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Lucky at Summer Ch. 04

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Bill Dennis stayed longer at Molly’s than expected, not leaving until late Thursday afternoon. Mike missed his morning BJs; so did his aunt. By the time Friday morning rolled around, Molly virtually pounced on her nephew’s prick when she entered his room to awaken him.

“Mmmm,” murmured Mike as a soft hand stroking his cock roused him in more ways than one. “I’ve missed this in the morning.”

“Mmmm,” cooed Molly in reply as she stroked the rapidly hardening shaft between Mike’s legs. “Not as much as I have,” she said poking the cock head against the cotton bedding then bending so she could kiss it. She felt her liquid center begin to flow.

Sweetly, Molly sucked Mike to an exploding climax but she refused to release his teenaged tumescence from its oral incarceration afterward no how much he squirmed. Not until she succeeded in swallowing a second semen sampler and needed to change her soaked-through-at-the-crotch jeans did she allow her nephew to tuck his slick dick away for the day.

After a sweet Saturday sunrise sucking, Molly seemed to act a little strange to Mike. Strange meaning exaggerated movements of her hips when she walked. Strange in the way she kept hugging him from behind, pressing her tits into his back and grinding her crotch against his ass.

To a more experienced eye, Molly was behaving like someone with a serious itch that needed scratching. Even a neophyte like Mike sensed Saturday night might be extra special in a summer of special nights.

After dinner, the kindred couple settled on the couch. Molly had her leg over Mike’s and nibbled his ear lobe as she stroked his chest. She whispered that she had been thinking naughty thoughts all day.

“Like what?” Mike asked.

“It would probably be better if I show you rather than try to describe it. Do you mind?” Molly asked her nephew even though she knew the answer. Mike shook his head and she walked to the closet and removed two objects from the shelf.

Returning, Mike stared as Molly laid a videotape and a leather something next to it on the coffee table. She slipped the tape into the VCR and pressed play.

The tape began with Mike’s aunt and an attractive black man about her age. She was dressed in a way he’d never seen before. She wore a tight red dress with a very short skirt and shiny black shoes with dangerously high heels. Her hair was teased and her makeup heavy, especially her lips. There was no other word for it, his aunt looked like a slut.

Molly danced seductively while the man watched. She rubbed her hands along her body while rotating her hips slowly.

“Why Mrs. MacGregor,” the man said in mock surprise, “I do believe you’ve forgotten your underwear.” The filmy material of the dress was laminated so tightly to her curves it was, for all intents and purposes, bare skin. Mike was sure the man was right. Surely those firm buds the guy and Mike were staring at were his aunt’s own bra-free nipples.

“Really?” Molly responded to her co-star while continuing her heated air intercourse. Sliding a hand down her thigh, she hooked a finger under the hem of the skirt, dragging it just high enough for a small patch of black satin to become visible at her crotch. Turning slowly until that fabulous ass of hers faced the man, Molly’s hand continued behind her and up. Up until she bared that perfect set of buttocks framed at the top by the black material of the thong she wore.

“I hope you’re not going to continue to make additional, unwarranted, and silly assumptions about what I might or might not wear, do, or enjoy tonight. That might ruin half the fun.” Aunt Molly smiled seductively at a drooling, very willing, black partner.

The man began kissing Molly and running his hands along her body, cupping her breasts and ass. Molly’s excited moans could be heard clearly and Mike had his accustomed huge hard on.

“Let me get us another beer,” Molly told Mike leaving for the kitchen. “This part is a bit boring.” Her nephew disagreed.

When she returned, Mike’s jaw dropped as he saw his aunt in the same slinky red dress she was wearing on screen. Except that, back in the movie, the dress was now gone and the man was sliding the thong down Molly’s legs.

When the man was done removing an item that could scarcely be called clothing, on-screen Molly turned seductively, presenting her luscious ass to her dark, digital paramour. He began to massage her globular gluts and she slid her hands down her legs until she was clutching her ankles.

The man rubbed his face against Mike’s aunt’s ass briefly before exposing his teeth and nibbling on her flesh. Gentle nips became more forceful bites as he sucked in her buttock flesh and clamped his jaws. The camera showed the red blush of oxygenated hemoglobin as it rushed to the assaulted area.

Suddenly, Molly was pulled roughly over the man’s lap and he began spanking her.

“I don’t think we need to go through the entire tape, do we?” Molly asked her nephew sweetly.

