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Locked in the Closet Pt. 04

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His turn for the worse did nothing to ease his mother’s troubled mind. She blamed herself for it, for not having picked him up when he asked her to, even though he said that she had nothing to do with it.

“But I do,” she said. “I’m your mother.”

She came home earlier, but in her case that meant coming home at 19:00 instead of 21:00, and in that short span before bedtime she would rush about, fixing dinner, setting the table. Trying to do everything that a good mother should do for her depressed son.

“What would your aunt do?” she asked, looking at him with big and open eyes, desperate to help him.

He was content to see her disappear every morning. Then he could stay in his room and think about his aunt. In just a few days it all seemed like a dark fantasy, something impossible in the waking world. He caught himself trying to believe it, or at least forget. Still, he spent a lot of his time stroking himself. But he would turn soft in his hands. Depression, he knew, could severely diminish the libido. An aunt could do the same thing, he supposed.

His mother didn’t know about his vivid dreams, that left his cock pounding but unsatisfied. She just noticed that he was tired all the time. She would kiss his cheek, prepare breakfast. Do her best. He loved her for it.

It was Wednesday, as far from his aunt as he would come, and he had planned it all out for himself, to put himself in a better mood. He couldn’t go on like this. His mother had it tough too, with her promotion and everything. She had gotten the job, but with no extra help from the company. Even her new salary couldn’t help her suffering son.

He really tried. He took the bus to the shopping mall, went into a few of his favorite stores. But he only bought a couple of clothes, to replace the ones he had had to throw away. Then he went to the movie theatre in the same giant building. It was a fun movie. He laughed with the rest of the audience, but afterwards he felt drained, as if he had spent the whole week’s amount of joy in just an hour and forty-five minutes. When he walked outside, to the parking lot, to await his mother who had promised, no, insisted, on picking him up, he stared at the lucky people the same age as himself. Some of them were couples. They kissed under the streetlights, held each other close. But they stopped when they noticed him, a sad and lonely young man, maybe dangerous, a couple of bags on the concrete next to him, in the almost empty parking lot. They continued on their way, to a car, and drove far away from there. He wished that he could follow them.

Because of his depression he thought that he was immune to sudden feelings, but he felt a hand grasp his heart, his cock starting to swell, when he saw a familiar car turning off the road, circling the parking lot before it stopped before him. Through the open side window, his aunt looked him up and down. She smiled with her dark red lips.

“Fancy seeing you here, nephew,” she said. “Come here often?”

“Waiting for mom,” he whispered.

“She’s a no-show, kid. She asked me to pick you up.”

“Where is she?”



“So, you’re getting in or what?”

The shopping mall was closing for the night. He had missed the last bus home. The next one wouldn’t come till morning.

“I’m waiting,” she said.

Without any words he joined her in the car. He prepared himself for the flowery perfume, and if was there, but not as strong as usual. She started to laugh as he turned his nose around.

“I have a new perfume,” she said. “For my visits to the big city. What do you think?”

She stretched her arm towards him, rubbed at his chin. He didn’t have to think. He just opened his mouth and started to suck on her fingers.

“I have a surprise for you today.”

The way she said it made him moan around her fingers. She chuckled, and pulled them away. He could feel his cheeks glowing.

“Buckle up,” she said.

For the whole ride she didn’t look at him, not even as she took an unfamiliar turn. But he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. His fantasies, barely held back these last couple of days, came at him with a vengeance. He felt himself shivering, thankful of the darkness inside the car. It hid his rising bulge too. All the time he wanted to ask her where they were going, but he knew better by now. She would punish him for being nosy. It was the same feeling as sitting at her table, waiting for her to open her legs. She never wanted him to use his mouth in any other way. Oh, he remembered the punishments. They were almost the same as the rewards.

But his hair stood on his neck, on his arms, as he saw the desolate road she followed. It was solid blackness on the other side of the windows, only trees in front of them. He had no idea where they were, just a notion of the direction. In either case, it didn’t feel that unusual. So, he relaxed his head against the seat, felt the early waves of anticipation caress his cock, the precum Girne Escort as it trickled down his inner thigh.

