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Lorie of Arabia

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Adriana Chechik

It was not supposed to have turned out the way it did. It was supposed to be a simple trip across the Sahara desert to visit some pyramids. Lorie was an ancient Egyptian history buff and the opportunity to actually visit an ancient pyramid was too good to pass. She was in Cairo on business and was supposed to go back to New York today. But her plane had developed some technical problems and the airline had canceled the flight. The next flight was two days from now, so she thought that she would squeeze in some sight seeing. But what started as a sight seeing trip ended up being the most erotic time Lorie could have ever imagined.

The trip started in the wee hours of the morning. Lorie, being a loner by nature, had decided that she would be going on this expedition alone. It was just going to be her and her pyramids. She had reassured herself that with her map of the area and her GPS equipped jeep there was no chance of getting lost. What she did not know was that the desert has a mind and soul of its own.

Having packed everything that she thought that she would need, Lorie set off for what would turn out to be the strangest trip of her life. With her map and the GPS guiding her, Lorie had no problem in reaching the pyramid site.

She had seen pictures of these pyramids in books and had seen movies and documentaries on them but nothing prepared her for the grandeur of this ancient structure. There was something romantic about the pyramid but at the same time there was also something mystifying and scary, which Lorie could not quite put her finger on.

Lorie parked her jeep, got out and walked around the pyramid, taking photographs of it from every angle. On one corner, there was a rusted old sign put there by the Egyptian Tourist Board that spoke a bit about the history of the site and the pharaoh that was buried inside. The pharaoh was supposed to have had a thousand wives and was eventually murdered by one of his wives because she could not tolerate sharing him with nine hundred and ninety nine other women. But according to the legend, the pharaoh’s ghost would come back on every full moon and make love to a young virgin woman.

Reading this made Lorie a bit nervous. Tonight there was going to be a full moon and even though Lorie had had many boy friends, she was still a virgin and was saving herself for that special man that she would marry and spend the rest of her life with.

The pyramid had such an impact on Lorie that she had lost all track of time and suddenly she realized that the sun was starting to set. Quickly gathering all her camera equipment, she started back for her hotel.

Suddenly she realized that her map was missing and the GPS had stopped working. This was serious. She was in the middle of nowhere and had nothing to guide her. All around her was just miles and miles of sand and it was starting to get dark.

Lorie did not want to hang around the pyramid and the text of Tourist Board sign kept running through her mind. She had heard people say that the desert has a soul of its own and it was no different from that of the devil. “I must be going mad.” Lorie said to herself, trying to re-assure herself that there was no devil in the desert and soon she would back in her hotel room.

She heard what sounded to her like someone whispering her name from the back seat to her jeep. Startled, Lorie turned around to see whom it was but there was no one there. She told herself that she was hallucinating and turned around and kept on driving. Suddenly there was that voice again.

There was no mistaking it. It was a deep, masculine voice that was saying “Lorie… Lorie…Lorie”. Scared out of her wits, Lorie turned around again to see escort where the voice was coming from and in doing so did not see the huge sand dune coming up ahead and to the right. Lorie was driving too fast to have negotiated around the sand dune safely and her jeep turned over of its side. Lorie was thrown on one side and her head hit the door pillar. The blow to the head had knocked her unconscious. There she was, unconscious, trapped in a jeep turned on its side and some mystical voice calling out “Lorie…Lorie…Lorie”!

The jeep turning over and her hitting her head was all she could remember.

Everything was a blank after that. As she labored to get up from the bed, she tried to figure out where she was and how she got there. But she would not remember anything at all.

Lorie looked around her and saw that she was in a big tent with a red carpet covering the floor. On one of the walls, she saw what was unmistakably the coat of arms of an emperor. This tent belonged to a king. Lorie had still not quite recovered from that knock on the head and things were not quite making sense to her. How did she get here? There were not kings in Egypt these days then whose tent was this? She was wearing a pair of Levi’s and a khaki shirt when she had left her hotel this morning but now she was in a long flowing almost see-through cotton dress, which hardly covered her modesty. Her young and firm breasts were protruding from the dress and her soft pubic hair between her legs could easily be seen. Lorie was a shy person by nature but given the circumstances, she was more worried about her safety then her modesty.

