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Little Rock (She’s Worth the Visit!)

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So my office is in Jacksonville, but company headquarters are in Little Rock. Getting there sucks, no direct flights; I’ve done it through Atlanta, Chicago, and St. Louis depending upon the timing and airline. But no matter what it takes to get there Julie makes it worth while to visit.

Simply put Julie is the office flirt. A petite blonde with a sense for fashion and a ready smile. Julie looks something like Cameron Diaz; fun size with electric blue eyes. From the time we first met we started chatting online. It took almost no time for us to turn to sexual questions and topics. I’ll not forget the first time she posted me a picture of her in sweet little pink panties with her hand exploring within. God is she hot!

Our first hookup! I’m staying at the embassy suites and she arranged to swing by after dinner. She buzzes me that she’s coming up the elevator. I check out the window to see her coming down the hallway in cutoff shorts and a thin t shirt pulled over her hard (more than firm) breasts. I open the door and even though this is our first time alone (outside of work) she leans into me and inserts her tongue into my mouth warm, wet, wanting. I suck it into my mouth and twirl my tongue around it. God she feels good, smells good, tastes good. Bostancı Escort My cock hardens and I place my hand around her lower back then slip down to squeeze her ass cheeks and pull her into me. She moans into my mouth.

I slam the door and we tumble to the floor rolling around and kissing passionately. I’m enjoying this so much then it she blows my mind. She’s nibbling on my ear and says distinctly are you going to fuck me or not? With that all my inhibitions are put to rest and I pick her up and take her to the bed.

I pull her t shirt up over her head and am in awe.. I have a thing for hard nipples (check), small areola (check), tan lines (check). WOW.. I lavish kisses, licks, and nibbles down her ears, throat and chest. I run my tongue around her nipples and suck one into my mouth. Ever so tenderly nibble, then suck.. her back arches and I continue alternating. Her nipple grows in my mouth and I moan in my own excitement.

Now I pull her shorts and small indigo panties off. She has a landing strip and I can clearly see her pussy lips clenched but quivering. She is wet and I can smell her sex, the aroma is fuel to me. I start on her hip bone (a personal favorite).. nibble (yes I’m very orally fixated) chewing the Bostancı Escort Bayan bone sucking. She squirms and I can feel her push her wet pussy up against my check. I move from her hip bone to her innermost top thigh sucking, licking and every so slowly moving towards her sexy center. I run my tongue on the outside of her outer lips, being lazy and slow on purpose. She’s so sweet and wet. She pulls my head into her firmly. I move upwards and slowly close my mouth around her clit. She shakes and yells God, quit teasing me. I firmly suck her clit into her my mouth running my tongue around it’s slightly bumpy surface. I feel her tense up and she pushes against my head, but I don’t let go. I release suction and run the flat of my tongue down her center and suck up her juices. My tongue goes all the way down to her asshole and I swirl around as I insert my nose into her hot throbbing pussy. I lick my way back up and as I close on her clit she violently grabs my head bucking against me as she cums.

I lean back take my cock and place it at her opening. I slide in while she shakes and twitches and just hold still. She’s tight, but so wet that its like melted butter. I lay on top of her resting and savoring the taste, smell, and feel Escort Bostancı of her. She looks at me as the glaze in her eyes fades and tells me to please fuck her.

I pull all the way out and slide just the head in; she wiggles side to side like she’s trying to get away, but I know that’s not it. I push in hard she grunts as I hit bottom and my balls slap against her ass. Damn she’s sexy and I’m so thrilled I pump slowly then speed up. I think she’s actually drooling, her head is cocked to the side with her eyes roving. I pump harder, I don’t want to cum! I want to fuck her so good she remembers and wants more.

I pull her up and flip over. I sit on the edge of the bed with her straddling my lap facing me. I place my dick between her pussy lips and she slams forward before I even pull my hand out of the way. She’s says damn that’s good; give me more. I push my hands under her ass and cup her beautiful butt cheeks. I easily lift her up and piston my arms back and forth. She is drawn onto and off of my cock in smooth easy motions. She throws her head back and howls. I feel her pussy squeezing and convulsing. That’s it! I can’t take anymore between her excitement and the incredible fast motion of her pussy swallowing my cock I burst inside her. She screams out O God and we go limp leaning on each other for support.

Obviously there’s more but I’m done for this time. I have employees in Little Rock and have to visit them regularly. If there is any interest; I’ll add some more of the sexy tells from that slow Southern city.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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