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Lust In The Afternoon

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Sharon looked out the window as the evening drew nearer. It was raining again, and it was almost dark because of the clouds. Glancing at the clock, she knew her husband wouldn’t be home for at least four hours. Smiling to herself, she ran to the closet. Sorting through her jackets, she pulled out a barely opaque, almost clear raincoat. Shrugging out of her shorts and t-shirt, she slipped the raincoat on quickly. Snugging the belt, she ran outside.

Sharon blushed as she thought of what she was doing. If any of the neighbors saw her…! But she wanted to surprise BB, her sexy next door neighbor and lover. Quickly, she went up his sidewalk and knocked on the door.

“C’mon in, Puss-cake,” BB said, knowing that she loved it when he called her that! It always made her wet between her thighs! But, this time he meant it. BB had been busy in the kitchen, all day, in anticipation of their little tryst. BB was a master chef in the kitchen, and a master lover in the bedroom!

Sharon opened the door to BB’s home and immediately knew what was in store for her. She took a whiff of the air and could smell the pastries that BB’d been baking all day.

“I made your favorite… Sweetbread dildoes,” he said to his sexy, young neighbor, who had just entered the kitchen.

Then he got a look at her “wardrobe.”

“Wow! I like your coat,” he said, looking strait through the transparent material at the firm breasts and dripping pussy lips that he’d been drooling for all day!!!

Sharon looked at BB’s wardrobe. He was wearing his Chef’s apron…and nothing else! His hard cock pushed the apron out like a tent-pole!! Sharon fell to her knees and swallowed his whole eight inches in one fell swoop!!! She’d been practicing on bananas at home while her husband was away. She was itching to try this new technique on a real cock, as she’d run out of bananas earlier that day.

Deep throating BB, his cock going way down her throat she looked up with her green eyes sparkling, wanting to see his reaction. Pulling up on his long, 8 inches of meat, she teased the rim around his throbbing cock with her tongue, swirling it around and around.

“How did you like that, lover?” She asked playfully.

BB looked down at his cute neighbor in her transparent raincoat with her mouth gaziantep escort bayan inches from his cock. “Hmm, you may have to do it some more before I can decide!” He said with a grin. He found a chair, pulled his cooking apron up and spread his legs wide. His cock was thick, swollen and standing straight up, his balls hard, juicy, ripe apples. Looking at Sharon, waggling his eyebrows, he said, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!”

Sharon got down on hands and knees and crawled over to him, stopping to shrug out of her raincoat and to “groom” herself like a cat. She would pause and lick her finger like a cock, then use the finger to stroke her hard little nipples. Then she slid her hands up and down the sides of her yummy curves, stretching out like a cat. Finally, she went, “Meeeeoooooow?” She was right between his bare thighs. She leaned over and with a quick lick on his thighs, she trailed up to his balls.

Leaning back, BB watched his playful neighbor and thought, again, how great it was to have such a cool lady next door. She loved sex, she loved playing, and she loved doing it with him! Letting out a contented groan, he felt her warm, wet tongue licking his balls all over. Sharon really got into it, running her tongue all around them, sucking them in gently and pulling them out, then swirling back and forth between them. She ran her sweet tongue behind his balls and nuzzled that tender place just behind. BB moaned louder, raising his hips a little.

Sharon loved to suck BB’s yummy cock. She put her hands on his thighs and sucked his balls then started to lick up his thick shaft. She put her face right on his cock and rubbed her cheeks, mouth and chin all over it. “Oh, I just love your cock!” Holding his balls in her hands, she kissed the very tip and teased it with her tongue.

BB was about ready to blow his load down his lovely neighbors throat. Even though she loved the taste of her handsome, older lover’s sweet cum, Sharon wanted it up her tight cunt more than anything, at that moment!

Sharon grabbed the base of BB’s hard cock and squeezed, with all her might. After he told her it was OK to let go, she stood up and straddled BB’s legs and the chair he was sitting on, and positioned her slit over his erection. Then she lowered herself, slowly, down onto his pole!!

“UHHHNNNGHH, you little, fucking slut, you! I love your cunt on my dick!!! I’m going to cum in you soon, you little slut!!!” BB moaned, in appreciation of the fucking he was getting from his little friend!!!

