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Long Trip to the Cabin Pt. 02

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Note: Here’s the most requested and long awaited sequel to the Long Trip to the Cabin! I was surprised to see the number of requests for a sequel to this story as it really was a first time / discovery type of story. I came up with a few ideas for Carrie and Ryan and I hope you’ll like it even though the theme is different.

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


Carrie giggled as she nestled her face against her brother’s neck. “Damn he smells good!” she thought, licking the salty sweat from his skin. She giggled again when she felt his cock twitching one last time inside her. Carrie was lying over him, feeling their glistening bodies sliding slowly against one another. After her climax following the very intense cowgirl ride, she had crashed over him. Her long hair was all over their upper bodies, damp from their sweat.

They were both still breathing quite hard and she relived again and again the very erotic and masculine sounds of her brother’s moans and groans as he had climaxed inside her. Last night, the first time the siblings had had sex together, they had been forced to be silent. But today, all alone on this very secluded beach, neither of them had tried to reign in the very natural sounds of their climaxes.

Shifting her weight over him, she felt his cock move inside her again as well as a gob of sperm leaking down her inner thigh. Carrie had been surprised by the amount of sperm her brother had shot inside her, laughing as she had felt it being pushed out even before he was done! She slipped her hands under his neck and hugged him hard.

After a while, she relaxed her hold just a bit and pulled her head back. Staring into his eyes for a moment, she then kissed him. Passionately. And she felt her heart thundering in her chest as she felt his own passion. And this time it wasn’t sexual passion. Oh no. This was pure love.

After having let lust and desire guide them towards each other yesterday, they had both found a love so powerful it had made her briefly afraid. But when she saw that her brother felt the same way about her, that fear had vanished. Instead, Carrie had felt herself opening up to feelings and desires she had never felt possible.

Yesterday she had been a virgin wondering when she would find a boyfriend worthy of her flower, barely even aware that she had peculiar fantasies of her brother. Today, she felt like a confident lover, able to give overwhelming pleasure to the man she loved so deeply. As their tongues and lips merged and melded into one another in this heady kiss, Carrie stopped thinking and enjoyed the perfect moment.

A long while later, her lips raw and tender from so much kissing in the last 24 hours, Carrie gently pulled away from her brother’s mouth and buried her face in his neck again. “Gods…” she whispered, breathless. “I could stay here until the universe dies of heat-death!”

Her brother, Ryan, giggled. He then said “I love you so much sis!”

“Shit! I love you too! And now I have to kiss you again!” she laughed before doing just that.

When she felt his cock twitching back to life inside her, she laughed through the kiss. “You’re unstoppable!” she said.

“I know!”

“Ok… But I’m sore now, so do it fast!”

“Fast? Get on all fours my love!”

As soon as she did, she felt his thick cock parting her lips again. He began fucking her very hard and very fast for a while before slowing down just slightly. “What’s up?” she asked, slightly puzzled.

“Fuck… I don’t know if I can tell you this…” he said, breathing hard.

“What?” she asked, surprised. “You can tell me anything!”

“Your asshole… It’s so damn beautiful!”

Carrie laughed before saying “Well, I can promise you this. One day, we’ll be home, alone in the house, with a large bottle of lube and… yes, we’ll try whatever you want… How’s that?”

Grabbing her ass with both hands, her brother’s intensity returned and he came five seconds later, probably staring at her asshole. He then fell upon her and they both went down on the hot sand. After a while, Ryan stopped panting and said, in a hoarse voice “You know you’re perfect, right?”

“Of course I know!” she replied, grinning.

A minute or two later, Ryan pulled out of his sister’s pussy and rolled on his back. His cock was now painfully sensitive after having fucked her so many times. He looked at her as she stood up and stretched after being sexually ravaged many times this morning. Staring as she cleaned the sand from her skin, he was still having trouble believing that this was real. “Are you sure I’m not dreaming?” he asked her.

Grinning, she replied “Well, if you are, don’t stop!”

Despite the fact that he had kissed and licked just about every last inch of her body, Ryan was still mesmerized by her beauty. Her beautiful face, bright eyes and long thick hair would always, he thought, capture his attention and his heart. But in very close second place came her breasts. He had spent his adolescence watching them develop from afar, çağlayan escort through tight t-shirts and under bikinis.

