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Looking Back Now Ch. 03

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Hi love…I’m hoping you’re still reading. Things are about to get pretty sizzling…Lusty kisses…Jennifer 😉

Meredith cruised through the nighttime streets with the windshield wipers scrawling across the glass, clearing the raindrops which were now beginning to increase in their assault upon her windshield. It didn’t take long to navigate the 12 miles to Jennifer’s house, but driving in this kind of weather was never pleasant. No biggie…she’d tossed on a rain coat at the last minute when she’d stepped out of her house, and now she was especially glad for such preparations.

The nights were still warm, so she’d even had to use a bit of air conditioning. Agh! Another traffic light turning red just up ahead. As she waited for the time to pass, Meredith was greatly aware of the urgency she felt. Funny how such delays usually had little impact, but on occasions like this, they seemed to plot and conspire to make time seem extraordinarily long. Ah, finally green, and that was the last one!

Now it would be smooth cruising all the rest of the way, as she passed the last landmarks and yes…there it was, as her headlights began to pick up the street marker for Maypath Road.

Jennifer had headed out to the front porch and was sitting on the swing, taking in the moistness of the late summer rain, enjoying the pat, pat, pat of the raindrops as they plummeted down her home’s downspouts and splattered at the base. Lightning off in the distance, followed by a muted thunder, were comforting to watch; they even added to the special excitement of this very unique night.

Some owls hooted in the adjacent forest; surely a good sign heralding the exotic nature of what she hoped would be an adventure of great dynamic. Suddenly, above the sound of the rain and crickets, Jennifer heard the sound of a car approaching. It had to be Meredith, because her driveway was so long that it sounded much different from an ordinary car passing nearby. Headlights through the trees confirmed it, and once again, Jennifer was all-too aware of her adrenelin rapidly rising to heady levels.

Meredith’s pulse quickened as she approached Jennifer’s house (what’s with this fucking long driveway??), and it was obvious that all the outer floodlights had been turned on in reception for her. She saw Jennifer’s figure on the porch through the intermittent wipes of the car’s blades, and as she got closer to the house, one of the two garage doors began to slowly open, revealing yet another lit area and an empty bay.

From the porch, Jennifer held the remote in one hand and she motioned for Meredith to pull her car into the opening of the garage to allow both her and her little car to get out of the weather. What an unexpected surprise!

Jennifer then ran back into the house and through the hallway and the kitchen, arriving at the door leading to the laundry area and finally the door going out to the integrated garage she’d insisted on having.

Meredith saw the door open and had already turned off the car’s engine. Jennifer punched the “door close” button on the remote, and watched as Meredith’s head popped out from the car.

“Hey! You made it! Welcome to my home, Mer”

“Wow, thanks so much for letting me park inside. I came prepared with my raincoat, but I didn’t expect such a nice luxury.”

As the two exchanged greetings, Jennifer beckoned Meredith to cross the garage floor and to join her standing there. Jennifer smiled broadly, opened her arms in a welcome hug, and Meredith gladly took the invitation for the warm greeting.

As they hugged, Jennifer greedily breathed in the familiar fragrance of Mer’s delicious perfume. Both women pulled back and smiled at each other. Quickly, with years of acquired social habit, the two again drew close, turning their heads slightly obliquely, and pecked one another with a half kiss on the cheek.

Jennifer felt the roughness of Mer’s raincoat against her, since she chose to simply put on a soft cotton-print top and matching, short bottoms, her favorite lounging and summertime sleepwear. Her pink, fluffy slippers were the only other accessory of her brief outfit and the length of Jennifer’s legs, now fully revealed, pleased Mer as she quickly checked her out in the not-so-bright lighting.

Mer followed as the two headed away from the cars, Jennifer pulling Mer into the house, their warm hands grasping snugly. She had a moment or two to sneak a glance at Jennifer’s cute-looking tush wearing the cropped, softly hugging shorts.

As the two entered the kitchen, with huge excitement and anticipation running high, Jennifer turned to face her guest once again. She offered a game show hostess wave toward the well-equipped kitchen interior, and said “Welcome to my little slice of decadence in the face of world peril.”

“Now let me have your raincoat, and let’s get this girl party underway!”, she said, beaming warmth and welcome to her new guest.

“Wow, nice place…” Meredith gushed, as she fiddled with the belt and buttons of the full-length Escort Bayan raincoat, looking about at all the nice kitchen appurtenances and at the highly polished countertops. Everything was very nicely decorated, but it all paled in comparison to this moment of standing next to the main object of her desire.

