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Lust Revealed

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While they met online through a student study group, it didn’t take long before Jess and Mia discovered they had a lot more in common than just their choice to study psychology as an adult. They were both mothers to similar aged children, Jess has been a single mother for some time, and Mia has just recently gotten out of a long term relationship. For Mia, Jess supporting her through the breakup is what brought them closest together. For a long time she felt alienated from her friends, not for abusive reasons but more time constraints associated with parenting. They started talking simply discussing their studies and working on assignments together but before long, their chats became more and more recreational. Mia is the closest friend Jess has ever had in either a platonic or sexual relationship, a feeling that has allowed her to open up and share her feelings and thoughts like never before. At least almost all of them anyway.

Jess and Mia live in different towns, 1854 km’s apart exactly as they had discovered one random evening while talking, but as fortune would have it, Jess’s new employer needed to fly Jess cross country to Brisbane for their latest business venture. Of course when given this opportunity Jess jumped at it. The hotel her boss booked was located in the suburb next to the one which Mia resided and there was no way she would miss the chance to meet her best friend in person. Even though Mia offered to put Jess up for the time she was in town, Jess opted to stay at the small but lavish hotel excusing herself by telling Mia she might need the board room facilities the hotel provided. Although this was true, it wasn’t the sole reason for not accepting the offer.

Mia could not wait to meet her friend for the first time. Eagerly she would ask Jess if she was still coming, every time they spoke. Her excitement only intensifying Monday afternoon when the text came through saying that Jess had just arrived at her hotel. Mia is normally a very confident and charismatic woman but this has her head in all kinds of a mess. Never in her life has Mia been so excited and eager yet terrified and anxious about anything. Jess had an important meeting early the next day so instead of catching up with Mia the night she had arrived, they decided that they would go out the next night to allow Jess to rest and relax after her flight. With meetings Tuesday and Friday, Jess’s company decided she could work from the hotel instead of flying back and forth as 4 nights in even this upper class hotel had worked out to be more financially viable than 2 return flights. Jess really did not mind this at all. She knew that she would take about 2 hours to prep for the meeting Friday lunchtime which meant 2 full days of R&R, all on company time.

With the night to herself Jess decided a nice long hot shower was in order before a movie curled up in the voluptuous white dressed king sized bed of her hotel room. She flipped open her suitcase and rummaged through her belongings in search of her long patterned pajama pants and a loose tee to throw on after her shower. Shoving underwear to one side of her main case, her hand brushed something with a velvety smooth skin like texture and she smiled. It was bob, one of her must have travel companions.

With a sex drive as high as Jess’s is she never goes far without Bill and Bob her 2 favourite bedroom buddies. Bob an acronym for battery operated boyfriend was a smooth black and gold g-spot vibe she purchased a few months after getting out of her last relationship to get her through those long cold lonely nights, but after the first time she used him she knew this was forever. Or at least until he stopped working. The only thing she didn’t like about bob was the fact he wasn’t water proof. The thought of a quick stress relief session in the luxurious open plan bathroom was too tempting so she felt around a little further to find Bill.

Bill was not anything too special but he had one ability that none other of Jess’s toys had, Bill could play in the shower. For Jess there was nothing better than a good bout of fuckery in a steaming shower with or without a friend, and seeing as she was currently short of playmates WITH a pulse, Bill was the man for the Job.

The suction cup base of Bill stuck firmly to the crystal white tiles of the shower taunting her as she disrobed. Jess contemplating her options as she lathers herself in floral scented hotel shower gel. The warm water flowed over her, ripples smothered by her own wandering hands, Jess’s mind began to wander. Thoughts of a fine little redhead in a schoolgirl costume flooded her mind and she could feel the sultry desire building through her.

Although Jess is more into girls, she believes the penis was designed incredibly well. If it wasn’t for the unfortunate fact that they are generally attached to males, in her mind they would be a perfect. Fortunately for her Bill is not attached to one and though he’s not quite as good as the real thing in some ways, that fact, and his unrivalled stamina, most definitely makes up kocaeli escort for it.

