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Loving Daughters

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We’d had dinner, courtesy of the microwave oven and I was in the living room with the paper. My wife, Cheryl, a very sexy bitch who was over forty, but looked thirty, was going out. When she’d told me earlier, I thought, oh! No not again. But I didn’t say it. That would only arouse her wrath and she’d scream at me and make my two lovely daughters upset.

I saw Cheryl going to the bathroom and seized the opportunity to get my slippers. They were in our bedroom which we still shared, because, we had a five-room apartment in a two-family house and each girl had her own room. Our marriage was a farce, I only stayed because of our two beautiful daughters.

As I put my slippers on, I noticed, the off-white dress on the hanger on the wardrobe door. It had a deep, square-cut neck, it was full to the waist and it was barely mid-thigh length. Not very stylish, but designed so that no man who ever saw her nice, firm tits and shapely, mature legs revealed by its skimpiness ever complained. Probably because they knew that she was willing to spread her legs, for the first man who touched her or fingered her cunt, she was always ready to accommodate any cock, except for mine.

She came back, into the bedroom, holding a cologne bottle in her hand. She dabbed a little under each arm, then spreading her legs (which she hadn’t done for me in quite a while), she dabbed cologne on each inner thigh and in the hair around her snatch. She was wearing an off white bra that clearly showed her cleavage and tops of her tits, almost revealing her erect nipples, she also wore pantyhose, the kind without additional material around her twat and ass.

I could clearly see the stretched lips of her cunt and I knew she’d trimmed and dyed her pussy hair to the same tint as was on her head.

“Stop staring, you arse-hole,” Cheryl snapped. “I’m going out with the girls, so don’t wait up for me, as they say – not that you’d have any reason to.”

My cock was rigid. My wife was nothing but a fucking bitch, fucking other guys and not me – but she still turned me on, which was more to the pity.

“Keep it down and stop strutting around like the useless over aged hooker that you really are, at least, while our daughters are at home,” I replied angrily, but not too loudly.

“Besides,” I said. “I don’t know that I’d want to put my cock into your slack cunt, especially after your studs have been there. And when the girls move out you can bring all your randy studs home to fuck your ass off and the daylights out of them, because I won’t be here either.”

She laughed. “If you leave me, I’ll strip you of everything you’ve got. You’ll have to hitchhike to work. By the way I’m taking the car.”

“Well!” I said. “Don’t leave your used condoms in the front seat, like you usually do.”

She turned red and slipped the dress on and quickly left the house. She didn’t bother saying anything to Mary, our twenty-one-year-old college senior, or Lynn, who was a trainee executive with a mail-order company.

As soon as the front door slammed shut, Lynn came into the bedroom. Just looking at my older daughter made me feel a lot better. She’s slender, dark haired and she’s always tanned from sports, which makes her blue eyes and flashing smile more noticeable. Now, here she was in my bedroom, wearing one of my shirts and she looked really angry.

“You don’t have to stay with her because of us, Daddy,” Lynn said, sitting on the bed with one leg under her, the other shapely member showing bare almost to the crotch, I could in fact see the dark outline, I was sure was her pubic hair. As Lynn moved her leg, the shirt lifted. Now her pussy was in plain sight as she didn’t have knickers on, I couldn’t stop staring. Smiling as she caught me looking, I reddened, as she nodded toward my crotch. My cock was still bulging. Some nights I’d have a hard-on nearly all evening. . “Mary and I know she’s cheating on you and that you never have any sex. No wonder you’re in that condition!”

“You’re supposed to ignore it, when you notice things like this,” I told her.

“She’sprobably screwing or sucking some slimy stranger in a dingy motel room or maybe even gang-banging the boys at the local hotel,” Lynn said. “Besides we know that She doesn’t love any of us anymore.”

“You can’t be positive your mother is fooling around with other men.” I said.

Lynn laughed. “Mary has checked her panties a couple of times and showed them to me. She spotted them up herself a few times, but one night they were soaked. Some guy had let go up and all over her and she had walked in, with them in her hand.”

“I think you’d better go to your room and the next time you wear that shirt, put some panties on underneath it.” I said sternly, “I’m surprised at you and Mary, I’ve tried to teach you both not to……”

“Oh! Don’t be a nerd, Pop,” she giggled. “And stop staring at my pussy like that. You wasn’t look at it or touch it, go ahead. Mary and I have been fucking around for a couple of years. And why shouldn’t we? At least kadıköy escort we are honest and open about it, we’re not like Mum, we are at least choosy about who shoves their cocks into us.”

