that nothing had occurred, she simply left the room and headed to the beach, seeing Deja reading in one of the pavilions. She looked up and smiled, waving her over.

“Hey Deja,” she said, coming up the steps.

“Morning Sally,” she replied, “Didn’t sleep well?”

“No, no. I didn’t.” Sally answered, flopping down into a chair.

“Well what happened?”

Sally sighed. “Last night, Austin got another boner.”

“Understandable,” Deja said

“Well, he was about to beat one out when I… followed your advice and offered to help him.”

“You fucked him?!” Deja asked excitedly.

“No! No, of course not. I simply gave him a handjob.”

Deja’s look of excitement turned into one of disappointment. “So? What’s the big deal?”

“Well, when he was felt his orgasm building, he…”

“Asked for a blowjob?”

Sally was slightly shocked that she knew. “Yes.”


“No, I didn’t give him one! But…”


“I… let him cum in my mouth.”

“Wow,” Deja said, very impressed, “That calls for some drinks.”

She rang a bell and hung cabana boy ran up, Deja stroking his dick as she ordered the two of them some martinis.

The boy ran off and Deja turned back to Sally. “I’m proud of you.”

“I’m ashamed!”

“What for? You did nothing wrong. You saw your child was suffering and you helped him through it,” Deja said nonchalantly, “That’s what a good mother does. Even if you did get a little cum.”

“No, it was a pretty big load,” Sally said, “And I swallowed it all.”

“Ahhh, that’s what you feel bad about,” Deja said.

“No,” Sally replied as the cabana boy returned with their drinks, “It’s because I don’t even feel bad about it. And now, it’s like I’m craving more and more of his jizz constantly. And then when I woke up this morning, his dick was rubbing against my pussy.”

“Is that all?” Deja asked with a laugh.

“ALL?!” Sally asked.

“Look Sally, my boys have been humping my legs and jacking those cocks since they entered puberty. I was the already there so they loved shooting their loads onto me or onto my tits.”

“You didn’t feel any disgrace by what you were doing?”

“None at all,” Deja said, sounding offended, “Those are my sons and I would do anything for them.”

Sally sighed, putting her head in her hands. “What am I going to do?”

Deja finished her drink and turned to her. “I have an idea that can help. But only if you cooperate.”

Sally nodded. “At this point I’ll do anything because I just don’t know anymore.”

Deja nodded and sipped Sally’s drink. “Indeed…”

* * * * *

Later that day, Deja brought Austin and Sally to the 2nd floor.

“OH FUCK!” they heard a man grunt soon after they opened the door. They then saw a large screen portraying a hardcore porn film with a hung black man fucking the shit out of a white slut with a huge ass.

Across from the tv, a group of boys sat watching, beating their dicks to the film. Soon they erupted into a chorus of groans, grabbed a series of plastic cups and shooting their loads into them, continuing to cum until the cups were full.

As the three stood there in shock, a door opened and a busty brunette stepped out.

“Excellent,” the woman said, watching the last of the boys’ orgasms petered out. She collected the sample cups on a silver tray and then left the room, the group of boys cheering and fist-bumping as they left out past Deja, Austin and Sally.

“What was that?” Sally asked.

“Oh, those are just applicants for the company’s Breeding Program. Ever so often, a slut’s husband is either too impotent or weak dicked to get her pregnant so those hung studs are sent out to make they get fucked right and get her knocked up.

“Wow…” Austin said, Sally mildly irritated at his seeming interest in such a thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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