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Lola The Maid

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I had received an invitation to an online costume party for adults. I wasn’t sure what to wear but I knew I had a few naughty outfits in my closet that would spark quite a bit of attention and raise more then the eyebrows of the men there. I RSVP to the invitation and decided to browse the closet for possible eye catchers.

What caught my eye was a little number I bought for St. Valentine’s Day. I figure why not get some more use out of something my husband enjoyed seeing me wear. I hung the outfit outside of my closet door and went to look for the accessories to go with it. I just hoped no one else would be wearing an outfit like mine.

I called my husband into the bedroom because I couldn’t find all the pieces I needed, and I wanted him to look on the closet shelves to check for them.

“What’s up with this? He asked when he saw my sexy French Maid costume.

“Online costume party in the Naughty Cam Room tonight.” I informed him.

“Sounds like your kind of place. Mind if I watch?” He asked.

“Mind, I insist that you watch! Besides I may need your assistance.”

In fact I did want his assistance this evening, and I knew he didn’t mind rendering it. I explained to him what I planned on doing, for my entrance to the party

First, I asked him to polish my footwear, a pair of 6 inch heeled Fetish Pumps. He happily buffed them to a high gloss. Then I required some personal attention.

“Honey, what time is it? I asked. “It’s 6:15. Why, are you late or something?”

“Or something…” I replied coyly, knowing it curiously would lead him to where I was. “Oh my…can I help? He asked walking in to the bathroom where I stood nude pouring bath salt into the water in the tub. “Of course you may.” I answered being overly polite, before pointing at the counter of our double sink, where a can of shaving foam and a brand new lady razor; the contoured kind made for curves and nooks of a woman’ body; waited for him. I hopped on the counter and wet my legs with my hands. Then my husband lathered and shaved me; smooth! I normally preferred depilatory creams; no razor bumps; but the feel of someone else shaving me, makes my juices flow, and I wanted to be juicy this evening. After being shaved I requested a glass of wine, to get my husband and his roaming hands out of the bathroom before he could ravage me. Locking the door after he left I eased myself into the tub to soak in peace.

A glass of wine was set on the vanity waiting for me when I came out the bathroom, so was my husband reclining on the bed. “I’m getting ready for a party not a camping trip…so you and that tent you pitched in your pants have to go away Buster.” I laughed at him.

I pinned up my hair, fixed my face, and dressed. I put on the black mini dress and stuffed a set of push-up pads in the bodice, the girls were plumped nicely, apron, headpiece, white ruffled wrist cuffs, the black lacy garters and fishnets, and shoes. I lacked the ruffled panties, because my husband tore them off of me the last time I wore the outfit and I do mean tore as in pieces. So I substituted with a pair of white lace bikinis, which I pulled on last. I added the mask from my cat woman costume; it’s similar to the Lone Ranger’s except for the cat’s eye shape. I checked myself in the mirror, asked my husband how I looked?

“Like a naughty little…” He took a long pause before saying “Maid!”

“Perfect. I’m ready then. Come on we’re going to use the downstairs computer.”

“Downstairs? What about the kids?”

The kids are twenty five and twenty one. It’s the weekend, but I had to break it down for him.

“They went out with their friends they’ll be out late it is Saturday night!” I explained. Besides that made things more exciting with the possibility of being caught doing something un-mom like, I’m not June Cleaver!

Once we were downstairs, I turned on all the lights in the den so the computer’s camera would have plenty of light. I pulled my telescoping duster out the bursa escort closet, since I don’t own one of those old fashion feather ones, and got ready for the show, the “Lola show!”

The site I was going to was private, and a password was required to log on, but I wouldn’t be using my regular user ID instead tonight I would be: Pussygalor.

Before logging on I had my husband set up the camcorder tripod and put the little web camera on it. We tested it making sure the lighting was good. Then I logged in.

Once in the room my husband became camera man and sat near the computer so he could type my replies to the questions I was certain would be asked. My husband is a pretty good director also, and he requested that I slowly walk away from the camera to give the room a full length view of my outfit. The moderators started in first.

BBWXXX: Hello Pussygalor, who are you I don’t recall you being here before? (Devil)

Pussygalor: I come here all the time. How else would I know the password?

BBWXXX: good point, but I know everyone here and I don’t know you and who is Pussy the person typing or the slutty maid?

Pussygalor: Pussy is the Maid, I’m her boss. And only I get to call names BX…

BBWXXX: Well excuse me.

That was not completely true I had been there before and know some of the regulars, it was one of them that supplied the password and invited me. BBWXXX was always a hater; she was a big woman but not a beauty, inside or out.

My husband kept me up on the room’s banter, so I could reply accordingly.

