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Let Us Try Something Different

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I want you to do something for me, something different.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath…and another. Try to imagine that I am not looking at you while you take that deep breath. But I am. I am watching your chest as it fills with air, your nipples pushing against the thin fabric of your dress.

Try to imagine nothing, clear your mind. So that when I ask you to do something for me you will be able to obey. Do not answer me with words, do not talk, just breathe.

Now imagine you are wearing a silk dress we purchased in China town years ago, remember? The old sales lady doubted she had one that would fit someone as ‘western’ as you. Chinese dresses were not really designed for a woman with your figure in mind. We all laughed because her meaning was obvious. Remember? It took over an hour but it was more then worth it, we found the perfect dress. It was much tighter then even you would wear in public…normally. And the color? An amazingly deep pink, almost red. The silk was so thin, so delicate that left unattended on a bed the slightest breeze could blow it away.

As we walked out of the store you leaned close to my ear and told me that you had stockings and garter belt that you had ‘saved’ for a special occasion. More silk you said, remember? And pumps too high to walk in. “Perfect,” I told you.

Do you have the picture? Can you see yourself dressed as I’ve described? Imagine your effect on any man. Imagine your effect on me. Take your time; let your thoughts run free.

Good. This is the beginning.

A bedroom, tropical breezes, quiet early evening light. I think only we two exist here, but I could be wrong. Just outside the window we may have heard a sound. Maybe someone is watching? Should we continue? Of course we should.

I promised you something different, something out of the ordinary. Imagine, here tonight, in this room I will service you. But you have to do as I request. In the end you will be fulfilled if you obey. Obey me. The hardest part will be for you to relax and accept. Can you do this? Can you imagine?

Good. I knew you would be up for this. Strange when the shoe is on the other foot isn’t it?

I will pull back all of the curtains to let the night air blow through our room. Chilly? I see you appear to be, or are you just glad to see me? Let me take your hand. Your heels are so high that walking is indeed an effort, but an effort worth watching. I can clearly see the outline of your garter belt as your hips sway.

“Stop,” I tell you as I drop your hand and move away. Now six feet away I turn and look at you. Do you feel my eyes?

“Stand still.” My cock begins to harden.

“Put your hands on your hips.” You comply.

“Pull your dress up…slowly.” Inch by inch the hem rises as experience some difficulty because the dress is so damn tight. kurtköy olgun escort Just as the tops of your stockings come into view again you hear me ask you to stop. I drink my fill.

“I want to see your ass.” I command,

You know what to do don’t you? Expertly the silk ascends until, framed perfectly by the black silk garter belt, the view is complete.

One step, two steps, five, can’t you almost feel me behind you as my hands reach out? I cup your buttocks, lifting them, slightly separating, and feeling the tension you can’t suppress.

Slowly I drop to my knees, never taking my hands off you. Kneeling behind you so close. So close my lips whisper a kiss. Then bolder I do it. I kiss your ass. First one cheek then the other. I trace the outline of you with my tongue.

“Do you like that?” I ask. But you do not answer, no words remember? How obedient you can be.

“Turn around.”

As you do I can smell your sex, musky and sweet. Dress still hiked up far past modesty you let me savor the moment.

“Open your legs I want to see you.”

Time or no time passes, do we care? Our hands touch as I take your dress between my fingers and pull it down. Pull it down when all I want to do rip it off.

Standing now I lean close to your ear and ask, “What am I to do now?You can answer. What am I to do now?”

“Service me.” came your quiet reply

“Yes I will service you. Go to the bed.”

Again I took your hand, remember? And do you remember how quiet I was as I watched you arrange yourself for me?

“Close your eyes and listen.”

When you could hear a pin drop I began to strip. I know you could hear my clothing fall to the floor. I know you could hear me cross the room to edge of your bed and stop, waiting.

“Give me your hand.”

A ballerina could not be more graceful. Your fingers reached out, long and open. I placed my erection in your hand.

“Feel my cock. Feel how hard you make it.”

Remember how long you held me, feeling me grow harder in your grasp, knowing that it was your power that created this? I told you how much I wanted to fuck you there and then. How much I needed to fuck you. Your hand tightened as I told you these things.

I even saw a pained look on your face when I asked you to release my cock. You wanted it didn’t you? My cock? Any cock? Cock.

Chinese dresses, ah, so many buttons. I ran my hands over your silk clad body. Feeling your arms, your legs, the ridges caused by your underwear, your tits, your mound, my hands did not miss an inch of you. Again I told you what I was experiencing as I caressed your tits through the silk dress, as I lifted a garter belt, as I watched your nipples harden.

So many buttons. One by one I started at your neck and inched south,unfastening. tuzla escort Your breathing changed as I approached your waist. Was it just the loosening of the dress or the anticipation that caused you to squirm so that I could better accomplish my task?

