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Lust in the Alley

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He found himself on a hot summer night in Ft. Worth, just visiting on his way to nowhere in particular. Separated from his wife, taking time off from work just to travel and see some sights before going back to mend fences and return to normality. He had been sitting in the back where the lighting was particularly dim, able to scan the entire night’s events without being highly visible to the other inhabitants.

Besides the occasional game of pool, loud friends laughing and joking with one another, not much had been going on and he had convinced himself “just one more beer and back to the hotel for some porn, masturbation and a good night’s sleep.”

But that’s when she walked in. Dressed in a tight black skirt, loose white top and leather boots, which complimented her brunette hair, pouting lips and sexy eyes, she commanded the attention of every man and woman in this hell hole.

“My god”, he thought to himself, “this night just got fucking interesting”, and his eyes followed her up to the bar, oblivious to anything else around him.

She spent the next couple of hours talking to the locals, doing shots and downing Jack and Cokes like they were water. He knew not only was she hot but could handle her liquor. He had to have her, but hadn’t a clue on how to obtain her, or even if she was interested.

He thought to himself, “Well, there is only one way to find out” and began to make his way through the smoke filled room, just as she started to make her way to the ladies room. He pretended to search the jukebox for music.

He awaited her return from the bathroom, when suddenly he heard the sweetest voice whisper over his shoulder, “Let the bodies hit the floor”, and he turned his head slightly, just enough to come eye to eye with this Texas Angel.

“Excuse me, honey?”, he asked.

“Play the song, Let the bodies hit the floor. It turns me on everytime”, she replied.

Thinking of a clever comeback, he spurted, “If that is all it takes to turn you on darling, then I’ll play ten dollars worth.”

She smiled and replied, “Maybe one canlı bahis time will do the trick, stranger.”

Perhaps it was the large amount of alcohol, or the fact he was in a strange town face to face with a goddess and nothing to lose, that drove his libido, when he offered to buy her next drink in exchange for the chance to know her better. Whatever the motivation, she slyly excepted.

They made their way back to his table, fresh drinks in hand, sat down and exchanged some small talk.

“So since I don’t recall seeing you here before, tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine”, she said as he traced each word from her sexy lips.

He assumed she meant names, but was hoping for more show than tell. “I’m James and just passing through for the weekend”, he said.

She replied,” Very nice to meet you , I am Stephanie, and although I am married, luck is on your side tonight, because I am horny, you are hot and I am ready to play, and HE isn’t here to know any different.”

She gave his leg a soft, but firm squeeze, sliding her hand up his leg to brush her red nails along his crotch. He went to run his hand up her skirt, admiring her sexy legs as he did so, when she abruptly stopped him, “I have friends here who know me and my husband, so go to the alley behind the bar and wait for me.”

He didn’t hesitate or argue. Whether or not, this was a hoax to roll him and take his money, or an actual dream come true, his boner didn’t care. So long it had been since he felt this kind of fire in his cock, he wanted nothing more than to fuck this beautiful temptress in the most animal manner imaginable.

After about 10 minutes she appeared. Her sexy body outlined by nothing more than the moonlight and the remains of a distant streetlight, was too much for his drunken senses.

“You know Steph, I have a hotel just down the street, a more appropriate setting for a lady”, he told her, trying to imply he didn’t think of her as some small town whore.

To which she whispered, ” I am a lady, but tonight I am your slut and want nothing more than for you bahis siteleri to fuck me in the night air with the sounds of the city to drown out our screams.”

She approached him, their mouths meeting instantly, tongues protruding, invading one another’s alcohol drenched palettes, the combination of liquor, beer, saliva, lipstick swirling around as their tongues explored every inch their mouths would allow. His hands dropped to her gorgeous ass, her pussy grinding into his hard, throbbing dick, just aching to escape the confines of his jeans.

She broke the kiss, pushing him back against the brick wall, scratching her nails down his chest, having no trouble with the button fly entrance to the thick, throbbing tool that she eagerly pulled free.

She looked up briefly and muttered, “Looks delicious” and licked his pole from the tip of his engorged cock head to the base, slipping each nut into her mouth. She continued circling her tongue completely around each testicle, then gently sucking each testicle, while sliding her hand up and down his aching cock.

He thought to himself, the perfect mouth on the perfect lady, and her husband stays at home? What a stroke of incredible luck?

His eyes stared at the back of his skull as her expert cock sucking was buckling his knees, his orgasm only a few seconds away. Sensing his moans meant his nut was near, she licked her forefinger and played with his asshole as she bobbed hungrily on his cock. This became way too much, and grabbing her hair, he thrust his dick deep into her throat as his seed exploded inside her mouth, her tongue wiping the cum side to side like oral wipers.

When his mighty orgasm finally subsided, he picked her up on his shoulders, turning her around against the same brick wall, her shaved cunt only inches from his waiting mouth. He extended his tongue, sliding up her slit, tapping her clit with the tip of his tongue, then back down again, spearing his tongue deep inside her fuck hole.

It was her turn to toss her head back, grabbing the back of his head and forcing his mouth to bahis şirketleri engulf her juicy snatch. He took turns licking her labia, tongue-fucking her pussy hole and sucking, licking and stroking her clit with masterful skill. “So fucking incredible”, she gasped and soon after released a flood of pussy juice into his happy mouth.

His cock, now fully recovered, stood erect as he lowered her back down to waist level, her pussy easily sliding down onto his turgid manhood, until her pubic bone rested on the base of his cock. He smiled lustfully at her, again taking her mouth onto his, exploring her tongue once more with his own, trying to show her without speaking a word, that she was showing him the fucking of his life.

He lifted and lowered her up and down on his cock as she pulled her top down to offer him her breasts. He took turns sucking and nibbling on each nipple as he fully buried his dick inside her hot pussy, each thrust demanding the satisfying moan from his fuck puppet. She ran her nails down his back, expressing her approval of the pleasure he was giving her body. The pleasure her husband had long forgotten or cared to show her.

The two shadows fucked like mad dogs, nothing heard but loud moaning accompanied with the unmistakable slapping of flesh together, neither caring if they were caught by anyone at this point, only wanting to arrive at yet another orgasm, except this time, together.

Their lust, now full blown passion, driving all of their senses insane as hands traveled about each other’s bodies, his hands grabbing her glorious ass, guiding her pussy up and down his tool, while simultaneously pressing her clit hard against his pubic bone, And finally as if on cue, their pumping increased sending them both over the edge, his cum mixing with her own, their bodies beyond spent, collapsing on his knees, with her still atop him, his semi-hard penis still slightly inside her. He removed his shirt, allowing her to slightly remove the surface mess they had made, but both going their separate ways having just made a lifetime memory to cherish.

He sat up in his bed, freshly showered, thinking to himself, “Maybe Ft. Worth could be a great place for a fresh start”. He finally fell into a peaceful slumber, hoping desperately to relive the evening’s affair.

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