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Louisiana Days Ch. 01.5

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I know, I said it would be just once. But I didn’t know it would be so good or that I would remember it so well. Williamson was never much in bed. The rare times he turned me on I was drunk. Williamson was the only man I had ever been with, you understand. Not sure if giving my brother’s Tulane friend a blow job back when I was in the eighth grade counts. And I did my share of fooling around in backseats but never too, too far. Then that Jack Strange came along last year, and everything changed.

Anyway, when Williamson died – I’ve been a widow now for what, 15 years? – I decided to devote myself to the paper. I had my one-fourth share in the cane farm and the lease property, so it wasn’t a matter of making a living, and the Loros’ tiny share of the Daily News was more of a civic duty than an investment. But, you don’t want to hear about family finances.

Anyway, a couple of summers ago, the roofers working next door – two young Cajun guys – took their shirts off. Muscles like I’d never seen. I got excited right away. A feeling I had forgotten. That night, as I took care of my urges thinking about the workers, I decided I was ready to try it again. It just had to be the right man. No one I knew in this town, of course. I certainly wasn’t going to go Baton Rouge or Lafayette to get picked up and fucked. Maybe a divorced advertising guy or widower in Dallas. Of course, no one who was married. Maybe. I’d just wait for the right oilman or lawyer or whomever.

Then, Jack Strange bought me that martini at Tony’s.

Through dessert that night – I was the odd woman out as usual – I kept trying to figure out what to do. I was flattered, of course, to know that this boy/man was interested in landing in my bed: Why else would he send me that martini? I had heard about his bet with Elliot but like everyone else I assumed neither of them was serious. Why was someone so young interested in a woman not quite twice his age? After a few minutes, I stopped worrying about the why, and began thinking the how. I know I am still an attractive woman, and that night I remember I was wearing my stilettos, which are supposed to make my legs stand out and my legs are my best feature. I unbuttoned another button on my dress, but I didn’t think that would make much of a difference.

I remember watching him through the plastic palms that separated the bar from the dining room. Maybe I was hooked even before the martini. But, of course, that was more curiosity than anticipation. He was short, skinny and not very sexy. He looked like he was 14-years-old. He never combed his curly hair, his glasses didn’t fit and his suits were old and thread bare, though I presumed they were good – Brooks or Porter-Stevens, I’d guess. And, of course, tuzla escort that scar on his face.

Back to the martini.

We were the last to leave the dining room. The judge and his wife walked me to the door, where I excused myself and went to the powder room. Then I walked into the bar, which I could see was getting ready to close, too. Jack was sitting at the bar, drunk. Of course, I was not exactly cold sober myself. So I bought us both a drink while we exchanged small talk. Despite the obvious clues where the evening was headed, I don’t think he realized that I was as interested in landing him in my bed as he was. I tried to let him carry the conversation and the evening, but he was too tongue tied or too shy or too drunk. When that plan didn’t work, I went with my instincts and talked him up a bit and touched his arm and chest, and brushed the back of my hand against his leg. I considered putting my hand on his leg, but that was probably a bit too forward, at least in public. I felt pretty confident and more than a little in command of the situation. However, I had to let him think he was doing the seducing. . . at least a little.

He tentatively suggested without suggesting that we go to his apartment, but I wasn’t so sure that was a good idea. I got the impression he was having second thoughts. At that moment, I’m not sure he believed I really intended to “do” him.

I got tired of dropping hints, so when it became apparent the staff was closing everything up, I invited him to my house. I told him to be there in an hour. But I could have said half an hour or less, as long as we didn’t arrive together.

When I got home I took a valium and began putting things in place: Cognac on the bar, pillows on the floor and sofa, jazz on the stereo, lights out everywhere, save a lamp in the living room and a night light in the hallway. I washed my face to remove the rouge and eye. And I removed my bra. I put my silk dress back on so Jack could take it off. A fire in the hearth and soft Sinatra in the air.

Then came the knock on the door. Suddenly I was nervous. Jack was the one who was supposed to be nervous. I waited a few moments to compose myself before opening the door.

And there he was.

Suddenly he no longer looked like a 14-year-old. I couldn’t wait to get him in my bed and in me. But I could wait. It would be more fun for him and for me.

I got the drinks and made a toast of sorts. I thought a toast was fitting.

This was a new experience for me, and I was liking it. The way he kissed, the feel of his hands on my sides and my back and on my breasts. And, best of all, his erection against my body. I got him hard, even fully clothed. My confidence was swelling.

