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Lona Ch. 02

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*Please read part I to get details on how Lona, Gary & I first got together. All of my stories are true this happened in the 1970’s when sex was still safe.

Lona – My Favorite Slut Part II

After Gary, Lona and I had our first threesome together we all agreed that a repeat was in order. The first time we were all a bit drunk and we wanted to do it again while reasonably sober. So we agreed that we would get together again next Friday night for a rematch.

We all worked at the same company together and Lona made sure to keep Gary and I excited during the week. She wore no bra and would pretend to talk to us about some business issue but would really be bending over our desks so that we could look down her blouse and enjoy those perky little tits of hers. Lona was a slim woman about 5’5 and had curly dark brown hair. Her dark mischievous eyes were one of her best features but I also enjoyed the light freckles across the bridge of her nose. She wasn’t a raging beauty but was clearly in the attractive range. Looking at those firm B-Cup tits were a real pleasure.

On Wednesday we all went to lunch together at a local restaurant and everyone was in agreement that we would have a total ball on Friday night. When we got back to work Lona sucked our cocks in the car in the parking lot to confirm that she was all for the action promised for Friday night.

On Thursday Lona stopped by my desk looking a bit disappointed. “I have to cancel Friday night.” She said.

I had been wondering if she would back out once she took a sober look at the situation so I wasn’t totally surprised.

“I have to attend a family thing that I totally forgot about.” She continued, “But check with Gary and see if Saturday afternoon works instead.” With a sexy smile she turned and walked to her desk, her little ass dancing as she walked.

A quick call to Gary confirmed that Saturday afternoon at 1:00 would work for our rematch. We both agreed that even if we had plans for Saturday they would have been changed to accommodate Lona giving us her all. A quick call to Lona and she agreed to be at Gary’s at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon.

Gary and I had always been friendly at work but the threesome with Lona had created a closer bond of friendship. We decided that we would have a few beers on Friday night and I would crash on the couch at his place so that the logistics of Saturday would be easier.

Friday night after work we smoked a joint on the way to the local 99 Restaurant. Gary was a really good guy with a good sense of humor. He confessed that our adventure with Lona was a first for him. He was basically a nice Jewish boy from Long Island and never thought he’d have a chance at such a thing.

We enjoyed a few beers and flirted with all of the waitresses. I regaled Gary with a few tales of similar adventures that I had enjoyed before. We talked about the things we were going to do to Lona the next day. Finally we decided to head back to his place.

After we smoked a joint and had a few laughs over TV we decided to get to bed so we’d be ready for the next day. Unfolding the sofa bed brought some happy memories to mind and I was sure that we’d create a few new ones the next day.

The next morning we were up early. We took turns showering and getting dressed and then headed out to do a little shopping. We bought a few bottles of wine, some beer and some quick finger food to make sure that we were well prepared for the afternoon’s activities. It was a beautiful day and we smoked another joint and rocked out to the radio as we completed our shopping.

We got back to Gary’s around noon and put the groceries away. We didn’t bother to fold the sofa bed back up because we knew we would be using it soon. We opened a few beers and watched some TV waiting for Lona to show up.

At one o’clock promptly there was a knock on the door and we both jumped up from our seats and rushed to the door. As Gary opened it we saw Lona standing in the doorway with a big smile on her face. She was dressed in a blue cotton summer dress and had a big, floppy, straw hat on her head. It was clear by the way her tits were outlined that she wasn’t wearing a bra. In one hand was an overnight bag.

“Hi guys!” she said, as she bounced into the apartment. “Who’s going to get me a glass of wine?”

Gary rushed to the kitchen to get the wine and I welcomed Lona into the living room. She saw that the sofa bed was already set up and stopped, smiled and then moved in to give me a kiss. Her tongue forced its way between my lips and I heard a soft moan as I returned the kiss. Gary returned with her wine in time to break us up. Lona took the glass of wine, sipped it and then moved in to give Gary a similar kiss. When she pulled away she sat on the edge of the sofa bed with her overnight bag.

Unzipping the bag she looked at us with her mischievous little smile, “I brought a few things that I thought we might enjoy.” Her hand reached into the bag a came out with a Polaroid camera! “I’m hoping to get a few souvenirs Ankara escort today!” She smiled. She then pulled a few rolls of film out. (Remember that this story took place before digital cameras and recorders were available.)

