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Maid for Pleasure Ch. 01: The Hiring

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He was sipping on his coffee in a bathrobe when I entered the room as I was commanded to by the butler who answered the door as I knocked. At first glance, he seemed like a perfectly handsome young man in his early 20s, who had inherited an enormous amount of wealth from an uncle and hence could waste it on infantile fantasies like this. I was recruited to me a ‘maid’ in a household where my only purpose of living was to “please my master”. I had no idea as to the exact extent of the job but had by now incurred a fair idea of what it might entail (though I was later proven utterly wrong.) Why I took the job, is because it was the highest paying job that I could find with my qualifications, which were practically non-existent.

I came to know that his name was Jack. Jack Stevens—grandnephew to a billionaire in New York living in Europe; from his butler who showed me the way to the breakfast room in this huge mansion and he also politely asked me whether I knew what I was applying for — to which I foolishly (as I understand now) had replied “Somewhat.” We did not have any further conversation for the next couple of weeks.

Jack Stevens was a wavy haired, blue eyed, sharp nosed, well built, cleanshaven and confident man who was peering at me with a keen look in his eyes that had just been lifted from deep introspection over the coffee mug that presently stood quietly on the coffee table in front of him. Slowly, as I (Kimberley) stationed myself at the opposite end of the coffee table at some distance, his lips parted and some fraction of a chuckle was heard resonating across the room. Then, as I was about to state my testimonials, he raised his hand and waived at me—a gesture for me to turn around. I turned. Then he gestured me to stand sideways and look straight. I felt that I was being devoured by those sharp eyes and honestly, it was a slight turn on for me. Probably he noticed it and said in a clear, calm, and deep voice, “You’re hired.”

As I was going to thank him, he raised his hand—this time, not to stop or signal me, but to signal the butler to take me away.

The butler Jason took me to my room and handed me an enveloped note asking me to read it carefully and to be in the same room where I met Mr. Stevens in an hour’s time. Saying this, he left me in what I thought to be a room fit to accommodate a king. It had a king-sized bed, a dressing table with a huge mirror attached to it, a wardrobe, an attached bathroom and a big window with translucent glass — not to mention the couch and the tea table next to the bed.

My nightmare began as I sat down and started to read the note which contained detailed instructions for me. It was only then that the exact nature of the job started to be clear to me. The note said:

Dear Ms. Kimberley,

We hereby express our pleasure to have you as our maid and look forward to enjoying Starzbet you in the days to come. For now, you are a novice and are unaware of the rules, customs and traditions of the Stevens family as well the duties, responsibilities and protocols for maids in Stevens Mansion. You must consider your duties whilst in Stevens Mansion under your master Jack Stevens a period of preliminary training before you are ready to serve the Stevens family in their ancestral manor in West London.

Whilst your service here, you must remember that Mr. Jack Stevens is your “Master” and you’re his personal maid—a position akin to slaves in the Middle Ages. Your duties in the house do not include (without specific instruction from your Master) daily household chores like washing or cleaning. But your sole purpose in service is to please your master in every manner possible. These are not restricted to sexual favours which will be demanded of you, but also extend to your complete subservience to your Master and his whims. The finer details of the job will be detailed in the contract that you have already agreed to (kept in your room) and will be elaborated by the butler and your Master when called upon. For the moment, you are to remember the following:

1. You are hereby stripped of all rights to privacy, rights to free speech, rights to self-protection and the right to do or say as you please. Your existence, actions and words are hereafter completely dependent on your Master.

2. You are hereby named Lisa in order to remind you of your subservience.

3. You can be humiliated, hurt, tortured and punished (when required) at the will of the master.

4. You cannot speak unless you are spoken to and/or ask questions.

5. You are required to wear the prescribed dresses (to be found in your wardrobe) as required for that day (see labels).

6. You hereby lose your right to wear any kind of underwear.

While I gathered myself after the shock I received from reading the contract that outlined by job details I realised that legally I had no other option but to take the job. I could not deny that it was a kind of turn on for me—for I had fallen into a daydream the moment I saw the blue-eyed Jack. The prospect of him toying with my body was ahh…such a turn on.

The contract required to empty my bladder, clean myself thoroughly, apply perfume and wear the necessary uniform for that day. But when I opened the wardrobe, on the rack marked ‘Monday’ (today) I found absolutely nothing but a note saying “Present yourself in your birth-dress.”

This was pushing it. Although I felt my cheeks warm up as I dried myself and prepared for presenting myself in complete nudity, somewhere inside me, I felt free, untamed and wild.

I sat down on the bed thoroughly shaking, recalling what had just transpired and Starzbet Giriş again trying to collect myself when I heard a knock on the door and without me even asking who it is, I saw a boy, of 18 or 19 years of age, barge into the room (that is the moment I realised that my door had no lock on it.) But what took me by surprize at that moment was that the young boy was utterly, totally, completely, shamelessly, nude.

