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Loving Jim Grand Ch. 01

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AN: Hello there! I’ve discovered this site only a few weeks ago and was completely blown away by the number and types of stories on it. Reading and writing stories are my favorite pastimes, so I decided to add my own. I’ve written my fair share of fiction but rarely something erotic. I’ve decide do correct that.

This story is an Incest Love one; of a brother and a sister coming together in this forbidden relationship. It will have a somewhat slow buildup (no instant-sex), because I prefer when characters are developed and behave naturally. But once it starts, (in chapter 2, when I’m done with it), there will be sexy time; everywhere! Until then, bear with me.

I hope you’ll like what I wrote, so please leave a Feedback, making me know about your thoughts. With that, enjoy!



Chapter 1: Homecoming


As I looked through the window of the plane, a small smile formed on my face. Finally I was home. Back from where, you would ask? From France. Paris, the Eiffel Tower and all that jazz. What was I searching on the other side of the planted; thousands of miles away from the States? Myself, would be my first answer, but in truth, it was just an outlet from my previous life.

What was so bad about it? Truly, many would say that my life was perfect; rich parents with a great house, two beautiful sisters, a position in the Football team, good grades, cool friends and the perfect girlfriend one would ask for. A perfect life. Yet…

It happened a year and a half ago; I was 20, and was starting to really think about the future; starting a family, being happy with my girlfriend. Anna was a smart girl, beautiful too, but most of all, she was like me. Or at least I thought so. You see, with my upbringing, I saw the world differently; many would say that I was old school, and they would probably be right. I believed in friendship, in loyalty, in love. Getting wasted and jumping the closest person of the opposite sex wasn’t for me. I don’t even drink alcohol. What?! That’s stupid, you would say! Enjoy life while it lasts! YOLO! Right?


In my opinion, you don’t need to be drunk to talk to a girl. You don’t need to be wasted to have fun with your friends. Yeah, it’s probably easier that way, but where is the thrill in that? And what’s sad is that the majority of people have forgotten the old ways, when bringing a girl flowers would put a smile on her face. When a cheesy pick-up line would make her giggle. When a date wasn’t only about sex. Oh, don’t get me wrong! I’m a guy alright and sex is always on my mind. But contrary to many, it doesn’t define me.

The point is, Anna was like me, old school. Our dates were cute, we were having fun; we loved each other, all was great. But I have to admit that being different in a big crowd is quite oppressing. That’s probably what destroyed our relationship.

All of Anna’s girlfriends were party-girls; drinking like crazy, getting wasted and of course getting laid left and right. They always urged her to free herself from the “shackles” that bound her to me. To have “fun” like them. And for a time, she pushed them away, her defenses stood strong under their incessant onslaughts. That is, until the day I discovered her with another guy; and not any guy, but with my best friend James no less.

Real friendship is no more than a myth, and I’m not even talking about loyalty.

That night, after breaking his jaw and nose and making Anna cry with just my glare I decided to leave; have a breather. I felt really sad that after giving so much to her, all I got in return was a stab in my back. Like I said, my parents are rich, so getting a transfer to a French college wasn’t that hard, even if my sudden change of plans raised a few eyebrows. Why France? Because of Oscar Wilde, of course. “When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” I wasn’t planning on dying anytime soon, but in a sense, I wanted to be reborn.

Sadly, people are the same everywhere; a different language and culture don’t change a damn thing.

My year in France had been a good experience, I have to admit. It was fun, filled with new discoveries and experiences. Have I changed from it? Not really, I’m still the same, old school, Jim Grand, but that, isn’t such a bad thing.




Rolling my luggage behind me I finally breathed the outside air of Detroit, my smile widening at seeing my family waiting for me in the distance. The first one to approach me was Jessica, my younger sister that had turned 18 this year. As she ran up to me, I caught her in my arms and spun her around as she giggled like a small girl. She had shoulder length blonde hair that were tied in a ponytail, brilliant emerald-green eyes, a delicate nose and rosy lips perfectly placed on her beautiful face. Putting her back on her feet, I looked her over. She wasn’t very tall, 5’6 feet, had a lean body, practicing athletics did that to you. She had filled quite nicely maltepe escort since the last time I saw her. The small breasts that I remembered on her were now at least a size bigger, probably filling a good C-cup; her hips had widened, adding a small curve to her body and her bum was as firm as I remembered. Rising my thumb in appreciation, I grinned to her.

