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Little Beach of Horrors Pt. 02

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This is the conclusion from Part 1…

I had a convergence of feelings I had never experienced before in my life. I was both mortified from embarrassment, while also legitimately terrified for my personal safety. From the short time I had spent around Gary, I had already developed a healthy level of fear and intimidation, and I had absolutely no idea how he’d react to catching me staring at the naked body of his 19 year-old daughter, Rose.

I knew my position was so indefensible, that there was no conceivable excuse that could work, so I instinctively just apologized. But my apology was made even more awkward than it already would’ve been, by the fact that Rose was right there, even if she was preoccupied with her video game and headphones.

“I… I’m so sorry. That was so inappropriate of me. I just don’t know why I thought that was ok.” I struggle to get out, but say it relatively quietly. Rose doesn’t seem to react, so I can only assume she hasn’t heard my apology or her dad’s initial comment either. I couldn’t bear to turn and look at Gary, so I just look down at the floor and wait for whatever he’s going to say next.

After quite a long pause that seemed to drag on forever, Gary finally says, “You know the phrase, ‘When in Rome’?”

I obviously do, so I meekly respond, “Yeah.”

“Well… here in Rome, we don’t wear clothes. So the least you could do is what the Romans are doing.” He says in a pretty pissed off tone. But all things considered, this is about as passive a response as I ever could’ve imagined, so I was relatively relieved to hear it.

“Uh… Ok. Yeah, sorry, I didn’t think of that.” I mutter. Figuring that anything I can do to appease him is probably a good thing, I have no problem following his instructions. So I stand up and take a few steps away from Rose and start undressing. The fear I was currently experiencing had eliminated any worry of having a hard-on, so I was able to undress without any stress in that department at least. I take off all my clothes, fold them neatly, and then pick them up and look to Gary as if to say what next?

“You can leave them here and then head out to the lanai. The sun is starting to go down.” Gary then instructs me, and while I’m still quite nervous as to what’s to come, and if he has some retaliation plan for me, I do as I’m told. So I place my clothes down in the seat where I was just sitting, and I grab my beer and start walking out to the balcony, and as I do Gary then adds, “Lily and I will be right out.”

I head outside and have a seat, naked, at the main table out there. It really is an amazing view of the ocean, sunset, and up the coast of the island, but I’m not in much of a mood to enjoy it right now. I also can’t help but feel weird that I’m providing my own view to anyone else who can see me in the buff, but I figure that’s the least of my concerns.

After I have a seat, I try to make sense of what just happened and what Gary’s response meant. Was the fact that he didn’t totally flip out and kick me out of their suite, a sign that he’s just extremely understanding? Or maybe even that he invited me up here hoping that I would be attracted to his daughter? Despite this rather significant turn of events, I was no closer to answering the biggest question regarding this trip up to their room, is this family incestuous or not?

As I’m looking out over the ocean and pondering this, I hear the sliding doors open behind me and I turn and see Gary and his wife coming out.

“Hey there, Darling.” Lily greets me, cheerful as always. “Well look at that sky. Just gorgeous.” She then adds.

The two of them come over and take seats on either side of me, Lily to my right and Gary to my left. I was curious if Rose was going to join us, but I would have to be insane to ask right now. I have no idea if Gary had told Lily about my incident staring at their daughter’s vagina, but if he had, she certainly didn’t seem upset in the least. But as soon as we sit down, Gary starts talking, and it sure seems like his tone means he’s going to be lecturing me, so I can only assume it’s regarding the incident.

“Ok, look. Let me explain something to you.” He starts off saying. “You said you have four sisters, right?”

“Yeah.” I respond.

Gary then continues, “Now, mainstream science would claim I was crazy to say this, but I think you are more likely than the average person to have a daughter one day.” I have no idea where he’s going with this, so I don’t really say anything. He then asks, “How much do you know about genetics?”

“Uh… Not much I guess? I know we have DNA and that’s like what makes us who we are.” I say, demonstrating my very mediocre knowledge in anything science related.