Lona’s hand reached back into her bag, it was obvious that she had a change of clothes in there but what she came out with next was totally unexpected. “I thought you guys might enjoy seeing who I’m with when you aren’t around!” she was giggling a little when she showed us a vibrator that was an exact replica of a cock! She set the vibrator on the sofa bed and then reached back into her magic bag. This time she produced a tube of KY Jelly.

“You guys know that I have no trouble keeping wet but I’m probably going to have you wanting to fuck my ass again so I thought that this would be better than the hand cream we used last time. ” She placed the tube on the coffee table and then leaned back supporting herself with her two arms.

“What I would like to do,” she said softly, “Is to have you guys sit in those two chairs and then watch me play with myself for awhile. Feel free to use the camera but I want to just get you crazy for awhile.”

Gary and I glanced at each other grinned and then moved to the chairs. I grabbed the camera on the way to my seat and then sat and waited for the show to start.

Lona had a sweet little smile on her face as she realized that she had our full attention. Sitting up she reached up to her shoulders and untied the straps of her dress. She held the bodice in place briefly but then let it fall to reveal her breasts. Her dark pink nipples were full and swollen. We watched as she let her fingers brush across them to excite them even more. Her eyes were half closed as she caressed herself before us.

She was still wearing that big straw hat and it seemed a little out of place with her half nakedness but also a little hot. We watched as she brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it slowly to wet it. Then she moved her wet finger to her left nipple and traced it around that swollen nub slowly. After a few moments the finger returned to her mouth for a new coating of saliva which was promptly applied to her right nipple. Gary and I sat rapt as we watched Lona slowly excite herself. I remembered the camera and caught a nice shot of her sucking a finger with her tits exposed.

Lona moved up on the sofa bed a bit and then reached down and pulled the hem of the summer dress up. She wasn’t wearing any panties and we could clearly see her dark bush. Her left hand returned to caress her nipples and her right hand crept down to her pussy. Her legs spread wider and her finger began to move slowly up and down her sweet slit. I snapped another picture and placed the picture on an end table to develop as she continued to stroke herself. You could clearly see her pussy lips parting as she stroked. Her cuntscent filled the room and I knew that she was already wet. She leaned back a little further and Gary and I watched as her finger slipped inside her cunt.

Lona slowly finger fucked herself in front of us. Her eyes were half closed but it was obvious that she was watching us. Suddenly we heard her hoarse whisper, “Show me some cock,” she said, “I need to see your cocks!”

I stood up from the chair and sensed Gary doing the same. We unbuckled our pants, unzipped and dropped them to the floor. There was an awkward few moments as we slipped our underwear off. I decided that while I was up I would take of my shirt too and in a moment stood there fully naked. Gary still had his shirt on as he sat back down in his chair. I sat down and spread my legs so that Lona could see my cock which was already hardening.

Lona continued to play with her pussy with the dress bunched around her waist. She made sweet little passion sounds and watched us as she did it. Lona stopped briefly and then reached over to where she had put the vibrator. We could hear the buzz as she turned it on and then moved it to her pussy. Lightly she rubbed it around her clit and up and down her slit. Her hips moved with their own rhythm as she pleasured herself. Her legs spread even wider and Lona lay back on the sofa bed. She struggled briefly as the straw hat got in her way but it only took a second for her to pull it off of her head and toss it across the room. She lay back flat and spread her legs wide. From our vantage point we couldn’t see her face now but we could see all of her hot pussy as she continued to rub it up and down her slit. Slowly but surely the head of the fake cock parted the pussy lips more and more. In a short time Lona had half of its 7 inch length buried in her cunt.

Watching her fuck herself with that vibrator had me hard as a rock. Glancing over at Gary I could see that he was fully erect too. I took a few more pictures of Lona fucking herself and was delighted that you could see her juices shining on that fake cock. I suddenly had to have my cock attended to. I handed Gary the camera and moved toward the sofa bed.

Lona’s eyes were fully closed as Ankara escort bayan she lay and fucked herself. I moved up on the sofa bed until my cock was positioned at her mouth. I leaned forward and pushed the swollen head against her lips. Her eyes flew open and she seemed to smile as my cock parted her lips. Her mouth was hot and wet and felt so damned good! She continued to fuck herself with the vibrator while I fucked her mouth. Briefly I was distracted by a flash of light and then realized that Gary had moved up to take a picture. He took a few more pictures from different angles and then I decided that he might want a little attention.