I guided him tuzla escort bayan to the proper chair, and let myself be free as he talked and talked about anything and everything. The valium and brandy over took me. I wanted to listen to him, not that he had anything to say, but to hear his calm voice and the Uptown way he said TOO-lane and Mel-po-MEEN. I turned my back and lay between his legs, my hands on his knees and my head square against his abdomen so that his cock was touching the base of my neck. What a wonderful feeling. And I let him talk. His voice was so calm and magical.

Soon I was undressing him, then facing him, touching him, watching him beam as I unzipped his pants and pulled his trousers and shorts off. Just seeing his penis stand erect and knowing it was because of me turned me on again. I bent to give him a blow job. I teased, of course, licking his thighs and kissing the tip. Pretty heady stuff. His cock growing and throbbing in my mouth. He was doing his best to hold on, but we both knew he couldn’t. When I felt a strong spurt on the roof of my mouth, it was time to take him.

And he came. Wow, did he come. I was not sure if I would be able to take it all, but I did. I remembered the salty taste from back in my days in the back seat of a Buick, and the excitement of the production. That was grandly enjoyable but now I wanted all of that inside me. I wanted to be fucked.

I knew that as a young guy he’d be ready for another go soon. I fetched us drinks and cigarettes and began to disrobe. I knew my body was still in good shape and by the time I was down to my panties I could see Jack agreed. Naked from the waist down, steel hard and ready as ever. His cock stood erect as he reclined in the chair. I think I made a another toast or something before reaching for his hand and lifting him to his feet.

Oh, could that man kiss. He was so passionate about even the smallest things. I bit his tongue and tried to return his passion. It was not difficult. His intensity was contagious. I recalled how shy he had been earlier. He certainly wasn’t shy now. His cock against my abdomen, his hands began moving up and down my sides as he removed my dress. It was like he was trying to take me over or something. At that moment I would gladly have let him.

I tried to get back in control with a joke about his eagerness. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to get back into control, especially after he pushed my panties to my knees, and rubbed my muff. I was loving every second of this, and wished it would never end but just keep getting better.

He touched my clitoris. I thought I would have my first orgasm right there.”No, not here,” I said – gasped really. I wanted that first orgasm in my bed. I stepped out escort tuzla of my panties, and led him down the hall to the bedroom.

I had cleared off the bed earlier, so there was no interruption or pause when we fell into the pillows. And oh, it was great. He went down on me right away. He slurped up all my juices – and, damn was I wet – before teasing me with his hard cock running up and down my body. I was shaking – quaking? – when he bit my clit, and I the squeezed his head between my thighs in what I guess was a reflex action.

After a while, I was crawling up the wall in anticipation, and now the little kid was playing with me, or so it seemed. “No more, Jack. Fuck me. Damn it do Doris now.”

And suddenly he did. A single motion it seemed. He leaned over me, his hands at my sides, smiled and, wham, he was in. Startled? Shocked? Surprised? But mostly pleasure, lots and lots of pleasure. It had been so long since I had had someone inside me, it was almost like I was a virgin again. Only this time, I knew what to do. (Williamson would have been shocked if he knew what his wife knew.)I rose to meet him as he pushed and retreated when he pulled out so his stroke would be oh so much longer.

“Oh my lord. More. More.” I was really on fire and by this time I could see he was having problems holding on. But, he rammed me, pounded me, fucked me again and again and again, the whole time leaning over me and smiling. I knew what he wanted: He wanted me to call his name. So I did, “Yes Jack. So good Jack. You’re the best Jack.”

Of course, two can play at this game and I bit his shoulder and dug my nails into his back until he in turn began calling for me: “Doris, you are wonderful. Doris. Doris. Come with me, Doris my wonderful Doris.”

Somehow we turned over and I found myself on top as we both But Obegan to climax, shouting each other’s names and just plain shouting.


I collapsed on top of him, and stayed frozen in that position until he finally lost every bit of his hardness and slipped out of me. Then, I let him hold me in his arms until I could catch my breath.

Oh, I would have loved for him to spend the night. He was still kind of drunk, so I’m sure he would have liked to stay. And, of course, we both knew that the morning would bring an encore.

“Next week?” he asked plaintively.

“No,” I told him. “This must be the only time. It’s time for you to go before the sun and the neighbors come up.”

In the weeks that followed, there were rumors about the widow Williamson and the kid reporter. I think everybody wanted to believe them but nobody really did. No one came right out and asked. I probably would have denied everything, while trying to keep from smiling.

I know I promised Jack and myself that this was a one-time thing. Guess I’m looking forward to breaking that promise.

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