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Love without Limits – Date Night Ch. 01

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(Note: this is a gay one-on-one story, and a bit romantic)

In The Previous Chapter: Married couple Joan and Harry accepted an invitation from Amanda and Sam to a party with several friends. At the party Harry finally embraced his bisexuality, and they ended the evening with an intimate foursome with their hosts. Afterwards, Sam proposed a unique date night: Joan and Amanda would get together while Harry and Sam would go on their own date…

“So you guys will just walk back when you’re done?” asked Amanda as she stopped the car in front of the restaurant.

“Unless it rains, then we’ll get a cab,” said Sam. “You’re going to stay the night with Joan?”

“That’s the plan.” She gave her husband a quick kiss. “Have fun.”

“That means you, too, sweetie,” Joan said to her own husband Harry. She was in the front seat with Amanda and leaned back to give him a kiss.

Harry and Sam exited the car and walked up the steps to Garibaldi’s, one of the most popular restaurants in town. Sam gave his name to the hostess and they were guided to their table.

Harry felt as if he was in a dream. He had finally acted on his bisexuality last week, with Joan, Amanda, and a group of the other couple’s friends. Joan and the other two had denied that this was all an attempt at a coming-out party for Harry, but that’s what it had felt like.

This night was a bit different, however. While Harry has always harboured bisexual desires he would have never imagined an actual romantic date with a man. It wasn’t any lingering homophobia as much as that such an idea was alien to him. Gay men dated, and Harry didn’t think of himself as gay. As well, even though his wife knew about it, he felt like he was cheating on Joan. The fact that Joan and Amanda were going to their place to have a night of their own put him at ease a bit, but it didn’t feel any less weird.

When the waiter came to the table Sam asked after Chris, and the waiter informed them that Chris was off that night. Sam ordered a light chicken dish while Harry ordered mussels served with angel hair pasta.

Throughout the meal Harry found that what he liked most about Sam was that he could talk to him about anything – not just sex. They talked about their families – Harry was stepfather to Joan’s son Michael from a previous relationship who was just starting college. Sam and Amanda had two kids: Mara, 24, a theology major who was studying to be a rabbi, and Richie, 19, who was majoring in business.

Harry was head of copywriting at a local advertising agency, while Sam owned and managed a bookstore (“no, not that kind,” Sam said with a smile).

“That’s how I met a lot of the people at the party. Leonard and Sylvia are probably my best customers. They’ve got an amazing personal library. It’s like something out of a movie.”

Harry laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“You folks are all so… Normal. Cebeci Escort This isn’t what I expected at all.”

“What, like all the guys should be wearing gold medallions and the women should be over-tanned?” Sam smiled. “I’ve never liked the word ‘swinger.’ We’re not like that. It’s not about scoring or conquests. We just like sex and we like sharing this with people we love.”

“Love?” Harry raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not too strong a word. I love my friends, and I want to have a good time with them.”

Harry found himself more and more attracted to Sam. He was funny, warm and seemed genuinely interested in people.

The waiter came back and gave them the dessert menu. Neither of them wanted to have anything too heavy so Sam just ordered coffee while Harry ordered coffee and a raspberry-lemon granita “with two spoons.”

When the dessert and coffee arrived Harry felt a little daring and offered to serve Sam a spoonful of the dessert. Taking his cue, Sam grabbed the other spoon and fed Harry. They both giggled slightly at the romance of the gesture. Any lingering feeling that this was “wrong” vanished from Harry’s mind.

It was still light out, and Sam and Amanda’s place was within walking distance, so they took a stroll by the river. Sam offered Harry his hand as they walked, and Harry accepted it. Even this slight contact thrilled Harry, especially that they were doing it in public.

“Sam? Oh hey how are you?” A voice called out and the two spotted another couple. It was Cassie and Michelle, the female couple from the week before. They were walking their dog, who appeared to be some sort of Australian Shepherd mix.

“Hey you two. Long time no see,” said Sam. “You remember Harry.”

Harry tried not to blush as he remembered that the last time he’d seen them Cassie and Michelle were part of a daisy chain with his wife and a couple other women.

“Oh yeah, hi, Harry,” said Cassie. “So what are you two guys up to tonight?”

“We just had dinner and we’re going back to my place. The girls are at Joan and Harry’s house tonight.”

Cassie and Michelle looked at each other and smiled.

“See you later, fellas. And please give Joan and Amanda our love.”

“Will do.”

It was dusk by the time they got to Sam’s house. After Sam had locked the door and they had taken off their coats, Harry grabbed Sam and gave him a long, luxurious kiss. He didn’t want to waste any time. Sam returned the kiss and began to undo the buttons on his shirt.

They continued this pas de deux at the foot of the stairs, fumbling with their clothes as they kept kissing. When they were down to their underwear Sam stopped and started up the stairs.

Once on the second floor they practically sprinted to the master bedroom and tumbled onto the bed, flinging off the last of their clothes. Sam Kolej Escort rolled over so he was on top of Harry. Holding Harry down, he smiled as he began kissing lower, first to Harry’s downy chest and then reaching his crotch.

