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Leaving the Navy Ch. 05

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[Love and sex in a Group marriage. Mf, ff, anal, bondage, forced orgasms. This segment is in Erotic Couplings and could be in BDSM even though, IMHO, there is no heavy SM in the story. Be aware that it fits in both categories. If any of the events listed would offend you, please don’t read the story. I have no desire to offend any reader. Your comments welcome. No children or animals were hurt in the creation of this chapter. ]


The winter passed slowly, too fast. Work on the houseboat went well when the weather was good. The inside of the HB as we came to call it, was almost finished when the first warm weekend arrived. The outside still looked a bit ratty but as soon as we could count on three days of good warm weather the outside would be looking good.

Homework with the kids and the to-do list kept Jim and I busy when we weren’t in school or at the HB. He and I learned a lot about working together, about doing a job carefully, and about philosophy.

My wives took care of my schedule, Jim’s, Krystn’s, and all the little guys. I was constantly amazed at how smoothly things ran. I’d been on ships that I thought ran smoothly, but nothing compared to our family. I noticed a routine being established for my life. Someone made sure each wife got her time with me and with her sisters too. Since I didn’t have a bed I was pretty sure I would not be sleeping alone any time soon. Under the plastic desktop protector on my desk I had made a note to myself. I covered it so it wouldn’t be too obvious.

The note said: Sandra: surprise me. Margie: Take care of me. Della: Touch me. Pat: Snuggle.

The note was from conversations we had when we first met. I had asked how best to love them. I looked at the note at least once a week and did something for each of them whenever I could. When a storm made all the cars filthy Jim and I took them and got the outsides and the insides clean. Another storm came three days later, but they noticed. Sandra had a sweatshirt that had a small stain on it. I got her a new sweatshirt. I just replaced the stained one. She noticed and she cried. One Friday Della was told she was going out for dinner. I picked up Chinese and we went twenty miles to a Marriott. Our room was right next to the hot tub and I brought lotions so I could give her a massage. Margie got a card in the mail that invited her to a day trip for two. I had discovered that she loved quilting so when I heard about a quilt show not more than a ninety minute drive, we went. She spent the day explaining quilts to me and I had a great time listening to her. All winter long I looked for ways to tell each woman that I loved her. Pat got a visit from me at least once a week. I would arrive just as she finished her shift carrying food and we would eat naked on her bed. Sometimes she was dessert and sometimes I was. She loved being held, naked, and teased until she begged for release. Once a week she would come to Sandra’s and we would have dinner together. Sometimes after dinner she and Sandra would play in Sandra’s bedroom.

On the second warm weekend I went back to the mechanic in town to have Margie’s SUV serviced and the oil changed. The owner said he had found the car for Jim. It belonged to his sister-in-law and he had done all the care since it was new. It was eight years old and she wanted to get a bigger car because she was pregnant. He showed it to me. An eight year old Honda Accord. It looked like it had been in a garage for all eight years. Best of all, I could afford it. We talked for a while and the price got even better. Jim’s birthday was in the middle of June. He agreed to hold the car until the big day.

That night I sent Jim into town to the DQ with the shorter members of the family and I asked my wives about getting Jim a car for his birthday. They had thought about it but not decided. They knew about getting a new car but not about how to get a good used car. I let them in on how I found the Honda. They wanted to see it and the plan was agreed upon for getting it for Jim.

On the next day, Sunday, I said I’d like to spend some time on the HB. None of my wives objected so by ten I was on my way. Della had packed an ice chest for me. Jim had other things to do with his friends and Krystn had a sleepover with four of her girlfriends. Mark wanted to go but the rule was that no children could go to the HB until they could swim. As I said, by ten I was on my way… alone.

I finished the electrical work, put switch plates and outlet covers wherever needed and spent the rest of the day cleaning up the mess that construction makes. At four I sat out on the rear deck and ate my lunch. Two guys who were also working on their boats for most of the winter dropped by and I shared what I had with them. We talked about boating and how it was a good way to escape.