“Hand me the camera.” I told him, “Come get some of this and I’ll take a few pictures.”

Gary didn’t hesitate and was so eager that we almost dropped the camera making the exchange. He moved up beside Lona’s head and fed her his cock. I moved to the bottom of the sofa bed peering through the viewfinder. When I had a great shot of Lona’s fake cock filled pussy and Gary’s cock penetrating her hot mouth I took the picture. I took pictures of the two of them until the camera was out of film.

I put the camera aside and then moved between Lona’s legs on the sofa bed. The end of the vibrator was visible but most of it was buried in her pussy. Her juices covered her thighs and were dripping from her pussy forming a large wet spot of the sheet. I moved in closer and began to lick her clit. I could feel the vibrator with my chin and got an idea. I maneuvered the situation so that the tip of my tongue was touching the vibrator and the flat of it was pressing against her clit. It transmitted the vibrations directly to her swollen button.

Her moans were muffled by Gary’s cock but it was still clear that my attentions were having an effect. With one hand I reached up to pull on a swollen nipple and the other grasped the base of the vibrator. I moved it around as I kept the contact with my tongue and within seconds Lona was cumming in my face. Her pussy muscles contracted so hard that the fake cock slid out of her and buzzed helplessly on the sheet between her legs. This seemed to set Gary off and he started cumming in Lona’s mouth. As she always does Lona swallowed his load greedily. I reached up and turned off the vibrator and moved it to the side

Lona’s pussy was swollen and wet and my cock was hard so I decided to introduce them to each other. I pulled Lona’s ass closer to the edge of the sofa bed and eased myself between her legs. The tip of my cock felt her soaking hot slit and I wasted no time sliding into her wetness. She was a little loose from the vibrator but as wet as I had ever felt her. I was hungry to get my rocks off so I just started savagely fucking her. I glanced up to see Gary sitting by her head playing with her tits while I fucked her.

At first Lona was still a bit in recovery stage from her orgasm but as I fucked her she started to get more in touch with the pleasure that my cock was giving her. She started to fuck me back with the same passion that I was giving her.

“Fuck me!” she said in a throaty whisper, “Make me cum!”

Her words caused me to fuck her with an even greater ferocity and I moved my ass from side to side to increase the pressure on her clit. Her cunt juices were smeared over both of our lower stomachs, my balls and her thighs. Gary slipped a hand down between us and I leaned back to make some space for him. His fingers found her clit and he began to flick her clit as I fucked her. His other hand continued to play with her nipples. All three of us worked together and the wave got higher and higher.

I felt Lona’s cunt start to spasm around my cock and it started to cause my own personal wave of orgasm to start. We generally tried not to cum inside of Lona’s pussy out of common courtesy because one of us might be eating that same pussy minutes later. I figured I better give Gary some warning so he could move his hand.

“I’m almost there!” I groaned and continued to pump. Lona’s orgasm rolled into full glory exciting me even more. Gary pulled his hand away just in time for me to pull out and shoot four pumps of steamy white sperm onto Lona’s belly. Gary tossed me a towel and I began to clean it up. She lay spent on the bed with her arm across her face, hiding her eyes. Just like last time she began to weep.

“I’m such a slut!” she whimpered.

Gary and I were a bit more prepared for this than the last time so we weren’t really concerned. I don’t know what got in to me but I suddenly decided that rather than placate Lona I would try another approach.

“Yes you are a slut!” I blurted. Lona tensed up and her crying increased. “You are a cock sucking, sweet, hot little slut!”

Gary looked slightly panicky as her sobbing grew more urgent. His eyes seemed to say “Don’t blow this good thing you asshole!” But I ignored him and continued to talk to Lona.

My hand reached for her pussy and I began to lightly circle her clit. Lona jerked and started to pull her legs closed but I lightly slapped Escort Ankara her thighs and hissed, “Keep those legs open you slut!” She hesitated for a brief moment and then opened her legs wide. Her sobbing had slowed but her arm still covered her eyes.