With her back to the wall from which the member protrudes, Jess lathered herself with the fragrant body wash. While not a conventional lubricant, it sufficed, allowing Jess’s hands to glide smoothly over her most sensitive parts. With mental imagery of her little redhead slut at her beck and call it wasn’t long before Jess was ready to impale herself on the firm rubber dick in the shower.

45 minutes from when Jess stepped into the shower she stepped back out, glowing and satisfied. As satisfied as she can be without her dream girl to play with but she certainly isn’t complaining about that. She grabbed the remote for the enormous TV overlooking the bed from the kitchenette and crawls into bed. With an old technicolour western movie playing softly Jess drifts off to sleep, happy relieved, almost complete.

What Jess didn’t know, was just 1 suburb over, happy confident Mia struggled to get comfortable. It wasn’t the red lace and satin nightgown stretched tight across her firm caused sleep to evade her. She relentlessly adjusted her v-string panties over and over. They caused an imaginary itch, aiding the nightgown’s fictitious endeavour to prevent her from rest. For what seemed like hours to Mia, she fought with her garments, attempting to calm herself, blaming the inanimate objects for her restlessness.

She has had weeks to prepare to meet her best friend for the first time, but instead of readying her for this latest chapter of her life, it created anxieties and nervousness she couldn’t extinguish. Feelings she’s never felt before let alone had to deal with. All day those feelings would invade Mia’s mind body and soul. Now being so close, she couldn’t calm herself at all.

That evening Mia showered for the longest she’d showered since her child had been born. Making the most of her empty 2 bedroom cottage, she lit scented candles to fill the steamy little ordain bathroom with calming smells to try and relax but that didn’t bring her down from the influx of qualms distorting her mental state. She tried to read her romance novel in an attempt to escape her own mind to no prevail. No mere distraction could sedate her. Even attempting to turn her mind off with meditation wouldn’t allow her to sleep.

Then in bed trying to sleep that night all she could do was squirm and wriggle. The more she fidgeted, the more sensitive her skin became to the faintest touch. Inconspicuous at first, Mia didn’t realise her rosebud nipples were standing to attention, stimulated by the satin material swimming across the bare skin beneath. A cool breeze coming through the poorly sealed floorboards of her small house sent shivers through her, enlightening her to how sensitive her body was. As her hands brushed her thigh while she adjusted her garb again, every muscle in her leg tensed up.

Her let down auburn hair dancing across her neck sent shivers down her spine. She felt herself growing warmer as she subconsciously succumbed to the unintentional sensations inflicted upon her. As her own touch became more and more deliberate Mia’s breathing deepened. An audible gasp escaped her lips as her hand brushed her own bosom while she fixed her hair. That instant Mia became aware of her arousal. Instead of moving her arm away she allowed her hand to trail down her neck and across her chest, slowly, firmly massaging her bold mounds.

Turned on beyond any hope of returning, Mia’s fate was sealed. At last a distraction from the ordeal she was in, her mind now glued to thoughts of a warm tongue exploring her in place of her own hands. As if drawing an invisible trail for the fantasy tongue, her hand moved over her nightclothes. Dancing over her breasts and flat stomach before returning to her face and neck. Instead of tugging down at her clothes, she now allowed the nightie to rise with her movements.

Mia watched in the full length mirror on the dresser at the foot of her bed her own body. She admired the way her disheveled hair only amplified the sex appeal flowing from her, scantily clad and sprawled across the small double bed.

The skimpy red lace attire taught against her flat stomach and large breasts. Her hands followed her eyes and Mia ran her fingers up her torso to tweak the hardened nipples trying to break free of their constraints. With this Mia knew she would not be finished until she was finished and reached for her favourite plaything and flicked off the table lamp.

An hour later, naked and panting Mia tossed her vibrator to the floor and as she recovered from her self-induced orgasms, drifted gently off to sleep.


Mia awoke feeling rested and revived, but her apprehensions soon get the better of her and she barely struggles through her day. Random anxiety attacks deluding her from reality hitting her spontaneously as she attempts to get through her daily routine. In spite of Jess’s constant texts expressing her excitement for tonight, Mia still struggles with even the most mundane tasks.

