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Lynn’s Gloryhole Fantasy

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Newly single Lynn Moore sat in her car in a dark parking lot and eyed the nondescript building in front of her. A staircase led the way up to a second story where the only door was placed. Her recent research had led her here. To an adult arcade that supposedly had gloryhole booths. This is what she told herself she had wanted to try for years. Lynn just never knew that this place, just 2 miles from her apartment, even existed. Lynn reflected on how she got here.

Lynn was 32 with long blonde hair, stood roughly at around 5’6″, weighed in at 125. Her frame was thin but her hips flared out nicely that lead to what many described as a rounded bottom, not big, but just….there. Lynn thought it was her worst feature; she would have preferred more ‘junk in the trunk’ than where she had gotten it, her 38DD cup breasts. Although she was delighted that there wasn’t much sag yet and even when she went braless, they stayed upright pretty nicely.

Lynn had always considered herself a very sexual womam, but with a somewhat odd twist. She loved fucking, but her preference from the time she had lost her virginity to now, was sucking. Put quite simply, she adored sucking dick. It resonated with her, through her. She loved the power she felt she had when she blew a man. She controlled everything; pace, rhythm, touch….right down to the ultimate control of whether she was going to blow his mind and swallow his cum….or if she wouldn’t. Lynn relished the fact that she could feel every throb, hear every moan, and know it was her mouth that caused it. Size didn’t matter to her while sucking cock. Sure, when fucking, a bigger one was more pleasurable, but she found no cons and all pros when she gave head. Smaller ones she deepthroated with ease and they usually came quickly; she loved that. Big ones challenged her ability often making her competitive as to how far she could take him in.

The problem that led to her soiled relationship had nothing to do with their own sex life per se. Mark, her now ex fiance, was average at best in dick size. Lynn didn’t mind that, hell was prepared to marry the guy. For about two months leading up to their break up they had several talks about spicing things up with a third person. They were both excited about it but lack of communication is what did them in. Mark assumed it would be a woman, Lynn had assumed it was going to be a guy. Too many nights she masturbated herself to sleep imagining being able to suck two cocks at once. Fuck one and suck one. Hell maybe even a DP, even though she didn’t like anal that much, being double penetrated sounded like something she wanted to at least try once in life.

So imagine Lynn’s surprise, when without any warning, Mark shows up with a woman and said this was their third. Arguments ensued and one thing led to another. It ended in their break up but such is life.

Movement on the staircase brought Lynn out of her reverie. Two more men went up and entered the door. To her shock, there were many cars in the dimly lit parking lot. She opened the door, started to get out then shut it again. She was understandably nervous. She had been dreaming of not only sucking many cocks at once, but the idea of them being random strangers made her panties damp. Lynn picked up her cell and called Stacey, her BFF since the fifth grade, the one woman she always confided everything to.

“What’s up buttercup?” Stacey asked when she answered.

“You know that fantasy I always tell you about? The one always on my mind?” Lynn asked.

“The one where you suck a stranger’s cock?”

“In a gloryhole booth. Yeah that one. I found a place. I’m here in the parking lot right now.” Lynn was almost breathless. “It’s right behind that TNT fireworks store.”

“Oh eve gelen gaziantep escort babe, no. That’s a toy store. I get all my dildos from there.”

“No. In the back. I asked around on a chat site and its here. Back side of the building. Stairs lead up to an entrance on the second floor.”

“Holy shit! No way!”

“I need you with me,” Lynn begged.

Stacey laughed, “I don’t want to suck cock there.”

“I just need you here as my rock. I won’t back out if you’re with me.”

Two more cars entered the parking lot. One pulled in to a spot close to the building, the other headed right for Lynn’s car. Stacey pulled up next to Lynn’s car, looked at Lynn with her phone in her hand and laughed.

Lynn hung up and threw her phone down. She rolled down her window and loudly whispered, “For fuck’s sake don’t play me like that!”

They both got out of their cars and hugged. Stacey said, “So this is going down huh?” Lynn’s response was a steady determined walk towards the staircase. Stacey followed. It was a warm night so no coats were needed and the only thing they walked in the door with were themselves. The shocked look on the attendant’s face told Lynn all she needed to know; this place didn’t get many female patrons.

