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Lucky Santa

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In the end you could tell my Company Chief was an ex-sales guy.


At least that’s ‘my’ excuse for why ‘I’ ended up in the Santa Suit half way through the Christmas dinner celebrations. Don’t get any wise ideas! I’m not that fat – at least I don’t think so, well upholstered yes – but not fat! So my hair and beard are pretty white these days – I told him straight that that was working for him – the bastard! So he had me hooked. OK, so greed came into it – bribery! In the back of my mind that extra hundred meant I could go out and buy that new laptop for me right away instead of waiting!

Ho! Hum!

Now you know why I was sat like an idiot to one side of the stage, listening to the Head Honcho’s annual spiel about how good we’ve all been and ‘here’s Harry who’s department has broke all records – yet again!’ For Christ’s sake the guy can’t even speak proper, like what I can…. Then his giggling bimbo secretary pushes another parcel into my hand, Harry appears and leers at her and out of the corner of his mouth tells me that ‘he didn’t realise I’d been that bad during the year.’ Yeesh! He should worry!

I couldn’t help looking at my watch from time to time, not that I wanted to make it obvious. Even so I was beginning to get warm. Then Katie was up on stage and I perked up….. a lot.


Katie the Ice Maiden. Married – and don’t you forget it.

The pictures of hubby and kids on her desk just to let everyone know. Didn’t stop me and all the other guy’s ogling her and imagining though. She had legs that went on forever, certainly right to the top or bottom depending on your point of view. Superb butt, when you reached it, all topped off by a slim line body and a rack to die for. She certainly featured in my dreams.

Katie was carrying a pint of beer. To be exact she was carrying a pint of beer that turned out to be for me. She almost ignored the boss as he spoke of her great year, and how her department had broken all records. When he had finished she came and sat on my knee and gave me the beer to drink while the audience whistled.

“You must be hot in that, and thirsty. No one else is looking after you, I thought I had better”

She clenched her butt as she sat on my thigh. I worried about whether she would notice the instant erection now trying to tent old Santa’s knickers! Then I worried more that all the guys out there would see it as well when she got up from my lap. One of the Gods was smiling. She was the last person to be presented. Just the thanks for ‘Good old Sven – Great Santa wasn’t he – big round of applause’ – then canlı bahis mercifully the lights were lowered and the room got back to what it does best at these things – freeloading huge quantities of booze on the bosses expense account.

Katie was still sat on my knee. She wiggled her bum again then looked at me sideways.

“Dirty beast! – Better not stand up for a while…”

Cheeky Madam! All I could do was nod.

I sighed inwardly – she was right of course – so I sat there and sipped the remainder of my beer while the lust subsided.

The afternoon settled down to its usual pattern then and I decided that I would take up the boss on his offer of a taxi ride back to Company Headquarters on the outskirts of town. I began to believe in Tooth Fairies and Fairy Godmothers as at that point the Ice Maiden reappeared, dressed like Cruella DeVille in a swirling cape – OK it was cold out, but not that cold.

“Our Taxis waiting.”

Oh – “excuse me ‘our'” was what I wanted to say, all that I actually uttered was a sort of muttered ‘Oh – yeah – right’ sort of sound.

So we breezed out – Santa and Cruella – the assembled, drunken mob cat calling and cheering as we went – Katie clinging on my arm, complete with limp wave and crinkly smile.

Hell! I guess if you have to make a public exit, you may as well make it a good one. If I thought that bit was worth it – the expression on the cabbie’s face was priceless. The lazy bugger actually got out of his seat and opened the door for us. As we settled back in the back seat I said “We’ll have to do this more often.” I got a dig in the ribs but I swear she smirked.

It was then that things changed.

As the Cab ambled it’s way through the dark Katie snuggled up and blew in my ear.

“I’ve always had a thing about Father Chwistmas.” She nibbled my ear lobe.

“Rea…” my reply was sort of broken of into a coughing fit as she traced the outline of my rapidly growing cock with a finger nail.

“MMMmmmm,” she purred, “will Father Chwistmas give good little Katie a nice Chwistmas pwesent.”

Father Christmas decided very rapidly that he was going to join in the fun – “Ho! Ho! Ho little Katie – have I got a surprise for you – of course I’ll give you one!”

Corny or what, but what ever ‘little Katie’s’ fantasy’s were, this Father Christmas was certainly about to enter them and follow up one of his own.