Finally the coat parted, and Jennifer gasped audibly. The two women’s eyes met again, and sparkled gaily, as Jennifer reached out to help with getting the coat off of Mer’s shoulders and arms. Mer had chosen a pair of pretty wedges to drive in, but Jennifer was unprepared for the brevity of what was revealed underneath the raincoat.

Meredith had briefly turned her back to Jennifer in order to remove the coat, and in the brighter light of the kitchen interior, Jennifer saw an incredibly sexy woman revealed in a hot body, clad in a dramatic, sheer, ivory babydoll. The low-rise v-string and upper cups were accented with a frilly tulle highlight and minimal spaghetti straps.

“Wow, cooed Jennifer, when you come to a pajama party, you don’t mess around, do you? Oh my! Look at you!”

Meredith blushed and said, “…well you SAID we were going to have movies and popcorn, so I figured my little, black dress was out, plus I just picked this up at Victoria’s today so it seemed a good opportunity to wear it.” An exaggerated pout formed on Meredith’s glossed lips as the two faced again and as Mer feigned her feelings being hurt.

“Oh no, you look a-DOR-able, sweetheart”, and to emphasize the point, Jennifer beckoned Mer to accept another hug, one which Mer was very quick to accept.

As their two bodies now meshed, sans raincoat, Jennifer remembered the words of her therapist…

“… you may find that the reality is a lot more uncomfortable than the appeal of the fantasy…”

If the feelings of her heart fluttering like a bird suddenly taking flight, her pulse banging noisily inside her veins as if the whole works might come unglued any moment, and the warmth that raced up and down the length of her young, mature body like a crazed pogo stick was any indication, then the question of her pussy following suit was totally a non-issue.

Even as these thoughts raced through her head, she felt a very pleasant tingling spreading throughout her body which affirmed that her experience was not the least bit objectionable.

Both women slowly, intimately pressed their warm bodies together and mutually wrapped their arms, encircling one another’s backs, and held there…and held there even longer…neither wanted to break the tender, sensuous embrace. The warmth flowed between them as the scent of one another’s aroused endorphins mixed and danced in feminine heat.

It was a defining moment between the two early-stage lovers, neither planning for such a thrill, but both powerless to turn away from its incredible panacea of flavors and textures.

With the prolonged hug, a certain unspoken amount of communication passed between Jennifer and Meredith on a telepathic wavelength that was every bit as real as any tangible words might convey. It said, “We have both been dreaming of this; let’s never deny it. The time has come for us to have our very own slice of heaven.”

As time slowed with this display of affection and desire, both women were so aware of the very real presence of each other’s firm breasts as they mashed together and sought one another’s instinctual, maternal comfort. Their senses of smell and touch were on high alert, both sampling one another’s exotic scents and softness. They both buried their noses in each other’s luxurious hair; Mer’s long strands of thick blondness, and Jen’s generous, curly, dark, brown locks that adorned her shoulders and ran down to elbow length.

Jen whispered into Mer’s ear, “Thanks so much for inviting me to your little pajama party…”, and the passionate moment finally came to a close, as the girl’s flesh separated and Jennifer laughed, looking adoringly into Mer’s bright, sparkling, hazel eyes.

“Well, I feel so underdressed in my frumpy cottons with you all ladylike and frilly!” said Jennifer.

Meredith turned sideways to Jen, grasped her arm-in-arm, and proclaimed, “Take me to your closet and let’s either put me in something more casual or you into something with lace!”

Though they’d begun moving forward, Meredith suddenly stopped their forward momentum as the two laughed in excitement. “Oops, I almost forgot”, as she released Jen and pounced on her raincoat hanging on the barstool. Rummaging through the pockets, she straightened once again and said, “Found it!”, as she produced her toothbrush and held it high like a scepter, smiling an exaggerated smile.

Jen laughed out loud at the funny image as if Napoleon Bonaparte himself were standing before her, arm raised in salute.

“God, you’re a nut Mer!”, as this time SHE grabbed Mer’s arm and both women half ran to the staircase, giggling all the while, Jen leading the way.

The two pounded up the carpeted stairs and Jen led her new friend down to the master bedroom door, standing wide and open. As they entered, Mer took in all the sights of Jen’s most private of rooms. Central to the room, other than the huge flat-screen TV, was the contemporary canopied, four post, king-size bed. The comforter and sheet were turned down and the overstuffed pillows were pushed to one side, revealing where Jennifer had obviously lain not long ago.