“Stop crying and just admit that you love it when we fuck you with our hard cocks.” My fingers continued to stroke her swollen clit. “You love it when you can suck one hard cock while another one fucks you!” My other hand reached for the vibrator as I continued to finger her. I managed to squeeze some KY jelly out of the tube and on to the vibrator while still stimulating her pussy. I motioned to Gary to take over rubbing her clit. Lona was still lightly sobbing but her hips were now moving and seeking pleasure.

I smeared the lube over the vibrator and then moved it between her legs as Gary continued to caress her button. “A slut like you needs two cocks.” I continued to tell her, “And we are going to fuck your mouth, your pussy and your ass until you scream.”

Lona’s sobbing had stopped now but she lay with her eyes hidden as I spoke to her. “I’m going to fuck your ass with this vibrator to get you ready for our cocks.” I told her. I placed the tip of the fake cock at the entrance to her ass hole and gently pressed forward. There was some resistance and then the head slipped in. I didn’t turn it on but I gently moved it in an out of her ass and with each thrust buried it deeper and deeper inside her.

“Tell Gary that you want to suck his cock some more you slut!” I said. Her head shook from side to side in defiance. I stopped the fucking motion in her ass, “Tell Gary you want to suck his cock some more or we won’t fuck you anymore.”

This time she whispered “I want to suck your cock some more.”

“Louder you fucking slut!” I barked.

She hesitated for a few minutes and then took her arm away from her eyes. She looked up at Gary and very loudly said “I want to suck your cock some more!” She then glanced at me with a slight pleading in her eyes.

I resumed fucking her ass with the fake cock as Gary moved himself into position to feed her his cock. My other hand resumed stroking her clit. After a few minutes I was starting to get hard again and moved on to my next idea. “Lona, turn over and get on all fours you hot little slut!” Obediently she stopped sucking Gary’s cock long enough to turn over and get up on her knees. I was careful to make sure that the fake cock stayed in place in her ass as she moved. Once she was in place I barked out again, “Now tell Gary to fuck your slut face!”

She hesitated briefly and then I heard her say “Gary fuck my slutty face.”

Gary repositioned himself so that he was sitting on the sofa bed with Lona between his legs and then jammed his hard cocked into her mouth. He put both hands on the sides of her head and then guided her up and down on his cock. “Suck my cock you sweet little slut!” he told her. I smiled thinking that was pretty good for a nice Jewish boy from Long Island and he glanced up at me and sheepishly smiled back at me.

The fake cock vibrator was all the way in her ass hole and her cunt lips were swollen and red. I reached with my other hand and turned the vibrator on. It hummed and Lona made an “mmmmmmmmm…” sound.

I had achieved a full erection and moved up between Lona’s up raised ass. Leaving the vibrator in her ass I shoved my cock into her pussy all the way to the hilt. Her mouth came off of Gary’s cock long enough to release a guttural “Oh my God!”

‘Who told you to stop sucking cock you hot little slut!’ I barked and slammed my cock into her dripping wet cunt. My hand pushed her head back down and she greedily sucked Gary’s cock back into her mouth. Then I fucked her pussy nice and slow with deep and forceful thrusts as I worked the vibrator in and out of her ass. I could feel its movement through the thin membrane between her pussy and asshole. It felt great but I was in the zone now so I wasn’t going to cum from it for some time.

We must have fucked her like that for a good thirty minutes. She came three times and every time she came I made her beg for more. “Yes, keep fucking me please!” she would beg.

I was getting a little tired so I asked Gary to switch places which he readily agreed to. We moved around her in a counter clock wise motion and I settled on the sofa bed with Lona’s head between my legs. “Suck my pussy juice soaked cock!” I told her and she obediently took me in her mouth. Her head began to bobble as Gary entered her from behind and began to fuck her. “Look at me while you suck my cock!” I barked.

Lona looked into my eyes as Gary fucked her pussy and she sucked my cock hungrily. She started to cum again and I slid my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her face as she finished her orgasm. When she was calmed I shoved it back into her mouth. Gary was only able to fuck her for about ten minutes before he pulled out of her cunt and shot his load on her lower back. He searched for the towel and then finding it used it to clean his sperm off as Lona continued to suck at me. She looked totally exhausted and I took some pity on her and called a break. Lona fell over on her back, I saw her hand move down and remove the vibrator from her ass and turn it off.

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