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Magnus and His Family Ch. 18

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Magnus and His Family (Chapter 18)

Kathryn M. Burke

The next morning, both Greg and Kristen had to hurry—he to his hardware store, she to her classes. They promised to see each other soon, but Kristen felt the need to report back to the household—and especially to Darcy—about what had happened.

Of course, no one was in doubt as to what had happened, since everyone noticed that Kristen had not come home the previous night. As she wandered into the house late in the afternoon after her last class, she found Darcy sitting in the living-room couch. There was a smirk on her face—but also a somewhat troubled look.

“Well, look at you!” Darcy said. “Corrupting my brother on the first date!”

Kristen impulsively embraced Darcy and planted a wet kiss on her mouth.

“Omigod, Darcy!” she exclaimed. “He’s such a darling! I think I must be . . .” I must be in love with him already.

Darcy didn’t need Kristen to finish the thought. “That’s really wonderful, dear. I think—I think he’s wanted a girl for a long time.”

“You bet he has!” Kristen said enthusiastically. “He certainly showed it last night!”

Darcy colored a little, not used to hearing her brother being talked about that way. “He—he came through?”

“I’ll say he did!” Kristen said. Over and over again.

“But he was nice, wasn’t he?” It was a point Darcy seemed really intent on.

“Of course he was! Just the world’s greatest sweetheart. I gotta get to know him better.”

“I hope you like what you find out.”

“Sure I will! He just needs someone who understands him—who can bring him out of his shell.”

“It would be wonderful if that someone was you.”

“Well, I’m going to give it a try.” Then, after a pause: “I guess you know . . .”

“Know what?”

“Oh, come on, Darcy! You must know.”

“Must know what?”

Kristen faced the realization that Greg’s sister really didn’t know. Even though there was no one else in the house, she felt compelled to whisper: “His thing is really big!”

Darcy clapped a hand over his mouth. “It is?”

“Of course it is!”

“Well, how was I to know that?”

“I guess you couldn’t have.”

“Um—how big?”

Kristen spread her hands out to the requisite length.

“No way!” Darcy burst out. “That’s impossible!”

“It isn’t. Trust me, it isn’t.”

“And—and you managed?”

“I believe I did.” She said it with some smugness.

“Can I ask . . . how many times?”


“How? I mean, which ways?”

“Once in my pussy, once doing sixty-nine, and twice in my bottom.”

“You got that monster into your bottom?” Darcy was aghast.

“He didn’t go all the way in. I told him not to.” Kristen lapsed into a contemplative mode. “But as a matter of fact, I think he went in pretty far.” She rubbed her bottom as she thought about it.

“Jesus, Kristen, did he hurt you?”

“No, no, nothing like that. It was just a little uncomfortable. I’ll probably get used to it.”

“So I guess he must have liked it—and liked you.”

“I would say so.” And she mockingly imitated Greg’s pronouncement: “That was the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“He said that?” Darcy cried.

“Yup. I told you he was a sweetheart.”

“God, you must have had a real effect on him.”

“Yeah—even with these tiny boobs.”

“Will you stop going on about your boobs? They’re just fine—all the guys say so.”

“I guess. I just wish—”

“Never mind that. What are you going to do?”

“Well, I’m going to see him again, of course. Maybe even tonight. Or maybe we should rest up before meeting again.”

“Hey, I don’t want you having just a sexual relationship with him.”

“Don’t worry—it’s already way more than that.”

The overriding thought that was in both women’s minds rendered them silent for a time. It was Darcy who articulated it.

“Um, when are you going to tell him about—about what happens here?”

Kristen chewed her lower lip. “Yeah, that’s going to be a tough one. I don’t want him to freak out. I guy like that who hasn’t had much experience may get real possessive of the first girl who takes an interest in him. But I’m sure he’ll take to Adele—and of course he loves you already.”

“Yeah, but not like that.”

“Don’t be too sure!”

“Kristen, what on earth are you suggesting?”

“Nothing. But I think it’ll be all right. There are whole new worlds of love that we need to introduce Greg to.”

Both women decided that getting Greg into the mix was an urgent matter. So, after several more dates (and sleepovers) with him to solidify their relationship, Kristen suggested that Greg come over to the house to meet the other occupants. By this time she well knew that Greg was awkward—even disturbed—by large gatherings; but she figured that she and his own sister Darcy would make him feel welcome, and that the others would be on their best behavior.