The only thing he wore was a metallic cage on his tool which I now know to be the chastity cage that male slaves here are required to wear. While my entire attention had been stolen by the nudity and the captivity of this boy who just entered my room, he started introducing himself as my ‘valet’ who shall be responsible for my “presentation, punishment, privileges and priming”.

‘My name is Tom and as your valet, I shall remind you that your first task is waiting for you. Did you finish your chores already?’ he asked.

‘I don’t understand, what chores are you talking about?’ I was bewildered.

‘I was told that you are required to clean your ass, empty your bowels, thoroughly clean yourself, and apply perfume.’ He replied.

‘Yes, I have finished most of that.’ I said. Then, apologetically added, ‘I don’t know about the “birth-dress” part. Is it really necessary?’

To my most innocent question, my “valet”, Tom, seemed offended, “Every maid and servant in this house is a slave! We have all lost our rights to privacy. With that attitude, you will have red buttocks by dinner time!’ He yelled. ‘Now strip out of your dress and come with me or else you’ll be the first one to get a beating on the first day.’

Seeing that I had very little choice and also pitying the situation of this poor chastised boy, I decided to strip. I can still recall the horror of having to strip in front of a complete stranger.

I took of my shift and skirt…then unhooked by bra slowly facing the wall, away from Tom when he came over impatiently, wanked off my bra and tore down my panties exposing my recently shaved pussy to the cool air of the September day!

Utterly incensed by this audacity, just as I was going to protest, he took my left wrist, clutching it in his arms tightly and dragging me away to meet my master. Naked and exposed, ashamed and angry.

His pace slowed down as we approached what seemed to be the same hall I was introduced in and as he opened the door, his acts became ever so measured and careful that it became impossible to imagine that his previous act was even possible from the same man!

As I entered the hall this time, I was caught completely off-guard and in surprise at the scene that greeted me. I saw Jack (my master) seated on the same couch as this morning but this time he had his bathrobe parted from the middle exposing his total nakedness underneath Starzbet Güncel Giriş it and from the middle of this whole scene stood his massive cock—at least 7 in. and an impressive girth. I felt an immediate tingling in my nether regions as I beheld the scene of utter obscenity almost making me forget the humiliation that had been meted out to me by Tom a few seconds back. That was the moment, in the midst of that regal presence that I realised that I felt a strange cocktail of emotions: horror, shame, terror, fear, lust and desire—all enmeshed into each other.

Jason, my valet now pushed down my hands and prevented me from covering my breasts or my pussy. He placed them sideways and stood stiff behind me in an attention position. When my master signalled, he pushed gently down my uncovered shoulders and signalled me to sit on the floor but with my thighs wide apart. Then he took my hands and positioned them behind my head. I was there. Sitting in total nudity in front of my master’s cock—being put on display like a slutty whore. I think that was the moment I started internalising my role: a slutty whorish slave!

With my seated in front of him, baring all my melons and plum, he made a gesture of the hand to which Jason responded by moving across the room and opening the door. To my surprise, on the other side, there were two girls—naked and wearing a collar, holding a leash. They knelt on the floor as if they were dogs waiting to be taken on a walk. Their well-toned breasts hung sensually by the action of gravity upon them. Their eyes shone with lust.

Jason walked them, pulling by the leash to my master who received their leash but didn’t even break eye contact with me.

I saw the girls who had their names engraved on their collars—Alexa and Kate. They were utterly gorgeous. Even in my state. Even when I had just been reduced to a sex slave within hours of arriving at this palatial house. Even if it had just been hours from the time when I was a happy, free but broke girl on the streets—I felt a tingling in my pussy. I wanted to be like them. Stunning gorgeous and sexy.

Alexa had thick, long and straight black hair. Kate was a red-haired. As Kate settled herself to sucking my master’s nipples, I saw Alexa turning her back to me…oh! the sight of that juicy cunt would make me wet for so many days to come. I saw her take that long shaft in her mouth and suck it thoroughly as if it was her homework.

Jack Stevens sat there—like some Greek statue looking straight at me with piercing sight. I saw Alexa talking his throbbing dick into her mouth…sliding it in and out…I saw Kate lick and caress all over his toned naked body. I saw Jason wince from what I image was his dick trying to get hard but being stopped by his cage. But Jack focused all his attention on scrutinizing me. I felt every inch of me being devoured by his silent gaze.

It was then, when Alexa had finished sucking his shaft and then licking his balls like sweets on Christmas, when Kate had tasted every inch of his marvellous body; when their cunts could be seen overflowing with juices—that he gestured me to come close to him.

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