Sharon just closed her eyes, squirmed her ass a little (to let him know that she loved him, too) and whispered in his ear, “If you’re still hard after you cum in my pussy, I want you to fuck my ass-hole! And I wanna try one of your dildo-cakes in my pussy while you do it!!!”

Sharon rolled her hips, closing her eyes, just feeling BB’s thick hard cock deep inside her. She squeezed her pussy muscles real tight on his shaft and rode him up and down.

“Oh, BB! Pinch my nipples I’m going to cum!” Sharon shouted out.

BB roughly grabbed her taut, puckered nipples and twisted them hard, pinching. She let out a huge moan and he felt her pussy spasm around his cock. Fucking her harder he bellowed, “I’m cuming bitch! Take my sperm up your slutty cunt!” Twisting her nipples, he rammed into her, cumming in huge thick squirts deep inside his married neighbors cunt. He felt the warm cum from her juices and his sperm mix together and flow down his balls, out of her overflowing pussy.

“BB, your cock fills me up so much! I love your cock!” Sharon said and collapsed on his lap catching her breath. “Now let me lick you all clean and hard again. I want it up my ass!”

BB sat back and watched his softening cock plop out of her tight pussy. He leaned back and spread his legs wide as she licked all around him, balls, ass, shaft, head – licking and cleaning him everywhere. It felt so good, her warm tongue slick and sliding all along his cock. “Mmm, baby, lick me good, get every drop!”

Sharon slurped up every last trace of their combined fluids and then sucked BB down to the back of her throat, once more.

When his cock was at full mast again, Sharon asked BB to grease up her anus with the vegetable shortening that BB was using to bake his goodies. Sharon felt one, then two, then three fingers entering her rectum!

“Ohhhh,” Sharon cried out, feeling another orgasm build in her little body. “That feels so good, BB! Please, don’t stop, yet! I’m almost th-…” Sharon’s voice broke off, as she had her biggest climax of the day!

BB pulled his greasy fingers from Sharon’s butt-hole and proceeded to lube up his penis with the gooey mess.

BB then grabbed one of his fresh-baked, Sweet-bread dildoughs from the cooling rack, next to the oven.

Sharon got on all fours, with her ass pointing upward, looked back and said, “Stick your cock up my ass-hole! I need you in my ass…! Please!”

“Wait…” was all BB said, as he shoved the delicious pastry up his delicious neighbors juicy, cum-filled cunt-hole!

Sharon let out a loud squeal, as she felt the giant kruller enter her pussy!!!

Then she squealed louder as she felt BB’s giant cock enter her rectum, filling up her “other” hole!!!

Sharon had numerous multiple orgasms, as BB slid his dick in and out of her ass, at the same time as he slid the pastry in and out of her pussy!!! When the dildough rubbed against Sharon’s G-spot, she blacked-out, momentarily, from the pleasure!

When she came to her senses, she clamped down on BB’s erection in her anal opening and milked his hard cock with her muscles!!!

“Ohh, damn you, Bitch!!!” BB screamed, as he blew all that he had left into the bowels of his hot, little neighbor!!!

Without saying a word, Sharon pulled herself off of BB’s softening cock, got up from the kitchen floor, lovingly kissed BB on his cheek, and left him panting on the floor.

As she walked out the door, she turned, smiled, and finally whispered, “Thanks, Lover. I’ll be back tomorrow for more cooking lessons.” And with that said, she left through the front door, not even bothering to put on her see-thru’ rain coat!


* * * * *

Hi Readers, BBKradwell, here… I can’t take full credit for this story.

No. this was a two-person effort! Another Literotica writer and I worked on this together…

It’s kind of a funny story, how she and I got together to write this, but I won’t bore you with details. Suffice to say, that erotica and the Internet really do make strange (and wonderful) bedfellows!!!

If you’d like to read more of our stories, you should drop a note to “SteamyChik,” as well… She and I BOTH worked on this story, together!

So, now that you’ve read our story, why not hook up with your own Literotica Pen-Pal/ Writer, and see what YOU both can do!!!

Thanx, loads, SteamyChik, you sexy, little slut! I’ll fuck you later, Puss-Puss!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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