A grueling kocaeli escort bayan 9 hours of hell and waiting later, Mia pauses at the threshold of her front door, digging through her silver clutch to make sure for the 10th time tonight that she has everything she might need for the evening. In the flurry, Mia had managed to dress and undress herself 5 times since her shower in an attempt to find the perfect outfit. She finally settled on a sleek black sequined cocktail dress that finished just above her knees. It might have been more appropriate for a night in the clubs as opposed to the up market wine bar Jess picked out from the tripadvisor website but Mia loved the way it hugged her perky little ass and breasts. She loved how much cleavage it revealed and knew that for the first time in a long time she was going to have all eyes on her. She knows she can adjust her flowing auburn hair to reveal more or less of her ample bosom as she saw fit meaning if she did get uncomfortable because of a creep she could make herself feel less exposed and the exact opposite if attention is what she wants. Mia checked her hair one last time, winked at herself in the hall mirror and left.

Across town, Jess is in much the same predicament. From the moment she woke up, her mind has been one track, even through that day’s meeting all she could do was think of was her drinks date with Mia that evening. Now her suitcase wardrobe was sprawled once more across the massive king sized bed, a colourful mess of blouses, t-shirts and underwear.

Even though she is often complimented on her looks, especially by Mia, Jess’s self-image issues kept her preferring an outfit of relatively baggy pants and a loose fitting shirt. Although Jess was going to be in town less than a week, she had tried to pack every outfit Mia had ever given a good review. After a good few hours of rummaging through and the trying on of almost every item packed, Jess was finally content with her floral sleeveless blouse and black office pants.

Mia has told Jess on several occasions that this particular pair of pants paired up with some kitten heels accentuates the muscle tone of her legs and shapes her ass into a ‘delicious bubble of goodness’. Jess couldn’t help but laugh in self-conscious embarrassment from this particular compliment but it did make her feel good about herself. Still feeling vulnerable she opted to wear her knit cardigan as well in spite of the warmer weather. Jess’s blouse has a somewhat low v, but her voluptuous tits are incredibly firm and hold their shape even without the aid of a push up bra allowing it to make much of her fuller figure.

Jess’s anxieties hit hardest just as she went to the door to leave. She was openly bi but over the past few months her feelings towards Mia had grown past normal for a platonic relationship. It started with a dream in which they were swimming together and Mia all of a sudden swam up to her and kissed her passionately. She woke immediately with her heart racing a million miles an hour. Since then the dreams have become more vivid and explicit, often cause for Jess to take matters into her own hands. Lately even through the day her mind would wander to thoughts of passionate love making sessions and whenever possible she would find her hands wandering too just as they had last night.

She’s yet to tell Mia of this growing infatuation despite Mia telling her recently that she was also bi. She does not clearly remember the conversation as her mind eluded her while she fantasized of her lips being the ones meeting Mia’s. The only part of that conversation she does remember fully, she would rather forget, the moment she was snapped back to reality by Mia and having had to explain this sudden absence of attention. Jess still feels as though she has never been as embarrassed as she was at that moment.

Mia only worried that she had said too much and revealed the secret love she had grown for her friend.

Jess walked down to the wine bar she had chosen from a review on the internet, a suave little hipster joint in the CBD styled as a 40’s 50’s era jazz bar with a dark and smoky atmosphere. The kind of venue, you’d imagine Sinatra or Buble’ getting their start in. The bar tender hands Jess a tall glass of post mix CC and dry with some decorative mint leaves floating amongst the ice. She looks at her phone for the hundredth time since sitting down not more than 2 minutes ago. This time as she unlocks her screen a message alert pings and her heart sinks. Immediately Jess gets a bad feeling that Mia has canceled and isn’t coming. Maybe Mia is a catfish. Maybe Mia is nothing more than a fantasy.

She opens the text in contempt of the negative thoughts rampant in her mind.


“Hey darl I’m on my way, just late as always 😛 xo.”

Jess takes a large swig from her drink to try sedate this sudden influx of nerves.


“Ha ha ha, I may have panicked a little. I’m at the bar waiting, hurry up I can’t wait to meet you!! xo.”

It is 6:05pm when Jess saw Mia step into the bar, izmit escort the streetlights reflecting on her sequined dress, she had always known Mia was an attractive woman but facebook photos and random late night pajama clad skype sessions could do no justice for the natural beauty Mia presented in person. Mia’s face lit up the moment she saw Jess from across the room and she couldn’t contain herself, running to her friend as fast as she could manage in heels on a drink sodden bar floor.

