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Life Is Short Pt. 02

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Our hard work on Friday paid dividends by allowing us to sleep in Saturday morning. We went out for a leisurely breakfast. The guys began loading the final items while the girls cleaned and vacuumed. Two men from the furniture place arrived with their truck (and a check), were loaded, and departed within an hour.

All at once we were looking around ourselves at a bare house asking one another what we’d forgotten to do. We attached the car to the truck, loaded the last things into Beth’s car, and began our journey eastward.

Beth and Kelli led in the Explorer while I drove the truck with Randy in the passenger seat. We were pleased with how well the truck handled the load. We would be able to make good time. Our route would take us north easterly on a secondary highway for about an hour until we met the interstate. We had merged onto the interstate highway, the radio was blaring a Seger tune, when Randy’s cell phone rang. I lowered the volume on the radio. I could soon tell that the call was from Kelli. She was outlining a travel plan for the day that the girls had come up with. The plan seemed to suit Randy. He hung up his phone and relayed the itinerary to me.

“They said that since we ate brunch so late, they would like to travel for another hour or so before we stopped to eat and get fuel.”

“Sounds good to me,” I agreed.

“After that stop they’d like to go on to Grand Island, Nebraska. It should only take us a couple more hours to get there. They thought Grand Island would be a good place to stop for the night. She said we can easily make it home from Grand Island tomorrow.”

“That should work.” I reached for the volume knob on the radio and continued. “Nice of ’em to give us our orders for the day.”

“Yep,” Randy concurred. “They’re the generals and we’re just the soldiers driving truck.” We laughed in agreement.

We talked about what would happen this evening. Should we get a suite again? Should we get two rooms? We wondered if the girls would want to swap, again, on our last night away from home.

Per the plan, we stopped about an hour later, fueled the vehicles, and ate fast food. I detected an odd vibe from the women. It seemed they had a secret they weren’t telling us. A couple of times I caught them exchanging glances and smiling. I thought about broaching the subject, but decided to let it go for the time being. We finished our sandwiches quickly. We were anxious get back on the road. As we were taking our last bites, Randy asked if it might be a good idea to call ahead and reserve accommodations for the night. The girls exchanged another quick glance before Kelli said succinctly, “No worries. We already took care of it.”

Something was up. Randy and I both knew something was going on.

Beth let Randy drive her Explorer for the next leg of our journey. Kelli said she had never been in a big truck. She wanted to ride in the U-Haul, so she climbed into the cab with me. “Wow! I feel like I’m on the top of the world in this thing,” she exclaimed as she buckled her seat belt.

The highway basically followed the Platte River over the bare plains of western Nebraska before leading us into the farmland for which Nebraska is noted. Cornfields and cattle dominated the scenery. There were farmsteads, feedlots, and small towns sprinkled here and there.

Kelli likes to talk. We visited about Aunt Phyllis and how odd it seemed to think that we had been sifting through her life over the past few days. We drifted into a philosophical discussion as we contemplated that our children would one day go through the things that we leave behind, deciding what to keep and what to throw away. We talked about the funeral that was scheduled for next week. The conversation took a brighter turn as we spoke of the things that we might do with the generous inheritance that Phyllis was providing for each niece.

The time and the miles passed quickly. We saw a sign: “GRAND ISLAND 19 miles”. I heard Kelli’s seat belt click as she unbuckled it. She took me by surprise when she slid across the bench seat next to me and put her left arm across the seat back and over my shoulders. “We’re almost there!” she smiled.

I was somewhat nonplussed by her actions, but managed to respond, “Yep. It’ll be nice to have the rest of the afternoon and the evening to relax.”

“Mmmhmmm,” she purred. “We planned it this way.” She reached across her body with her right hand and placed it on my thigh.

“You planned it this way? What do you mean?”

“Your cute little wife and I planned to get here about the middle of the afternoon so we would have plenty of time to… errr… ‘relax'”. She squeezed my thigh with her fingers and pressed her soft breast against my arm. “We have planned a surprise for you guys.”

Randy and I had discussed, as we travelled this morning, our desire for this last night the four of us would be together, to be a special one. We intended to suggest that we trade partners for the evening. “A surprise? Do tell.”

She canlı bahis squeezed my thigh again. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, would it,” she said with a wink.

“Nothing painful?” I teased.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll feel any pain.”

“Nothing boring?” I continued.