“Ok, yeah.” Gary says. “So every baby’s gender comes down to whether or not they have a Y-chromosome. If they have a Y, they’ll be boy, if they don’t, they’ll be a girl. It’s very straightforward.” I had definitely heard of the Y-chromosome before, so I actually nod in agreement here. And Gary keeps going, “Now, every man has both an X and a Y, and so it’s the man’s role in conception artemisbet yeni giriş that that determines whether he passes the X or the Y and makes a girl or a boy. The mother, interestingly enough, plays no role in this.”

“Ok, yeah that makes sense.” I say, and I feel like I’m in the fucking twilight zone. Why in the world is this guy giving me a science lesson, and does this have something to do with my staring at his daughter’s pussy? Or does it have something to do with incest? What the fuck is going on?

“Your dad had 5 kids, and 4 of them were girls, right? Like none of you guys were adopted or anything?” Gary asks.

“Yeah, as far as I know. I’m pretty sure we’re all his.”

“So it’s a small sample size, but 4 out of 5 of his offspring ended up female. Now my position is, that’s not just a random occurrence, but it’s likely that something about his predisposition leads him to be more likely to pass on his X-chromosome. And so if he would’ve kept having babies, the majority of them would’ve kept being girls.”

I’m following along mostly with what he’s saying here, but I’m constantly taking sips from my beer because it’s kind of making me nervous.

Gary goes on, “And so despite the fact that you, obviously, were the one boy he produced, I would bet anything that he passed this trait onto you.”

“So you think if I had 5 kids, 4 of them would be girls?” I ask.

“Well, it’s not an exact science, but yeah, I think you’re much more likely to have girls than boys if you do have kids.”

I honestly don’t know whether I believe him or not, but I certainly have no incentive to start an argument with him here, so I respond, “Ok. That makes sense.”

Gary then says, “So that was a very long-winded explanation to get to the point that, I think someday you’ll have a daughter of your own, just like we do.”

When he says that, I think oh god, this does have to do with what just happened in the living room. And then he says, “And once you have a daughter, maybe you’ll understand why guys look at her the way they do.” And then he pauses for a couple of seconds, looks right at me and says, “Or maybe you won’t.”

What the fuck does that mean? Is he saying that maybe I’ll be attracted to my daughter? Or maybe I won’t? If he is, holy fucking shit.

I barely had time to process that comment, when Lily very gentle places her hand on my naked thigh, looks at me and says, “I think what Gary is trying to say, is that he appreciates Rose’s beauty more than most fathers would.”

And with that comment, in my mind there was no longer any doubt, Gary definitely has sexual feelings for his 19 year-old daughter. And if I’m being fully honest with myself, this entire day I was pervertedly and secretly hoping that was the case. No matter how much I tried to tell myself it was unlikely to be true, and how disturbing I thought it would be if it was, I wanted to see it for myself. Deep down, I know I didn’t come up to this family’s hotel room for the chance to hang out with a normal family that happened to be nudists. I came up here for exactly this.

And between the combination of Lily touching my thigh, and processing the fact that I was in the presence of real-life incest, I had no hope of preventing my body’s instinctual response. My cock, which had previously just been quietly sitting there, turned into a rock-hard boner, pointing straight up to the sky. This entire day I had been able to successfully control any potential erections while I was naked, but that streak came to an abrupt end sitting here between this nudist couple on their balcony.

There was no hiding it either, as both Lily and Gary noticeably looked down into my lap and saw my penis’s reaction to what they had just said. I am at a total loss for words, so I do the only thing I can think of, and take yet another sip of my beer, which is now almost gone.

After I place it down, Gary looks at me as if he has more to say. He kind of puts his elbows on the table, and starts in, “You know, sometimes we’ll have guests over for dinner. And I love hosting our friends. I love it because I get to show off my cooking, and our friends get to enjoy the food. It’s a win-win.”

I’m thinking, oh god where is he going with this now? What is with these elaborate explanations?

He then continues, “And most of the time, our friends will enjoy their meal. Perhaps they’ll even ask for seconds. And at the end of the night, they’ll go home full and satisfied, and I love it when that happens.”

As he’s telling me all of this, I look over at Lily and she has the most pleasant smile on her face, as if this is all just totally normal. And then Gary goes on, “But every once in a while, we’ll have a guest who don’t seem to enjoy my cooking.” And then he pauses. “But they’ll never come out and say that. Instead, they’ll say something like, ‘I’m just not hungry’ or ‘I just ate before I got here’.” At this point Gary seems quite agitated as he’s telling me this story. As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, he’s a very intimidating presence and often times it comes artemisbet giriş from the sternness in the way he tells you things.

