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Life as a Sub Ch. 02 Pt. 05

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Chapter 2 – Part 5 – To Finish the Chapter


Before I start the next chapter of my story, I have been asked by a number of readers, to continue and describe what happened before and after Ruth and I left the party. So, this final part is just about what they had me and Ruth do to satisfy our hosts voyeur and decadent appetites.

There wasn’t much more sex play between Bob, Claire and their guests for the rest of that night, only a lot more drinking and all of us enjoying each other’s company.

Everyone, and I mean everyone had cum this evening. Everyone that was, except me.

I couldn’t help wanting to stare at naked breasts, legs, pussy, cocks, balls and bums, even when they had removed their fetish clothing and wore dressing gowns, I was still turned on wondering about their body parts. Whatever plan they had for me that evening, they had succeeded in making me behave like a little frustrated and sex hungry submissive, much to their amusement and my discomfort.


So, to continue where I left off. I was on the floor, with Ruth in a 69 position on top of me. She was breathing heavy on my dicklet, orgasming, but recovering from a hard-thrusting fuck by Bob, her vagina had just been filled with his cum.

Claire, Bob’s wife, was knelt next to me holding my head, as I struggled to dodge his sperm dripping out of Ruth’s pussy and onto my face and mouth.

Bob had asked me a question. He asked if I had learnt anything. I was only able to answer after having some of his cum drip in my mouth and I was forced to taste him and Ruth.

I replied, “Yes Sir,” to something that I wasn’t quite sure that I did know what he was talking about.

Well there was one thing I had learnt, and that was about being stopped from cumming. If I ever got to have an orgasm, everyone near me was going to need a snorkel and goggles.

That aside, I had learnt a lot about fucking, watching a man’s and woman’s orgasm, and then there was what two people having sex tasted like.

Claire had me finish this exercise, by re-attaching a leash to Ruth’s collar and pulling her to make her sit up. Doing this, I had no way out but to accept Ruth rubbing her wet and cum filled spasming pussy on my face. I couldn’t help myself. I was in such a worked-up sex hungry state, that I was going to do anything that was depraved. I didn’t want to do anything but suck on my girlfriends clenching vagina.

I could just hear faint cheering from the others, because my ears were being squashed by Ruth’s legs as she rubbed herself back on forth on my face.

After about two or three minutes, Ruth orgasmed once more from my frantically moving tongue, licking inside her vagina and over her clit. She stopped moving and fell forward once more onto me, giving me a lovely feeling of her naked body against mine and then there was that cool air on my face.

Then wow. I felt a warm mouth cover my dicklet. Was this it? Was I going to get to cum like everyone else?

I was hoping it was Ruth. She would know just how much I wanted to cum and how quickly she could finish me off. But, whoever it was, they continued my torture. They didn’t do anything. They just kept my dicklet in their mouth. No sucking, no wanking. That was it.

Well I couldn’t stand that so I bucked my hips, trying to get some sort of relief. But I think, because of my efforts, the mouth lifted and was I was left with my wet dicklet sticking up in the open air once more. OMG no. Not again.

It was another minute before I heard Claire tell Ruth to go and freshen up. Poor Ruth, unsteadily got up and with wobbly legs, walked out of the room. I was still laying there, arms by my side, not knowing what I should do, until I was given a gentle kick to my leg.

“You too boy. Go and freshen up.” Claire said.

Thankful, I sat up, but owww. My neck ached, and my leg muscles had all gone all stiff. Being a fuck table had had its effects on me. Then there was that parched feeling in my mouth. I needed a drink or something, because my tongue felt larger than it should be, and the back of my throat was so dry.

As I slowly got up, I noticed that John, Bob and Clive were at the drinks table, ignoring me, while Claire stood next to me and said.

“Come on now, let’s get you and that lovely cock of yours cleaned up and ready to go.”

There was the carrot, once more dangled in front of me. The chance to get to cum. I glanced own at my hard but slowly deflating dicklet. I was looking a bit red but was still ready to go. Claire gave my bum a little slap which encouraged me walk to the hallway and towards the downstairs loo. Claire walked with me, gently smacking my bum with each step I took until she turned to join Sally and Sinsa and they left the room together.

Thinking it was empty, I opened the loo door, only to find Ruth sat on the toilet. She looked up at me surprised, I apologised and was about to leave, when Ruth madly waved her hand for me to come in.