Then she laughed, as she got up and deliberately she lifted the shirt, leaning back with her legs apart she revealing her flat stomach and the ripe cunt lips, mirrored amongst the dark thatch of hair. “You see, Daddy? My pussy’s not that much different to Mum’s” She said.

“It looks a lot nicer to me. I love you and Mary so much. I’ll never leave you.” I said.

Lynn paused by the door, her long, slim legs showing. She said, “We’re both over twenty-one, Pop. We can live with whoever we like and we like you. Besides, if Mum tries to crucify you in court, Mary and I will both tell the judge just what a bitch she is and that she seduced us and tried to force us to have sex with her studs even if she didn’t.”

I felt good as I lay back thinking of that conversation. My cock was throbbing so hard that I was about to explodes, so I opened my fly and reached in, easing the position of my cock, when, suddenly, Mary’s blonde head appeared around the door frame, she saw my hand in my pants.

Smiling, she said, “Maybe I should come back in about ten minutes. Pop.”

I pulled my hand out and raised my leg to hide my erection as Mary came into the room. She was wearing a terry-towelling robe that was a little below hip length. At least I got to look at three sets of gorgeous legs frequently – even though I detested the owner of one set.

“Lynn told me that she has talked to you, Dad,” Mary said quietly.

She pulled a chair over and sat, crossing her legs. At least she wore knickers, which I could just happen to see. They were bright red and very sheer, very sexy and they didn’t really hide a whole lot.

“Pop, I want to tell you that, what Lynn said is true. Mum is fucking every man she comes in contact with, especially if he has a big cock. Right now, she’s probably in a motel sucking some clown’s cock down into her throat.”

I glared at her. I had to pretend to disapprove, but she just laughed.

“We know you, Daddy.” she said, “We know that you want Lynn and me to be innocent virgins, but we’re not. We both know you’re as horny as hell. We were hoping we could find you some nice lady that you could shack up with. Lynn works with a divorcee who’s always horny and we think she’d really love spread her legs for a gorgeous hunk like you any day. Lynn and I will both spread our legs for you anytime you like.”

My cock was so hard from all this sexy talk and my sneaking looks at my daughters’ beautiful pussies.

“We’ll discuss this later,” I said, “Right now, I need to take a shower, a cold one at that.”

Mary giggled as she stood up. Opening her robe and she showed me her bright red briefs. I could see wisps of her cunt hair and the outline of her swollen pussy lips, through her knickers.

“You do you like my knickers, don’t you, Daddy?” She asked teasingly as she left.

I grabbed some jockey shorts and went across the hall to the bathroom, the big one we all shared. The half-bathroom is located just off the kitchen. One wall is covered with a full length mirror.

I pulled my pants and jockey shorts down and stepped out of them. I examined my cock. It is thick, fairly long and uncircumcised. When I stroked it, the foreskin slid back over the bulbous, red, smooth and very sensitive knob. As I rubbed my shaft a little, wondering if I should jerk off then, or in the shower. Right at that moment, the door opened, and Lynn came boldly strolling in. She pulled the shirt up and sat on the toilet seat, holding the shirt aside. She spread her legs, so that I could see her twat spewing out its golden stream. She fingering her pussy, getting her pee all over her hand, as she gazed at my hard cock and licking her lips, she smiled at me.

“Pop!” she commented. “You, you’re not circumcised!”

“No, I’m not,” I replied.

“I’ve never made it with a guy who had a foreskin, before.” She said.

Then, without warning, my dark haired daughter, stretched her hand out and captured my cock and pushing the foreskin back and studied my throbbing knob. If she had tried to kiss or lick it, I know I would have jumped away.

“Daddy,” she said. “I’d love to kiss and suck your cock, but I know you’d never think of letting me, would you? You already know that Mary and I have been having sex together for years, so I guess you don’t approve of that either.”

“I know, I’m just a narrow-minded, middle-aged man, honey,” I said. “This is wrong, you…” I stopped.

My beautiful dark haired daughter was stroking my long, hard cock, holding it only inches away from her mouth, with her eyes locked on it. Peering into the eye. She was licking her lips, her other hand was between her legs, she was masturbating. She straightened her legs, spread them wide and slipped down a little so I could see her finger-fucking herself.

Looking kartal escort at Lynn’s cunt, I knew I couldn’t disapprove of anything she said or did.

