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Lizzie Is a Big Girl

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Lizzie is a big girl. I don’t use the term BBW. I understand where it came from, I like a bigger girl. The problem is how it gets used all the time. Without question you will find any woman that had to shop in the big women’s stores will refer to her as a BBW. The problem is, some of them are just plain ugly.

Lizzie isn’t ugly at all. She has a beautiful face. The first pictures I saw of her were old ones and she was a strikingly beautiful woman. I have mentioned to her she needs new pictures that are more recent. I know she won’t put any up because she thinks she is fat. Really though, She is beautiful and she can show people that without hiding how big she is.

We were at a pool party. She stayed dressed most of the night but then things started to get a little wild. Bikini tops were coming off. She was hiding. I sought her out.

Her interest was plain. I found her hiding behind the bar. She was pretending to be pouring drinks but no one was there. I asked her to come outside. She smiled, her steel gray eyes were penetrating but there was sadness in it. She was afraid to show herself in front of the other women.

I told her I found her delicious.

She told me she thought the same thing.

I kissed her and it was delightful. Her lips were soft and moist and welcoming. As I kissed her she reached out to me and pulled my close to her. I felt myself pressed against her and kissed her more deeply. We paused a moment and parted and I gazed into her eyes. I suddenly needed to have her.

“Want a drink?” she whispered.

“Not at all.” I whispered back. She took me by the hand and led me to a bedroom.

She undressed me first. I had been in the pool so there wasn’t much other than to tug loose my towel and untie my trunks. She worked at it slowly taking full advantage. First her fingers wrestled their way in pulling the drawstring, then a full hand; she took my cock in her hand. I was already “interested” and he had started to respond but with her warm hand on me, my cock swelled steadily. She looked up at me once and smiled but then focused her attention; she tugged my trunks off my hips and lowered them to the floor. Her hands moved over my entire body, her eyes never leaving my cock. Her tongue slowly slipped out of her mouth and she ran it along the full shaft, circled my head and then took me completely into her wide open mouth.

“Wait.” I whispered, she stopped suddenly as if something ordu escort were wrong. She looked up at me. “You have too many clothes on.”

She stood back up in front of me and I kissed her again. Her lips were irresistible. I wanted them around me again. She was in a little sundress, her breasts pushed high and together. I was taller than her but not uncomfortably so. I slipped the straps off her shoulders. It wasn’t so much undressing her as it was unwrapping her. She tugged at a zipper hidden below her arm and I pulled the dress slowly off of her.

The further it slipped from her body the more of her delightful flesh that was exposed to me. I went to my own knees to tug it free of her more than abundant hips, immense breasts were released and I buried my face into them. I sucked and lapped at her. I suckled to her nipple like a hungry baby and she purred, pulling my face to her. I tugged at the dress and felt the immensity of her ass in my hands. She was delightful and my mouth watered. I ran my face over her soft wide belly, her skin was pillow soft and smooth as silk, I drug my lips over her. I took her breast in my hand and raised it to my mouth again.

“Harder…” she whispered at me and I sucked her firmly into my mouth, I pressed her nipple to my teeth with my tongue and she tugged at my hair, pressing my face into her. I looked up at her and those eyes looked down at me with hunger.

Backwards she moved to the bed pulling me to her. She collapsed down onto it. I climbed on myself. Her hips were full and broad, her thighs nearly as wide has my waist. I ran my hands over her, she was luxurious. I wanted her lips and kissed her. She kissed me back pulling me to her. I felt my cock against the smooth soft skin of her legs and pressed myself against her. I looked down at those tits. Great piles of tits for my pleasure and again I pressed my face to her.

“Wait, she whispered, come here. I want you.” Her words vague but their meaning clear as she pulled at my ass. She pulled my cock to her mouth and again sucked it in. Her tongue was magic and her mouth heavenly. I teased at her nipple again and she mewed. I pinched it and the moaned into my cock. I adjusted; she turned, never releasing my cock. She tugged at my ass. Both of her hands gripped me, pressing me into her. She moaned more and I reached for something to hold finding the headboard. I held myself f suspended above her waiting mouth and still osmaniye escort she tugged me deeper into her. I moved my hips as if to stroke her and she moaned deeper. She pressed me loose of her mouth for just a moment. “Yeah, like that.” Her eyes were locked on mine. “Fuck it” she whimpered in a quiet but firm voice.

