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Lisa Smith walked in through the front door of her flat and smelt the familiar feel of her home. She dropped her case and just stood, breathing in the slightly stale air. Leaning back slightly she felt the wall touch her shoulder blades and she smiled. Picking up her case she made her way to the kitchen and dropped it by the washing machine. Unzipping it she allowed the contents to fall on the floor, then stooping she began to divide it up. It had been four glorious days away, just by herself, and she was absolutely shattered and happy at the same time.

Repacking the remnants she pushed the case aside and picked up the “coloureds” pile, ramming it into the machine. She added soap, softener and fabric conditioner to the appropriate trays. Closing all doors she flicked the mains switch on and turned the dial, punching the start button. As it began to whirr and hum, she moved to the kettle and filled it. Ten minutes later she was sitting in her armchair in the lounge going through the post. A large discard pile and a small useful pile appeared either side of her feet.

Taking her dirty coffee cup out to the kitchen she laid it in the sink. Throwing the waste paper into the scrap box in the corner she hefted her case and walked back to her bedroom. Case tossed on the bed, she opened her wardrobe and looked in, there were some clothes there, so no desperate need to complete the washing today. Opening the case she removed the two or three tops she hadn’t worn and rehung them. Likewise her chest of drawers received two pairs of unused knickers and a couple of pairs of tights and some brightly coloured socks. She popped her makeup bag on the top by her combs and brushes and took her wash bag to the bathroom. Once tidied and the case stowed beneath her bed, she thought about something to eat.

Lisa thought hard and long about a takeaway, but in the end settled for a cheese omelette and a piece of fruit she found at the bottom of her fridge. Sated she sat down and flicked on the TV, but finding nothing interesting she decided to have a bath and an early night. Clearing away she checked the washing and transferred the load to her tumble dryer. The rest of the washing could wait til morning. Locking up and turning all the lights off, she made her way to the bathroom.

Stripping she pushed the pile of dirty clothes behind the door. She started the water running, but by the time she had it nicely warm, she needed a pee. Squatting over the toilet she pee’d and marvelled at how strong her stream was, she wasn’t aware until the point her bladder protested she needed to go. Finishing she wiped and flushed. Standing she caught sight of her hazy reflection in the steamy mirror. At twenty eight she was thin and elegant. Standing nearly six feet tall, she was perfectly proportioned. Her flared hips were not too wide, with a flat belly, but not a washboard and ample thirty two B cup breasts.

She slid into the bath and felt herself relax, she spooned water over her chest and arms, sinking down until her head was all that emerged from the water, well her ankles and feet did too. She knew she either had to have her feet or her shoulders and chest out of the deliciously warm water. Sighing she leaned back against the sloping bath wall. Later she sat and washed her top half, then stood and did her trunk and legs. Feeling relaxed and slightly sleepy she drained the bath, dried and with her bundle of dirty clothes walked to her bedroom. She tossed the dirty pile into the laundry hamper, which had stood empty on her return. Pushing on the lid she rounded her bed and pulled the duvet back. The bedclothes were freshly laundered, put on the morning she left. Sighing once again she slid into the bed and slept soundly.

Lisa woke just after seven thirty on the Sunday and after her morning ablutions pulled on a t-shirt, knickers and jeans. She felt ready for the day. In the kitchen she started her Nespresso machine and whilst it warmed up she refilled the washing machine and started its gurgling motion again. She made for the freezer and removed two home bake croissants, put them on a metal plate and into the oven. Whilst they warmed and tanned she made coffee and sipped lightly. A ping of the timer told her the croissants were ready and she deftly flicked them onto a waiting plate, dropping the hot metal one into the sink. A spoonful of jam and she headed for her lounge dining table. Seated she read the news on her phone as she sipped and picked at her breakfast.