I had been on the verge of coming for a long time, I couldn’t hold back any longer. When I came, she held it there, pointed at her face, her mouth open. I was shocked to see the first long stream of spunk go right into her mouth and she quickly swallowed it.

Then, as she was about to come, she started shuddering and making soft moaning sounds; then she twisted and humped her hand for a moment before she finally relaxed, obviously climaxed out.

Just as she finished, the door opened fully. It had already been slightly ajar, Mary was smiling as she walked in. It was becoming a real family gathering.

“I watched, hope you don’t mind,” Mary said coyly. “We have known for a long time how big you are, because, Lynn and I have often peeked when you while you were dressing and we’ve often said how we’d rather fuck with you more than anyone else we know.”

“Besides,” Lynn chimed in, “Your cock is a whole lot bigger than the little weenies we’ve had to put up with, lately.”

Mary removed her robe, came behind me and hugged me, rubbing her firm breasts on my back and her hairy pussy against the back of my leg. She must have removed her panties earlier. She grasped my softening cock and caressed it

“Daddy, will you please turn around and give me a big hug. Since we grew up, you have never really hugged Lynn or me.

“How could I refuse my beautiful daughter

A memory of that bumper sticker went through my mind; HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR CHILDREN LATELY OR EVEN TODAY? I made the decision then and there to become a more loving parent. I turned, taking Mary in my arms, my cock naked and half hard, was pressing against her stomach. The feeling of her firm, round tits against my chest and the way she rubbed her nipples against me was making me cock as hard as a rock again.

Lynn hugged the two of us from behind.

“In case you’re feeling guilty, Dad, just remember our mother is probably in a motel sucking some clown’s cock down into her throat.” Mary said.

I glared at her. I had to pretend to disapprove, but she just laughed.

I kissed my younger daughter on the lips, she parted her soft lips and my tongue tasted her sweet mouth. Her tongue was caressing mine, as she reached for my cock and pushed it down so she could take it between her legs. She started squeezing her thighs on my hot meat. Then she rubbed her cunt lips on my cock was making me even harder. I could feel her pussy flooding over my cock as she pressed her cunt lips on its hardness.

I cupped her ass cheeks in my hands and began moving her back and forth a little faster. There’s a limit to everything and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was going to come, so was she.

Then she bit my earlobe as I felt her shudder and heard her moan softly. She was having an orgasm.

As I was caressing her smooth back, running my hand over her young, firm ass. I no longer felt guilty about being intimate with my daughters. I now wanted them as much, if not more than they wanted me.

“Your cock feels so good, Daddy,” Mary said.

“I’m going to take a shower with you, Daddy,” my younger daughter murmured in my ear.

Lynn pulled me away. “You’re going to have a shower, remember? Well, I’m going to join you.”

Mary stepped in first, her slender waist and hips topped by surprisingly mature tits. She regulated the shower, letting it flow down on her hair. Lynn’s tits were smaller, but she’s dark haired with more hair around her cunt.

As I stepped into the shower Lynn was right behind me. We were laughing, getting soap in our eyes, rubbing our slippery, soapy bodies together. I was totally happy for the first time in over a year, since my wife had started openly flaunting her unfaithfulness to us. She was the only shadow on my life and now I was able to put her completely out of my mind. Mary wiped the water from her eyes and smiled at me.

“Give me your hand , Daddy,” she said.

She took hold of it and placed it between her legs and against her hot cunt. I felt a warm stream, not from the shower, either. Lynn giggled.

“Mary loves to piss on people, Daddy,” Lynn said. “We both do. Sometimes when we shower together, she pisses on me, from head to toe. Is that gross, Pop?”

It sounded delightful to me, but I didn’t want to admit it. “Don’t knock it till you try it, I guess,” I told her.

Lynn got between me and Mary, then Mary sat on the bottom of the tub. Lynn stood over her and I watched, my cock rigid. Lynn bent her knees as her golden stream cascaded down on her sister’s head and down over her gorgeous tits. When she peed on Mary’s face, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She spat it back out, laughing and she stood up. All three of us rinsed off, when we got out of the tub, Mary kissed me on the lips and I knew I was tasting some of Lynn’s pee.

We kurtköy escort came out of the shower and dried each other off. They paid particular attention to my groin, they took turns drying my hard cock and swollen balls, both of them kissed my cock. I dried them and licked and kissed their pussies in return. We’d all had at least one orgasm by this time, but we weren’t finished and the night was to be very long.