It was like no head I had ever gotten. She wasn’t sucking me; I was fucking her sweet mouth. I picked up the pace a little and she gripped my ass harder. “Mm hmmm…” she moaned into my cock. I reached for her and gripping her great wide pussy slid two fingers deep inside of her. Fuck it I though, and pressed into her deeper and faster. She only moaned louder. I fucked her sweet lips, my dick deep in her throat and she moaned, I gripped her headboard and her wet pussy and gave her what I had. It was hard and fast and I moaned myself when I exploded into her. She wouldn’t let me free and pulled my ass to her, my load spilling down her throat she took every bit I had.

I had to have her

I pressed her back and descended on her. I started at her neck but moved quickly, I took a tit my mouth and moved on. I ran my face and cheeks across her soft belly until I could smell her. She spread for me and opened that glorious pussy for me.

Please, don’t take this as anything derogatory but im struggling for any other way to say it. I pressed my lips to that spectacular wet pussy and delighted in the taste and texture of her.

Her lips were wide and I took them into my mouth. “Yes,” she would whisper. “Oh, like that… there.” And I listened. I looked up at her and saw her head pressed back, her arms over her head held tight to the wooden slats. Faster and deeper I probed with my tongue. “Yes, yes yes…” she told me until she was close. “Uuunnnn…” she hummed and I focused on that spot until I felt her belly jiggle and her thighs shake around me. It wasn’t enough, I wanted more.

I knew the feel of her wet pussy and knew she would take two. I slipped my fingers easily into her and she no longer whispered. “Oh yeah…. Yeah baby… fuck it!” I gave her a third and her legs coiled up further opening herself to me. My tongue worked her clit till it was cramping. “fuck yeah… oh fuck… of fuck…” I took it as a command and pressed my fingers into her as fast and hard as I could. Her legs quaked around me, her belly shook and she squealed. I had had her there and sucked her clitty into my ostim escort mouth working it with my tongue as she squealed louder into the night. I wondered if they could hear downstairs. “Holy fucking shit.” She yelled and I kept at it. I only had one more trick.

My fingers dripped with her wet pussy cum and pulled them from her lips and slipped my long slender middle finger into her ass. The squealing started again and I licked that pussy as if it would be my last. Her body shook and the bed slammed against the wall. She took it as hard as I gave it. When she was there again, when her legs again coiled up I timed it and slipped my finger out of her in a quick smooth motion. “Fuuuu-uuu-uuuk.” She moaned. Finally, I let loose of her clitty and rose up to take a breath.

“Are you ready?”

I reached below me, I was pretty sure but I wanted to be certain.

She rolled over and reached for the headboard. Her wide ass was spread in the air for me and I couldn’t help it. I pressed my face into her She rocked her ass back and forth as I licked her.

“Stop!” she giggled, rolling back to me. “Give him to me.” She knew that trick. With the condom pressed between her lips she took my cock and slipped it in. She unwrapped it with her mouth and tongue and then ran her hand over my hard cock.

“You want to, don’t you?” It was a sudden little question…

“Lie back.”

She did, and I looked down on her. There is something succulent about a big woman on her back, the way she coils her sweet round thighs up spreading herself open. I was hard before but looking down on her and the great mounds of her tits I had to swell at least another inch. I took a knee in each arm and she wrapped them around my forearms, she pulled me to her and on my knees I pressed my cock into her.

She was a glorious ride. We locked eyes and I moved inside of her. Pacing the rhythm right her tits swung almost in circles. I changed tempos and watched her face. She looked directly at me at first but then, as I slowed, moving in and out of her in long slow motions she would close her eyes and lie back.

I tried to think about baseball to last longer but as she started to come, I was lost in her. I let loose her legs and mounted her taking her as hard as I could. I pounded into her pussy and she gripped my by the shoulders. She came with another squeal and I could only slap my cock into her faster because of it. I couldn’t hold it any longer and let myself release, pulling my cock from her.

I lied atop her again, kissing her, feeling her tits against my chest.

“Next time you have to come on my tits!” she muttered between breaths.

How could I do anything but agree?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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