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Love and Trust Ch. 02

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It had been 3 weeks since Mick and his wife had fulfilled one of his fantasies. She had set up a meeting for him to be fucked by someone else, in that case a man. He admitted that it had been an exciting and VERY pleasurable time.

Since that meeting he had been a living hard-on, he would be all over his wife as soon as he came home, fucking her 2,3 sometimes 4 times a night, and considering that he was never a 3 time a day man before, even when a teen, he could hardly believe what had happened to him. The sexual awakening that meeting had caused in him had been literally life altering. When before he didn’t care if he had sex or not, now he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about it all day.

His dreams were filled with erotic images and actions, some he had seen in porn but others only his now over excited imagination came up with. He would fantasize about taking his wife while another woman joined in, usually some famous actress or model, sometimes the other was one of the women that worked in his office. Other times he imagined a second man joining in, how he’d watch his wife get fucked by some stranger, how he’d join in and both he and the stranger would fill his wife over and over again.

And still others he’d imagine himself being fucked by some stranger, getting his ass fucked over and over till he came or having more than one stranger there, sometimes a group, all surrounding him as they stroked their hard cocks and then taking him one after the other.

Yes his fantasy life had been turned on, just like his regular life had taken a beautiful turn for the better. His wife was happier, canlı bahis HE was definitely happier and things were just MORE that they had ever been.

Mick came home and found a note on the door from his wife, it told him to go to the bedroom, get naked and be ready for another surprise. He hurried into the bedroom, stripped off his clothes and jumped into bed. His dick was like stone just thinking about what his wife had in store for him. As he waited he started to jack, long and slow strokes that had him leaking pre-cum in want of more friction.

His wife came into the room from the bathroom. She was naked except for the harness she wore and the large dildo sticking out in front of her. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. His wife, the woman whom he thought he knew so well had now surprised him twice. First by setting up the earlier meeting and now by not only buying a dildo but buying one that she wanted to use on him.

He loved looking at her nude body, for the longest time she would only take her clothes off while in bed or with the lights off or when he wasn’t in the room, too self-conscious at no longer being the 18 year old she once was. But that didn’t matter to him, SHE mattered and seeing her standing there comfortable and confident both in and with herself made his breath catch and pulse quicken.

After watching her walk toward the bed with the huge dildo thrust obscenely before her he shot his load all over his chest. They laughed together at his obvious over excitement of the situation. She came and leaned over, started licking the cum off of his chest and stomach moving her way bahis siteleri down to his dick and finishing it off by sucking each of his fingers.

He pulled her down on to the bed with him, kissing her deeply, the kind of kiss they use to share back when they were dating and newly married. He didn’t realize how much he missed kissing her like this. He didn’t realize how much he had missed her.

She broke the kiss, whispering to him to roll over onto his stomach. He did, he felt her straddle his back, got goose flesh where he felt the length of the dildo pressed against him. She worked her way down his body, paying extra attention to his ass cheeks. The feel of her hands caused him to get hard, he loved how sexy she made him fell.

He knew he wasn’t a model but with her he felt as if he were the most desireable person in the world. That was her greatest gift to him; that feeling she created in him, that feeling of being wanted. He was grinding his cock into the bed, the feel of the cool sheets was heaven against his dick as she kissed and licked his ass. He then felt her spread the lube on his hole, pushing first one finger then a second into him, slowly sliding them in and out.

She slid her fingers into him faster and then harder, till he started to grind back against her hand, that was the signal, she knew that he knew he was ready. She moved up behind him as he raised up to his hands and knees, stroking the strap-on as she spread the lube over it, she moved in between his legs, sliding the head of the dildo over his ass hole teasing him with the slight movements, till she pressed the head against bahis şirketleri his opening and pushed.

He grunted as it slide inside him, slowly, inch by inch, till her thighs were pressed against his. He took a couple of deep calming breathes as she slide back out till he felt the coolness of the room on his lubed up asshole. As his opening closed again she slide back into him, half way, and stopped. She whispered to him, asking if he was ready, all he could do was press back against her and grunt to let her know he was. Her strokes were slow at first as she got used to the harness, then faster and harder as she found her rhythm and enjoyed how it felt as her clit was rubbed with each stroke.

She thrust into him steady, hearing him moan and gasp as he got closer and closer to cumming, she too was getting close, her body was covered in sweatas her breath came to her in short ragged gulps. He moaned loudly as he shot, each hard jet causing him to shudder as the over stimulation in his ass combined with the intensity of his orgasm. She continued to pound into him for a few more seconds till she too hit that peak and cried out when her orgasm took her down the other side.

They both lay panting on the bed, spooned together like they use to when they were first married when they couldn’t get enough of the others touch, the sweat on their bodies cooling them off as they just took comfort from the other. This is what they had been missing for so long, this personal intimacy. It had disappeared so gradually over the years that they never even noticed till they found it again. Both promised themselves privately and each other personally, that it wouldn’t leave again, it was too important, too vital to life.

He whispered in her ear how much he loved her and felt her sigh deeply against him as they both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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