He keeps going, “The interesting thing is, despite these people telling me that they’re not hungry, often times I see evidence to the contrary. For example, perhaps before they said that, I had clearly heard their stomach growl from hunger.” At this point, I kind of start seeing where he might be going with this. He continues, “And so when this happens, I’m left with two conflicting pieces of evidence. Their body is telling me one thing, while their words are telling me another.”

And now I know for sure where this latest story is all going, and it’s clear the stomach growling part is a metaphor for the hard-on that I couldn’t control a few moments earlier. And I’m so overwhelmed by what this all means and what he has planned for me.

And Gary keeps going. “So it’s pretty clear to me what’s going on, and it’s their body that’s telling the truth, and their mouth that is lying.” He then asks, “So how do you think that makes me feel?”

“Not good.” I answer quite timidly.

“Exactly. I’m upset that they don’t like what I offered, and I’m even angrier that they’re lying to me about it.” And then after about a five-second pause, he adds, “That’s reasonable, isn’t it?”

I might be even more nervous now than the moment he first caught me staring at Rose’s pussy, but I’m able to muster up a response. “Yeah, I could see how that would make you upset.” And then for whatever reason, I actually attempt a joke to try and ease the tension, so I follow up with, “Well the good news is I really did just eat, I just came from that dinner downstairs.”

Gary doesn’t smile or give any reaction whatsoever to that comment other than to stare at me. And then finally he says, “I think we both know I’m not actually talking about food.”

And, oh my god, so many things are going through my mind. The only way I can interpret all of this is he’s going to want me to fuck his daughter, or his wife, or possibly both. Is that what the part about some guests asking for seconds was? Was that a metaphor for both Rose and Lily? And I clearly can’t say no without infuriating him, as his story and my boner makes that pretty damn clear.

But despite all of this new information, I still don’t know what to make of Gary’s exact relationship with his daughter. Does he just enjoy pimping her out and watching her have sex with men? Does he actually get involved and touch her too? Does he sometimes have sex with her? Where does he draw the line, does he cum inside her? The thoughts were coming a mile a minute and were all so disturbing and so erotic at the same time.

I was really struggling trying to own up to my own sexual arousal at all of this. I mean, it’s hard to imagine any conceivable way now where there isn’t an abusive relationship going on in this family, and Rose is the victim. So this is flat out disturbing and wrong, there’s no question. But what am I supposed to do here? Coming up with any excuse to leave right now seems unlikely to fly with Gary. Should I just make a mad dash for the door and go running through the hotel completely naked? And then go to the cops? But do I even have actual evidence yet of a crime?

As crazy as it sounds, it seems like the best option in terms of my personal safety is to just play along. But is that a decision that I’m secretly biased towards because I would be so fucking curious to take part in whatever Gary has planned? Seeing what he does to his daughter would be so wrong, but so undeniably captivating, I am really struggling to suppress my urge to witness and even take part in it.

I’ve often thought about detectives and other law enforcement personnel who are tasked with investigating sex crimes. Just by doing their job, they must be exposed to so many situations, and so much visual evidence, that represent some of the most extreme sexual encounters possible. And while I’m sure some of these crimes are so egregious that there is no enjoyment derived from them whatsoever, I can also imaging that sometimes these crimes produce images that the people investigating them are helpless but to find them erotic. And would that make them a flawed person or a bad detective? If someone knows something is wrong, and they even spend their life’s work persecuting these crimes and trying to prevent them from happening again, what does it mean if after their work day is over they go home and masturbate to what they saw? Does that make them a terrible person, or is that just normal human behavior?

It’s not the exact situation I’m in right now, but it’s kind of the feeling I’m struggling with. If I know something is wrong, can I partake in it and then go to the police immediately afterwards? Or is the only acceptable way to report this, for me to go to them as soon as I know a crime is committed? But on top of ALL that, is consensual sex between a daughter over 18 and her father technically a crime? I have no idea, but holy fuck, my mind is spinning. I want to try to do what’s right, and I definitely artemisbet güvenilirmi don’t want to do anything to get me hurt, but I also am having trouble ignoring my sexual urges and extreme curiosity. And after all of this, I find myself defaulting to basically choosing not to rock the boat, and just do as I’m told. It seems to be the path of least resistance, and unless something drastically changes, it’s the route I’m going to end up taking I think.