Still totally naked, we went into the kitchen, decided on a couple of frozen pizzas, which we put into the microwave. I opened a bottle of wine and we went into the living room with the pizzas. They ate with the hunger and disregard of calories only the young can afford I ate about half as much and sipped my wine. Mary took a half-full wine bottle, pushed the neck of it between her pussy lips and poured some of the wine into her cunt. She took the bottle away, barely spilling a drop and looked at me.

“Want some wine, Pop?” She asked teasingly, I knelt on the couch over her up turned pussy. She had her legs wide apart and up high. When I tasted her wine soaked pussy, it was like the finest champagne ever bottled. I sucked the wine and licked her juicy twat, then I fluttered my tongue on her clit and nibbled it. Mary held my face in her snatch and humped against my mouth. I relaxed and Lynn was laughing. She had the wine bottle.

“That looked like fun. Have a drink from me, Dad,” she said. She was on the well padded floor and she put her legs up around her shoulders and stuck the wine bottle right into her pussy’s entrance. I heard the wine pour into her cunt As I glued my mouth onto her pussy, she let her pussy force the wine into my mouth. I loved doing this and I thought if only I had a couple more daughters I’d quickly become an alcoholic just for them. Then I turned over onto my back and Lynn knelt over me and let the rest dribble from her cunt into my open mouth. Then she settled down onto my face and I ate her pussy, she was trying to grind her pussy into my mouth, I ate her as she worked toward a shattering orgasm. She gushed a few seconds later, then rolled off of me, smiling contentedly.

“Isn’t he the greatest, Lynn.” Mary said, kneeling beside me.

She had my cock in her hand, bending over and licking it. Lynn put a fat pillow under my head so I could watch in comfort. Then Lynn bent low to lick my balls. Then she moved up and fluttered her tongue around my nipples while Mary moved up onto the lounge to squat above my hips, she lowered herself, holding my cock daintily with thumb and forefinger, guiding it to her tight, young pussy.

As the head of my cock pressed against the opening to her cunt, she said, Oh! Daddy, Ohhhh! Daddy, it’s so big.”

As she started easing the swollen head of my cock between her hot, wet cunt lips. She slowly lowered her cunt down onto my shaft, taking its thickness and length deep into her snatch. She was almost in tears as I slid into her to the hilt. She slowly began sliding up and down my cock, taking me deeper and deeper each time she descended, her ass cheeks rested right on my balls at the bottom of each stroke.

This was much better fucking than I’d ever had or was ever likely to have with her mother – or for that matter, any other woman could give me. I pulled Lynn over me so I could lick her pussy while I fucked Mary.

“Ooooh, this is the biggest cock I’ve ever had, Ohhhh! Daddy, I’m cominggg!” Mary cried, as she bathed my cock and balls in her juices.

“Daddy, please don’t come yet. It’s Lynn’s turn to get fucked by your wonderful cock and my it’s turn to get sucked and eaten.”

Lynn lost no time in taking her place, kneeling over my hips, she quickly dropped her cunt onto my cock. Her cunt swallowed all of my cock in one easy stroke. It was an entirely new feeling, but still terrific. Mary sat next to me, caressing my nipples, at the same time, kissing me . I didn’t know if I was tasting my cock or Lynn’s pussy on her mouth, but I didn’t care. Mary rubbed her tits across my lips and I sucked each one in turn. She kissed me again , by this time she was breathing really hard.

“I’m going to come just from kissing you,” Mary sighed.

“Oh, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!” Lynn was crying.

Suddenly I lifted her up to the tip of my cock, I pulled her down quickly and as she came down, I shoved my cock as deep as it would go into her cunt and spewed the spunk deep into her gripping young cunt. Lynn cried out and collapsed on top of me. As her pussy squeezed my cock tightly. I could feel her inner walls contracting so much, her cunt was milking my cock dry.

“It feels so fucking good. You’ve got the best fucking cock I’ve ever had up me. I’m right on the edge, Daddy, You’ve got the best fucking cock I’ve ever had up me.” she murmured.

Mary had her fingers in her pussy, I saw she was using her thumb on her clit’ as she was watching my thick, shiny cock slide in and out of Lynn’s hot cunt. I smiled at Lynn who was fucking me slowly.

Suddenly I lifted her up to the tip of my cock, I pulled her down quickly and as she came down, I shoved my cock as deep as it would go into her cunt and spewed the spunk deep into her gripping young cunt. Lynn cried out and collapsed on top of me. As sShe fell forward, her tits on my chest, she kissed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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