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I spotted the ad online and noted the e-mail address. “Males needed for submissive roles in adult film scenes, pay is $200/day.” My finances needed the boost, so I replied and after an exchange of information, was told where and when to appear.

The studio was in a fairly nice part of town. I realized I had actually driven past it daily going to and from work, before the company I had been working at shuttered its doors a few months before. My current job as a sales clerk at a big box store didn’t pay nearly as well, hence the need for the extra cash on the side.

There was no outside indication that adult films were being made here. I knocked on the door, then entered. A pretty receptionist was seated behind a desk. “Good morning, sir. Do you have an appointment?”

I checked my printed e-mail. “My name is Tom Miller. I’m supposed to be here at 10:00?”

She typed something into her computer. “Ah, yes. Do you have some ID?”

I produced my ID. “Thank you, sir.” She returned it to me. “You’re a few minutes early. That’s good. Down that hall, first door on the right.”

I used the restroom, gave my hands and face a quick wash [I had showered right before leaving, but why not make as good an impression as possible?] and found the door in question. A digital clock above it informed me it was 9:59.

I opened the door and found myself in a very large room, with doors leading to several smaller rooms. A very pretty, muscular brunette in a maid’s outfit smiled at me. “You must be Tom. I am Mistress Ligeia. I will be your partner today in the scene.” I shook her hand and smiled. Two other women were present, and naked. Both were tall and muscular, like Ligeia. One was red-haired, the other blonde. “Mistress Tawny,” Ligeia said, indicating the blonde, “will be the camera-woman.” She indicated the redhead. “Mistress Patricia will be the director.”

I smiled and bowed politely. “A pleasure, ladies.”

Patricia handed me a short script. “You don’t have a lot of spoken lines. And Starzbet they’re all at the beginning. Think you can handle it?”

I quickly scanned it. “Sure.” I returned the script to Patricia.

“Okay,” Ligeia instructed. “Remove your clothes and go through that door. The scene takes place in a hotel room. Your character’s name is Stan, and I play his ex-girlfriend Lindy.”

I nodded. “Got it.” I entered the door, and lay down naked in the bed.

Patricia and Tawny entered the room, while Ligeia stood just outside the door. “And… ACTION!” The camera started rolling.


[There’s a knock on Stan’s hotel room door.]

LINDY: “Housekeeping!”

STAN: “Come in. I’ll just lie here and let you do your work.”

[Lindy enters, hangs the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside of the door, and locks it behind her.]

LINDY: “I’m counting on it.”

STAN: “Huh?”

[Lindy removes her maid’s outfit, revealing her muscular, naked body.]

LINDY: “Remember me, Stan? You always called me an ugly bitch and slapped me around. Now we’ll see who gets slapped around!”

STAN: [Looks at Lindy, recognizes her and gasps]

LINDY: “I’m going to kill you, Stan… but first I’m going to have fun with you.”

STAN: “Lindy, please! I’m sorry!”

LINDY: [leaps onto the bed, pulls the sheet off Stan’s naked body and sits on his chest, driving the air out of his lungs and making him barely able to breathe]: “Sorry isn’t good enough. Today you die. But first, today you get to service me.”

Ligeia lowered her delightful box onto my mouth, and I eagerly began licking her. Her juices soon began to flow. They were delicious.

I always have enjoyed making women cum using my tongue. I slipped it further inside her, and Ligeia moaned with pleasure. I swirled it in circles within her, and felt her body tense. My pole stiffened on its own.

“CUT!” Patricia snapped. Tawny stopped filming. “Stan’s dick isn’t supposed to get hard during the Starzbet Giriş scene. He’s being slowly smothered by Lindy.”

Ligeia lifted her body off of me. “Actually, I think it’s OK. We can play it as Stan is still hot for Lindy’s body, in spite of calling her ugly.” She paused. “Nice cock, Tom.”

I blushed. “Thank you. You have a delightfully sweet pussy.”

Ligeia smiled. “I can tell you’re enjoying yourself. You have excellent technique. Are we ready to resume?”

Patricia nodded. Tawny poised herself to restart the camera, and Ligeia resumed her position on top of me. “And… ACTION!”

I resumed my tongue’s invasion of Ligeia’s folds. Her sweet honey was intoxicating. I moved my tongue faster and faster within her, trying to collect every drop. Ligeia’s legs locked tightly around my head.

Her moaning became louder and her body began shivering. With a scream of pure passion, she flooded me with nectar. I gulped down as much as I could. As soon as the wave of her orgasm had passed, she found the strength of mind to get back into character.

LINDY: “Good boy. I always knew you lusted for me. All those times you said I was ugly, you were lying through your teeth. Now I need one more orgasm before I finish you.”

I licked Ligeia’s flowing sweetness up with even more intensity. If anything made me happier than licking a woman to one orgasm, it was licking her to multiple orgasms.

Ligeia’s legs locked around my head again, and she quickly approached orgasm. I worked her diligently, and extracted a second gusher of honey.

LINDY: “Well done.” [She loosens her legs just slightly, allowing Stan to draw breath.] “Any last words?” [Stan, terrified, shakes his head]

LINDY: “My pussy will finish you.” [She locks her legs around Stan’s head and tightens. Stan struggles, but can’t get air, and his struggles cease as he passes away.]

LINDY: [rising from the bed]: “Goodbye, Stan.” [She re-dresses and leaves the room, leaving Starzbet Güncel Giriş the Do Not Disturb sign in place.]

“CUT!” Patricia yelled. “That’s a wrap.”


Ligeia smiled down at me. “You make a good corpse.”

I laughed. “You make a good killer. And your juices taste divine.”

“Stay on that bed, Tom,” Ligeia purred. “I want to taste yours. I haven’t cum that hard from being licked in a long time.”

I gave her a big smile. “I won’t refuse that offer!”

Ligeia’s laugh was soft. “I didn’t think you would.” Her hand went to my still-hard cock and curled around the shaft. She began slowly stroking, “I can feel it throbbing.”

“Your hand feels good,” I whispered. She sped up the pace of her stroking, and her other hand went to my swollen balls. Her fingernails delicately raked across them, causing me to shudder.

“Time for my mouth,” Ligeia purred. She slipped her lips over the head of my pole and circled it with her tongue. I almost came right then and there. She slid slowly downwards, taking in more and more of my shaft. I lay still, my body trembling. Her tongue slid up and down along my pole.

I let out a gasp as her fingertips began teasing my swollen balls. Her tongue circled my pole, then slipped back up to the sensitive head, driving me insane. When she slid her mouth down to take my entire length again, it was too much. I sent jet after jet of cum down her gulping throat. She swallowed every drop, then unsealed her mouth from around me and licked her lips. “Tasty.”

Tawny and Patricia had been watching with interest. They smiled at me. Both of them had a hand working between their legs. “You must really be a good pussy licker if Ligeia agreed to blow you afterwards,” Patricia giggled.

“Maybe you should come back… soon,” Tawny husked. “You can lick my pussy on film. Then a third time and lick Patricia’s.”

“I’d get paid for doing something I love,” I grinned. “I think we can work that out. And I wouldn’t object to the… side benefits, if you two want to supply them.”

Tawny laughed. “We will, if you make us cum like she did.”

It turned out there were fifteen women who worked in [and ran] the studio. For the moment, I’ve made adult film acting my primary job. And the side benefits are wonderful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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