“I can promise you won’t be bored,” she laughed.

“Nothing too hard?”

“Hard? I can’t promise there won’t be anything hard. In fact, I think there will be two very ‘hard’ parts,” she teased as her hand slid up my thigh and caressed my crotch. “One of your parts and one of Randy’s parts will be VERY hard, I hope.” She continued to rub my cock over my jeans.

“If you continue to touch me like that, my ‘PART’ is going to get ‘HARD’ right now!” I smiled.

She reached up with her mouth, lightly nipped my ear lobe with her teeth, and whispered in my ear, “You know, don’t you, that I just love really, really ‘HARD PARTS’ on a man.” I could feel my cock swelling in response to her words and touch. She continued teasing, “And you know, I just really love how big your ‘part’ gets when it gets ‘hard'”.

“It’s getting hard right now,” I said.

“I can feel that it is,” she whispered and kissed my cheek.

I was enjoying our little game. “Can you at least give me a clue about your surprise?”

She thought for a few moments. “Your clue is that the surprise involves something that is very wet.”

It was my turn to tease. “I’ll bet I know what it is.. You and Beth reserved a motel with a pool! We are all going swimming!”

“Noooooo,” she said, drawing out the word and squeezing my semi-erect manhood for emphasis. “The surprise involves something that is not only very wet, it is also very warm – almost hot.”

“Ohhhhhh!” I exclaimed thinking rather quickly for once. “It must be a Jacuzzi! We are all getting into a Jacuzzi together.”

She giggled at my response. “Noooooo. I’ll give you one more clue. It involves something that is not only very wet and very warm, it is also…,” she paused for effect. “It is also…” another pause, “HAIRY!” She giggled again.

I chuckled. “You’ve stumped me. I can’t POSSIBLY imagine what you could be talking about.”

She gently took my right hand from the steering wheel and firmly placed it over the crotch of her sweatpants. I could feel her warmth. She brought her knees together and trapped my hand between her chubby thighs. “Well, you keep thinking about those clues and maybe… just MAYBE, the solution will come to you.”

By now my erection was painfully constricted by my jeans. Kelli was running the palm of her hand over it in a back and forth motion. I could hardly wait to get to the motel!

I applied the turn signal a few minutes later and we began to slow as we descended the off ramp. Kelli spotted our motel. We were soon coming to a stop in the “Truck Parking” area that accommodated our truck and towed car. We locked our doors and walked over to Randy and Beth so that we could assist them with our baggage.

Kelli and Beth made us stand back as they went to the desk to check us in. “Kelli told me that they have cooked up a surprise for us,” I told Randy when they were out of earshot.

“Yeah, Beth told me that too, but she wouldn’t tell me what the surprise is.”

“Same story here,” I replied.

The “Check In” process only took a couple minutes. “Did you get another suite for us?” Randy asked as they returned.

“Wait and see,” was the reply we received as we followed them to the elevator.

“How long are you going to make us wait for our surprise?” Randy asked as the elevator lifted us to the upper floor.

The women exchanged conspiratorial smiles. “Not long,” Kelli chirped. “Oh, just so you know, there are SEVERAL surprises that we have for you.”

They led us down the hall as we spoke. “We can’t wait,” Randy responded. I nodded agreement. We were both smiling.

We stopped at a door, Kelli inserted her key-card, and the lock clicked. Kelli started to open the door but paused to look back at us. “This is the first surprise.” We all filed in to a normal sized motel room with two queen sized beds. “Only one room tonight,” Kelli said wriggling her brows. Randy and I looked at each other in… well… SURPRISE!

I wasn’t sure what the implications were of having all four of us in the same room, but I was certain that it was going to be interesting! I recovered from my surprise. “Hmmm. This is going to be close quarters.”

“We hope so,” Beth answered. “VERY close quarters.” This time Beth wriggled her eyebrows and we all laughed.

Kelli took charge. “Okay, let’s all use the restroom and freshen up. When we’ve done that, we’ll reveal our next surprise to you.”

We all took our turn. Randy was last. “So, what’s our surprise?” he asked as he exited the bathroom.

“Let me tell you this way,” Kelli said after taking a deep breath. “How would you guys like two soft, fresh, baby-bottom-smooth, freshly shaved pussies?”

Beth burst out laughing bahis siteleri while Randy and I processed the question we had just been presented.