I stepped in, accidently kicking her wrist and ankle cuffs under the sink, closed the door and just Kartal escort stood there, my hard but slowly softening cock just in front of her face. I listened to her finishing her pee as she reached up and held my hand, pouting her lips for a kiss. I bent down and kissed her.

It was a long kiss, we both closed our eyes as her tongue entered and wiggled in my mouth. We stopped and looked at each other.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

It was the first words we had said to each other all night. I wanted to say so much to her, especially about the way they wouldn’t let me cum.

“I am a little bit upset.” I replied, “This evening wasn’t quite what I was expecting I can tell you. And seeing you was a real surprise. But the way they treat you, are you ok with it?”

She smiled and kissed me again, then tore off a couple of pieces of toilet paper, stood and with bent knees, wiped her pussy. She did this a couple of times, so of course I looked.

“Yes, of course hun.” She said, looking at the paper and then throwing it into the toilet each time.

She walked to the basin and ran some water, soaking a flannel. I stood beside her and with the back of my hand, stroked down her shoulder and arm, all the way down to her breast. I couldn’t help myself. She was still my sexy girlfriend. Just touching her perky juicy breast had my cock hard again.

I looked into her eyes. “I was really jealous, especially when I saw them fuck you. I wanted to…”

“Aawwww, that’s so sweet my love.” She quickly replied.

I moved behind her, put the lid down and sat on the toilet. I decided that I would just sit here for a while, hoping my hard on would go down so that I could pee, but of course, I was still conscious of my damn butt plug, so I had to rest sideways on one cheek.

I watched Ruth continue to clean herself with the flannel. She washed her face, under her arms and after running more water, her pussy and bum.

The trouble with watching her was, my hard on didn’t go down. I was still turned on even looking at her back and cute little bum. Ruth was my sexy young girlfriend and watching her naked body, glimpsing that lovely pussy between her legs and bottom, the way her breasts moved. I wanted her.

She turned around and looked down at me. Smiling, she grabbed her breasts, then squeezed and jiggled them at me.

“What do you think?”

“You look gorgeous.” I replied as I reached out and stroked the back of my hand over her stomach down to her pussy.

“That’s not helping.” She giggled, pointing at my twitching cock sticking up between my legs.

I snatched my hand away. “Sorry, but I had to …” I said apologetically.

“I will see you back inside.” She bent down, kissed me, then turned to leave. All I could do was sit there reach out and touch her lovely bum as she walked out.

Once the door was closed, I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. Yup, still looking good.

While I ran some water and soaked the flannel Ruth used earlier, I bent down and reached round to feel for the ring of my butt plug. Inserting a finger in the loop, I gently pulled it. Oh wow. It felt like my hole was bone dry because as I pulled the ring it felt like it was pulling on my whole anus. It was in there pretty permanent, so I left it alone.

I washed everything just as Ruth had, then stood there, waiting so that I was soft enough and able to pee. I lifted the lid, but then decide to sit down and pee.

I sat because I was worried that I might spray or spill some pee on the floor of this lovely house, but also I might be able to feel my cheeks spread and allow me to break any dry seal that the plug had made.

And then I peed, shivered, held my slightly numb cock as I shook it, stood, flushed and washed myself once more.

I stood on tip toes so that I could look in the mirror at my naked body. I lifted my semi hard cock and looked at my wrinkled but tight little ball bag. Yup. I was all ready and it was time for me to cum. Yessss, I thought. Let’s go.

I got to the doorway of the living room, stopped and noticed the chairs had been moved. There were now five chairs arranged in a semi-circle in front of the sofa. I stopped and looked around, not knowing what was going on or where to go.

Everyone except Ruth was stood by the drinks table. They were all dressed in white fluffy dressing gowns, laughing and chatting, while Ruth was sat on the sofa. I looked over at her. She was, like me, still naked except she wore her leather cuffs and anklets. She sat up right and proper, her hands clasped held together on her knees like a school Mistress. She looked over at me and smiled.

I smiled back, but I was shaken with surprise when I heard Bob shout, “Go. Go sit with Ruth.”

“Can I… Can I have a drink Sir please?”

He raised his glass in a pointing manner towards the bottles, then resumed talking to Clive and Sinsa.

After topping up a glass with Bacardi and coke, I added some ice, then looked over at Ruth again. I was feeling a little uncomfortable that we were the only ones Kurtköy Escort naked and I wondered just what was going to happen next.

Sinsa turned to me, and reaching down, held my cock in a loose grip. “Is my lovely young stud all ready?”

