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Ling , University Wrestler Pt. 09

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Ling (20 yrs.) is a Chinese American beauty (35-24-32) who heard about this one wrestler from out-of-town. Esteban (22 yrs.) who is supposedly a sexy Latino. She also heard he’s married and has a baby. College girls have been chasing him who turns them all down. Ling waited for his team to finally come to her school for a tournament.

Inside the university gym on Friday. Ling wears a black one-piece dress. Her binoculars search the floor late on the evening of the competition. A Latino guy steps on the mat. He has a black beard and mustache with his head-gear strapped on. The hair on his chest peeks out of the wrestling suit.

Ling whispers, “Oh, my.”

Esteban stands at 5’10” who weighs 174 lbs. His opponent forfeits by illness and he is declared the winner.

Ling watches him unstrap his head-gear who pulls it off. That reveals his ruggedly, handsome face. Esteban walks off of the floor who is met by his wife. She holds their baby in her arms. He kisses the child and his wife spank’s his round buttocks.

“He might say no, but I’ll try him” Ling says.

Inside the locker room. Esteban is naked under the shower who turns around. The black hair on his front body is soaking wet. Coach walks up gripping a hotel key card in his fingers.

Coach says, “Hey, Esteban.”

Esteban looks up, “Yeah.”

“This Asian chick told me pendik escort to give this to you. A Hotel key” coach replies.

Esteban laughs, “Girls usually send me nude selfies to my phone. Put it on my sport bag.”

Coach says, “Okay, but it’s from the same Hotel as ours.”

“Asian chick huh?” Esteban whispers.

It’s late Friday night in the Hotel hallway. Esteban walks up carrying his baby girl over his right shoulder. She’s asleep. He’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He looks at the Hotel key number and stops in front of a door. He knocks.

The door soon opens and Ling stands there in a white-lace, G-string. She has no top on and her tits jiggle. Esteban’s eyes pop open. Her thick, black pussy, sticks out from that white lace.

She smiles, “Hi, Esteban. Why knock when you have my key?”

He whispers, “I-I just wanted to return it. Thanks, but…, I-I can’t.”

“Keep it. I’ll be here all weekend if you change your mind” she replies.

She then quickly kisses the groomed beard on his right cheek.

The door closes. Esteban walks up the hallway holding his baby.

He whisper’s in Spanish, “Es sexy (She is hot).”

10 minutes later inside Ling’s Hotel room. Esteban stands with his back against the wall. His baby is still asleep. His jeans and boxer shorts are pulled down to his ankles. Ling is on her knees with escort pendik her right hand wrapped around his 7-inch cock. Her lips cover his cock-tip and her tongue licks really hard.

His head is turned left who whispers in Spanish, “Dios mio (oh God)… Asi (like that)… Asi.”

She lifts her mouth off and strokes his shaft. “How long has it been Esteban?” she whispers.

He breathes, “La chupada (A blow job)? Hace un ano (a year ago).”

His hand pats his baby’s back lightly.

Her lips cover his cock-tip and they slide down his shaft into a deep throat. She then comes back up.

He whispers, “Jesucristo (jesus christ)… Jesucristo.”

Her free hand moves up his hairy abdominals and then chest.

“One more time and I’ll hold it until you cum. Okay?” she whispers.

He breathes, “Bien (okay)… Dios mio (oh God).”

Her lips move all the way down his shaft and they touch his hairy crotch. Ling breathes perfectly and holds it. His body squirms.

“Joder (fuck)” he whispers.

She holds down on his cock. His left hand grips her head.

He grunts, “Ya voy (I’m coming). Ya voy..!!”

Ling forcefully holds her mouth down. Esteban explodes, “Dios mio (oh God).! Uuuuuuuuuhh.! Uuuuuhh.! Uuuuh.!”

She pulls off his cock as he falls back against the wall. His baby begins to whimper.

Esteban pendik escort bayan breathes hard and pats his child on the back, “Sssssshh.”

10 minutes later. The lights are on and the baby is asleep in the middle of the bed. Ling and Esteban are naked on the carpet floor. She lays on her back with her knees bent and spread open. He kneels in between her legs with his hands pushing down on her waist. His cock is buried inside her pussy. He is thrusting quick and hard.

She responds, “Unnhh..Uh-Unnh..Est-A-Ban..Uh-Uh..Unnhh!”

He watches her titties. “Estas caliente (you are hot).!”

He keeps thrusting. His head turns toward his baby on the bed and back again.

“Oh-Oh..God..Unnh..Uh-Uh..Don’t..Stop!” she says.

He smiles at her jiggling tits, “Bebe (baby).. Bebe.!”

She responds, “Est-A-Ban..I..Came..Uh-Uh!”

He drops his mouth open and feels his orgasm building with each thrust. He says, “Yah voy (I’m coming).!!”

Esteban explodes, “Jesucristo (jesus christ).! Uuuuuuuuuhh.!!”

His hands fall to the carpet and he breathes hard. She rubs his chest hair with her hands. He then pulls out his cock.

She says, “You’re so beautiful Esteban.”

He hears his baby, “She’s awake. I gotta get back. Wasn’t supposed to be gone this long.”

He jumps up and checks his daughter. He walks toward the bathroom and yanks off the condom. He steps back out and starts putting on his clothes.

“Can’t believe I did this. But man, when opened your door and those tits” he says.

Ling lays there with her legs spread open…

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