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It started the day my son and daughter-in-law stopped at my house to attend a conference. I have lived alone since my wife died two years ago but I kept our large house that had extra bedrooms. Since the conference ended with a banquet, it would have been too late for them to drive home to the next city, so they had asked if they could sleep over. I welcomed them.

When they came home after the banquet, it was just after 11 and I was watching the news in the den. My son said he was tired and going to bed, but my daughter-in-law–Lisa–said she would watch the news with me and then the first part of Jay Leno. She retreated into the bedroom and then about 10 minutes later joined me in the den. She was wearing a pair of cotton pajamas. I had always thought she was pretty, but tonight she looked especially attractive, with her light brown hair loose and down her back.

Before she sat down with me she said “Dad, you need a woman around here to help you keep things straightened up.” There were a couple of dishes and a beer bottle I had finished earlier still sitting on the coffee table in front of me.

When she bent down to pick up the dishes, her pajama top fell loose and I was looking straight down her top. At first I could just see the tops of her breasts, but when she moved around a bit the top loosened even more and I could see both her breasts and her nipples. Her breasts were full, her areolas were light brown and so were her nipples, which were half-way between soft and hard.

I realized I was holding my breath as I watched, and I also became aware that I was getting a full-blown hardon. I wanted to turn my eyes away, but I couldn’t; the sight was too spectacular. Her breasts were probably only on display for a few seconds, but the memory wouldn’t go out of my mind. When she walked out to the kitchen with the dishes and the bottle, I hastily rearranged my penis and tried to calm down.

Nothing else happened that night, except that I had then vowed that soon I had to have even more–much more–of Lisa.

The opportunity came even sooner than I had thought. My son called just a few days later and said he was being called out of the state for business for a few days and that because there had been both break-ins and assaults recently in their neighborhood, he didn’t want to leave Lisa alone. Could she come stay with me? I didn’t have to wait a second to reply

“Of course she can. I always like having her here.” I then hoped he didn’t canlı bahis suspect a double entendre in my words.

My mind was racing ahead. I had to buy some Viagra in order to be ready. I had to buy several bottles of a wine that I knew Lisa liked. I had to have some sleeping pills on hand. I moved quickly with my plans, because Lisa arrived the next night. I talked with her as she unpacked the small suitcase she had brought, and I began to get excited when I saw her pajamas were the ones she had been wearing the night I had inadvertently seen her bare breasts.

As she unpacked I told her that she looked a little sad. “It’s just that Tom and I have been having some problems lately,” she said, “and now he’s gone for almost a week.”

“Well,” I replied, “we’ve got to change your attitude. And we’re going to start with a special dinner I’ve planned. It’s some of your favorities, including that special wine you once told me was your absolute favorite.”

The dinner that night was special. Not only because I had convinced Lisa that since it was late, we should eat in our night clothes, and not because I was a great cook, but because I had had it delivered from one of the best restaurants in our town. And as we ate, I poured freely the wine I had purchased. I made sure we had a glass before dinner and then I refilled Lisa’s glass as we went through each of the four courses. I made it appear that I was refilling my glass, too, but I actually only had one glass the entire night. As I served our dessert, I brought out a dessert wine that Lisa first refused, but then, at my urging, decided to try it. When we left the table and went to sit in the den, I saw that Lisa seemed a bit tipsy.

“Dad,” she said, “I’m really, really sleepy and I think I better just go to bed.” Her eyes were closing and she seemed to be ready to go to sleep right in the den.

“OK, Lisa,” let me help you into the bedroom,” I said, as I helped her up. She slumped against me and I knew I wasn’t going to have to use any sleeping pills. The wine had done the trick. I put my arm around her and we moved down the hall toward her bedroom. As a test, as we walked, I let my hand move up under her right breast, until I was cupping it. Lisa didn’t appear to even notice.

In the bedroom, I laid her gently on the turned down covers of the bed. She didn’t move at all and her breathing was heavy. She looked beautiful lying there and I had a brief pang of conscience about kaçak iddaa was I was going to do, but my penis was already fully erect and I didn’t want to stop. To make sure she was truly deeply asleep, I tried calling her name several times, but to no effect. I then took out my penis, moved close to her sleeping form and rubbed my erect member across her lips. I turned her head toward me, gently pulled her mouth open and slid my penis into her mouth. It was warm as I stroked into her. It had been a long time since I had sex, and my penis began to throb almost immediately.