“Yes Ma’am.” I said, taking a sip of my drink, thinking I was going to have a conversation.

“Well then, get over with Ruth. We will join you in minute.” She said dismissively as she let go of me turning back to her conversation with Bob and Clive.

Feeling a little disappointed, I started to walk over to Ruth, but not without Claire once again giving my bum a loud and smarting smack. I liked the attention I was getting from the women, so was smiling as I joined Ruth. I offered her the glass, knowing it was her favourite drink. She blew me a kiss and drank nearly half the glass before handing it back to me.

“What is happening?” I asked, wondering if she knew.

“I really don’t know luv, sorry.” She replied with a quizzical look on her face.

I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Honestly hun. I don’t know what they are planning.” She said, peeking a quick look over at Bob.

I sat down on the edge of the middle chair facing Ruth, balancing on one cheek. I was about to take a sip of my drink when Bob shouted.

“On the sofa boy. Sit on the sofa.”

I coughed on my drink and immediately got up to join Ruth. I sat next to her, thinking I was going to be in trouble again. My plug was proving to be a real pain.

But, I was pleasantly surprised. The sofa had very soft cushions and it wasn’t as uncomfortable for me to sit properly as I had expected.

As I offered my drink to Ruth again, the others drifted over and gradually sat in the chairs looking at us. Claire stood next to me.

“Shuffle up. I want to sit here.”

Ruth and I lifted and slid over a little more to accommodate a bath robed Claire.

Bob was the last to sit down as he broke the silence. Everyone looked relaxed, each sipping their drinks, smiling and looking at him.

“We were just talking about sex outside of this little group of ours.”

He let that sink in as I looked at everyone. I was totally wrapped up guessing what was going to happen now.

“And we discussed just how inventive we all think we are these days, when we are with our partners in our bedrooms. What do you think Ruth? Jim?”

I was somewhat taken back that things seem to have changed. He called us by name, and he wanted our opinions. What was unexpected, was that he wanted us to join in the conversation.

I looked at Ruth, then, hoping to impress everyone, said. “I think Ruth and I have learnt a lot from these parties Sir.”

Everyone cheered and laughed. Encouraged by their reaction, Ruth and I chuckled too which made us relax even more as we shared our drink. The fact that we had not been offered dressing gowns was a little disconcerting though. That aside, this was now more like a group of friends sharing stories and experiences.

Then the conversation got onto sexual positions and just how many we all had actually tried.

“We know what Ruth’s favourite is. What’s yours Jim?” Claire said.

I looked at Ruth with raised eyebrows. She had a favourite?

Ruth looked at me, squeezed my hand and giggled. “What position do we always end up in?” She asked me.

Looking embarrassingly at the others then back at Ruth, I replied. “In the doggy position?”

I huge cheer from everyone and a hand clapping from Claire told me that I got it right. Wow. So that was Ruth’s favourite. Now I understood, so I guessed that it must be mine too. But I did like to have her on her back and hold her legs open as I pushed as deep as possible inside her. Yes, that one I really liked.

“I like to get as deep inside Ruth as I can.” I blurted out, finally looking at Claire. “So, I like her on her back lifting her hips up.”

Claire gave me an approving nod, then she looked over at Sally and Sinsa.

“Yes, yes, I can understand that. I love feeling Bob’s cock deep in me, but lifting her hips?”

Claire turned her legs towards me. I nervously looked at everyone. Ruth and I had completely let our guards down and we were both suddenly feeling hot with embarrassment. We were being put under the spotlight now.

“Well. Errrrr. It’s when she is on her back and a pillow…”

“Well show us boy. Let’s see what you mean.” Clive shouted at me.

I looked at Ruth and she slowly and very gently nodded. I think that it was because we were both still naked in a room with clothed people that it sounded weird, but it didn’t feel wrong. We both now knew these people and our role with these friends, was that if they told us to do something, then we did it.

I got up to allow Ruth to swing her legs up on the sofa. She was smiling as she laid there, shoving a pillow under her hips, then opened her legs and held out her arms to welcome me. My cock was soft and small, but seeing her like this, her naked sexy body, wanting me, things started to slowly grow and tighten in my groin.

I now Pendik Escort had a semi hard on, but it didn’t matter, I moved into position and was about to demonstrate by lifting Ruth’s legs, when Claire stopped me by saying.

“Wait, wait, wait.” I stayed perfectly still as she looked and spoke to everyone, then at me.