But now, as she stretched her arms above her head, he ogled them shamelessly. Still very young, still bursting with fresh life, they were arrogantly generous, stood proudly under the sun and his gaze. Because he had asked her, he knew that the bras she had brought on this trip were all 34 Es or Fs. It was just mindboggling to see such magnificent breasts. And thinking that he could caress and kiss them whenever he wanted? Remembering her saying to him, this very morning, that they were his… Ryan didn’t know what to make of this.

Lower, below her smooth belly, Ryan looked at the thick triangle of hair above her pussy. The lips themselves, as well as her inner thighs, were perfectly shaven. But Carrie had kept a thick bush above them. Seeing that he was staring, she asked “Want me to shave it all? Or let it all grow back in?” She then laughed and added “Well, judging by your reaction, I’m guessing you’d like to see it bare, right?”

“Stop it!” Ryan replied, closing his eyes. “If my cock gets hard again it’ll bleed!”

“Nonsense!” she replied. “If it gets hard again, I’ll delicately take it in my mouth.”

“Stop it!” Ryan replied, laughing.

Carrie ran to the small lake and swam around for a few minutes. Ryan joined her to clean himself before they both got out. After putting their swimsuits back on, they headed back to the cabin. As he followed her on the narrow path, Ryan stumbled a few times on the roots. He knew he shouldn’t be staring at his sister’s ass so damn much, but he couldn’t help it.

Her ass looked delicious enough under her tight red bikini, but when she understood why he kept stumbling, the little minx pulled it upwards until the spandex vanished between her cheeks. Now just about nude, this amazing ass made the trek seriously dangerous for Ryan. He fell and hurt his knee twice, but didn’t stop staring at her ass. He was fascinated by the fluid way her firm flesh moved like waves with each of her steps. One thigh pushed her buttock up only to gently release it as the leg was moved forward and the pattern shifted back and forth.

When she slipped her hands under it to straighten her bikini out, about a minute away from the cabin and their parents, Ryan whispered “Thanks, sis.”

“Anytime, lover.”

Hearing that word coming from her lips made Ryan’s heart beat faster. Was this all real? Really? Had he really lovingly kissed and had he really passionately made love with his sister? His very own flesh and blood? Judging by the ache in his spent cock, it sure looked like it!

They spent the rest of the day with their parents. The cabin they were using was very remote, with no neighbors for miles. Ryan’s dad jokingly commented that it would be perfect for a nudist family. Ryan chuckled at the thought, imagining Carrie walking around naked all the time. Gods! As he looked up, he saw his father glancing at Carrie’s bikini cleavage. “Well, that’s not surprising!” he thought, smiling.

But as he caught him staring at her body just like he was doing himself, Ryan began wondering if his father wasn’t harboring incestuous thoughts. Maybe he really had imagined Carrie naked when he had made that nudist comment. When his dad stared at her cleavage for a good three seconds as she leaned over to grab the butter, Ryan snorted. When asked why, he hastily made something up.

A bit later, Ryan saw that his sister’s nipples had become a lot more prominent and were now very visible under her bikini. Either she had felt a cool breeze or had had a naughty thought. But she didn’t seem to realize it and for a long moment, father and son ogled those two pointed nipples hungrily. While part of him felt jealous seeing his father mentally undressing Carrie, Ryan was fully aware of the irony.

That irony was only strengthened when, about ten minutes later, he watched his mother coming out of the cabin wearing her own bikini. A white one. Risking a long ogle as his father and sister were still inside, Ryan grinned. “It’s no wonder where Carrie got her curves!” he thought. She was very curvaceous, from her rounded thighs and generous hips all the way to her breasts and beautiful face. The tight bun on top of her hair, that revealed the curves of her shoulder and delicate neck, enhanced her beauty.

As she busied herself with something on the pic-nic table, Ryan enjoyed every minute of that delicious show. It had been a while since he had seen her wearing a bikini and it brought back many succulent memories.

Before Carrie fully developed into the drop dead gorgeous young woman she now was, Ryan’s mother had been his favorite forbidden pleasure. Despite being much older than Carrie, his mom wasn’t “old”. Ryan knew that if Carrie wasn’t filling every waking second of his life since yesterday, he would be all over his mom. As he watched her sit down, her heavy breasts bouncing in her old çapa escort bikini, he realized that it wasn’t as if he had to make a choice! Leaning back in his chair, hidden behind his sunglasses, he stared at his mom’s reclined body.