They stopped at a cabin with a to-rent sign out front. It looked nice. He could see a fireplace outside, a wind shed. Maybe boy scouts would come here once in a while, he thought, hiking in a safe area.

“We are here,” she said as she turned off the engine, but not the headlights. They showed the cabin in a sharp contrast with the rest of the landscape. Then she looked at him, smiling, before turning these off too. The blackness rushed into the car to swallow them. He could only feel her hand as she tapped his. Then she opened the door, activated the smaller light inside the car. Following, he brought his shopping bags for some reason.

Outside he felt the musty scents of leaves starting to rot, of the fresh country air. The night came with its own scent too, a sharpness that sent a tingling down his spine. Look out for wolfs, the sensation seemed to whisper to him, and because of that he quickened his pace. He didn’t want to be left alone.

Inside of the cabin it was obvious that it was expensive. It had that luxurious camping trip feeling to it, that Instagram I’m an outdoor person inside look. He could imagine seeing the models sitting with their socks underneath them on the large sofas, pretending to read a book, looking out the window. Of course, there was nothing to see right now, only his own blank face. And his aunt, while wearing the same type of clothes, didn’t have their innocent looks.

His aunt stopped in front of a small table, but before she showed it to him, she turned around.

“I wanted to recreate our first time,” she said.

“Our…” He gulped.

She took a step aside, and he saw several pieces of brand-new BDSM-type wear, all in black. At first, he could only stare at an open mouth mask, but then he turned his terrified eyes on her instead. The mask didn’t have any holes to see through. He would be completely blind.

“Come here,” she whispered, but it was she who approached him. She pressed her whole body close to him, pressed her dark red lips to his sensitive ear. “Don’t you remember how good it felt?”

He could just barely nod as she started to stroke him.

She pushed him away, wrinkling her nose. “But you smell,” she said, pointing to a door. “Wash yourself off, and…” She glanced into one the shopping bags. She bent down, picked up a pair of black jeans. “Put these on.”

He blushed even harder as she threw them at him. He dropped them on the floor. Down there, he looked up, saw her smiling at him, licking her lips. He hurried to obey her, slamming the bathroom door.

When he came back, he hugged his arms to his naked upper body. It was cold in the cabin. She wore a sweater, and pouted her lips as she noticed his pointy nipples. He felt them too, rubbing against his arms. Shivering he came closer. She nodded at the table, and he moved to pick up the mask. He felt horrible just looking at it. He wondered what it would feel like over his head, tight and suffocating. As he thought about it, he realized that it didn’t even have a hole for the nose. He would only be able to breathe through his mouth. Still, his arms stretched forward, and he heard the crackling of new leather underneath his fingers, felt its cold surface.

“Wait,” she said.

He jumped back, sweat trickling down his back.

She went up to him, stroked his naked chest. She found his hard nipples, gave him a flirty look through her eyelashes. “You didn’t have any hands that time, remember?”

He remembered, by God he remembered! He felt his cock twitch in his brand-new pants. He collapsed against her.

“There, there…” she whispered, stroking his back. “Look over here.”

With her help he straightened himself up, and following her finger he saw a pair of glove-like things at the end of the table. They didn’t have any fingers. This time she didn’t stop him as he moved to pick them up. They were solid things, heavy, with wide, thick leather straps to fasten them at the wrists. He put one on, then the other, but as he couldn’t fasten the second strap, he begged her with his eyes to help him.

She shook her head, disapprovingly so. “Use your mouth. You know how, don’t you, my little prude?”

Turning his head away from her, he put the leather strap to his mouth. He felt himself drool as he tried to move the tight leather with nothing but his teeth, all the while breathing the animal scent of it. He managed all but the last thing, and she tsked as she came over to help him put the strap through the thing holding it in place. She wiped off her hands on his bare chest in disgust. Moving his now useless hands up and down he tried to beg for forgiveness.

“Maybe you don’t deserve my reward,” she said.

“Yes, I do!” he gasped.

“Do you now?”

He couldn’t believe he had said it out loud. He knew what she would do now. She would punish him Magosa Escort somehow, make it hurt. Instead, she nibbled him on the chest, kissed him in the same place. She left the impression of her dark red lips over his heart.