Her phone began to trill and she flicked to answer it. Her mother was talking, she sounded hysterical, choking with tears. Suddenly her father was on the line, there had been an accident. Pete and Carole Ann, her brother and sister in law had been in some sort of pile up. It was pretty serious, they were off to the hospital would she come. Lisa murmured her confirmation and arranged to meet her parents along the route. She grabbed her bag and purse, found shoes and a coat, fleeing the house in minutes. Outside she hailed a cab and asked for the local station. Eskort Minutes later she was on the platform awaiting the arrival of the next departure. Within forty minutes she was outside the station on the route her parents were taking, anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Her parents old Ford swept up to her and she ran round and jumped in. Realising after so long as a grown up, she still thought of the seat behind her Dad as her seat. She cinched her seat belt into the clip as her Dad drew away from the kerb. Between sobs her Mother, Claire, tried to explain what had happened. Apparently after a night out together the two were driving back when a driver had veered across the road and ploughed into a group of cars waiting at the lights. He’d jumped the red and swerved and lost control as the other lane had started to move off. He’d been traveling well above the limit, both speedwise and drinkwise. The impact had been the driver’s side of Pete’s car, which had sprung into the railings at the roadside and crushed the car. The Driver had fled the scene, leaving a trail of carnage behind. Pete was seriously hurt, head, neck, shoulder, chest and hip injuries, internal bleeding and suspected brain bleed. They were trying to stabilise him, to do a scan, but he was not responding too well. Carol Ann had bruises, shock and a suspected broken arm. She was in better shape but still quite badly concussed. Four others had been hospitalised, including a seven month pregnant woman.

At the Hospital Carol Ann’s mother and father were there and the four parents hugged and held each other. After a quick recap they moved to the ICU reception area to await updated details of their children’s situation. Lisa sat between her parents, numb and shocked. Only a month ago she, Pete and Carol Ann had spent a superb week abroad. They had hired a villa, lounged, lazed, swum and generally relaxed for ten days. They had laughed and laughed, pushed each other in the pool, played jokes and pranks on each other. They had danced, drunk and sung their way through the bars in town. It had been perfect. How could this be? Lisa’s head dipped. A doctor came out and spoke to the parents and Lisa, the situation was fraught. Pete was healthy and fit but the sheer number of problems he was facing made recovery an uphill struggle. Carol Ann was responding but only slowly. Concerned they were going to keep her in a medically induced coma for the time being.

Time dragged slowly through the day and the night. Pete’s condition was giving grave cause for concern. His vital signs showed no indication of improvement. At six am the following morning Pete passed away, he never regained consciousness. Claire and Jim were shattered, they fell into hysterical crying and Carol Ann’s parents tried but were unable to help them. Lisa felt she had been set adrift. Her big brother was an anchor in the ocean of life for her. Claire needed sedating, but Jim sort of got a grip. Eventually they left for home after saying goodbye to their son. Lisa felt that she should stay on with Neil and Helen, Carol Ann’s parents. She knew she would break down like her Mum if she went to her parents.

After three days, Carol Ann began to make a recovery, she was brought out of her coma and her signs indicated a return to normal for her. She had not been told about Pete and Lisa asked if she could break the news to her. Neil and Helen agreed and were grateful for her request. Lisa entered the High Dependency Unit and sat holding Carol Ann’s hand. It seemed like hours later before Carol Ann opened her eyes. She tried to speak, but only a harsh grumble emerged. Lisa quietened her and held her hand tighter. Finally after much effort Carol Ann asked after Pete. Lisa, felt the tears starting. As gently as she could she told Carol Ann what had happened. Tears fell from their eyes and Lisa leaned down and kissed Carol Ann’s forehead. A long deep, heart rending wail escaped Carol Ann’s mouth. She sobbed and sobbed, holding Lisa’s hand tightly. Later Lisa left and was replaced by Neil and Helen.

A month later and the four parents stood over the newly dug grave after the service, for once the gods of small things had decided to play ball and it was a dry sunny day. Carol Ann, supported by crutches and Lisa, looked for the last time at her husband. They slowly moved away and Lisa helped Carol Ann to the waiting cars. By agreement, Lisa took Carol Ann to her flat. Carol Ann couldn’t face the family or her empty home, so Lisa volunteered herself and her home for the time being. The journey back was quiet and thoughtful. At the entrance the driver had opened the door and helped Lisa put Carol Ann into a lightweight wheelchair. After ensuring they were ok, he left. Lisa wheeled her sister in law to the lift and they ascended to her floor. Once inside the flat Lisa transferred Carol Ann to an armchair and made her a drink. Carol Ann had more or less recovered from the accident, although she still had multiple bruises on her body. Pete’s flailing arm in the crash had broken her nose and she had a nasal plaster to hold it in place, which had only recently been removed. Her cheek wasn’t nearly as blue as it had been; judicious foundation makeup and a little blusher had disguised it sufficiently for the day.

Carol Ann waited until Lisa sat beside her, taking her hand she thanked her for her help. Lisa kissed her forehead. They sat in silence for a while, then Lisa went to retrieve her phone and pick up mails and texts. Carol Ann left her phone untouched, she was restless and ill at ease, noticing Lisa put her phone down.