“Nice!” was all Mer could manage in the brief moment which passed, as Jen scooted her up to the oversized, matching armoire.

With a flurry to rival the toothbrush scene downstairs, Jen reached into one of the lower drawers. “OK, I think you’ll really look cute in this cotton, red one-piece, it’s a favorite of mine!” said Jen to Mer. Mer walked with it over to the full-length mirror, and held it out, then laid it upon the front of her body.

Jen’s eyes were glued to Mer’s incredible tushy, so exquisitely shaped and shimmering under the barely there teddy, every chance she could sneak a peek.

Holding it out again, Mer eyed the rear, center section of the full-length red outfit, and cooed, “Oh, look at the cute fanny flap with the big white buttons! How sweet, where did you find it?”

“Oh, my friend has a consignment shop uptown and she let me have it for next to nothing…”

It truly was a fun and playful outfit.

Then Mer’s eye caught another treat almost out of sight in the drawer and she exclaimed “oooh, what’s that?”

“Oh…it’s just a dust ruffle I never use anymore…” trailed off Jen.

“You’re kidding” inquired Mer.

Jen started laughing, bending a bit at the hip, and held Mer’s right forearm to show she’d fooled her sexy friend.

“You ARE kidding, you little buttsqueeze” and with that, Mer smacked Jen’s tushy with a good slap, which caught Jen off guard and elicited a YELP from her, followed by more laughter. Mer then helped herself to removing the enticing-looking garment from the drawer herself.

“MMmmm, now I LIKE this, she emphasized, as the two walked over to the bed to spread the two choices out upon the comforter. “I see you’re a Victoria girl also Jen…” as Mer spied the sought-after Italian designer label carried by the VS company.

Beside the red one-piece laid a devilishly cute cami, white in color; a silky piece trimmed in black, also with elegant spaghetti straps. Jen stepped back over to the armoire, dug a bit in the drawer, and produced the matching thong. She laid it out beneath the cami with the little red bow in the middle of the skimpy black, lacey waist strap.

Mer coyly looked at Jen, cocking her head first to one side, then the other, placing her painted nail upon her lower lip just as she had done in the bank that first day saying, “..Hmmm, I dunno…tough choice whether to dress me down or you up, sweetie.”

Jen decided to break the deadlock by offering, “OK, well why don’t we flip a coin, heads for red, tails for the Intimissimi piece”, as she reached for a useable token that was in her jewelry dish on top of the dresser.

“Wait” Mer quipped, as she quickly placed her hand upon Jen’s to stop the token that was poised upon her manicured thumb, almost ready to take flight.

Both girls had barely stopped smiling the whole time they’d been together since Mer showed up at the door, and Mer’s eyes now brightly sparkled once again with her idea.

Their touching and playful flirting did not go unnoticed by either of them, although they remained outwardly tacit about each new exchange. Now Mer’s warm hand upon Jen’s allowed them both to once again enjoy the sensual bond that increased with each passing moment.

Mer announced, “If I end up wearing the red butt flap, then we meet next weekend at my house wearing the other two pieces, OK? It’ll be my turn to host you.”

“Deal” Jen agreed enthusiastically, and freed her hand, tossing the token into the air. She flipped it, but it went too high, bouncing off the ceiling so that both girls had to jump back. Mer hollered “Augh!!” and Jen snorted and held her hand to cover her mouth and nose, laughing all the more, as the token fell to the floor and rolled under the edge of the bed ruffle.

Mer jumped down to push the edge of the ruffle out of the way, offering Jen yet another incredible view of her ass, all poked up, this time without the benefit of the sheer coverage, which had parted along the long, vertical, back seam. Damn, her hot ass looked good enough to bite right then and there.

She scrambled down on all fours also, and both saw that the “tails” side showed.

“Awwww said Mer, well can I just borrow the one-piece anyway? It’s so adorable!”

“Of course you may!” said Jennifer, as both of them straightened and faced each other.

Jen quickly folded the red outfit and set it upon the dresser for Mer, and then disappeared into the bathroom with the more sparse pieces in her hand, pushing the door partly closed behind her.

Mer flounced down upon the bed and waited excitedly for her host to reappear, looking the entire room over, and feeling all bubbly and content; just so girlish here with her sexy friend.