She pointed at my cock. “You can’t have sex like that. Get up. Both of you. Get up.”

I was unsure what to do now, because I thought we were just going to show them the position. I didn’t know that they wanted to actually see me fuck Ruth like this. We both readjusted ourselves and sat back down.

I started to play with my cock thinking that they wanted me ready to fuck. Using only my fingers centred on my cock head, I stroked and pulled my foreskin back and forth, and it was working, I was getting harder. But not knowing what was going to happen, it was taking a bit longer for me to get fully erect.

“Is that how you masturbate?” John asked me.

As everyone looked at me, I blushed with embarrassment. OMG I was mortified. I didn’t think that it mattered how I got my cock ready, but obviously it did, and now I had to quickly explain.

“N..Noooo Sir. I was just getting ready to show you…”

“Well, you wank like a little boy touching himself for the first time.” He giggled as he spoke.

Everyone sniggered, adding to my humiliation. John opened his dressing gown and held his soft but big looking cock in his hand, then proceeded to wank himself with long and vigorous strokes.

Sally knelt down beside John, her chin on his knee as she watched him, captivated by the way he fondled and moved his hand up and down the whole length of his cock.

“This is how a man masturbates.” He said, raising his chin like he was belittling me.

“Yes Sir, that is exactly how I do it.” I had to say nervously, stupidly hoping that I had removed any thought that I didn’t know how to do it properly.

“So, show us how you masturbate. Show us how you do it when you are not with Ruth.” Sinsa said licking her lips, pressing me to prove what I said. I looked over to her as she sat legs crossed but stretched out, on the last chair to my right, next to Claire on the sofa.

“Go on.” Claire added, “Show us how a dirty young man masturbates. Do it exactly like you are on your own in your flat.”

Bob got up and returned from the table with his camera, just as Sinsa spoke, this time to Ruth. “Does he masturbate when he is with you?”

I quickly looked at Ruth, the question was embarrassing and I opened my mouth wanting to answer for her. But she turned to Sinsa and was just about to speak when Bob commented. “Ruth, take your cuffs and anklets off.”

As she undid and removed the leather straps she said. “Yes, he does.”

Bob handed the camera to Claire while Sinsa continued to press Ruth for an answer. “Yes… That’s it… Come on. There must be more details?”

Ruth looked at me as she spoke, “Well, he doesn’t do it all on his own. I usually start him off, and he doesn’t do it long before we have sex.”

“Don’t you wonder when he masturbates on his own, what he thinks of when he gets himself all worked up?” Claire now asked, taking a photo of me sitting back and holding my cock.

What the hell was happening I thought? The focus of attention was changing to me again.

I started to stroke my cock, lifting my ball, turning myself on as I looked at Sally, staring at John’s now hard erect cock.

“You do the same Ruth, show us how you masturbate, while we wait for the boy to get hard.” Bob ordered.

This really felt bizarre. Ruth and I were now both showing everyone just how we masturbate, the only one joining us from our audience was John. As it happened, this once again felt depraved and dirty so it didn’t take me long to get hard, especially when I watched Ruth was tickling her pussy and rubbing her leg next to mine. I was very horny and hungry for sex.

Claire reached over and moved my hand away. She held and squeezed me saying. “Now he is ready.”

“Ok.” Clive continued. “Now, let’s have a little show. Our two models, to the front of the class please.”

“Oo, oo, oo, Yes, I want to see the cowgirl position.” Sally turned and shouted quickly.

“And I want to see the wheel barrow.” Sinsa squealed gleefully clapping her hands.

I looked at Bob, then Clive. Now what do we do, I thought to myself?

“Cowgirl first please.” Clive said speaking to Ruth.

Ruth stood and pushed me down into a laying position. I didn’t know what was going on, but I guessed we were the models. I followed Ruth’s lead. She then straddled my waist shoving her left knee between the sofa and my waist, and reached for my cock between her legs. She pulled my foreskin back, rubbed my cock head between her pussy lips, then sank down until all of my cock was inside her. Wow the heat of her vagina was amazing, but then I was happy to be back inside my girlfriend.

Then she just sat there, pressing down on my hips, squashing my ball. I looked into her smiling eyes, feeling her muscles around my cock. She grabbed my hands and placed them onto her breasts, allowing me to fondle and squeeze them. All this time, frustratingly, she didn’t ride me. OMG move, please, move. This is the cowgirl position. Why doesn’t she move I wondered?

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