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Maggie and I have been married for twelve years at the time that we came to a parting of ways. When we met at first, the attraction had not been physical, but at another level. Our first few years together had had some sexual pleasure, but as the years went on, I found that I could not get her to indulge in anything else but the missionary position. This lead to some frustration (to say the least) and I started to look for other outlets for my sexual tensions. This let to numerous encounter with work colleagues and friends. The most memorable one is the one that I wish to relate to you now.

We were living in Brisbane on Australia’s east cost, just up from the Gold Coast (beautiful one day sex the next) and I had a need to remove myself from her presence. I told Maggie that I needed to go away for a few day, that I was going to the Great Barrier reef for a five day diving trip. She made no comment which I took to be an agreement to my departure.

Instead of heading to the reef. I headed down the coast to a little motel I know run by a friend of mine. I get to stay there when I need a break free in exchange for light duties such as building repairs and such, I also get a bit of work cleaning the hulls of boats on scuba, not enough to make you rich, but you meet some interesting people (including the wives and girlfriends of some of them!!!!).

When I got down there, I unpacked, asked Mike what he wanted done, and arranged a schedule for the work. Once this was done, I headed for the pub for a quiet beer and a meal. After the meal I started taking to some of the people that I knew, one of which was a Diving instructor and his girl friend Sue. We carried illegal bahis on talking and playing pool for a while. After about an hour or so and several drinks later, Sue asked me to meet a friend of hers Lexie. Sue and Lexie had been friends since they had been about 7 years old, and Lexie had left the town when she was about 19 to find her way in Perth which is about 4000 km from where they grew up. Lexie had meet some one, gotten married, two kids and then found out her husband had been fucking his previous girl friend from day one. They had two girls from the marriage and Lexie had brought them both back to live with her.

Well, as the evening progressed, I found out all this as well as the fact that Lexie was staying with her mother (her father had left 10 years earlier for a younger woman and died during a night of passion) and her girls (10 and 11) were with her father. We started talking and ended up playing pool as an unbeatable combination (mainly because she was sober and I wasn’t). I bought Lexie several drinks, but the more I brought her the more sober she seemed to appear. I was getting to the stage that wanted to either take her or go back to the motel and pass out when she said she had to go home. I let her talk me into talking her home.

During the trip towards her place she started to loosen up. Just outside her mother place she gave me one a kiss, the first time she had and one of those take me now, tongue and all kisses. It was pitch black and she sat on my knee (I have been in a wheelchair for 15 years) and came front on to me rubbing her pussy against my cock through my jeans. I had been told before by my doctor that I could not illegal bahis siteleri get a hard on, Lexie show me differently, unlike Maggie who had never managed to get me up.

We sat there for a while, Lexie rubbing herself, and be getting this enormous hard on (the first one in many years) for about half an hour, when she said she wanted to screw me. Talk about shocked, I had never has someone say that to me. I told Lexie where I was staying and she said she would meet me there in twenty minutes, after he got changed. She left for her pace and I went back to the motel never expecting to see her again.

I got back to the motel, waited half an hour and expected her not to turn up. I ended up getting ready for bed and was about to crawl into bed when there was a light tap on the door. I opened it and there was Lexie in the same clothes that I had last seen her in, she had gone home and come straight back out.

I said come in, and she looked at me as if I had asked a strange question, and went straight for the bathroom. I waited for her to finish and waited, and waited. After about five minutes she yelled ‘come here and help me”, so, I did. She was straddled on the toilet, and no toilet paper. ‘Well have you got any loo paper’ she asked?, I had to think and remembering that there was spare paper in the closet, I went to get it. When I came back, she said, well, wipe me off!!!. Well, when a lady asks, I respond!! I took some paper and wiped her pussy. I gently wiped the sides of her clit, and dripped the paper. She said, “half way there, finish off.” So I carried on, gently rubbing her lips and then sliding between them. She started to move forward canlı bahis siteleri and ended up sitting legs spread, on my knees. She was starting to breathing heavily as I pulled her closer with my fingers still massaging her. She moved closer, her tits rubbing against my chest. She slid her hands up under my shirt and started to fondle my nipples. I now had the biggest hard on that I have ever experienced!!

I continued rubbing Lexie’s clit and felt her become wetter and wetter and she groaned in an almost inaudible tone, I slipped one, two and finally three fingers up her clit. Lexie could not hold her self, she started humping my fingers. She slipped her hands down to my balls and started to massage them as if her life depended on them. I started for the first time in my life feel as if I was to come. I sucked on her tits, and nibbled on her tits and only got moans as the response. Lexie started to move forward as if to fuck me, an experience that I have never had.

My cock was still proud, independent of the Viagra that my doctor had given me (telling me I could never do it with out it) and she slid herself onto me. I could not contain myself and started to shoot at Lexie, started to come on the third time. She cried as I started to fill her again and again. I had never come like this before, and Lexie was like the woman that had always been waiting for.

Lexie cried softly onto my chest as she came. She wept as she asked me to stay with her.

We fell asleep with me inside her on my chair, with her body so close to mine.

I the morning, I told Lexie, that I had to move on, I could not stay here with the memory of her, with out her being with me. We exchanged numbers, and I took her home before moving on further down the coast.

At the net town, I booked into a camping ground and expected a quiet night. At 9:30pm my mobile rang …

and that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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