The meeting—a lavish dinner in Greg’s honor—went splendidly. The two guys (Paul and Curt) greeted Curt with open arms; and the three girls—well, they greeted him with more than open arms. After dinner, kırşehir escort Kristen, Darcy, and Adele clustered around Greg on the living-room couch, asking him question after question about himself (Darcy cleverly led the questioning in directions she knew her brother would be comfortable with), and laughing and touching and even kissing him whenever he said something cute or funny.

Later, Kristen took Greg up to her bedroom for what might prove to be a sensitive discussion.

“Sorry to have thrown so many people at you all at once,” she said. “I hope you liked everyone.”

“They were fabulous,” Greg said, humbled that he had been so enthusiastically treated.

“Well, it’s clear everyone thinks you’re pretty fabulous too,” Kristen said earnestly.

Greg was so choked up with emotion that he fell silent.

“Listen, Greg,” Kristen said, sidling close to him on the loveseat they were sitting on, “I gotta tell you something about how things work here.”

“What do you mean?” Greg said, frowning in puzzlement.

“Well, you see,” Kristen said, trailing off. She really didn’t know how to say what she had to say without making it sound as if this house was a throwback to the days of Roman orgies. “You see, we all love each other here—everyone loves everyone else.”

“That’s great,” Greg said uncertainly.

“And so . . . we like to express our love for each other.” Kristen paused meaningfully. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

After a long silence Greg said, “I—I think so.”

“And I love you, Greg.”

Greg swallowed hard before saying, “I lo-love you too, Kristen.”

They embraced and kissed for a long time.

“So I think,” Kristen said, “you might fit in here really well.”

“Yes, maybe.”

“Would you like to try?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, maybe you could spend a week or two in this house and see if you can get along with everyone—especially the girls.”

Greg blushed at that and said nothing.

“Of course,” Kristen added hastily, “we don’t mean your sister.”

But Greg was quick on the uptake. “But—you and Paul . . .?”

“Well, yes, there’s that.”

“You mean you—?”

“Yes, we do, but we both decided that would be a nice thing to do. We love each other even more now. But you and Darcy can decide what you want to do.”

Greg again lapsed into silence, thinking about his sister.

“So how about it?” Kristen urged.

“That would be great!” Greg exploded in sudden enthusiasm. “When can I start?”

“How about tomorrow? Just bring some stuff that you’ll need for the next week or so, and we’ll see how things go.”

And that’s how it was. After work the next day, Greg came over for another dinner, suitcase in hand. There was no separate bedroom he could occupy (and anyway, no one believed he would be spending nights alone, now that there were three guys and three girls in the house), so Kristen made space in her bedroom for his things. Greg blushed furiously as he placed his underwear in the same drawer as Kristen’s bras and panties, and used the closet to hang up shirts, coats, and other items.

But since Kristen had already cuddled up with Greg on several occasions during the past weeks, the time had come for him to get to know the others—specifically, Adele.

After dinner, Kristen whispered in Greg’s ear, “You’ll be with her tonight,” nodding in Adele’s direction.

Greg’s face first went white, then colored bright pink as he contemplated the incredible notion. Adele gave him a genial smile.

But studying came first. The five college students had to hit the books (or their laptops), and Greg managed to find some amusement in video games and other sources of entertainment.

Around ten o’clock, Adele closed her textbook with finality, walked over to Greg, and said, “Why don’t we go up to my room?”

Greg followed her like a zombie up the stairs.

The next morning, as Kristen and Darcy were sitting in the kitchen guzzling coffee and pastries before their first class of the day, Adele stumbled in, looking a bit the worse for wear. She directed a fierce glare at Kristen.

“You could have told me!” she burst out.

“Told you what?” Kristen said with faux naïveté.

“About his thing!” Adele whispered viciously.

“Oh, that,” Kristen said airily. “I thought you should find that out for yourself.”

“Jesus, I’ve never seen one so big!” she said sulkily as she poured out a cup of coffee for herself. Then she rubbed her butt in a telltale gesture.

Kristen raised her eyebrows. “Oh, he went back there, did he?”

“Yes!” Adele hissed.

“You didn’t have to let him do that.”

“Didn’t I? He does it to you regularly, doesn’t he?”

“Sure—but we’re not in any sort of contest.”

“Aren’t we? I wonder sometimes.”

“But I hope you had a good time with him.”

Adele’s expression softened at once. “Of course I did. He’s a darling. I think I—I’m half in love with him already.” She suddenly got all choked up.

“Well, that’s wonderful,” Kristen said.

