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Look at that Ass! Ch. 04

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The screaming started again.

However, this time they were not exaltations of passion. This time they were cries of surprise, pain and guilt. Eve screamed when she realized she had been fucked by a real dick and that she had just had nonconsensual sex with her brother-in-law.

Ana screamed in pain as I ran her over. I crashed into her kneeling body. My swinging dick, covered with my jism and her sister’s vaginal secretions, slapped her across the face. Her cry was cut short when my messy member plopped into her mouth as we tumbled into the living room.

Christy yelled because the other women were shrieking. And because of her guilt. It had been her idea for me to screw her mother.

I cried out because my life flashed before my eyes. I had been caught with my cock in a place it shouldn’t have been. One or both sisters were sure to kill me.

Just as suddenly, everyone was quiet.

My first glance was to my wife. It didn’t appear that my contact with her had done any damage. She had an odd look on her face as she licked her lips and appeared to be concentrating on something in her mouth. Her little breasts looked adorable. Her nipples were extended and as hard as I’ve ever seen them. The lower half of her black bush was drenched with moisture as if she had just emerged from a bath.

Eve had rolled onto her side. Her set of boobs were almost identical to her sister’s. The light brown nipples were very erect. Eve was looking at Christy, then me and then Ana trying to figure out what was going on.

Christy stood at the end of the bed. Her young body was without some of the womanly curves of the older ladies, but she had the best tits in the house. They were huge and round. Her firm bosom had the largest, thickest nipples too. A look of panic was in her eyes.

Eve looked at me and asked, “What are you doing here?”

I looked at my wife and asked, “What are you cevizli escort doing here?”

The standout off didn’t last long. My wife slapped me. Christy quickly jumped to my defense and said,

“It’s all my fault. I seduced him and then made him do Mom.”

The sisters looked at her, demanding more of an explanation. Then they looked at me with disgust as if they were contemplating the method of my execution.

Diplomatically I said,

“It is all my fault. Why don’t we have a cup on coffee in the kitchen and I’ll tell you everything.

While I made coffee, the women put bedclothes and robes on. I grabbed my pants and put them on. As I waited for the coffee to percolate, I pondered my options. Divorce seemed to be the one that keep popping into my mind.

As everyone sat around the table I told my story. How my voyeuring had led to sex with Eve. How Christy figured it out and then she and I had sex. Then when the two of them almost caught us in bed, Christy and I attempted to fool Eve, but we didn’t. At the end of the story I said,

“Eve I’m sorry. Ana I’m sorry. Christy…”

Christy interrupted me and ignoring me said,

“Mom, how much longer do you plan to use me for sex? Am I ever going to be allowed to date?”

Eve looked like she had been slapped. Quickly, Christy turned to my wife and said,

“Aunt Ana, how long were you masturbating and watching us? Did you cum hard?

My wife was too stunned to speak. Christy continued,

“Before you two try to blame this all on Ed. I want you to know I blackmailed him and begged him to fuck me. I’m glad we had sex. It was wonderful. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

Christy stared down the older women.

“No one is blameless here. Don’t try and play the victim. Mom, you’ve been using me as a husband surrogate for years. Aunt Ana, cihangir escort you catch me and my mom having sex and what’s your response? You take your clothes off and come back to watch. Not to mention that the two of you picked up strangers tonight and gave them blowjobs.”

Christy’s eyes were ablaze with anger and contempt. Eve and Ana began to cry. I was impressed and astonished by Christy’s rant. I began to think I might live to see another sunrise.

“Go to bed, you two. We’ll talk tomorrow,” Christy ordered. ” I need to get some rest, I’ve got a college interview coming up,” Christy continued, “Ed you and I are sleeping on the living room sleeper sofa.”

Eve and Ana looked at one another. They decided not to protest. With their heads hanging low, they shuffled off to their bedrooms.

In silence, Christy and I made up the sleeper sofa and climbed in. I lay on my side with my back to her, with as much distance between us as the bed would allow. I could feel Christy fidgeting, tossing and turning. Finally, she got out of bed and said.

“Ed, I can’t sleep. I’m too wound up.”

When I turned to her, I discovered she had removed all of her clothes. She smiled impishly at me and hugged herself. With both arms under and squeezing her breasts together, her pair looked more than enormous.

“You know, we can possibly get in MORE trouble….and since I can’t sleep…I was hoping…,” Christy said blushing adorably.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Come here you,” I ordered.

She squealed and jump on top of me. We kissed.

“Maybe, you’d like to try being on top this time,” I suggested. She ripped my clothes off.

“Slow down, tiger,” I cautioned. “We’ve got all night.”

I rolled her on her side and snuggled up behind her. I ground my hard-on into her ass while my hands where all over her boobs. erenköy escort My mouth went for the nape of her neck, nibbling and kissing. Soon I had her moaning and covered in goose bumps.

Next I pushed her over on her stomach and decided to inspect her ass. I caressed her slim butt and kissed it and even, playfully bit it. I couldn’t ignore her anus. I spread her cheeks and rimmed her. She fought me at first and them groaned approvingly.

“We’ll save that for another day, darling. Flip over, I want to taste your pussy.”

She was more than willing to accommodate me. I buried my head between her legs and licked her furry sex. My tongue pierced her opening. She was wet and tasted wonderful. As I licked her, I dragged my fingernails across her soft, white thighs. She responded by humping my face. I lingered there. She sighed and then cried out,

“No more! I can’t take anymore. Fuck me!”

I rolled over on my back and bade her to mount me. She gripped my erection and guided it in between her special lips. She grunted as she forced herself down on me, impaling herself on my cock. Like the first time, she had to go slowly. She was tight and I was huge and hard.

After she bottomed out, she playfully rubbed her tits on my chest. They were amazing! No sagging. Fully erect nipples. I was in heaven.

Having given her youthful body time to accommodate me, she began rocking back and forth. At first, I didn’t move. I let her explore the position. I was more than satisfied to observe the look of wonder on her face and the fabulous twin mountains on her chest.

She soon discovered how to stimulate her clit. She began to fuck me wildly. She cried out and moaned loudly, unconcerned that everyone in the house could hear. I moved my hips and met her passion. I grabbed her breasts and pulled her nipples harshly. She squealed and came. I felt her pussy spasm and could hold back no longer. I arched forceful up into her and cried out loudly too.

Time stood still for us. We didn’t move or breathe. We lived in the moment, experiencing utter joy.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that. Eventually, we had to take a breath. She collapsed on top of me. Sweaty and delirious we lay together until sleep came to us.

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