They thought it was a great way to escape their children and the wife. I thought it was a great way to escape the noise and think. One of the guys, Carl, mentioned he had seen my son and daughter out canlı bahis working on the HB with me but had never seen my wife. The other guy, Jesse, said he had seen the kids too, but my wife must hate the boat like his wife hated his boat. I realized they didn’t know it was wives they hadn’t seen. They hadn’t been out more because this was my project and it was just about ready for their involvement. They had asked to make curtains, buy the tables, chairs and whatever else would complete the interior.

When it was almost dark I bagged the trash and all three of us locked up and went home.

In bed that night with Sandra we talked.

“You know, Nick, I think you are a great Dad.”

“That is part of what I signed on as, Dad.”

“You are a good husband, too.”

“I worry more about that role than Dad. I don’t have any experience at either but I’ve seen good Dads. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a good husband up close where I could study him.”

“Have we been complaining?”


“If we were unhappy do you think we would keep quiet about it?”

“I hope not.”

“Keeping quiet isn’t in our DNA.”


We lay together in the bed, comfortable and warm, next to each other. We didn’t join every time we slept together. I usually got a signal somewhere between four in the afternoon and bedtime for little people that I was going to get lucky. I hadn’t gotten the signal that day. Sleeping next to Sandra was treat enough most nights. I calculated it once, I had spent thirteen years at sea with the Navy. That adds up to forty-seven hundred nights in a bed by myself. Since I met Della, Margie and Sandra I hadn’t slept alone one night.

Sandra’s hand slowly snaked over to me. When she touched my hip her hand slowly slithered up onto my body and as though her hand could see in the dark it went straight for my dick. By the time she touched it, it was at half mast. As slowly as she had approached was just how slowly she began moving her hand up and down my shaft.

“Hey, Sailor, how tired are you?”

“Tired? What made you think I was tired?”

“You hadn’t stuck anything inside me in days. I thought maybe you were getting tired of me.”

“You must be thinking of some other sailor. This one is not tired of you at all. In fact, if you’re available I’d like to spend an hour or so kissing various parts of your delightful anatomy.”

“Where would you like to start?”

“About half an inch down your neck from your ear lobe.”

She turned her head and used her hand to get her hair out of my way. I turned and nuzzled into the nape of her neck and kissed my way upwards to the spot. When I arrived she shuddered and wrapped her arms around me.

Forty or so kisses later I moved down her neck again and kept going. When my face was between her breasts I could smell the lotion she spread on her skin almost every night. Having that fragrance plus the touch of a breast on either side of my face was intoxicating.

Her hands held my head and directed the direction of my wanderings. Up onto the mound of her right breast, encircling her areola three times and then sucking hard on her nipple and areola. The harder I sucked the harder she pressed my face into her breast.

Her voice was a whisper, “Yes, Nick! Suck me hard!” She took a deep breath and said, “I can feel you sucking all the way to my clit! My juices are flowing.”

My hand found her opening and slid inside her, with two extended fingers. As deep as the length of my fingers would allow, that’s how deep I pushed into her sweet channel. I hooked my fingers and found the patch of slightly different tissue up inside her.

“You’re on it!” She whispered. It was obvious to both of us that she wanted to scream. I released her nipple and moved my face to her other breast. My fingers moved in and out of her wetness, rubbing her G-spot at the deepest part of each stroke. I kissed her nipple and areola a few times and then sucked in as much of her tit as would fit in my mouth.

“Now!” She yelled! The orgasm hit suddenly and she was gone! She thrashed and kicked while her hands held my face to her breast as hard as she could press. I pushed hard on the G-spot and held on.

Seconds passed and I released her breast from my suction.

“Oh, Nick! Oh, my God!”

I sucked it back in and pressed her G-spot again as I moved my fingers just a little to each side. Her head pressed back into her pillow and she moaned from deep inside her body. Her muscles tensed and suddenly released.

Sandra had passed out. I jumped out of bed, went to the bathroom and got a hand towel. Just as I applied it to the flow of juice coming from her, Sandra opened her eyes.

“Fuck the towel! I’m proud to sleep on a wet spot we made together! Just be inside me now. Gently. Fill me slowly, lover.”

Sliding into her was so slippery and wet that in one stroke I was at bottom and her legs wrapped around my waist. Her muscles didn’t allow me to back out until she was bahis siteleri ready. I backed out slowly and slowly slid back deep inside her.