Lorie was still trying to digest everything around her when suddenly she heard voices. There was someone coming towards the tent and judging from there must be at least a dozen men and women. Suddenly the curtain that covered the entrance to the tent was pushed aside and in walked six most beautiful women, dressed similar to Lorie but covered in jewelry. Behind these six women were two men who were obviously slaves. Following these two slaves was a tall man who carried himself with a regal air. Lorie knew at once that this man was a king. Three more slaved followed the king.

Lorie could not take her eyes off the king. All he had on his body were two pieces of tiger skin, tied at the waist. Whenever he took a step, the tiger skin would move up and down exposing his manhood to her. Lorie had seen naked men before but never like this. His olive colored skin was shining in the firelight. His penis, Lorie could see, was at least nine inches long, and as thick as her wrist. His balls hung low and swung from side to side with very step that he took. His chest was broad and his arms muscular and his face the most handsome Lorie had ever seen. Suddenly Lorie realized that she was getting jealous of these women who get to make love to such a magnificent creature. Try as she might, Lorie could not stop herself from getting turned on by the sight of the king and could not take her eyes off his genitals.

The women were talking among themselves in a language Lorie did not understand but that was okay. Lorie was, even though she did not want to, totally fascinated by the king and could only concentrate on him. She wanted him so bad that it hurt. This was the first man she really wanted to make love to. There had been other guys in her life but no one like this.

She had never yearned to make love to any one of them. But the king was different. This man was like no other. Try as she may, she could not take her eyes off him and found her eyes constantly wandering to the tiger skin covering his privates and hoping for another peep.

Lorie was so mesmerized by the escort bayan king that she did not even notice that the women had stopped talking and had moved to one side. One of the slaves had taken Lorie by her hand and it was then that she came back to earth. The slave gently guided her back to the bed she was peacefully sleeping in a few moments ago. A second slaved slowly slipped her dress off her shoulders and it fell to the ground. There she stood, totally naked like the day she was born but she did not care. All she wanted right now was the king. She wanted to hold his penis in her hand. She wanted to kiss it. She wanted to suck it. She wanted to the king to rub her breasts. She wanted to make love to the king and nothing else mattered.

One of the women walked over to the king and undid the string that held the tiger skins and removed it. Lorie almost let out a gasp at the full sight of the king standing naked in front of her. His penis was even lovelier than it before. His balls shining in the firelight. Oh how she wanted him!

Silently the five women and the six slaves withdrew and left the two of them alone for the very first time. The king just stood there looking at her.

“What was he waiting for?” Lorie thought.

Lorie found her eyes wandering again to the king’s manhood and suddenly saw that his penis was now erect. It looked just as grand as the pyramids did this morning. She was dying to have him near him. Slowly the king started walking towards her. Far away, Lorie could hear someone play tribal music on a drum.

The king came and sat next to her on the bed and looked her straight in her eyes. His gaze was hypnotizing and she did not even notice the king raise his hand put it on her shoulder. It was only when he touched her shoulder did she realize that his hand had moved. Slowly he leaned forward and gently kiss her on her month and Lorie felt herself melting. His tongue was slowly darting in and out of her mouth while his hand was rubbing her breasts. His other hand had started playing with her hair. “Have I died and gone to heaven” Lorie thought to herself, so turned on like never before.

Her hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it moved towards his penis.

She could not believe herself. She was about to make love to the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. She took his penis in her hand and slowly started to pump it. Lorie felt the pre cum on her fingers and the king’s penis throbbing in her hand. She could tell by the tensing of his muscles that he was about to cum. What she did not expect was the quantity of cum that would explode from his penis. Her hand was all covered with hot, creamy cum. She wanted to lick it all up. The king, as if reading her mind, guided her head down to his penis and Lorie started licking cum from his penis and thighs. Nothing had ever tasted better to her.