“You’ve grown, Jiji.” I said as the rest of my family approached. Returning me a beaming smile, she hugged me again.

“I can’t believe you’re finally home! It’s been ages!” Jessica exclaimed happily.

“That it has.” That was my elder sister, Samantha. Contrary to the lean Jess, Sam was nearly as tall as my 5’9 feet. She had a darker shade of brown hair like me and our father, with hazel eyes from our mother, and a body that screamed “sex-appeal”. Having a perfect hourglass figure, she always had been the center of attention. Jess had always been jealous of Sam’s quite enormous globs of flesh, otherwise known as breasts. By the perks of being her bother, I knew that the last time I saw her, she was a good E-cup, and it seemed, at least at first glance, that she had stopped growing in that department; which was quite logical, her being 26 years old.

After hugging Samantha with a smile on my face, I finally embraced my parents. They were as fit as I remembered them before leaving for France. Mom was still as beautiful, and Dad still looked like he could give me a run for my money in the physical department.

“Welcome back, son.” My mother whispered, as happy tears rolled down her cheek.

I was glad to be finally back.



During the drive home, I told them about my experience; answering the numerous questions launched at me by my eager little sister. She was really excited to see me, I could feel that much by looking at her. We’ve always been very close, my sisters and I. Maybe more so with Jess than Sam, because her being older than us, she sometimes preferred to play with kids her own age. The two of us, on the other hand, just loved to play together, my little sister following me like a puppy everywhere. Those were good times. I’m not saying that we’re not as close as before, because that would be a lie; but I have to admit that our time together had greatly diminished because of college, sports and our own friends.

And looking how her happy smile illuminated her face in such a radiant way, I promised myself that I would use every minute of my free time on my sisters.

My father parked the car and all of us finally entered our house. I had to admit that I had missed the big house. It was spacious and neatly decorated. Contrary to many others that lived in similar houses, we didn’t have a maid. My mother had always been against hiring one, preferring to let us do all the menial chores around the mansion; telling that it forged our character. In a way, she was right.

“So, you’re still okay on going out?” Jessica asked with a hopeful expression on her face.

“Going out, now?” Mother enquired with a raised eyebrow. “You’ve just returned, don’t you want to relax for a bit?”

“Don’t worry, mom. I’m not exhausted, and I really want to catch up with Jiji. Plus, getting to know her new friends sounds fun.” I replied with a smile. “Although, I’ll need to take a quick shower, if you don’t mind?” I continued, turning toward my little sister.

“No problem!” she replied with a grin.

With a nod, I climbed to the second floor to my room and laying my suitcase down, I rapidly browsed for clean clothes. Taking out a pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt along with boxers, I walked to the bathroom. Taking my clothes off, I looked myself in the mirror. Like I said, I was 5’9 feet, had pretty broad shoulders and had a lean albeit a bit muscled body. I wasn’t huge in the muscles department like my ex-teammates, but was defined nonetheless. My short brown hair were neatly styled, my emerald-green eyes twinkled under the light and my lopsided grin added to my charms. I was a handsome guy; saying otherwise would be lying, but I never flaunted it. I felt good in my skin, nothing else really mattered.

Rolling my eyes at myself, I finally walked under the hot stream of water and let it wash my exhaustion away. Yeah, I probably would have preferred to lie down and relax, but even more, I wanted to hang out with my little sister.

When I was starting to wash the soap away, I heard a knock on the door.

“Yeah?” I asked, turning the water off to hear the answer.

“Jim! Can you see a red thong somewhere?” That was Jessica. Can I see what now?

“What?” I asked again, not sure if I heard right.

“My red thong, is it in the bathroom?” I heard from her again.

Raising an eyebrow, I looked around, and yes, there it was, a skimpy, lacy red thong. It was lying near the towel I’ve prepared for myself; how I didn’t see it before was beyond me. Damn, Jessica had really grown up if pendik escort she had started wearing underwear like those. A sudden image of my little sister wearing them appeared in my mind and with horror at the sudden illicit thought I slammed my head against the wet wall.

“Yeah, it’s here!” I said finally, turning the faucet on, to let the water flow again, thinking that was all she wanted.