The attendant eyed Lynn as she approached first. She was dressed pretty casual, a pair of light blue jeans that accentuated her tush rather well, he thought. Also a loose fitting blouse which didn’t give a guess as to how big her tits might be. All in all a very sexy lady no doubt. Lynn said, “Ummmm….my first time here. How exactly does this work?”

He explained that it was a minimum of $10.00 which would credit a 6 digit pin code she would get on a receipt. The pin code was then used on a touchpad in the booth to bring the screen to life. From there you could choose from over 4,000 videos playing in many different genres. You even had rewind or fast forward functionality as well. Lynn handed the man $20.00. He entered it in and a receipt printed with her code. There was only one hallway across from the register and a partial wall to block the foyer view, but there was no mistaking this was the entryway. Lynn started to hold Stacey’s hand and head in when the attendant said,” Wait. She needs to pay for herself also.”

He took Stacey’s look in…..shorter than the first at about 5’2″, 160ish, so chubby? chunky?, sexy either way. She had short curly brown hair and blue eyes. As conservative as Lynn looked, Stacey was the opposite. Too tight shots that made her hips and plump ass stand out and a tight fitting T-shirt that couldn’t begin to contain her massive tits. 42F’s to be exact. Stacey said, “Oh I’m not using a booth. I’m only here for moral support.”

“Doesn’t matter,” he said. Stacey was determined to argue but Lynn laughed and pulled another $20.00 from her pocket and handed it to him. He printed out Stacey’s receipt but guessed correctly that he should hand it to Lynn who then took it, grabbed Stacey’s hand and entered the hallway.

Once past the partial wall they had to dip to the right as what looked like a single booth blocked their way. Loud sounds of porn being played in several booths was everywhere. Lynn’s heart pounded as she took in the scene. She immediately noticed that above each door was a light. It glowed red for an empty booth and green when occupied. The hall stretched a good distance and ended in a Tee section to then turn either right or left. Several men milled about the hallway or flat out just leaned against a wall. Waiting for a booth?

Now thoroughly confused, Lynn opened the door of the first booth. A single booth with no hole in a wall. Her heart sank. She gaziantep eve gelen escort said to Stacey, “Maybe I was told wrong?”

“Look at the next one babe,” Stacey replied. Lined up on either side of the walls were a line of booths. The next ones in line on either side though had a gap before the next booth was visible. These two also had the light that glowed red. Empty. Each girl opened one and saw the same thing as before. Single booth with no hole in the wall.

“Shit!” Lynn growled almost too loudly. The men in the area finally had noticed two gorgeous women who walked the hallway. It seemed like every eye was on them.

Lynn noticed that the rest of the booths seemed to lined up back to back with gaps in between each set for the doors. The first ones they approached on either side were lit up green and loud porn sounds filtered out but the opposite sides were lit red. Lynn peeked in and found the monitor against the wall this time and the connecting wall had a huge hole in it. She was about to yell to her friend, when Stacey obviously found the same on the other side. “Jackpot for you!” she whisper screamed!

Now with hope Lynn grabbed Stacey’s hand and led her all the way down the hallway. It seemed to be more secluded and where the most men loitered. They got to the T junction and on the left, set back more, were two booths connected together. Both women could feel without looking that the men undressed them with their eyes. Both booths indicated vacant so Lynn chose the one against the wall, the furthest and most secluded one. She opened the door and stepped in. The smell of sex invaded her nose but it turned her on. Lynn sat, spied the touchpad and entred the code from one receipt. The screen came to life and a video of a transsexual woman fucking a guy was playing. “Whoever was in here last was either bi or gay” Lynn thought to herself. The volume was way too loud but she found the control on the touchscreen and adjusted. That’s where she saw all the genres listed. It didn’t take her long to find compilation videos of gloryholes. She turned to Stacey and nodded. Stacey wished her luck and closed the door to give her privacy.

To the left of her was the hole and Lynn could somewhat make out the door and the seat on that side. In short order she heard the door from the next booth open and shut, a code entered and porn played in that booth as well. Lynn breathed in and exhaled slowly to steady herself. This was it. She remembered how people had explained it and she slowly put her fingers onto the edge of the hole to signify she was looking to suck. She heard movement and removed her hand as a nice sized 7″ white cock came through the hole. Lynn kneeled in front of the hole and covered the cock with her mouth. She moaned, as she always did, in her element. She bobbed back and forth and started to stroke the cock. Soon there was a knock on the wall and ropes of warm salty cum sprayed into her mouth. She swallowed every drop. The guy pulled back, thanked her and left the booth.