“Sounds great,” Randy said.

“I’m all for it,” I said over the top of Randy’s response.

“We hoped you’d say that,” Beth said still giggling at the look on our faces.

“You can have them,” Kelli proceeded, “but there are two conditions. The first condition is that you have to shave them yourselves. Can you do it?”

Let’s face it, this has to be a favorite fantasy of every red blooded male. We readily agreed.

“The second condition is that we get to shave you guys, too. Are you still willing?”

“You mean shave us…down there?” I asked.


Randy and I looked at one another, shrugged our shoulders, and smiled. “You’ll just have to promise to be SUPER careful that you don’t cut off anything down there that we might need,” Randy joked.

“Oh, we’ll be careful, alright,” Kelli responded. “The men are going to get shaved first and we don’t want you seeking revenge when it’s our turn.” She stepped over to a suitcase that had belonged to Phyllis. She opened it in the middle of a bed. “Give us a couple of minutes to get organized. Then we will have you two get ready.” She was pulling towels, plastic washbasins, a Walmart bag, and all sorts of paraphernalia out of the case.

“The more I think about this, the more I like the idea,” I offered up. “Very sexy plan, ladies.”

“Beth gets the credit. It was her idea,” Kelli said as she sorted.

“The night we arrived at Phyllis’ house I opened the doors under the sink in the master bathroom. I saw the haircutting set,” she pointed to a box amongst Kelli’s items, “and got the idea. I mentioned it to Kelli and we looked it up on our phones to see how to safely shave down there. The next day we went to Walmart and picked up most of these things. The towels and tubs we saved from the house.”

Kelli had two large beach towels. She folded them in half and placed one at the foot of each bed. “Alright, men, we’re ready for you. Get naked and one of you sit on each towel. Our first step will be to trim the hair short. We will use the clippers and these barber’s scissors.”

I started peeling off the clothes. Odd as this may sound, I was a little uncomfortable getting naked with Randy there. I know, I know. It isn’t logical. We were practically family and we had traded wives. Yet, it felt a little weird with him there. I decided to ignore the feeling. I would get past the wonkiness soon.

Kelli beckoned me to the bed in front of her. I plunked down feeling a little nervous about being shaved. I wasn’t concerned about getting cut, but the whole concept was new to me. Still, it was certainly erotic and I was looking forward to all the surprises that the wives had in store for us. My cock was chubby but far from hard. Kelli asked me to lie back so she could assess her task. My entire lower belly was covered in hair. It was hard to discern where the belly hair ended and the pubic hair started. “How far up do you think I should shave?” Kelli asked Beth.

My wife looked over and answered, “I think you should shave from about halfway between his belly-button and the base of his cock on down. That will leave a nice smooth triangle. I’ll do the same with Randy.”

Kelli concurred. As she began to snip and toss the clipped hair into one of the plastic basins, I looked over to see what was happening with Randy. Beth had the cordless electric clippers. She had affixed a plastic guard over the blades. She was making quick work of it and leaving only about 1/8 inch of hair behind each pass. Randy’s cock was even softer than mine. The head was hidden by its foreskin. I now understood why my wife had been fascinated with it. “Hey, this is working great,” she said.

Kelli looked over at Beth’s rapid progress. “I think I’ll use the clippers when you’re done with them. I’ll get the big areas with the clippers and just use these scissors on the hard to reach areas. Beth took hold of my shaft and began to snip around the base. She pointed my cock upwards and got the hair between my cock and balls. I felt myself begin to swell in response to her touch. “I wonder how the clippers will work on their scrotums?” Kelli asked.

“Give me just a minute and I’ll see,” Beth answered as she was bent low, intent on her work. She was holding Randy’s cock to one side as she ran the clippers along the opposite side.

Kelli told me to spread my legs wide. She was now snipping the hair along the line between my thighs and my balls. When she finished there, she lifted my scrotum with her off hand and trimmed the perineum.

“I’ll trade ya,” Beth said extending the clippers to Kelli.

Kelli held my now half hard cock out of the way as I felt the hum of the clippers. I looked over at Randy again. His cock head had come out of hiding and was perched atop his swollen shaft. Beth was slowly and carefully snipping the hairs she previously couldn’t reach with the clippers.