Her body was clearly softer and the lines of her silhouette less crisp when compared to Carrie’s twenty years younger body. But she was remarkably beautiful anyway. She had rather long legs, and even though her thighs were full and rounded, her lower legs were pretty fine, just as her feet were.

Between those lovely thighs and right below the soft and faint curves of her belly, Ryan looked at the protruding mound of sexual flesh hidden there. His mom’s pussy was definitely generous and unmissable as she reclined on her back. The old white bikini hugged to those curves so tightly that Ryan could see the relief of her bush. And was that a trick of the light or… no, it really was a slight camel toe. Shit! He could see the outline of her lips!

Shaking his head, he moved his eyes higher. Even though her full breasts had fought a much longer battle against gravity, they were still remarkably sexy. And large. Maybe not as large as Carrie’s, especially in this position, but pretty close. As he kept looking he saw the trace outline of her nipples and was pleased to see that they were still pretty high. Damn! It had been a while since he had ogled at his mom’s breasts and they were still stunning! In fact, Ryan realized that he would be very happy if Carrie’s breasts were as hot as their mom’s in twenty years.

As his eyes kept roaming all over his mom’s body, Ryan realized that he had unconsciously assumed that he would still be intimate with his sister in twenty years. Nothing could be less certain. Then again, as she smiled at him after getting out of the cabin, his heart told him that the chances were, in fact, pretty good. Part of him knew that it was impossible for him to know how their relationship would survive the test of time after barely 24 hours. But his beating heart was screaming another story!

Carrie smiled at her brother, her lover, before sitting down next to him with a book. She had no intention of actually reading it. All she wanted to do was sit next to him. His own answering smile melted her heart and she wondered if he felt the same way. She stopped wondering as soon as he removed his glasses and she could see eyes, sparkling as they were.

Their fingers intertwined for a moment and they both took a deep breath. After a long moment of enjoyable silence, Carrie saw her mom getting up and joining their father inside. Sighing, she then said “Think I’ll look as good as she does at her age?”

“Gods! I hope!” her brother replied.

Laughing, Carrie said “So you did notice her body!”

“Of course! Just like dad noticed yours!” Ryan said.

“He did not!”

“Pfff. Our eyes practically had to wrestle each other to get front row of your cleavage when you reached for the butter earlier!” her brother said.

“You’re crazy! I did that for you though!” she replied, smiling.

“Well thank you very much, but dad didn’t miss a single nanosecond of that show!”


Carrie shook her head, but the conversation died down when both of their parents came out. For the rest of the afternoon, Carrie tried to figure out if her father was ogling her. And by the time they sat down for dinner, the answer was obvious. He very definitely was! She even caught him once! Their eyes met after he had stared at her pussy for a few seconds. They both looked away immediately and Carrie flushed to the roots of her hair.

She didn’t know how she would have reacted 24 hours ago, before she had lost her virginity to her brother. She had always though her father was the perfect man, and had had sensuous feelings for him all through her teens. Nothing out of the ordinary, if her psychology classes were to be believed. But now, after catching him staring at her pussy… Damn! She sat next to Ryan at the pic-nic table and blushed again when she accidentally brushed her father’s leg under the table. He blushed as well, something that surprised Carrie.

The evening was uneventful. Carrie disappeared into the bathroom for a long moment to take a shower. She also brought her razor and removed every last trace of any hair on her pussy. She was eager to see Ryan’s reaction! A bit later the two siblings went to their room early, feigning sleepiness. But they were not sleepy at all. Young as they were, their sexual energy had simply had enough time to fully replenish.

Locking the door silently, they both snuggled into the same bed, naked as the day they were born. They hugged, kissed and caressed each other for a long while, barely talking. Soon they felt Ryan’s hard cock between their bellies, but both felt like taking their time this night.

They heard their parents getting to their own room and soon the entire cabin was silent. Under the blankets, already starting to sweat, cennet mahallesi escort they clung to each other like lovers long separated. Their kisses began to slide lower and lower and Carrie stifled a moan when her brother’s lips closed on one of her extended nipples. She then gasped when his fingers found her pussy.