She swung giresun escort her leg over her nephew’s midsection and settled her pussy down on his jeans covered hard-on and began a gentle fucking motion. Grabbing the remote, she twisted back toward the TV, hitting the off button before dropping the electronic device to the couch cushion. Molly brought her mouth to Mike’s and sucked his tongue into it.

“Auntie’s been naughty,” Molly breathed into her nephew’s ear, licking his lobe. “Naughty with Mr. Dennis,” she told Mike while continuing to slide her crotch against his.

Briefly, naïve Mike thought the confession was genuine. He opened his mouth to protest, to assuage his aunt’s conscience, to tell Molly he’d done things too, but Molly put her finger to his lips.

“Do you think a man must sometimes spank a woman who has been naughty, Mike?”

Now, even Mike caught on and the game was afoot. He grabbed Molly’s arm lightly and tried to move her from straddling his lap. She easily jerked her limb free.

“What do you think you’re doing, Mike?” she asked teasingly.

“You know perfectly well that I’m going to give you a red bottom.”

Mike’s talk was turning his aunt on tremendously, but she wanted more than just a spanking. That was just an outward symbol of what she desired. She wanted to be possessed. She wanted to be completely under the control of a man.

Living on the ranch as she did, with all the rough males, Molly had learned to be assertive or be used. She was more than capable of standing up for herself. Her beauty and her moxie intimated men but Molly enjoyed vivid fantasies of being used, of being made a play toy.

Trouble was, she defended against “once used always used” so fiercely even the most aggressive men backed down. All but that black. Theirs was the sex she couldn’t acknowledge, not even to herself. He was the best sex of her life.

She wanted Mike to be the second to bend her to his will completely. But she didn’t want Mike to play a role. She wanted him to mean it. That was the only way it would work, the only way she could get maximum enjoyment.

“Don’t read too much into that video, Mike. That was something that happened one time. I never even told Hastings about that guy. I met him once, that’s it. I just showed it to you to turn you on a little, let you see your aunt acting tiny bit kinky.”

Molly was lying of course. She did want Mike to read into what he saw. After all, she couldn’t ask Mike to take charge. That would be her taking charge, not him. Mike would have to take what he wanted or it would be like all the others to Molly.

Mike was momentarily confused. He certainly didn’t want to do something that would offend his aunt. On the other hand, what he’d seen on screen had been a tremendous turn on. Like most everyone else, Mike had the occasional rape fantasy. And, like most decent men, his imagined assaults only started out that way. The woman was reluctant, not opposed to sex with him. By the time he entered her, she was at least as eager as her “rapist.”

It was the leather switch that Molly had placed on the table along with the videotape that convinced Mike to continue the wild thoughts rampaging through his mind. He was going to spank his aunt’s fabulous posterior, of that, he was sure.

The couple struggled briefly with Mike trying to take charge and Molly offering more than token resistance. Her actions forced him to be forceful and he was. He wouldn’t back down to her protestations.

Finally, Mike clamped both of her wrists in his left hand. Molly felt the strength in his grip and the discomfort it caused her. She was being taken with or without her consent and being unable to resist lubricated her labia like she hadn’t experienced since the night of the videotaping more than four years ago. She sensed the beginnings of the blockbuster orgasm that awaited her down this erotic path.

Molly wriggled and kicked as Mike held her wrists with one hand. She struggled in earnest. Mike secured her waist with his other hand and he lifted her free of his crotch and laid her across his lap. She was completely in his control and her writhing and thrashing provided her subtle, pleasurable clitoral friction.

“Stop that or your spanking will be that much worse,” Mike warned his aunt as Molly continued to squirm.

Molly began to wonder if she’d cream on the spot when she heard her nephew’s demand and felt her skirt being dragged up her legs and over her ass. Her arms were pinned over her head and Mike had his other hand on Molly’s upper thigh holding her securely in position.

The first swat jolted both nephew and aunt. Molly’s dense ass cheek jiggled like a firm jell-o mold. She sucked in a breath as a tingle of pain fired an electrical charge at her nipples and clit. Mike saw the reddened outline of his palm and fingers clearly against the alabaster posterior.

“Mike, you don’t have to do this. Really. Haven’t I given you gümüşhane escort everything you’ve wanted?” Molly asked, changing tactics from physical resistance to psychological pressure. Her beseeching further tested her nephew’s resolve.

‘Have you?” Mike asked.