With the last button undone I opened your dress and let it frame your tan body in crimson pink.

Then came my mouth. Remember?

I was past polite nibbles now, I was hungry. Leaning over the bed I pulled one breast into my mouth. My other hand slid down your stomach stopping at your garter belt to feel its texture as I sucked you.

“Do you like it when I suck your tit?”

You knew better then to answer but you did push your chest up to meet my face. I lost myself in your cleavage and almost forgot my promise. Reluctantly I pulled away.

“What did I promise you?”

“You promised to service me. You promised…”

“Yes I did. What do you want? What do you want most?”

No answer. For a long time, no answer.

Then we heard a sound, a cracking of a branch outside! Startled our heads turned toward the sound. Then a look came over your face, you had decided what you wanted.

In a loud voice you said, “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me!”

Then quieter so that only I could hear you told me to, “take your time. Fuck me slowly. Fuck me really slow. Make me beg you to let me cum.”

Remember how you asked me to make you beg? To myself I prayed that I could comply…to take you slowly.

Moving to the foot of the bed I took your ankles in my hands and made a wish. Wide. Between your spread wide legs I crawled like a cat. A tom with a seven inch erection!

I wanted to eat you, to lift you as you wrapped your legs around my head and sink my tongue into your pussy. But you wanted cock, you wanted to fuck and I had promised.

Still I couldn’t resist the need to taste you. You liked my licking didn’t you? You liked it when my thumbs spread your ass and one slipped into the tightness there didn’t you? Just a little?

Through the sex induced haze I heard your voice reminding me of your request…and your need to feel my cock inside you.

Slowly I climbed up your body. Remember when my cock found your cunt lips, so wet, so open, and so ready to receive. Remember how you felt when I entered you and lowered my full weight onto you. How you could hardly breath with the pressure of me?Yet you sucked in a surprised gulp of air as my cock filled you? How my hips began to gyrate so that only your cunt walls could feel my cock. Remember how I lifted myself off of you with only my cock head inside and how I held myself above you before dropping down into you once again? Over and over and over…and again?

Remember how your head began to sway from side to side as I fucked you, how you bit your pendik escort lip until there was a hint of blood and how I sucked it off? Remember? I do, I remember how your blood tasted as I fucked you. I remember how wet your cunt was as I entered you and how it surrounded me. I remember how the lace of your garter belt rubbed against my legs, how one of the clasps popped open, then another from the force of our fucking. How I stopped fucking to remove one stocking and how tightly I held it in my hand when you began to beg me to make you cum.

You began quietly at first as you felt it happening. Then louder and louder still, you told me to make you cum. I heard your voice. Speed. Did you still want me to fuck you slowly? Or to fuck you silly? Speed. As it increased so did your requests until even the neighbors could hear you beg.

Remember how you begged me to make you cum? How you ordered me to, “Fuck faster, fuck me faster goddammit.”

Remember how I began to ram my prick deep into you as hard and as fast as I could? Do you remember how I lost all control as I heard you scream my name? How the sweat dripped from me.?How our wet bodies sounded as they stuck together? And do you remember the explosion, the orgasm, and the shear amount of liquid loosed inside of you, so much it dripped from you as I pulled out.? I do. I remember the glistening body,limp from exhaustion,white sperm where I used to be, laying still with heavy breaths. You turned your head away as if, even to look at me was now too hard to do.

Remember how I climbed on my knees to your face and touched your lips with my, now, spent cock. How I started to gently suckle you breast? You made me hard again.

I’m sure who ever was outside the window that night remembers the scene well too. He (or she, we never knew) saw our utter exhausted collapse. He watched me pull slowly out of you and heard my small laugh as my cock once again was exposed to the cold air. He watched as,on my knees, I climbed the mattress to your face and touched your lips with my, now,spent cock. How I started to gently suck your breast and your mouth opened and took me inside? You made me hard. Again.

We knew someone was there. We knew it. Remember how you stopped and looked me in the eyes and smiled,then push me away?

I remember how you stood up and faced the the window for a minute,looking past it so that he could not be sure. You let him him see you naked. Then you started to dress,to fasten each button, one by one by one. Tightly clothed again you let him watch you thank me. Remember how you walked to the bed and once again took me into your mouth, rolled your tongue and teased me hard? Maybe he could see all this or maybe all he could see was your ass pointed in his direction. But you turned so that he had to see you work your magic until I begged you. He heard me tell I was going to cum, but you already could sense that couldn’t you? He saw you accept my sperm and roll it in your mouth before, turning towards the window, swallow.

Your exit from the room is burned in my memory. The tightest dress on the best ass in town walking away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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