“I’m entering!” was all I heard, before the door unlocked and she entered the steamy bathroom. I could have sworn that I had locked the door.

“What the hell, Jess!?” I cried out, turning my back to her and furiously swinging the shower doors closed.

“Sorry Jim. I was getting dressed and just couldn’t find it anywhere, and it’s the only one I have in this color.” She explained, taking the undergarment on the table with an apologetic grin on her face.

“Yeah, whatever, now would you kindly?” I asked, exasperated.

“Yeah, yeah. See you in a bit.” She replied with a wave before leaving the room. Rolling my eyes, I finished with my shower and dressed up. But when I returned to my room, Jessica was already there, waiting for me with an intense look in her eyes.

“What is it?” I asked with a frown. Without answering, she stood up and walked toward me. Then she took a hold of the hem of my t-shirt and pushed it up under my incredulous eyes.

“Jess?” I asked bewildered again. What was going on with her?

Without another word, she brushed my side with her soft fingers and suddenly stopped on a particular mark on my right side. And that’s when all clicked in my head. She probably had seen it when I was under the shower.

“What is this, Jim?” she asked with worry. “It looks almost like the one on your hand. As if… Oh my god, Jim!! It’s a knife wound isn’t it?!” she exclaimed with horror in her voice.

Flinching from the sudden discovery, I squeezed her hand that was still running circles around the ugly scar and gently pushed her away. “Don’t worry, Jiji. It’s nothing.”

“Don’t even try to bullshit me, brother!” she launched back. “If it’s remotely like that time, I have every right to worry!”


By “that” time, she meant when I was 15. I could remember like it was yesterday. My sisters and I were walking home after a day in the mall when a thug sprung before us with a knife in hand. He wanted our money, and being the responsible bother I was, I raised my hands and tried to calm him down.

“Calm down sir, no need for any violence.” I said steadily, while my heart was ready to spring from my chest. Pushing my sisters behind me, I took my wallet from my pocket and outstretched it toward the menacing man.

“Jim…” Sam whispered, clutching my shirt behind me, in what I knew was fear. As if only now seeing my beautiful 19 years old sister behind me, the look in the thug’s eyes changed. It wasn’t a look I was familiar with, but I recognized it anyway: lust.

“You, pretty thing. Come hither.” He commanded waving his knife before him.

“Sir, please, take the money and leave.” I pleaded with the asshole that was staring at my sister with that disgusting look.

“Shut up! And you…” He continued pointing the weapon toward Sam. “…come here, or I’ll cut this little guy to bits.”

When I felt her move behind me, I let my wallet drop to the ground and stopped her in her tracks with my hand. “Don’t even think about moving.” I whispered, an edge appearing in my voice.

“You’ve asked for it, little shit!” the thug exclaimed before lunging toward me with his knife. I wasn’t a martial-artist, but I knew I was faster than him. If I wanted, I could have swerved to the side and evaded his strike; but if I did that, his speed would have carried him toward my sisters; and there was nothing in this world that I loved more than my two sisters. So, I mustered all the courage I could and stood still, like a wall; a shield. Outstretching my left hand toward the incoming weapon, I prepared for the inevitable agony. And agony it was. But as the wicked knife completely pierced my hand between my index and middle finger, I ignored all the pain and squeezed his hand under his surprised eyes and with my other hand, delivered the most powerful hook to his face that I was capable of. I wasn’t a very tall guy, nor was I very muscled, but my team-mates and coaches always marveled at the strength that my average body could carry; letting me brawl with guys twice my size, and win. So when bones snapped under my knuckles I wasn’t overly surprised.

The thug crumbled to the ground in a boneless heap, unconscious, as blood rolled down his face from his nose. Soon, I also fell on my knees, the pain that I had ignored until now making itself known. After that, everything had been a blur.

Later I learned that I had broken the thug’s nose as well as his jaw and that made me feel much better about the ugly scar that my hand now adorned for the rest of my life.

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“Like I said, Jiji, don’t sweat. It was just a little scuffle with some ruffians.”

“Yeah, with you taking a knife in the ribs. Just a little scuffle.” She snorted without amusement. “Does Mom know?”

“No, and I prefer for it to stay like that.” I replied with a serious look.