I lifted her legs and pistoned into her. My body said, “FASTER” and my mind overruled my body and went as slowly as I could manage. Her legs were against my chest and they were against her breasts as well. My lips were an inch from hers, so we kissed.

As my tongue entered her mouth my jizz pulsed out of me and into her pussy. I pressed as deeply into her as I could and held still as my nuts emptied millions of swimmers to their doom. When I could roll to my side I did. My cock popped out of her and was free for one second.

In that one second Sandra turned and took my cock in her mouth. There must be something about the taste of the last bit if cum that has it be worth the effort necessary to suck it out, otherwise why would any woman be willing to go after it with such enthusiasm? Whatever the motivation, she got it all.

As she turned I saw her hips passing and I grabbed on. I turned her and lowered her puss to my face. I drank in all the combined juices that she would give me. The thought of having my own stuff in my mouth had always turned me sour, but since meeting my wives I had a different attitude. The taste was intimate, sensual and I loved it.

Sandra turned again and we held each other in silence. Just as I was about asleep I whispered, “Thank you.” If she answered it was too late. I was asleep.

The next morning at breakfast we were joined by Margie and Della. All three wanted to see Jim’s car. Since one of the three needed to be home for the business I took Sandra and Della on the first trip. They had played rock-paper-scissors to see who stayed home. They liked the car. It was forest green with tan leather interior, automatic and already had a CD changer stereo in it. On the way back home Della asked if I would have dinner with her that night.

I assumed the three had arranged it already, so I agreed. Back at home Della told Margie what she had arranged. Margie put dibs on the next night then she went home and changed clothes. She came back and I was waiting in my truck. She got into the truck and I noticed she was in a sweatshirt and tights.

“Did you change into tights and sweatshirt for me?”

“Damn right! I can’t wait for tomorrow night for some lovin. Can you come over today to do some handyman work in my house?”

“Something squeakin again? Sometimes a man just has to lubricate things to get them to be happy.”

“Squeak! Squeak!”

Margie wanted to take the Honda for a test drive. It was my car so I didn’t need to ask Mike. I did tell him we wouldn’t be gone too long. He smiled and said, “Take your time.”

Margie drove. She drove like a woman who knew exactly where she wanted to be. When we got there we were fifty yards off a main road and surrounded by trees. She shut off the engine and got out.

“Come on! I don’t have all day here!”

I got out too. She pulled off the sweatshirt and the tights. She opened the back door took one look and walked to the front of the car. She put herself flat on her back over the hood and asked, “See anything you’d like?”

I knelt and ate her until she screamed. I stood and lifted her legs, entering her and pounding hard. As I pounded she held my arms and looked in my eyes. I bent and we kissed.

“Take my ass, Nick. Do me deep!”

I lifted her legs higher and smeared our juices on her pucker. My cock was wet and when it touched her pucker she took a deep breath and as she blew it out her muscles relaxed and I was in. She reached into her own pussy and gathered more lube. Somehow she reached my cock and spread the juices on. I pushed and went deep.

“Oh, I love it when you’re in so deep.”

“You like deep?”

I had been holding her legs and I put them against my shoulders and my hands went behind her shoulders. Using the muscles of my back and legs I picked Margie up and turned around so I sat on the hood. She was impaled on my cock as deep in her ass as it would ever go.

“God! If you were a quarter inch longer I’d choke!”

“Hold my neck.”

She did and I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her a couple inches up and then let gravity lower her again. I didn’t know how long I could do that but I was willing to go as long as I could.

“God! Fuck me good! That is so good! I’m close. I want to cum with you in my ass!”

I wanted it too. I could feel my pressure build-up and knew I was cumming soon.

“Cum for me, Margie! I’m gonna fill your ass! Cum now!!”

We came and then held on. She shuddered and moaned a few times. I sweat about a quart and breathed like a nasty phone call. We held in place until my cock shrank enough I felt leakage. I lifted her and turned so I could put her back on Jim’s car.

We untangled and found some toilet paper in the trunk to clean up with. When we were about as clean as we might get without a shower Margie put a wad of paper bahis şirketleri in her to absorb whatever extra there might be. We dressed and just before we got back in the Honda I wiped off the evidence from the hood.