Then my husband directed me to turn around slowly so the room could see the front of my outfit. Even without the mask most folks in the room wouldn’t know me, but I wanted to keep some anonymity even online. I wouldn’t want to end up on MILFs GONE WILD or something similar to it. Even the folks that could correctly guess who was behind the Maid’s mask would never get that confirmation from me. I continued to enjoy complements from most of the people in the room.

OLDDawg1954: Nice legs PG turn around let see the backside again. (Cowboy)

Grl4Girls: Wow nice outfit! I had one like it but my girlfriend ripped it trying to squeeze her big ass in it! LOL: D (Mr. Spock?)

bigDIC9: Damn girl are you going to do something beside dust chairs? (Tarzan)

Etc, etc, etc….

I moved around the den pretending to dust, making sure to bend over plenty of times for extended periods to tease those who wanted to watch me. Okay sue me for stirring the pot in a room full of attention tramps. I still had my clothes on, so if they wanted to watch what else could I do.

“Honey your private message box is blowing up.” My husband informed me.

“Put them all on ignore! I ‘m not in the mood to deal with horny cyber addicts.”

“Okay, hey we got some activity here.”

“Really? What’s going on?

“There’s a cheerleader doing a cheer. She’s not wearing the bottom of her uniform under her skirt. Wow she’s getting a lot of encouragement from the room.”

I walked off camera and over to see what was happening on the monitor. LzyLynda was shaking her pompoms and kicking her legs up flashing the room. A thick thatch of hair clearly visible each time her thighs separated. After she finished her routine she covered her face with her pompoms and turned off her camera.

bigDIC9: come on back Lynda don’t go getting shy now.

HnsomeHal: Yeah u was great turn that camera back on. (Superhero)

Luvslicking74: Hey Lynda do it again. (Famous Frog)

There were more and more men in the room and they demand an encore. Finally Lynda’s camera came back up and she stuck her tongue out at the room.

LzyLynda: Ok guys maybe later, what about all the other girls in here ask them.

Marvoless345: Alright ladies lets show some skin this is the naughty room! (Pimp)

BBWXXX: How about one of you men showing some skin? ; )

MikeyT581: No men. More ladies. Hey PG u done cleaning yet? bursa escort bayan LOL (Zombie)

JX3HOT: Hey PG is that you Lola? (Vampire)

Pussygalor: No I’m getting ready to do the Chandeliers, and I don’t know any Lola.

JX3HOT: I could swear your Lola.

Pussygalor: Sorry not me.

Of course it was me, but I wasn’t going to admit it, even if he was the person who had invited me to the party. I broke out my vacuum cleaner and proceeded to vacuum the carpet in my den. Again I made sure to do plenty of bending over so I could flash my panties; my husband kept a running commentary on the room’s reaction.

“They want more skin. One guy said you need to be spanked for being a tease.” When my husband informed me of that remark, I turned around and stuck my tongue out at the little red dot on the tripod.

“Wow rough crowd, several folks in there is expressing their opinion of what you can or should be doing with your tongue Honey. And they’re not all men.”

“Well are you comfortable with me showing more skin?” I asked expecting a resounding no.

Instead my husband directed me to bend over and wind the cord around the cleats on the machine. While I was bent over my husband darted on camera and pulled my panties down around my ankles. Then he darted off screen again leaving me there with my cheeks hanging out looking like an Art Frahm pin up. The only thing left for me to do was try to cover my butt with a hand to feint embarrassment, with an exaggerated “Oh no face” After a healthy pause I pulled my lace panties back up to cover my bottom.

“Well what kind of reaction did that get?” I asked with my ears suddenly feeling very hot from the blush I felt coming over me. Even with the mask on I suddenly felt very exposed.

“I think I just made a bunch of new friends.” My husband laughed. “Come on over and see.”

OldDawg1954: Do that again PGs boss

JX3HOT: Nice move buddy. Nicer ass ( | )

bigDIC9: Yes finally more skin. Let’s go the rest of you ladies…

Luvslicking74: I’d lick that for a dollar. Oh hell I’d lick it for free! : P

While I continued to read the men’s comments I noticed another woman getting frisky on camera. LadyPeachtre was pulling her breast out of her Snow White costume. She kneaded the soft flesh, squeezed, pinched, and licked her nipples. The room dialog exploded as men focused their attention on LadyPeachtre. They requested different acts from her. Then some of them started to get vulgar with their request. LPtr turned off her camera and logged off.


BBWXXX: I’m going to start booting folks if you can’t control yourself.

Moanica18: I say no more naked girls until we see some of the men folk. How about it girls? (Vampire)

The women all bonded together and chorused Moanica’s sentiments. The men didn’t seem to want any part of this deal. Until HnsomHal decided to break the ice. There on the little screen next to his name everyone could see HH drop his tights and fondle himself.