Out of the blue Greg walked into the kitchen. He stopped short when he saw the three women—two kocaeli escort of whom he had now become intimate with—sitting around, no doubt talking about him.

“Um, hi,” he said half-inaudibly.

“Hi, guy!” Kristen said chirpily. “Do I get a morning kiss?”

Greg seemed hugely uncomfortable kissing his lover while Adele and Darcy were present, but he managed to give her a peck on the mouth.

Adele now turned her face up to him, as if saying: After what you did to me last night, you’d better give me a better kiss than that!

And he did. He took her face in both hands and pressed his lips ardently to hers.

Darcy watched these proceedings with fascination. As Greg was heading over to the counter to pour himself a cup of coffee, she said sharply, “Don’t I get a kiss, bro?”

He stopped in his tracks. “Darcy, you’re my sister.”

“And brothers aren’t allowed to kiss their sisters?”

With immense reluctance he turned around and gave the faintest of kisses to Darcy’s cheek.

“No, I mean a real kiss,” she said, and before he could walk away she took his face in her hands and pasted a wet, sloppy kiss on his mouth.

“Jeez, Darcy!” he said, shocked to the core. He hastened away to get some coffee.

Everyone had to get to work or class, so there wasn’t any time for further shenanigans. But that evening, after dinner, there loomed the awkward matter of the sleeping arrangements for the night.

Kristen approached Darcy and said, “You know, you don’t have to be with your brother. Maybe he can sleep on the couch.”

“I wouldn’t think of it!” Darcy cried. “Anyway, maybe we won’t actually do anything. You know what I mean? We might just talk—and perhaps cuddle a bit—and then go to sleep.”

“What does he have to say about that?”

“Oh, he’ll go along. I’m his older sister, after all.”

“Darcy, I just don’t want you to do anything that would make him uncomfortable.”

“Don’t worry, Kristen. I’ve known him all my life. No one knows him better—not even Mom.”

Greg didn’t seem unnerved at the prospect of spending a night in his sister’s bed, so when it was time for everyone to retire, he trotted into the room without thinking. Darcy did give him some time to get into his nightclothes—which, as with so many men, meant stripping down to his underwear—while she went to the bathroom to put on a baby-doll nightgown that barely covered her thighs.

Greg was lying like a corpse, on his back, on one side of his bed, staring up at the ceiling. When Darcy walked in, he gave her a quick glance and then turned his head away. With a smile she slipped into bed next to him.

“So, bro,” she began, “you like everyone here?”

“Sure!” he cried. “They’re wonderful.”

“I guess Kristen’s your favorite.”

“Of course. I love her.” He said it with simple dignity.

“That’s great, bro. I’m glad you two have become so close.” Then: “Adele’s pretty nice too, isn’t she?”

“She’s so sweet.”

“You—didn’t rough her up yesterday night, did you?”

“No, no! Why would you say that?”

“Oh, it’s just that she seemed a little . . . uncomfortable the next morning.”

“I’m sorry about that,” he said lugubriously. “I can’t help it.” I can’t help having such a big cock.

“No, I guess you can’t.”

Impulsively, Darcy slid over and, lying on her side, embraced her brother. He had no alternative but to place one arm around her back—and she could tell that the feel of the sheer fabric of her nightgown was proving to be something of a stimulus to him. She gave him a little peck on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “Can I see?”

His face getting hot, Greg said, “See what?”

“You know.”

“Darcy, please . . .”

From her position, she could tell that this very discussion was causing some motion in the very thing she wanted to see.

“Oh, come on, bro!” she said. “Kristen told me it’s—quite something.”

“She shouldn’t have said that.”

“I guess she couldn’t help it. She’d never seen one so big. Adele too.”

“It’s just—”

But before Greg could finish whatever it was he was going to say, Darcy pried herself out of her brother’s grasp, got up on her knees, and said, “You can see what I got!”

Without waiting for an answer, she whipped the nightgown off over her head and tossed it aside. She exhibited herself proudly to her brother, convinced that her assets were pretty impressive.

Greg’s jaw dropped as he took in the sight—the sloping shoulders, the flat stomach, the thin but shapely arms, but most of all the round, succulent breasts and the thick tuft of fur at her delta.

“Omigod, Darcy!” he cried. “I—I never knew you were so beautiful.”

“Thanks, bro,” she said casually. “But it’s now your turn.”

She herself took the initiative, peeling back his severely distorted underwear to expose the organ she was so intent on glimpsing.

She let out a huge gasp when it revealed itself, bouncing straight up and then falling back to his belly. It was fully erect, and at full length.