Since there was nothing else to do Lynn watched the video. Shot after shot of the ultimate gloryhole ending, either a hot facial or a cum in the mouth. The door opened and closed again and Lynn’s hand hung on the hole again. A slim 4″ Asian looking cock came poking through.

Lynn wasn’t picky and dropped to her knees. True to her knowledge of the small ones, her mouth was on his dick for all of about 30 seconds when three small spurts of cum splashed into her mouth.

Lynn waited five minutes with no action. She turned up the volume and hoped that would entice guys in. Five more minutes with nothing and Lynn gave up hope. She stopped the gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan movie and sighed. Stacey heard the porn stop and opened the door. “Are you done?” she asked.

“You tell me. Did all the guys leave or something?”

“No. But they do seem a little nervous. Like this never happens. I have an idea though, if you trust me that is.”

“Of course babe,” Lynn verified.

“Ok. Get the porn going again. I’ll be right back.” Stacey shut the door and disappeared.

Lynn started the video going again and waited. After a few minutes the other door opened and closed and this time Lynn didn’t have time to put her hand at the hole. Instead a hand came through and someone whispered, “Let me feel your tits so I know it’s real.” Lynn scooted closer and he groped each breast and apparently satisfied, stood and shoved a nice looking 6″er into the hole. Lynn immediately went to work and a few minutes later swallowed another tasty cum load.

Lynn was about to sit back down when the booth was occupied again and another hand came through. She nudged her tits against his hand and after a grope, his cock too filled the hole. This one was maybe 5″ but it was the thickest Lynn had seen tonight. She sucked steadily and soon was rewarded with the head expanding as it sprayed four or five jets of warm cum down her throat. As he exited Lynn pulled her top off. If they wanted tits, she wanted to make it easier on them.

Four cocks in a row Lynn sucked off. Each one replaced with another as quickly as someone exited. As she bobbed up and down on the fourth one she kicked backwards at the door hoping to get Stacey’s attention, which she did. Another hot stream of cum filled her mouth as her friend poked her head in. Lynn screamed, “What the fuck is going on out there?”

“I put up a sign! They’re lined up down that whole hallway.” Stacey pulled her phone out and showed Lynn a picture. The sign read ‘Gorgeous real woman on the other side of this booth who loves to suck cock. She swallows too’.

Lynn’s mouth gaped open and made it very convenient for the next cock, a 7″ black one, to hit her in the cheek then slip into her mouth when she turned her head. Lynn closed tightly on it and sucked his load out of him. She was amazed that Stacey hadn’t left yet.

Stacey said, “Next one is mine. But not in here. I know him from work. You can watch through the hole if you want. The cum is yours though. I already told him. So be ready with your mouth at the hole.” She got up and left when the man entered the other booth. In just a few seconds Stacey appeared too and wiggled her shorts down to her ankles. A black guy she didn’t know bent Stacey over, her hands against the side wall. Lynn watched through the hole as a perfect side view of her BFF being fucked silly presented itself. Lynn was not going to admit to Stacey later just how damp her pussy was as she watched them. Stacey screamed as her orgasm hit and Lynn opened her mouth near the hole. The gentleman pulled out and shoved his cock through the hole and straight down Lynn’s throat. She gagged a bit at how big it was just before she clamped her mouth shut as a river of cum exploded down her throat.

Stacey entered the booth again just as Lynn went to work on a massively thick 6″ white cock. She thanked Lynn who responded with a thumbs up sign just as another load of cum filled her mouth.

All in all the women stayed about three hours and Stacey had to take down the sign and shoo guys off so Lynn could exit and they could leave. Lynn had lost count of how many men she had sucked off after 20. It didn’t matter after that anyways. As they entered the foyer once again and headed for the exit, the attendant cleared his throat and said, “Um Ma’am?” When Lynn looked at him he simply pointed to the crotch of her jeans. Lynn looked and saw that the bottom third and two significant parts of either thigh were now dark blue instead of light, obviously having been wetted.

Stacey gasped and said, “Shit did you pee or something girl?”

“I think I squirted when your guy came down my throat. He was fucking huge!” The women left the shop in laughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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