HnsomHal: OK you asked for it. I tried to do this off camera.

BBWXXX: Yeah HH work it boy. XOX LOL

Moanica: OMG HH! LPTr really gave you a chubby?

SweetieP: is that why you’re typing so slowly? LMAO : ) (Monroe or Mansfield?)

HnsomHal: I started back when PG turned her cam on! And I need some help ladies so someone take off some clothes…please?

“Feeling bold?” I asked my husband.

“What do you have in mind?” He replied cool as a cucumber; this wouldn’t be his first rodeo on camera.

“How about a little role playing game.”

“Great, will we be rating this NC-17 or triple X?

“I think it’s a Cinemax moment.

Who’s directing he acted.

“Me.” I relied thinking I would be better at censoring the action.

Taking the lead I walked back to my mark and faced the camera, then beckon for my husband to join me. Keeping his back to the camera he joined me. I placed escort bursa a hand on his head and made him kneel before me. I stepped to my left so his head and shoulders weren’t blocking the shot, of me lifting the hem of my dress above my waist. After I gave the lingerie lovers a long look, I asked my husband to remove my bikini slowly.

Stretching the waistband away from my hips he slipped my panties downward, and as he did I stepped back to my original mark. When my undies were ankle high I placed my hand on my hubbies shoulders for support and high stepped out of them. I held out my hand to hubby and he placed the bikini in my palm. I quickly lifted my hand above his head to dangle for the room to see. They knew my ass was bare but they couldn’t see it. It was a terrible tease, but that’s what I do. And a check of the room’s dialog proved me right.

JX3HOT: Move ur big head buddy.


HndsomHal: PG move to left or right….

Moanica18: It’s called burlesque boys enjoy, it’s an art

Luvslicking: I lick that for a dollar. Hell I lick that for free. : -P

Of course the women in the room weren’t going to let me corner the market on attention. And one of the town criers put out the alert.

MikeyT581: Hey check out Jazzybelle.

Jazzybelle had started the evening as Mae West, but had morphed into Lady Godiva. At that moment she was displaying some of her extensive toy collection and the excellent crouch shot from her camera allowed all to watch her demonstrate her proficiency with a blue jelly dildo.

Since my husband was lacking a costume I improvised one for him, by slipping my bikini over his head to make a mask for him. I was feeling a little warm in the loins and pulled my husband’s head to my hips. He needed no directing and the panty bandit proceeded to tongue bathe me from belly to bung, before feasting on the most delicate of fruits. I was ready for a more comfortable position so I pushed my hubby away and moved to the couch. I lifted my legs and gripped the log heels of my shoes, then allowed my husband to give me a happy ending.

HndsomHal: Wow love to give Jazz a hand but both of mine are busy.

Grl4Girls: I wish Scotty could beam over to give Jazzy some of what PG’s getting

BBWXXX: He’s a sloppy eater.

Grl4Girls: mmmmmmm…

Moanica18: ditto LOL

I was satisfied but hubby had other plans for me, he turned me over and dropped his trousers. He eased into me and tried to do his best to keep the show NC-17, but the censors caught us going over the line a few times.

BBWXXX: Hey I saw wood. Well at least some of it Woowho!

Moanica18: I think I saw his balls bouncing off her ass?

MikeyT581: I was to busy noticing the smooth clam. Nice! PG is a smoothie

PG is a smoothie…

OldDawg1954: Boo looks like he’s done and no money shot, what a gyp!

Jazzybelle: I’m jealous, I got to cum too, but I had to do all the work.

Oh there was a money shot, all inside of me. After hubby’s happy ending we had a little dilemma. How would we get off camera, without full frontal nudity? Staying pressed together we shuffled off camera looking pretty silly. We checked our reviews, and hubby’s ego was getting inflated from the women who asked if he made house calls?

I received bouquets of virtual flowers and shouts for an encore. I declined sighting that I needed to catch my breath, which was very true. We hung out in the room and watch several other members perform for the room; unfortunately they were all solo acts. While sitting on my husband lap I couldn’t help but notice that his ego wasn’t the only thing of his getting inflated. We bid the room good night but not without giving them one last tease.

Pussygalore: Good night everyone it’s time for this little kitty to go.

JazzyBelle: Aww already it’s early.

PussyGalore: Yes, I have to make the bed and the boss may take advantage of me

not having any panties. A poor Girl could end up with her

ankles behind her head in a hucklebuck.

Moanica18: What’s a hucklebuck?

PussyGalore: If you’re real good, one day I may show you the movie. Ciao!

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