“You OK babe?”

“No, err, Yes… I don’t know. Leese I don’t know how I can cope without him,”

“Don’t worry, it will work out, I…” Lisa fumbled for another platitude, lost.

“See, you know what? I don’t want to deal with it. I want to hide. Run away, leave all this crap behind, I want to forget, everything.”

“It’s early days lovely, you wait. Things will improve, will get bett…”

“Yes, but he won’t be here to share it, he’ll never smile or laugh with me or you ever again.”

“Shit, I know but…”

“But What Eh? But what? It’ll get better? No it won’t how can it? We had plans, we had dreams, gone, totally gone. There is no future, everything is shit.”

Lisa watched the tears falling and knelt down, she wrapped her sister in law in a gentle hug and they both let the tears fall. Later Carol Ann asked to go to bed. Lisa had a large double and they had agreed to share that. Carol Ann still had trouble dressing and undressing, so Lisa helped her. As they pulled her blouse open Lisa saw Carol Ann wore no bra, not surprising really as there was a livid bruise from her shoulder to her hip, as well as over her entire left breast. Similarly as she stepped out of her skirt, a bruise ran across between her hips and lower belly. Her knees and shins were also bruised where they had caught the front console as it crumpled under the impact.

“Fuck that must hurt,” Lisa blurted out, reddening at her outburst.

Carol Ann laughed, “Not as much as it did, but yeah, it’s a bitch.”

Stepping out of her knickers, Lisa saw Carol Ann obviously waxed, her mound was bare. She blushed again; she’d never seen her sister in law completely naked, topless yes, but not like this.

“Can you give me a hand in the bathroom, I want to pee and I want to put some cream on myself?”

“Sure, whatever.”

Lisa walked with Carol Ann to the bathroom. Watching her flinch as she sat, Lisa heard the noise of her pee filling the room. Slowly standing, she flushed and held onto the washbasin. Lisa stepped forward and slid a hand under Carol Ann’s shoulder, trying to support her. Carol Ann swore and asked Lisa to help her turn towards the basin. Once turned around she asked for the tub in her washbag. Lisa relaxed her grip and found the little pot.

“I want to put a little under my boobs it gets a bit sweaty and I don’t want a rash.” She pointed to her bruised left boob. “I can’t balance, lift it and put the cream on, can you do the cream thing and I’ll concentrate on the balance bit.”

“If you’re sure, well this is a first for me.”

“Me too, hang on I need to turn again.”

Once turned, Lisa took a finger of cream and gently lifted Carol Ann’s left boob up using her palm, she saw the pain in her eyes. Gently she ran her finger along the underside and massaged the cream around it. She slowly eased the boob down and repeated her actions on the right one. Carol Ann sighed and slipped her hands onto Lisa’s shoulders.

“Thank you, that feels better, Now I’ll just do my teeth and I’m done.”

Lisa smiled and suddenly she wanted to hug this tender, fragile creature, but knew that it would only cause her pain. Carol Ann caught her look and smiled.

“I’d love a hug too, but maybe another time huh?”

Lisa nodded and settled for a kiss on the forehead. She stepped back and allowed the older girl to turn again in order to clean her teeth. As she bent to finish up, Lisa found herself staring at her sister in laws pert backside. She mentally kicked herself and harrumphed her annoyance out loud.

“Everything OK?”

“Yes, sorry, stupid thought and all that.”

“Anything important?”

“No. nothing I’d repeat anyway.”

Carol Ann and Lisa hobbled through to the bedroom, by agreement Lisa gave up her side, to make it easier for Carol Ann to get in and out. Settling her in, Lisa again kissed her forehead before leaving her to sleep. In the lounge she sat in her chair. Her mind was racing, why on earth has she been so excited by Carol Ann’s nakedness? She was her brothers widow, what kind of woman was she looking at her, lusting over her like that? Her mind also pushed the image of Carol Ann’s neatly waxed mound into view. It was pink and smooth with a delicate little dimple at the top and a thin tight little crease leading down. Lisa shook her head and whimpered. Why me, why now? Lisa had known she was different from an early age. By fifteen she knew she was gay. At eighteen she had confided in Pete, he had hugged her and said that if she was sure she was, then she should not be afraid to admit it and act on it. Together they had told their parents that evening. The Smiths were astounded, but welcomed Lisa’s declaration and from then on it was a normal part of the nature of Lisa.