We stopped on the way back to the garage and threw the used paper in a convenience store outside trash can.

Mike grinned at us when we left the Honda and got into my truck. I don’t know what he knew or thought he knew, but I loved what I knew had happened.

Back at home Margie and I went to her house and showered. We changed clothes too. When I went back to Sandra’s to get some tools she asked why I changed clothes.

“I got crap on those clothes from the Honda. We cleaned it up and it really was my own fault.”

The rest of the week went just that smoothly. I surprised Della with some new massage lotion on a night with her. I had flowers delivered to Pat in the middle of her work day. The card read “From your secret admirer.” She called and thanked me.

We got Pat to watch the troops while I took my wives to the HB. They looked it over, measured things, talked about colors, and asked questions. From the HB we drove to the shopping center. They bought chairs, two tables, two storage cabinets, dishes, silverware, glasses, another bed and linens. At the yardage store they bought a bolt of cloth and half a bolt of a different cloth. I didn’t see the cloth. They wanted the curtains to be a surprise for me.

Some days were calm and others chaos. One day I looked at my master calendar and saw that time hade been blocked out on Pat’s day off for me and her to spend some time together. That same day I found an e-mail from Pat. The subject line said, “Eyes only.” Twenty years in the Navy told me that meant no one but me was to read the e-mail.

“Dear Husband, When we met I found out that your other wives love being mauled and having their tits and themselves bound. In my limited experience since being in the family I have discovered that I like being mauled too. All three of your other wives tell me you do it better than they do. Day after tomorrow is my day off. I want to spend the day with you, somewhere quiet, private and I want you to treat me like the slut I want to be for you. If this is something you’re interested in doing and can find a way for us, please let me know. Your wife, Pat”

I hit reply and in the subject line added the word, “Scheduled.” In the body of the e-mail I wrote: “At 0830 hours I will pick you up at your apartment. Wear jeans and a sweatshirt and easy on/off shoes. Bring a cotton bra, some cotton panties, and whatever you might need to do your hair, make-up and whatever after a shower. The odds are good you will not be home until at least 2000 hours that evening. I will arrange for everything else.

I am looking forward to our time together. Husband”

My time between reading her message and picking her up was focused on having her experience be everything she wanted it to be. My first consideration: where. Looking at the papers on my desk it came to me: the HB! It was ready for a voyage. Perhaps a secluded cove along the lakeshore where eyes and ears were not likely to intrude. I drove out to the HB and took it out for a test run. Everything ran very well. From the upper bridge I had good visibility and within twenty minutes found a small cove where privacy was the best feature. Steep rocky cliffs, scrub to absorb sounds, no beach and it was all but hidden from view. I found a way to easily anchor the HB so it wouldn’t drift while we played.

Back in the marina I made the inside of the HB ready for Pat’s initiation. Weeks before, when I was in the marina store I saw some wide rubber bands of various sizes up to a size that fit snugly around a quart jar. The label said they were to keep glass from rattling or breaking while underway. I bought them when I saw them, thinking then of how nicely they might hold a woman’s breasts. Pat would find out. I cut various lengths of cotton rope and stowed them in bundles in the bedroom closet. While I had redone the interior I added some tie-offs to the interior walls and ceiling. Jim had asked about them and I said they gave me a place to tie things off in the event of bad weather. It was true for most of the tie-offs, but the ones on the ceiling were to secure women.

I checked all the things the wives had put in the HB, making sure there were bars of soap, towels, shampoo, body lotions, sunscreen and an old set of sheets that I could still use as curtains during this voyage.

At dinner that night Della said, “I understand you are spending some time tomorrow with Pat?”

“Yup. She requested some time and I’m happy to give it to her.”

“You know, she is very excited.”

“No. I didn’t know. That’s nice.”

“She checked with all of us before she asked you.”

“Every one of you is considerate like that.”

“We know what she wants. We have to really be careful here. Last time she wanted a little play Sam almost caught us.”

“No one will be within half a mile of us tomorrow. I have no interest in spending time explaining our idea of fun to a southern Sheriff or our children.”

“In that case, can I schedule some time there with you?”

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