“Maybe you do, but remember, if you disappoint me, I will never do anything with you again.”

“Yes, auntie…” he whimpered. By himself, he could pretend, but not now. He was terrified, as terrified as he was of being subject to her whims, of never being her subject ever again. Whatever she asked of him, he would do it without complaint.

Her cold eyes stared deep inside his own. He started to sob as she turned her face away, but it was only to collect the mask, and he swallowed his tears, took several deep breaths. But still, he couldn’t prepare himself for the feeling of completely disappearing into the mask. He had expected the loss of his eyes, not of his ears. All he could hear was the creaking sound of leather all around his head, his body moving beneath him.

He turned around as he felt her hands by his neck, started to scream, but she made him stop by gently tapping her fingers where his ears would have been. The silent tapping made him shudder, but he stood still after that, trying to anticipate her as he felt a chin strap tighten. She waited for him to protest. Then he felt another movement. He didn’t understand it until he felt a sharp tug at his neck. She had put a leash on him, and he didn’t need much prompting to get down on the floor.

It was cold down there, but everything was cold by now. Only his face and his hands were hot. As he crawled after her vibrations on the floor he tried to breathe normally in the mask, only to discover that he couldn’t. Saliva dripped down his chin, made him feel like a filthy animal. It stained him on his knees as he continued to crawl. As if he was some kind of snail. He would have leaked even more if she would have released him from his pants. It felt like he was peeing himself.

Rock-hard and clumsy with excitement he fell on his face as he came to a threshold, only to land on soft furs. From that he suspected that they had reached the bedroom. Instead of seeing he tried to deepen his impressions by moving his lower arms against the floor, feel something with his mouth and chin. He was completely lost, and he let out a sound of despair as he felt the leash fall on the floor right next to him. As he couldn’t lift it with his hands, he grasped it with his drooling mouth. He raised his head in the air, trying to give it to her.

It felt like thirty minutes, his time in that sensory deprived darkness, leash in his mouth, waiting. By then he shook all over his body.

He yelped when a hand took the leash away from him, and jumping with gratitude he started to fondle it with his wet mouth. Feeling ashamed he kissed his aunt’s hand, and tried to wipe away the drool, but only rubbing it all over. Thankfully she cleaned herself on his body, and at the same time she moved her hands across his back, down to his ass. She grabbed it like something vulnerable.

When he felt the pull of the leash, he followed it. His aunt helped him not to bump his head on the bed. He could feel her sitting down, one leg on either side of him. They were soft and naked. He felt them drag against his arms, naked feet toying around his neck, up to his mouth. Greedily he reached out with his tongue, to show her how willing he was. But the feet fell away, and as he once again felt the pull, he instinctively knew what was expected of him. He tried to find support with his hand-things, but if she had wanted his fingers she would’ve given them to him, so he reached ahead with his open mouth, feeling a naked thigh. Remembering how she wanted it he licked her all the way up to her–

His saliva came in a burst, made him leak uncontrollably, but he didn’t notice it. He just pushed his lips closer to the shaven pussy in front of him, experienced his aunt like he had never felt her before. Otherwise, it was all the same, but that smooth feeling made him pounce on it with long and eager strokes with his tongue. He tried to remember to breath.

She had promised him a surprise, and as he felt her shiver beneath his lips, he tried not to disappoint her again. Holding himself back he moved his tongue in smaller circles, gave her a few delicate licks, some gentle kisses. She seemed to like that, at least by what he could tell from the shaking of her legs. She even dragged her naked feet across his back.

He tried to imagine her between strokes, as he gulped in air. She would probably still have her sweater on, but her breasts would be heaving by now. Her dark red lips would fill the air with moans, turning to screams. He wished that he could hear them, but knew that he was lucky anyway. He barely even minded when he felt her hands crawling all over his face. He moved away from her.

She grabbed him tight. He was shocked by the strength of it. Then she pushed Kıbrıs Escort him to her again. He sighed against her, tried to thank her with his mouth.