“Oh my god you’re here!” Mia shrieked with delight as she threw her arms around Jess almost toppling her from her stool. “Well hello to you too!” Jess responds equally as excited, wrapping her arms in a tight embrace around Mia’s waist.

Jess asks Mia what she would like to drink and they quickly find themselves talking as though they were online or texting only without the restraints of being on their phones or laptops. Progressively as the night grows on, the duo let their hair down and with light hearted banter and physical interaction comes to the fore front. A hand on a thigh here, a touch on the waist there, contact not usually absurd in typical circumstances but not normal for Jess or Mia.

The drinks flowed as easily as the conversation and soon Mia and Jess start to feel a little restless.

“This place is a bit of a dive before 9pm,” Mia informs Jess, “What do you say we get out of this place, let me show you the nightlife from a local’s perspective?”

“I’d love that,” Jess replies, barely able to cover her hesitations. Jess really isn’t the all-night party girl she used to be and hoped Mia isn’t thinking stories of her past are still things she finds fun. Since becoming a mother, partying was out of the question. Late nights were still a regular occurrence for whatever reason but a hangover could mean all out disaster the next day. Toddlers are hard enough work without the ‘aid’ of a massive headache and feeling of an extra 50 kilograms stuck on your back.

Mia also really isn’t into partying nowadays for the exact same reason, she only suggested it to stop herself from doing something she felt was inappropriate. Loose lips sink ships and when she started on the chardonnays, her lips definitely got slippery. Often a simple remark turned instantly sexual and together they became lost in hysterical laughter. Innuendo inducing Mia and Jess into an arousal they’d never felt so intensely before. Laugh is all they can do to mask their wanting. Still unsure how to show the other. Still afraid of losing what they have together.

In an attempt to cover, and distract herself from her internal mess of mixed emotions, Mia leads Jess all across town from bar to bar drinking as they go. Almost begrudgingly Jess follows. She knows she hasn’t a need to fear the almighty hangover that she knew she was going to have, as her child was accounted for. She was in the only company she wanted. She didn’t want the night to end at all. Her only hesitation is she wasn’t doing what she wanted to do. She is just taking the ride for the off chance that what she desires could actually happen but frustration wins over hope for Jess and she informs Mia she can’t go on.

They are standing in front of a large two story nightclub, the kind with the techno music blasting so loud it’s audible for three blocks. Jess doesn’t want their night to end. Not at all, she just feels as though there are cracks forming in the mask hiding her lust for Mia and the doubt in her mind keeping her from letting Mia know how she feels. She isn’t willing to risk losing her best friend for her own selfish lust and it is eating away inside her.

Jess doesn’t know it, but it is Mia too.

Mia dragging Jess from bar to bar her only way of harboring her own emotions, trying to draw attention to anything other than what she may be showing towards Jess. She knows this fickle attempt is faltering but can’t think of another way to stop the night from coming to an abrupt halt.

“Oh Please Jessy, one more drink, please. You haven’t danced with me yet, you promised you’d dance with me? Please don’t go yet?” Mia pleaded full of desperation. She couldn’t bring herself to tell Jess how she felt but was willing to do anything to make Jess stay with her just a little longer.

“Ok, ok,” Jess replies with a smile. She really didn’t need too much convincing, “But this is the last bar for me ok? And remember, you can’t judge my dancing skills,” she finished with a chuckle as Mia drags her through the front door of the club.

Mia still firmly holding Jess’s hand, bypasses the bar. She heads straight towards the glowing dance floor and pushes her way through the crowd of ravers with Jess following as closely behind her as she could. Like clockwork a heavy bass drop comes in and Mia and Jess start dancing away, lost in the music laughing and holding hands while jumping around and shaking about. The mass of clubbers on the floor pushes them closer and they don’t fight it, lost in each other’s eyes, jumping and spinning is replaced with holding and grinding. Jess completely captivated in Mia’s hazel eyes as their bodies move closer to each other than they had been ever before, held together by the mob around them, glued in place unwilling to fight it from the passion burning inside them.

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