“Just…just be careful, Jim, okay?” She said, her voice trembling for a second. “I love you so much brother, I don’t know how I would live if something happened to you.” She continued, her look becoming even more vulnerable.

Taking her in my embrace, I hugged her tightly, running my hand along her back in a soothing manner. “I won’t leave you alone, Jiji, I promise.” I said, as I kissed her forehead with all the love I had for my little sister. “Now, let us go. There’s always time for cuddling afterwards.” I whispered with a grin.

Smiling in return, she left my embrace and walked toward her own room. Taking my wallet, phone and car keys, I went to the first floor and joined my parents in the living room.

“Have you missed your car?” My father asked, seeing the keys in my hand. As I nodded with a grin, my mother ushered me to come closer.

“What do you thing about this one, Jim?” she asked, showing me photos of a flat in Ann Arbor. The flat seemed pretty good, but I wondered why she was browsing for a new one. Then it dawned on me that Jessica was now going to join me in the University of Michigan.

As if knowing that she was the subject of our discussion, my little sister descended the stairs and joined me at my side.

“It’s pretty nice, but not as nice as mine.” I said with a shrug. It was the truth; my flat in Ann Arbor was pretty big, with three rooms, bathroom, kitchen and a living room.

“Yeah, well, yours was a rare gem.” My mother commented. “We’ve been searching for weeks now, and nothing interesting showed up, until this one that is.”

“Maybe I can crash in with Jim?” Jessica launched out of a sudden, her smile widening as if slowly understanding the genius of her own proposal. “After all, like you’ve said, his flat is pretty big and have enough room.”

“That…” My mother looked genuinely surprised, as if that thought had completely escaped her. “Well, that could work. What do you think about it, Jim?”

Frankly, the idea pleased me immensely. I’ve always felt a bit lonely, living by myself in that big apartment. But the thought that my little sister would be with me filled me with joy that I was honestly surprised at. Of course I loved my sister more than anything and anyone, but the joy felt alien, as if I was high. I had never in my life been high.

“That would be awesome!” I finally answered with a smile. Squealing in delight, Jessica launched herself at me under the smiling faces of our parents. Catching her with a grin of my own, I hugged her back.

“Are you sure about this, Jim? I know you boys like your solitary/independent nonsense.” Mother continued.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’ll be happy to have Jiji with me.” I replied sincerely.

“Gosh! I’m impatient now!” she exclaimed with a beaming smile. “Thank you, Jim!” she continued, pecking me on the cheek.

“Alright, I’ll take care of everything then.” My mother continued. “You two go now.” She said, with a wave of her hand, and with nods, we walked toward my pickup and rolled away.


“Sam must have returned home by now.” I said after a few minutes of comfortable silence. I haven’t seen my elder sister after coming home. To say the truth, I felt a bit sad that she had left without saying anything. Maybe she hadn’t missed me as much as Jessica had. “How’s Max by the way?” I continued, pushing my sudden sadness to the back of my mind.

“Oh, that’s right. You don’t know.” Jessica stated with an awkward smile. “Sam’s no longer with Max. They broke up a few weeks ago.”

“What? Really? Why’s that?” I asked genuinely surprised. Max had seemed like a pretty good guy and they had dated for a few years now. Frankly, I was confused. Then, my eyes widened as I remembered my own broken relationship with a “good girl”. “Has he cheated on her?!” I exclaimed with a snarl, as righteous anger filled me.

“No. Nothing of sorts, really. She was the one that broke up with him.” Jess replied with a smile. “He just wasn’t…the right one.” She continued, some sadness seeping in her voice. She knew something and I really didn’t know what to think about it. The right one. That sentence was often used by Sam. Being the beautiful woman she was, guys always sought her up, and she had dated a fair share of them, but never staying too long in a relationship. Max, on the other hand had seemed to finally be the One.

“What happened?” I inquired with a frown.

“It’s always the same problem, Jim. We’re not like the rest of them. It’s hard to be with someone that doesn’t see the world as you do. You of all people know that. Sam isn’t different. She tries, she tries really hard, but it always is the same. I think that she finally had had enough of trying.” Jessica replied with a faraway look on her pretty face.

“Damn…” I whispered, feeling sad for my big sister. “Why did she leave?”

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