So after all that, I’m sitting outside with this husband and wife while their daughter remains indoors playing on her Nintendo. I don’t know what Gary, or maybe it’s more accurate to say Gary and Lily, have planned for me, but I am both terrified and extremely aroused.

Gary then turns to his wife and asks, “What do you think about a little hands-on genetics lesson for our guest here?” Lily kind of shrugs her shoulders but in an ok-with-me type response, and then he says, “Yeah, let’s do that. I think he’ll really enjoy that.”

I have no idea what the fuck he means by a genetics lesson, but soon enough the two of them stand up to head inside and tell me to come with them. So much for that sunset, I guess.

We go in, and Gary says to Rose in a demanding voice, “Genetics lesson, our room. Now.”

I’m now even more confused, as apparently this genetics lesson is a known thing in their family. What the fuck does this mean?

“One sec, I just need to finish this real quick.” Rose says in response to her dad.

“Rose!” Her mom says in the sternest voice I’ve heard out of her all day. “Now.”

“Ok, ok.” Rose then says while showing some annoyance. She tosses both her game and her headphones onto the couch, but she doesn’t seem upset at the thought of this request, just inconvenienced really.

Gary leads the way into what appears to be the master bedroom of this hotel suite, and the other three of us follow. When we get in there, Lily sits down on the front of the king-sized bed, but to one side of it, and then pats the other open side next to her. Rose is the last one in, but seems to diligently sit down next to her mom as she was instructed. Gary and I are both standing there in front of the two of them, roughly five feet away or so.

The next thing I know, without anyone saying anything, Lily scoots her butt back on the bed a little bit and brings her legs up onto the mattress as well. She then proceeds to put her feet together at the edge of the bed and separate her legs as far as they can go, with her knees down close to the bed. And while she does this, I see Rose start doing the exact same thing, and a few seconds later both this mom and her daughter have their pussies totally spread-eagled giving Gary and me a view of absolutely everything.

It is so unbelievably erotic, and by far the most enticing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. These two naked women in front of me looked like they could’ve been identical twins, if not for the nearly 30-year age gap between them. And not only was I was peering at a completely exposed mother/daughter duo, but I was witnessing a father looking directly into his 19 year-old daughter’s vagina. All of it was unfathomable.

Gary then speaks. “So most people have never seen the anatomy of both a mother and daughter, let alone at the same time. So I like to give this lesson, where I can point out all the aspects of their bodies that are similar, or even identical, and those that aren’t. It’s something that I find fascinating, but something mainstream science would never concern themselves with. But that’s their loss.”

I have to admit, this is something that is so exactly right up my alley as to what I would conceivably fantasize about, it’s insane. The idea of inspecting this duo’s genitalia, and not only that but to have the dad guide me through some sort of perverted presentation. I know it’s so fucking wrong, but holy shit is this unbelievably hot as hell.

I can’t help but notice the two women on display seem to have different attitudes about this whole “presentation” though. Lily is lying back but looking at both of us standing there, and she seems interested in what we’re going to do next. Rose, on the other hand, seems completely disinterested in the whole affair, and while she climbed up on the bed and diligently spread open her vagina, since then she appears to just be staring solemnly at the ceiling. This obviously doesn’t make me feel great, as it reminds me this has to be considered against her will.

“Ok, why don’t you get up close to them. I want you to take a look at both those cunts.” Gary instructs me. Lily is to our left, and Rose is to our right. Earlier today, I had spent so much effort trying to get the slightest glimpse of either one of the these women’s vaginas, and now here they were being presented to me on a silver fucking platter. I am perfectly content to follow Gary’s instructions thus far, so I start by kneeling down right in front of his Lily’s pussy. My face is immediately close enough that I can already smell his wife, but I don’t touch her. I can see she has some nicely trimmed pubic hair that’s a mix of both light brown and gray that shows a little bit of her age. In my entire life, I had never been with a girl more than a couple years older or younger than me, and now here I was getting to experience both novelties at once, with a woman 17 years older and a girl 12 years younger.

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