The king’s hands had never left her breasts and as if encouraged by Lorie licking his penis, had started to rub her breasts excitedly. The hand that was playing with hair on her head had moved down and was now playing with her pubic hair on her pussy. Every now and then a finger would naughtily go in past the opening of her pussy and then come out again. Lorie felt her juices start to flow, slow at first but more and more as she got more turned on. She was so wet between her legs that she had started to wet the sheets on the bed. Lorie was convinced that this could only be heaven. Only in heaven could she feel something so good.

The king gently pushed her back till she was laying on her back on the bed and started licking and sucking her breasts. All Lorie could do was to run her hands through his hair as she mourned in pleasure. bayan escort Slowly the king started to make his way down to her belly, his hands rubbing her breasts again. She arched her back to push her pussy into his chin. Having explored her belly button with his tongue, he moved down to her pussy and let his tongue run circles around her womanhood. Lorie was already wet from her own juices and now got even wetter with the sliver from his tongue. She started trembling as she had one orgasm after another.

Lorie could not wait any longer to feel his penis fill her pussy and gently pulled his manhood towards her. As if he understood, the king kneeled between her legs and started to gently rub his penis on her pussy. She had not allowed anyone to touch her like that before. This was a totally new feeling for her. As her juices mixed with his cum, his penis started to easily slide back and forth across her pussy. She had never felt such ecstasy and rapture.

With her pussy sufficiently lubricated by her own juices and his cum, his penis easily slipped in. As Lorie felt the king’s penis fill her, her breathing became fast and labored. Slowly, the king started to move his penis in and out of her penis. Each time he thrust his penis into her, he let it go deeper in till it felt a resistance. She had been a virgin till tonight and the resistance was the sign of her virginity. She had heard and read that the first time it hurts but she was beyond caring. She wanted the king to push his manhood all in way in and arched her back to make it got further in. The king, reading her mind, stopped pushing for the briefest of moments, looked her in her eyes and suddenly thrust with all his strength.

Lorie felt a sharp pain and knew that she was longer the virgin that she used to be.

The king kept thrusting his penis in and out of her pussy and she kept mourning in pleasure. His balls were slamming against her butt every time his pushed his penis in and that was driving her crazy. The king was driving his penis into her pussy with force and with each thrust, his pace quickened. Suddenly, she felt the king thrusting his penis harder than he was earlier and soon she knew why. He had been about to come and making the final thrust, his penis exploded, shooting torrents of lava hot cum into Lorie. His penis jerked twice more and each time, spit its load of cum into her pussy. Lorie felt the hot cum burning her inside and outside as it started to ooze out. This was indeed heaven and this was where Lorie wanted to be. She wanted to grow old making love to the king and she wanted to die making love to him.

Having taken Lorie’s virginity from her and having shot its load of hot cum into her, the king’s penis started to get soft and his breathing slower. He was still inside her as he embraced her. Lorie hugged him back, their lips locked in a passionate kiss and both fell asleep while still holding each other in a hug.

Lorie was awakened by the loud sound of a phone ringing. As she opened her eyes, her first thoughts were that of how could she have missed seeing the phone in the king’s tent. Suddenly, it hit her and the reality of it shook her. She was in her hotel room in Cairo and the phone by her bed was ringing. She stumbled to the phone and answered it. It was the clerk at the front desk and what he said really shook her to the point of almost scaring her. He told her that she had reserved a jeep to go and visit some near by pyramids and the jeep was waiting for her downstairs. So it was all a dream? It felt so real! She felt a chill do down her spine and out of fear, told the clerk to cancel the trip.

Slowly Lorie got out of the bed and took a shower. She felt refreshed now.

Dreamily she walked over to her suitcase to get fresh clothes out, her eye caught a see-through cotton dress on the floor near the door of her room and mercifully, she passed out. And till the next full moon, all the virgins in Cairo were safe.

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