He wasn’t just lucky. He was the luckiest man in the world. She grabbed him, made the leather crackle. Her legs trembled on either side of him, locked him in. He could feel a trickle. At first, he thought it was his own spit, but as he continued to lick, he could taste the oily mouthfeel of her juices. He swallowed as much as he could, licked her clean, and still she continued to shake and buckle all around him. Even through his mask he could hear her screaming.

Spurting mouthfuls of pussy juice came at him, made him choke as she held him in place with the leash, her hands, squeezed him on both sides with her legs. Both of her feet pressed against his back, locking him in even harder. He beat his hand-things on the bed, started to squirm in panic, cry out against her. She couldn’t hear him as she filled his mouth with another fill of her. Or maybe she didn’t care. It ran down his chin, his neck, flowed all over his naked chest before dripping on his trembling arms.

When his aunt released him, she let him fall back on the floor. He curled himself up, dragged in heaving mouthfuls of air through his drenched mouth. He was completely covered in her. He could feel it leaking through the thick leather around him, especially on his face. Her scent carried with it the smell of wet leather.

It was as if he felt her entire orgasm coursing through him. Her pleasure made him smile with a stupid grin. She had made him not useless again, turned him into something that could please her completely.

He kicked his legs against the fur rugs, started to drag himself up. Before he felt the tug on his leash, he was back against her, licking at her drenched pussy with gentle movements. She stroked his head in appreciation, tightening her grip on his leash in approval.

He had made her orgasm at least three more times by the time he collapsed on the floor, with no strength left in his body. It was the lack of oxygen more than anything. After the last time he had gotten too much of her, which made him cough and heave, arms reaching for he didn’t know what. Still, he knew it in his soul that he would get up on his knees again if she needed him to. It wasn’t his body anymore. It was hers, to use, to punish, and to send him this heavenly reward.

When he felt her collect him in her arms, he pressed his head against her. She pulled the wet mask from his face, and he blinked against the harsh light. She’d fixed herself up. Her face looked perfect, hair too. Compared to him she was a goddess. He wasn’t worthy of her. He rubbed his cock against her, but she didn’t mind.

Somewhere on the road back home he fell asleep. She had washed him up back at the cabin, put on his old pants with a new sweater. She had done it gently, and he knew that she really loved him after all.

“I phoned your mother and told her you would be tired when you got back,” she said in the car. “Just go upstairs and sleep.”

He nodded, couldn’t move his mouth. It had started to hurt. Still, he had to try. “… an-kyu…” he whispered.

She looked so much like his mother when she turned to smile at him. It made him cry with emotion. He wasn’t sad, he didn’t know what he was anymore.

“You’re welcome, my little prude,” she said, and without turning her eyes off the road she reached out with her hand and let him kiss it. He pressed it against his lips and nose, wanted to breathe her in, so he wouldn’t forget like last time.

The next couple of days where completely different. His mother noticed it too. They had fun, cooking and watching tv together, bitching about her job. But even when it came to that she was more relaxed now. She didn’t have to worry about him anymore.

When his aunt came to pick him up, he hugged his mother goodbye. He wasn’t sad to leave, but he would still miss her. It almost felt like it used to. And he would only be gone for a couple of days this time.

He felt joyous in the car with his aunt. She talked about the babysitter.

“Just be careful,” she grinned, “otherwise I’ll turn you over to her. She is a classy high-strung bitch. She would tear your cock off.”

The last couple of words, in her mouth, made him grin and blush and starting to feel his pants getting tighter around him. He hadn’t touched himself. He knew what it was now. He hadn’t been unable to. He’d spared himself for her, his auntie, his queen, his mistress.

Smiling she helped him carry the bag up to his room. Once again, he filled his nose with her flowery perfume, and the smell of her. She only needed to give him a glance for him to get down on his knees in front of her. Rasping his tongue across her closely trimmed pussy he thanked her with deep and heartfelt kisses. They had never done this in his room before, and it felt like the last barrier between them falling down.

When she was ready, she pushed him down on his ass, made him look up at her as she scratched at her lovely itch. Shuddering she gripped his head for support. He could feel her nails digging into him.

She left him to prepare lunch.

“You need anything?” she joked, winking as she disappeared.

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