At the party someone had said Sam was a “goddamn musician” with his oral technique, as it was all about rhythm. Sam had an innate sense of timing his licks and strokes to maximize pleasure, and draw out as much sensation as possible before going for the orgasm. Harry appreciated Sam’s little touches, like when he caressed Harry’s calves as he continued sucking.

Harry came with an orgasm that seemed last a full minute. It was if there was an electric current going straight from his cock to Sam’s mouth. Harry let out a moan that sounded like something from a wild animal. He body shook and he pulled his softening cock out of Sam’s mouth,

“Wow,” said Sam. “I’m glad you liked it.”

“My turn,” Harry said. Harry had been thinking about his cocksucking technique ever since the party, and had even practiced on one of Joan’s dildos. Harry didn’t waste any time kissing down Sam’s body and went straight for his lover’s cock. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the foreplay; however, he felt like he was on a mission to make Sam come. Grabbing Sam’s ass with both hands, he pulled the other man’s entire body towards him, enveloping his cock with his welcoming lips. When Sam came, Harry lovingly drank down every last drop of his partner’s issue.

Neither of them were young men, so they needed some time to recover. So they lay on the bed, kissing and fondling each other with a slow, steady pace. Harry had come first, and he found himself getting hard again. Sam kissed him on the lips and grabbed his cock.

“I want you to fuck me.”


“I want you to fuck me, Harry. We need to do this.”

Harry stared into Sam’s blue eyes. Harry had always been reluctant to do anal sex, and he was still a little squeamish about it. But here was Sam begging for it.


Sam grabbed a towel and wiped Harry’s cock. Grabbing a condom from the nightstand, he slipped it on Harry, giving the cock a squeeze as he was doing it.

“I don’t know what to do at all,” warned Harry. “I’ve never done this before,”

“Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it.” Sam handed Harry the lube bottle and instructed him on how to spread it on Sam’s ass. Harry did as he was told, slipping a couple fingers into Sam’s asshole and slathering on the lube. When Harry was done, Sam presented his ass ready for contact.

Harry slipped his cock into Sam’s ass and began to rock gently towards his lover’s body. Bucking his hips he began moving in and out of Sam, first slowly and gradually getting faster. Harry didn’t think he would enjoy this, but he did, as the two men moved as one. For a split second Harry felt Yenimahalle Escort like there was no one else in the entire world but himself and his lover. A moment later and he spurted, his ejaculation straining but not bursting the condom. As they detached, Harry noticed that Sam was hard again.

“Now do me,” said Harry,

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah let’s do this.”

Sam repeated the ritual with Harry’s ass. The lube felt cold but not unpleasantly so. As Sam guided Harry in what to expect, he first entered Harry. A slight movement of Sam’s cockhead made his tender ass tingle. Once Sam had moved past the sphincter, Harry felt more relaxed.

Harry as surprised at how much he felt in control of the fucking. Even though Sam was penetrating him Harry felt that it was his ass that was fucking Sam’s cock. Harry was still flaccid, but Sam reached and stroked Harry’s balls as he nibbled on his lover’s left ear.

“Kiss me,” said Harry, turning around to face Sam.


“Yes, while you’re fucking me.”

They managed to awkwardly position themselves so that they could kiss as Sam continued to fuck. Harry finally realized that anal sex could be something more than a fetish or a kink, but a true way to connect. He felt as if Sam was a part of himself when they were fucking.

Sam came for the second time, feeling spent but happy. The two lay there and said nothing for a few minutes. Harry finally broke the ice.

“I think I might be falling in love with you.”

“I sense some trepidation when you say that.”

“Well, yes, because I love my wife.”

“And I love my wife, and right now they’re at your place, fucking the hell out of each other.”

Sam laughed and gave Harry another kiss. “Harry, I didn’t suggest this evening just so Joan and Amanda could have some girl time together. I suggested it because I like you a lot and I really want to be with you.”

“It’s all new to me, Sam.”

“The important thing is you’re doing it the right way. I didn’t before. I haven’t told you this but I used to fool around with men behind Amanda’s back. When I had to go away on business I would hook up with an old friend, or even just pick a guy up at a bar. It almost ruined our marriage when Amanda found out. She was already packed and ready to take the kids with her. We talked all night, and Amanda let me know that she wanted to be with women, too. So instead of splitting up we came out to each other.”

“How did the kids take it?”

“Well, they were glad we weren’t breaking up for one thing. Mara was okay with it but it took Richie some time to adjust to it.

“Harry, I love Amanda with all my heart, and that’s exactly why I like to share this with her. Now I want to share this with you and Joan. There’s really nothing stopping anyone from loving as many people as possible.”

“I never thought of it that way.”

They were both truly spent now, and lay there in each other’s arms, contemplating where they would go from here.

“So what do you think the girls are doing right now?” asked Harry.

“Knowing Amanda like I do, they’re probably giving each other a real work out.”

They both laughed and lay next to each other until sleep embraced them.

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