Not wanting to cum right away, I reluctantly pulled out of her mouth. Since all this had started by my seeing her breasts, I wanted to start my exploration of Lisa with her breasts. I sat on the bed next to her (which still brought no movement from her) and cupped both her breasts through her pajama top. I became even more excited as I gently squeezed and caressed them.

I began breathing excitedly as I moved my hand down, grasped the bottom of her pajama top and began sliding it up. When just the bottom of her full, round breasts came in sight I stopped to admire the curve and texture of her flesh. But I couldn’t wait any longer and pushed the top up until both her breasts were fully exposed. They were beautiful. Full and firm and white. My eyes traveled to her nipples. Her areola were perfectly round and centered in them were her light brown nipples which were good sized and beginning to erect as the cool air hit them.

I began to stroke and fondle them. My hands moved gently over and under them, then back up to where I took both nipples between my fingers and lightly squeezed them. Even though Lisa was deeply asleep, her nipples responded and finally stood completely erect. I rolled them between my fingers, I flicked them from side to side. Then I bent down and took her right nipple in my mouth, where I sucked on it and licked it. Then I did the same to her left nipple.

As I sucked on the nipple, I put my hand on Lisa’s bare stomach, played briefly with her belly button and then slowly slid my hand down under her pajama bottoms until I reached her pubic hair. I ran my fingers through it, feeling how silky smooth it was, then moved further down until I was cupping her pubic mound. My penis was begining to throb. I let my fingers slide up and down her mound, feeling her cunt lips open slightly as I touched them.

I reluctantly left her breasts and nipples, kaçak bahis then stood and moved to the foot of the bed. I reached to her hips and took her pajama bottoms in both hands. I slid them down and watched as her light brown pubic hair came into view. It was trimmed, but fuller then I would have imagined. Then her pubic mound was fully open to my eyes. I slid her pjs completely off and then moved her legs slightly apart. Her naked body was a beautiful sight. Her breasts stood up full and firm, with the nipples hard and erect. Her opened legs made her cunt lips open more, too.

I dropped to my knees and began kissing the inside of her thighs. Her flesh was warm and inviting. After savoring the smooth, white thighs for a few moments, I placed my mouth directly on her cunt. I licked up and down the lips. I was immensely excited when I came to her clitoris and discovered it was extremely large and extended. I licked it, then bit it gently, then licked it again and again. I used my thumbs to spread her lips apart and then licked the wet, exciting flesh inside. I thrust my tongue as deep as it would go into her vagina. Lisa moaned at that, but didn’t appear to be waking up at all.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I knelt between Lisa’s legs and moved my penis to the entrance of her vagina. I stroked my prick up and down her cunt lips several times, wetting it with the moisture coming from her pussy. Then I slid the head of my penis inside her vagina. I looked down and felt my prick swelling even harder. I moved forward until I was buried completely inside her.

It felt wonderful as I began thrusting in and out of her tight vagina. I moved slowly and each thrust send electric shocks through my body. I looked down to where my penis was moving inside her. I was actually fucking my daughter-in-law. I began moving faster and then faster still. I could feel our pubic hair merging as I would go deep inside her. The feelings became more intense and I knew I would be reaching orgasm very soon. I bent down and once again took her erect nipple into my mouth and as I did that, my climax came and I began shooting my cum deep inside her. I hadn’t cum that much in years.

After the orgasm stopped, I stayed inside Lisa for a few more minutes, to wonder at what had just occurred and to lock the sights and feelings into my brain. I knew I probably wouldn’t have this opportunity again, but I would have the memories. Reluctantly, I pulled my penis out of her vagina and watched as a bit of sperm followed my penis out. I cleaned her up, kissed her cunt and her nipples one last time, then put her pajama bottoms back on her and pulled her top down over her breasts. I pulled the covers over her and turned out the light.

# # #

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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