She yelled through the door, “You don’t have to mess with the popcorn if you don’t want to Jen, I’m kinda a little bit stuffed from my dinner.”

Jen returned, “..okay, me too really, but how about a little red wine?” as she continued dealing with getting her outfit adjusted just right.

Mer said, “That sounds better, shall I go get it?”

“Sure, it’s on the counter in the kitchen…it’s a Merlot, is that OK?”

“Oh yum, I’ll just bring the bottle up, ok? Hurry up in there, I’m ready to snuggle up and watch this naughty movie of yours.”

“Yeah, you’ll see the glasses, just grab them and I think I left the corkscrew out” returned Jen, as Mer dashed out the door and back down the softly carpeted steps.

Jen breathed out with anxiety, quickly fanning her face with her right hand. Her pulse had hardly slowed down a bit since she’d received Mer’s “My ass is haulin” message. She looked at herself in the mirror, opening the door to hear Mer’s progress downstairs.

“Am I ready for this?” she asked herself, calmly reassuring herself and pulling on her curls a bit, as she looked herself over in the mirror. “There’s no turning back once I walk out this door.”

Although she felt an ample supply of butterflies whizzing around in her gut, her blood pumped steadily and her unshakable curiosity would not be denied, she decided.

As she exited the bathroom and sat upon the bed, she first crossed her arms, but then thought better of it and relaxed them both down on each of her sides. She heard Mer ascending the steps, accompanied by an occasional clink of the glassware.

She quickly reached for the remote and flicked on a collection of favorite female vocalist tunes, softly coming from the Bose system. She immediately recognized the distinct voice of Neko Case.

Mer re-entered the bedroom and suddenly stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth open. Her look of amazement, upon seeing Jen, quickly turned to a flirtatious smile.

“Honey, sorry, but you look so much hotter as a naughty girl than as a teddy bear in your cottons, and you’re a thousand percent better than when you come see me at work!”

“I guess I’m to take that as a compliment?” Jen playfully asked, batting her eyes at Mer and flinging one side of her long curls back over her arm, smiling flirtatiously.

Mer waltzed over to stand directly in front of her lovely hostess, bent down slightly, placed her free hand upon Jen’s thigh, and praised her, “You, my dear, look indescribably delicious, how’s that?”

As she did so, Jen couldn’t help herself, and she stared briefly at Mer’s exposed, generous cleavage that was presented oh so provocatively. Mer reached up and cupped Jen’s chin in her hand, pushing her head back upright.

“There’s more where that came from if you loosen me up with some wine, dearie” as she handed the bottle and opener to Jen.

Jen blushed furiously, and stammered a bit, something about not getting any wine on the bed, as she wiggled off the mattress slowly and headed into the bathroom.

Meredith sat down on the warm spot just vacated by Jen’s tush, and got her first good look at Jen’s bared and muscularly firm ass.

Jen countered from the bathroom, “I think I may be the one in need of loosening up a bit.” As she pulled the cork out of the bottle with an audible pop.

Hearing this, Mer got up and walked into the bathroom, placing both glasses down on the pretty vanity surface.

Jan hesitantly held the corkscrew out to Mer, the cork skewered, and said, “Care to have a whiff of the cork?”

Mer kindly grasped Jan’s hand so the both of them were holding the corkscrew, but she pushed it aside, and slowly closed the distance between their faces, holding Jen’s gaze in her hazel eyes.

“I like it that you’re wound a little too tight” declared Mer.

Mer’s lips were close enough that Jen was able to feel the warm breath on her face and nose.

Neither girl was smiling now. Both of their expressions were dead serious, reaching out with trepidation and crazy tingling…anticipating, wishing upon a star, their thoughts spinning in a blurry whirl.

The moment held. “My incredible dazzling ship has just arrived into port”, thought Jen. This is the crown jewel I’ve been dreaming of.

Jen closed her pretty brown eyes and felt as if she floated on a puffy cloud. Mer looked at her longingly but held her position.

Jen moved her head forward, slowly, seeking her luscious, rich destiny with all her senses tuned to ultra-sensitive.

She contacted the glossed lips of her guest, just touching…softly…very tenderly…not kissing…just quietly and lightly pressing herself into Mer’s wonderfulness. Her nose picked up the sweet notion of Mer’s delightful, scented gloss and even the subtle scent of her skin, as her breath slowly ushered itself in and out.

Their warm noses touched sides. All was deadly quiet, except for their breathing, slowly rising and falling.

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