At the same time, Ryan froze as he discovered the flawlessly shaven pussy. “Christ!” he whispered in surprise. “I wanna see!” But just as he was reaching for the lamp they both heard a moan. A definitely sexual and feminine moan coming through the wall. Their parents were also having sex! They both laughed in silence as they stayed really still, hoping to hear another one. And sure enough, about a minute later they heard another of their mother’s moans. “Fuck!” Ryan said. “This is intensely sexy!”

“I know, right?” Carrie whispered while nibbling on his earlobe. “Wanna get closer?”

“Damn right I do!”

The two of them sneaked out of their room and ninja’d their way to the closed door. Without thinking about what she was actually doing, she knelt on the floor and tried to peer through the lock. This turned out to be useless because it was too dark inside. But all of a sudden Carrie realized that she had placed herself on all four, completely naked, right in front of her brother and his fully erect cock.

Carrie gasped when she felt his cock slipping against her lips. As intoxicating as that cock was, Carrie was also electrified by what she was hearing. This close, she could hear more than moans. In fact, leaning against the door, Carrie could hear them whispering! Her mind spinning because of her brother’s teasing cock, Carrie nevertheless tried to focus on what her parents were saying.

Eventually she heard her mom saying “So, did you enjoy looking at Carrie’s breasts in her bikini today?”

Her father replied “Shut up! I wasn’t looking!” but he was laughing.

“Pfffff!” her mom replied. “Of course you were! The whole world is looking at her breasts! They’re amazing! And in any case, I know you got en erection last night when we heard her moaning.”

Carrie and Ryan froze when they heard that. Their parents had heard them? Looking up at Ryan, the two of them shared a look. Did they know they were having sex with one another? But no… If they did, they wouldn’t have remained quiet about it all day long! They probably figured that she had been masturbating. Carrie turned her head towards the door again and listened again.

Whispering, her father eventually said “That was because of you!”

“Thank you for that, dear, but you don’t have to be ashamed. Carrie is spectacularly beautiful. I can’t imagine what Ryan must feel around her in that bikini!”

“Or,” her father said. “What he must be feeling when he’s looking at your own bikini. It is rather thin, not leaving much to the imagination, you know.”

“Oh I know…” her mother giggled. “Do you mind if I get a little kick out of his not so subtle glances?”

“You know I don’t!” their father replied.

At that moment, his mind flabbergasted by what she was hearing, Carrie felt Ryan pushing himself all the way into her pussy. From that moment on she stopped listening, flooded as she was with so much forbidden pleasure. Granted she didn’t have much experience, but she couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than her brother’s cock. Fuck! He was delicious! Remembering when she had taken it into her mouth last night and this morning, she shivered with pleasure.

In silence, he began fucking her. As thrilling as it was to fuck so close to their parents, Carrie turned her head around and pointed to their room. Ryan nodded and reluctantly pulled out of her. A minute later he was on his back in his bed and Carrie straddled him. As she impaled herself in cowgirl, a position which was quickly becoming her favorite, she stared into his eyes. “Ryan…” she whispered. “I love you, but I really feel naughty tonight. Would you let me live a fantasy?”

“Anything for you my love.”

“Absolutely anything?”

“Yes. You gave me so much already, so much pleasure and love, that I’m willing to do anything for you.” he breathed.

Carrie leaned down over him and kissed his ear. “Push hard into me and stay there.” When he did, lifting her up slightly as he completely filled her pussy, Carrie moaned “Oh, daddy!” into his ear. “Fuck me daddy!”

“Christ!” Ryan said before stopping moving under her. For a moment Carrie feared that she had gone too far with this roleplay, but Ryan surprised her. “If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it properly.”

Slipping out from under her, her brother vanished in the darkness of the room for a moment. After a minute he walked back towards her. Carrie had no idea what he had in mind, but she soon caught on. “So baby… Not feeling so good tonight?” he said.

“No daddy… I think I have a fever.” When she felt his hand on her forehead, Carrie abandoned herself to the roleplay entirely. “Daddy… Can you help me?”

“Sure baby,” her daddy replied.

“I’m too hot with this blanket!” she said, pushing it away.

When her daddy opened a lamp, Carrie kept her eyes partially closed to help maintain the illusion. “Oh baby, I’m not really supposed to see you like this! I didn’t know you were… well, that you were naked under that blanket!” her daddy said.

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