“Jesus Christ!” she exclaimed. “What a monster!”

Greg, now no longer concerned with concealing himself from konya escort his sister, donned a smug expression. “Thanks—I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Can I—can I touch?” she said.

“If you want to.”

With a curiously tentative move, Darcy extended her hands and grasped Greg’s cock with both hands. She found it surprisingly difficult to lift it up to a vertical position, and it seemed to quiver in her hands. She scooted down until her face was inches from it, and she continued to gaze at it as if it were some entity that had flown down from outer space.

Her two hands were grasping it from the bottom of the shaft, and that still left several inches protruding. With infinitesimal slowness, realizing the significance of what she was doing, she brought her face closer and closer to it—then plunged as much of it into her mouth as she could.

Both of them let out moans as her lips came into contact with the tip, and she suddenly began licking and sucking and nuzzling it in a frenzy of excitement, also pumping the shaft with both hands. The thing stretched her mouth as neither Paul’s nor Curt’s implement had done, but she still strove to cram as much of it down her throat as she could. That didn’t seem to be very much, as many inches of it remained as she looked down at it. Every so often she tickled the large sac of testicles below it, causing her brother to groan with pleasure.

Then she removed the thing from her mouth and, assessing it with a kind of academic precision, slipped onto his lap. First she rubbed it against her hairy delta; then she raised herself up and directed the organ to her cleft. Greg could tell that that crevice was already dripping from anticipatory excitement; and when Darcy finally inserted the tip into herself, they both realized that an important threshold had been crossed.

She continued to clutch his member as she slowly sat down on it. The first inch went in, then the second; and Greg watched in fascination as his cock disappeared inexorably into his sister’s vagina. After about eight inches Darcy let out a choking cry, and a frown came over her face.

“Don’t hurt yourself, sis,” he said.

“It’s okay, bro,” she said. “I just have to get used to it.”

And with that, the rest of the shaft vanished into her.

Both of them gazed fixedly at the intersection of their bodies, as Darcy simply sat there unmoving.

“Omigod,” she breathed. “I can’t believe I got the whole thing in me.”

She began bouncing up and down on his cock, gradually becoming used to the unusual sensation. Greg, for his part, first looked delightedly at her breasts, bouncing in rhythm to her motions, then seized her round, firm bottom as she rode him lustily, drawing his cock almost entirely out of herself, then thrusting it back deep inside. A broad smile was plastered over her face, and her eyes shone as the full significance of the act came over her. And for all his energetic session with Adele the night before (and with Kristen the night before that), Greg knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. With a low moan that rose continually in pitch and volume, he shot a huge quantity of his seed into his sister, as she herself cried out and tossed her head while her whole body shuddered.

When it was over, she kept him inside her for as long as she could, but finally she had to pull him out of herself. A substantial amount of his come at once oozed out of her and onto his belly, but her crevice remained coated with the thick white substance.

She lay down exhaustedly next to him, draping an arm over his chest as she fought to regain her self-control.

“That was incredible!” he whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, it was,” she said.

“Did you . . .?” he asked hesitantly.

She seemed to be able to read his mind. “Yes, I came.”

“You did?”

“I know, girls don’t come from intercourse very often. But I did: this was special.” Brother-sister sex is really special.

He held her close, and she snuggled up next to him like a kitten being petted. Pretty soon she noticed something that she half predicted would happen.

“You want another round?” she said.

“I guess,” he admitted.

But she knew he wanted something a bit more than that.

“You wanna go into my bottom, don’t you?” she said.

“I don’t have to do that.”

“It’s okay. You can.”


“Yeah. Just be careful, okay? There’s some lube in the nightstand there.”

He opened the top drawer of the nightstand and found the jar of cold cream. He had used it with Adele the night before, so he was familiar with it.

“You want me to put it on?” he said.

“Sure, go ahead.”

And he did. The cool substance felt nice on his fingers, and he spread it thoroughly and evenly all around and inside her anus. Then, as she remained lying on her stomach, he got into position and entered her.

At first he went in only about halfway, worrying that he might cause her pain if he went in further. But she herself said, “I can take a little more.” And so he advanced a few more inches, until a little frown indicated that that was all she could manage. As with his two previous lovers, he wrapped his arms around her and seized her breasts (larger than Kristen’s but smaller than Adele’s) and pumped her gently. This not only prevented her from feeling pain but prolonged the experience for both of them. He remained in her for close to twenty minutes, at times bringing a hand down to stroke her sex as he thrust into her.

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