Katie grasped my erection through my Santa Suit and gasped a little, she didn’t know what she’d started. Then she moved her knees either side of mine, half kneeled facing me and held my face with bahis siteleri both hands. The kiss that followed was as passionate as I’d ever had. The Lord only knows what Katie’s fantasy was, but being turned-on beyond her caring about anything other than sex – with this lucky Santa – was now romping home at the top of both of our agenda’s.

Our increasingly heavy session was interrupted, whether to his relief or dismay I don’t know, by the cabbie announcing we had arrived back at the Head Office building.

Slightly dishevelled and rather sheepishly we got out. Before I could say anything Katie announced it was pre-paid – just as well, Santa had no pocket book with him.

We stumbled into a deserted building, all the folks being at the ‘Doo!’ Now it was my turn to grab the initiative – grasping her hand I pulled her down the corridor to my walk-in store cupboard.

Opposite my office it was discrete, handy and I had the only keys in my desk. Katie giggled as I fumbled to get the right key and I realised that she must have had a little to drink more than I first realised. I got the door opened and pulled her into the subdued light inside, lit as it was, only by the orange glow a street light a little way away.

I locked the door behind us then lifted her onto a low cupboard and moved in to kiss her a little more passionately and thoroughly than while being watched by a Cabbie in his deflected rear view mirror.

Fingers down her back found her top’s zip and I slid it gently down, running a fingernail down her spine as I did so.

She shuddered, broke for breath and just said “Oh Sven…” – so I kissed her again, this time running my finger tips forward round her now exposed breasts. She pushed forward against my hands, her nipples now hard in the cooler air of the room.

She gasped as I followed my hands and kissed down her front and then finished by running my tongue round each nipple in turn. Her ankles were now crossed behind my back. I went back to kissing her lips and then ran my finger tips along the tops of her inner thighs. I reached heaven – to be sure an extremely wet, aromatic and open heaven, but heaven nevertheless. Whatever panties she might have been wearing had long been discarded.

The first taste of that exquisite honey pot nearly blew my mind.

In the three years I had worked for this company I had dreamed of doing this – my fantasy of fantasies.

What was driving Katie I didn’t know, but as she came on the tip of my tongue I don’t think I cared either. Standing up, her juices matting my beard I nestled the tip of my penis briefly bahis şirketleri in heat of her outer lips before pushing gently all the way home. Then as she kissed and screamed into my mouth all at the same time we both exploded in the wild lust of that crashing orgasm. I pulled deep into her and she locked hard onto me as we stood, swaying, pumping into each other before slipping backwards slowly down onto the floor as my legs buckled beneath me.

As we reached a sort of sitting position, I was still deep inside her, rigid, locked, – she impaled on me.

We drew breath. In my case I was still seeing the stars of hyperventilation from the preceding moments. Katie was clinging on to me, face buried into the curve of my neck – I only hoped she hadn’t bitten me, or for that matter me her. In our state of passion the marks would have lasted for weeks. Her muscles still spasmed round my half tumescent cock. She spoke as our breathing slowed to a more normal rate.

“God that was incredible Sven, but this really is a one-off. We can’t ever do this again.”

Then she carried on squeezing me, making me hard inside her again, moving on me as we carried out a lap of honour – finally coming gently a little later, almost lovingly and a few seconds apart.

– o 0 o –

And so that was last year – Christmas Past.

– o 0 o –

For that past year our relationship has been purely a business one as befits two properly married people. Two married people that is, who are not married to each other. Yes there have been little things, the odd raised eyebrow – once beneath her desk, working on her computer – she had called me to sort out a minor problem, I found I was staring that wonderful naked puss in the face. She had done that for me and to me while other folks were in the room. They joked about me being down there as did she, but only she and I knew the reality.

I really didn’t know how she had kept a straight face as I had dragged a finger tip through her pussy lips In the end she had coughed to hide what I was doing.

I phoned her later and told her that was cheating. She had said nothing to me other than yes before putting the phone down..

’til yesterday that is.

Then I bumped into her in the shopping mall, and we had Coffee together, as old friends do. In a discreet, quiet corner booth she held my hands in hers across the table and with a quite straight face asked me “if ‘Father Chwistmas was going to visit little Katie again?'” “That ‘Little Katie had been ever such a good girl, would he cum and be nice to her again?'”

I think I like playing at Father Christmas – however could he, sorry I, ever turn down such a lovely plea from such a wonderfully good little Katie?

Sure as hell it beats Mince Pies and Sherry any day.


© Sven the Elder

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