Kelli bahis şirketleri finished first and began trying to brush the stray hairs into her basin from my crotch, my thighs, and the towel beneath me. She took the basin and dumped it in the toilet. She let the water in the sink run until it was warm. She put a little bit of water in the bottom of the basin. “Okay, the next step is to exfoliate.”

“That sounds painful,” I complained.

“Awww, ya big baby. I think you can take it,” she smiled. Kelli returned with her little tub, a hand towel, and what she called a “poofy”. I figured out that the poofy was something for exfoliating, or removing the dead skin. She dipped the poofy in the water and lightly scrubbed all the trimmed areas. She was especially careful when she scrubbed my scrotum. The poofy felt rough and abrasive, but wasn’t painful.

When she finished with me, Kelli handed the basin and the poofy to Beth. While Beth began repeating the process on Randy, Kelli dabbed any excess moisture on me with the towel. Then she watched my wife’s little hands manipulate her husband’s most intimate parts.

“The next step,” Kelli announced, “is to soften the hairs before we shave you. We will get the towels wet and leave them on you for at least five minutes.”

“Please use warm water,” Randy requested jokingly.

“Ice water for you,” Beth giggled.

The girls each took a hand towel into the bathroom and let the water run until it was hot. They left the towels in the water until they were saturated. Next, they wrung most of the water out of the towels and quickly returned to wrap them around our genitals. Our cocks stuck out from the folds.

“Yikes! I think you’re gonna cook my testicles,” I whined.

“I think I’m getting blisters,” Randy added.

“Give me a moment and we will see if we can take your mind off the pain,” Kelli said as she set a timer on her phone. “Okay, we’ve got six minutes. How can I make it feel better?” she asked with a wicked smile. “Do you have any ideas, Beth?”

“Maybe we should get a stick for them to bite down on,” Beth quipped.

“Good idea,” Kelli agreed. Then, she knelt before me and took my almost-rigid cock in her hand. “Or maybe, we should be the ones to put sticks in our mouths.” With that she enveloped the head of my cock in her mouth.

“That’s an even better idea,” Beth said as she followed suit on Randy. For six wonderful minutes the wives lavished attention on our rigid cocks with their lips and tongues. Kelli would alternate between licking the shaft and licking around the corona. She would change it up by sucking about three inches into her mouth and then licking over the sensitive tip with the flat of her tongue. On a couple of occasions she would even act as though she were trying to insert the tip of her tongue into the opening. It was amazing! I’d never experienced anything like it. I was so focused on what Kelli was doing that only once did I look over at Randy and my wife, and that for only a few seconds. Beth had the glans of his cock in her mouth and was fisting his shaft at the same time. Kelli was scraping her teeth lightly over my cockhead when the alarm sounded.

“Are you boys still in pain,” she asked sarcastically. “Next step is to get the razors!”

The girls swiftly got some warm water in their basins and each grabbed a razor. Kelli was shaking a can of lather. “This is special shaving gel for just this purpose,” she explained as she shot a large dollop into her palm and handed the can to Beth. Kelli pulled aside the warm towel and began working the lather into my skin. The sensation of her slippery hands caressing and rubbing was only exceeded by the oral attention I’d received over the last six minutes. She paid particular attention to my scrotum and perineum.

Once she was satisfied with the lather, she carefully went to work with the razor. Again, she started near my belly and worked lower. Each firm stroke left behind a trail of smooth skin. My cock was so hard that she had a bit of difficulty keeping it out of her way at times. The warm towel had caused my scrotum to relax. I leaned up on my elbows and watched as she stretched my sack with one hand and shaved with the other. She had me hook my elbows around my knees and roll my hips as she shaved the sensitive area behind my balls. “I think I should get a picture of this, don’t you, Beth?” she joked

“We could put it on the bulletin board at his office,” Beth laughed.

“I will pose for you two ladies anytime, anywhere, anyhow,” I said agreeably.

“We’ll remember you said that,” Kelli said with a wink as she took some stray lather on her index finger and teased around my anus. “Okay, let’s clean ’em up,” she said as she began wiping me down with a dry hand towel.

“Look at this!” Kelli said as she admired her workmanship. “Hold that big cock out of the way so I can check it out.” She was beaming. “I’m beginning to think we really do need pictures!” She stepped over beside Beth and examined Randy. “How did this one turn out?” she asked as she moved his cock side to side and lifted his balls so she could check beneath them. “Good job!” She patted Beth on the back. “Also worthy of a picture and a frame!”

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