Lisa put her actions down to the fact that she hadn’t had a girlfriend in months. She’d taken care of things herself, but truthfully, it’s better to have someone help you and you them. She sat back and thought ruefully of Sally, her ex, a red headed passionate woman, who blew into her life and then a year later blew out again. Sally had warned her it was not going to be a permanent thing, but it still hurt when it happened. One of the reasons for the holiday with Pete and Carol Ann had been to finally blow away the cobwebs of that romance. It had worked too. Lisa smiled and thought again of the holiday. Perhaps they would be able to go through the pictures together one day, she thought. She fussed round and cleared up, tidied and locked up. Going to bed she stripped, washed, cleaned her teeth and slipped in beside Carol Ann. She listened to her gentle purr and it relaxed her quickly into her dreams.

In the morning she woke to find Carol Ann draped over her. She felt a foot over her legs, a hip pressed against hers, an arm over her stomach rising to her chest and a very tickly nose in her ear. She tied to slip out, but her partner was determined to keep her there. She wriggled slightly, but Carol Ann merely snorted and her hand slipped over Lisa’s breast. Lisa felt her nipple crinkle to attention, she tensed and tried to wriggle free. The hand slipped itself firmly onto her boob and she stopped. She lay eyes wide for ages until with a snuffle and a wiggle Carol Ann moved away slightly. Carefully Lisa slipped out of bed. She wee’d and made for the kitchen. She made coffee and went to the lounge, sitting naked in her armchair. She cleared her mind and put this morning down to settling in. As she sat in thought she missed Carol Ann waking and appearing in the doorway. Startled she sat upright, spilling coffee in her lap. She leapt up,

“Bugger, bugger, bugger, that was hot. Fuck that’s hot. She wiped her hand on her mound and looked for a tissue.

“Shit, sorry I didn’t mean to startle you!”

“Not your fault, it was me entirely, I forgot and I was miles away, don’t worry. “

Lisa found a tissue and wiped the coffee away, she checked there was nothing on the seat.

“You sure? You’ve not burned yourself or anything?”

“No it’s been made a while, more embarrassment than anything else.”

“OK if you’re sure. Look I’m going to shower, could you do my hair for me?”

Lisa nodded and followed Carol Ann out to the bathroom. Carol Ann ran the shower and stepped in, with no other option Lisa followed. It was a large shower, but two people, even modestly proportioned people made it a a squeeze. They manoeuvred round until Lisa was able to put the shampoo on Carol Ann’s long blond hair. Working up a lather Lisa then proceeded to make sure it was all washed out thoroughly. She conditioned it and they stood, face to face not quite touching. Carol Ann asked if Lisa wanted hers done, Lisa nodded and twisted round. Using one hand and holding Lisa’s hip with the other Carol Ann returned the favour. Later after drying and dressing they had a quick breakfast, Lisa had to go to work that afternoon so made sure Carol Ann had everything she needed to hand, before leaving. Carol Ann had left her job the week before the accident and was now clearly not quite fit enough to get out and find a new one.

A few hours later and Lisa returned to find Carol Ann asleep in the lounge, the TV blaring away to itself. She knelt down and gently touched her cheek. Carol Ann woke and smiled. Impulsively Lisa kissed her lips, Carol Ann brought her forehead to rest on Lisa’s. They held this for a minute, before Lisa backed off and asked her if she wanted tea. She did and touched Lisa’s hand gently. Carol Ann laid her hand on Lisa’s thigh as she rose. Later they sat and talked and Lisa mentioned the holiday, Carol Ann’s eyes lit up and they laughed as they remembered the fun they had. After a scratch meal, Lisa offered to push her down to the pub, so they readied and left for the evening. Returning later, singing and giggling they emerged into the night air and Lisa ran with the wheelchair. Carol Ann giggling hysterically tried to get her to slow down.

“Stop, stop I need a wee, stop, please, I…” She dissolved into giggles. Laughing, Lisa slowed to a walk before stopping. The area was semi dark and Carol Ann, standing, hauled her jeans and knickers down, she half turned and squatted, a stream of pee appeared between her legs and rolled down into the gutter. Lisa laughed and joined her, her stream mixing in with Carol Ann’s. Standing hesitantly Carol Ann managed to pull her clothes together and sit in the wheelchair. Giggling still Lisa pulled her clothing together and grasped the handles of the wheelchair. They walked home sedately, but every now and then a giggle or laugh would escape.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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