Both knew there was one pleasure she’d withheld. Mike slapped her other cheek and admired the way his hand marked her.

“I’ve sucked your cock. I’ve let you fuck me as many times as I could without hurting myself. Your cock is so big you have to be careful with some women. But I’ve never denied you a blowjob. Never. I love sucking you off. You know that.” Mike continued swatting Molly as she spoke causing her voice to change modulations.

Mike’s aunt wanted to continue her argument but she had to bite her lip. Her nipples had hardened like reinforced concrete and she wished she could pinch them. Before she could articulate another word, however, Mike spoke.

“There’s something you haven’t mentioned,” he reminded her.

“You’re just too big for that Mike. It’s not even a possibility. I’m sorry I can’t take you that way. Truly I am. Please don’t be angry with me for something I cannot do.”

“What about him?” Mike asked jealously. “The guy on the tape. He had you that way, didn’t he?”

Mike spanked his aunt harder than he dared. Her moan was deep and guttural. It told Mike he should continue.

Would Mike do it? Molly wondered. Would he take her the way the black man had? Take her like it was something he was owed, like it was his right to have her that way? She sensed he would.

Something deep inside her womanhood broke open. It was like a solid mass had suddenly reached its melting point all at once. A flood of slick, viscous liquid poured out of her pussy and onto Mike’s thighs, quickly soaking through the blue cloth.

As the swats multiplied, the handprints vanished into a background of deep pink. Mike paused his punishing pleasure to admire Molly’s now gorgeously rosy ass. Slowly, he trailed his hand over her buttocks and upper thighs. Molly shivered involuntarily as his hand felt the radiant heat of her buttocks like she’d lain naked in the burning sun.

Dipping his head low, Mike grazed his lips against Molly’s reddened flesh. It felt so wonderful. Just the tracings of his parted lips against her beautiful, sexy derriere made Molly shiver. Goose bumps spread across her ass flesh, her inner thighs, her upper arms, and the back of her neck.

Mike picked up the riding crop and caressed his aunt’s redness with the stiff leather.

“You gave him your ass but you won’t give it to me,” Mike said, his voice almost threatening. He had no idea why, but what he was doing was having a tremendously exciting affect on his aunt. He wanted to see just how far he could go, how far she would go.

“He was the only one. I swear. I still don’t know how it happened. But he was nowhere near your size baby. Somehow, something happened when he hit me with that fucking riding crop.”

Mike cut his aunt short. The first smack left a deep crimson welt that stood out against the rosy flesh much like the pink hand print on white flesh had earlier. Her nipple nerves zinged like stone hitting taut wire. Her pussy gaped open, and her brown rosette pulsed in an out.

Moisture gushed from her like she was an open fire hydrant. The stinging hurt incredibly but she was determined not to cry out. Her struggling increased.

Ripping herself free at last, Molly slumped to the floor then struggled to push herself up onto her knees. She kept her forehead against the carpet so there would be no ambiguity about what she desired.

“NOW MIKE!!” Molly screamed. “FUCK IT NOW!!”

Mike moved with the quick grace of a cat. He was pulling his zipper down as he knelt behind his aunt. His big cock grazed her slick folds as he maneuvered his cockhead to her hot, throbbing sphincter.

Yanking her thong to the side, Mike rammed his phallus forward. Molly screamed out but pushed back against him. Her juices were slopping everywhere. Even her rectal passage was lubricated.

Molly and her nephew rutted in opposing thrusts as she became impaled on the big cock. She knew that she had been coming for some time but couldn’t concentrate on the sensation as each new movement brought about a heightened pleasure.

By the time Mike’s balls slammed against Molly’s perineum, her pain was entirely gone. All that was left was the seemingly unendurable ecstasy of having every gratification nerve in her body stimulated at the same time.

She could feel her clitoral hood pulled and stretched by the fullness of her insides. Every time Mike drove his dick head through her rectal love loop, her labia were stretched and twisted as in some erotic taffy pull.

“That’s it you slut!” Mike screamed as he held still letting his aunt use his love log to ass fuck herself. Intuitively, he understood this base act required base language.

Molly’s hakkari escort climax continued to escalate and the huge cock in her ass felt better than any sex act ever. When Mike stopped thrusting, forcing her to supply all the motion for her pleasure herself, she went over the top and stayed over the top. Her climax scaled Pikes Peak, then Mt. McKinley, then Aconcagua, K2, and even Everest itself.

Molly screamed herself hoarse as she shimmied her ass up and down Mike’s cock like an Alpine tunnel swallowing a ten-mile train. Mike began screaming with her.

“Yes you slutty cunt!! Fuck it!! Fuck it out of me! FUCK MY CUM OUT OF ME WITH YOUR HOT SLUT ASS!!!! OH YEAH, THERE IT IS!! HERE COMES MY CUM!!!”

Molly felt her nephew spasm deep in her ass. His jism added slipperiness to her already over oiled rectum and she began to coast down a lovely, sensuous, eternal slip’n’slide until Mike’s softening penis slipped stickily outside her sphincteral barrier.

Molly was asleep before Mike’s cock head entirely cleared her anus. He slipped out of his wet jeans before collecting her up into his arms and climbing the stairs to deposit her gently into bed. He stripped her naked and covered her with a blanket before taking a shower and crashing onto his own bed.

The next morning, Mike was already awake when Molly entered his room. His cock could pound rail spikes as he stroked himself remembering the events of the previous evening.

Molly pulled the sheet aside and climbed gingerly between his legs as she settled into an adoring blowjob. She let her finger wiggle against her genitals as both rode memories of the unbelievable ass fuck to lovely morning climaxes.

Through everything that was going on with his aunt and Abby, Mike still had more than enough energy, sexual and otherwise, to continue seeing Amanda. In truth, they were dating and began to become close.

It became almost normal for Mike to drive the young couple fifty miles or more, one way, to see a movie or have a meal. Often, they just rode around looking at the amazing scenery. Mike drank it all in, not knowing when, if ever, he’d have a chance to see something as beautiful as the Tetons of western Wyoming again.

At least he drove until Amanda began pawing his crotch, laying her head in his lap, dragging his cock out, licking his balls and fellating him.

When she complained about his hairy balls, he let her shave him…all but a narrow strip above his cock base. When Molly saw it the next morning, she laughed and called it Hitler’s moustache. She also spent fifteen extra minutes laving his baby smooth nut sack.

Sometimes, Amanda would talk wistfully about spending the winter at Abby’s, living in the cabin and going to the local community. She got Mike to thinking as well.

“That would be great for you Amanda,” Mike enthused feeling some envy.

“What about you, Mike? Wouldn’t you like to stay too?”

“Sure, but I don’t see how. There’s no work at the ranch in the winter. Molly can’t afford to pay me. I don’t even know if she’d let me stay there.” Mike was angling for sympathy with that last sentence. He knew fully well Molly would be more than happy to entertain his cock (and him) all through the cold winter.

“I’ll bet Abby would let you stay in one of the cabins,” Amanda offered hopefully.

In the end, their teenage dreams were always dashed on reality’s rocks. What would they do for money? What would they do for transportation? Even so, they grew ever closer.

“Do you think you love me, Mike?” Amanda asked out of the blue.

“I’m really not sure. How can you tell? Have you ever been in love before?”

“I don’t know,” she answered. “I think so.”

“Who? Chuck?” Mike blurted out impulsively.

Chuck had been Amanda’s prom date. Unlike Mike, Amanda kept up a busy social calendar throughout high school. Pretty, friendly, and nice, she was often double or triple booked for a weekend.

Mike had learned a lot from his summer relationship. For example, just because a girl was pretty didn’t mean she was stuck up. In fact, it was Amanda’s niceness, her core decency that appealed to him as much as her lovely face or honey colored skin.

Amanda shook her head. “Not Chuck, one of the cowboys. He wasn’t like you though.”

‘What do you mean?”

Amanda’s grin was almost diabolical as she held her thumb and index finger a few inches apart. Her gesture wasn’t meant to convey “Cowboy’s” actual measurements so much as it was to suggest that whatever they were, he was on the small side.

“Is that how you describe me?” Mike asked, grinning.

Amanda shook her head. Only she didn’t shake just her head. She opened her eyes as wide as blue-yolked eggs and moved her whole upper torso like some frantic four-year-old layered ludicrously in chocolate trying desperately to convince his mother that it wasn’t he who emptied the family cookie jar.

Continuing her preposterous pantomime, Amanda then held her hands about four feet apart like Mike might be better compared to a stallion than a mere stud. Grabbing her outstretched hands, Mike pulled Amanda to him giving her a combination hug and tickle. When she responded with the expected squirm and giggle, Mike asked himself, God, could she be any more adorable?

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