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Maid(en) Erotica! Ch. 02

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Excerpts from Part I of this story……..”I was probing Sushma to find her sexual desires…..asking her leading questions to know her mind……Sushma shared her little secret of her physical escapades with Kalpana, the lady working in the adjacent office ….just when the doorbell rang……Kalpana was at the door looking for Sushma!….Sushma had to open the door to respond to Kalpana…..Kalpana found traces of my cum spurt on her cheek……was curious to know what Sushma was up to….. Sushma confessed that she was engaged in “milking” me…….Kalpana involuntarily leveled her hands to squeeze Sushma’s tits…..I knew the scene was set for my long awaited “threesome” fantasy!” Read on Part II……. ————————————————-

The traffic of thoughts that my mind was processing was amazing! My imagination was flooded with visuals from several video movies I had watched. Movies where a lucky guy is the recipient of attention from two women; others, where the man gets to view two women getting intimate with each other, in great detail.

I could never get my eyes off the two women, the ease with which they would communicate with each other, share what they liked; I do not remember what the man was doing in those movies.

Here I was standing in my room, planning my action to enact the contents of the movie that I was reflecting upon! Who ever said, “Two is company, three is crowd”. Perhaps, it needs to be rephrased as “Two is company, three is symphony”! With two women and myself, it is going to be no less than an orchestra…..thus was the build up of my anticipation!

Just then, I was taken aback when I heard Sushma’s voice right behind me, ” Babuji, this is Kalpana!” I could not hide the sheepish look on my face. I knew I had crossed Kalpana a few times while she was going in and out of her office. Obviously, all those encounters were when I was fully clothed with no hint of ever showing off myself in such nude abandon! I looked back and saw Sushma’s hand around Kalpana’s waist clutching the smooth flesh on Kalpana’s tummy.

My eyes followed the movement of Sushma’s hand as if in appreciation of her gesture. I smiled and looked straight into Kalpana’s eyes; and here she was, looking straight at my erection, in awe of what she saw. To provide her a clear line of sight, I faced her, and quite involuntarily, put out my hand, as if to “shake her by the hand”. And lo, behold! Kalpana put out her hand out too……It was a situation of sorts – a fully dressed buxom responding to a nude man’s gesture!

But before the amusement of the situation could sink into me, I felt Kalpana’s hand gripping my dick nice and firm! I said, “Wow! Isn’t that a novel way for a woman to greet a man?” Kalpana looked straight into my eye and said. ” Of course, when your dick has extended itself and is reaching out to me, I need to acknowledge that by giving it a “dick-shake”!”

Saying that, she firmly held her palm around it and gave it a warm shake hand – up &down, sideways.. Clockwise and anticlockwise!! My dick was happily co-operating and was getting the warm, though rough, feel of a new pair of hands! But, as all dicks do, they live for the moment! How does it matter whose hands they are – all that matters is they are a woman’s pair of hands and hopefully, this would only be the foreplay before it gets invited into smoother, wetter and slicker pastures!

I smiled at her canlı bahis gesture and said, “Kalpana, welcome to our new group. I understand you and Sushma enjoy a special relationship. That is what excites me with your being part of this group.”

As soon as I said that, Sushma, not to be outdone, grabbed her opportunity, to make her presence felt. Sushma looked at Kalpana and said, “Look, Babuji has just “fired” his pistol a few minutes ago. He needs to recharge his pistol before he presses his trigger once again!”

My dick found the metaphorical comparison to shooting cum very manly! After all that is what all men need – to prove that they are potent and capable of quick recharging, isn’t it?

Sushma continued, “Why don’t we give him the necessary motivation so that he can get recharged!”

While all this was being said, Kalpana had not stopped what she had begun doing; she had unconsciously continued providing the blissful friction, her eyes were watching her hand’s movements, her mind was registering the impact she was making!

The pink crown of my dick was clearly out in the open, having slipped out of its sheath, in all its glory, nostrils flared up, skin shining wet from the copious load shot just few minutes ago!

Welcome to my fantasy of two women grappling with my happy-go-lucky, trigger happy dick! If this was some one else’s story and I was reading it instead of writing it, I would not be able to wait to get into the man’s position!

Well, by then, all inhibitions were given up; the women knew their parts, which they had rehearsed several times before. They both knew where to begin and did not any icebreakers! Sushma, with her hands free, slipped her hands to Kalpana’s choli (tight blouse) and slowly measured her tits. Sushma seemed to like the size of Kalpana’s well-formed tits – round orbs, pink nipples that would erect to more than half an inch.

This sight did not leave any doubt in my mind about why any woman would be envious of another woman’s tits! Envy can only lead to aspiring for similar tits or else – drive them to to suckle on another woman’s dream tits – which is what Sushma was doing!

Sushma pouted her lips and darted towards Kalpana’s tits. Instinctively, Kalpana’s tits were slowly expanding in size, responding to the ministrations of her female partner’s pair of hands and the gaze of two sets of eyes! The nipples had become erect buds under Sushma’s womanly touch. She knew exactly where to knead, where to apply pressure and when. She knew how to use her tongue and flick the nipples, just enough to get Kalpana moaning with inflamed desire. Sushma would then use her teeth to bite into the right amount of flesh and take as much of raw tit in her mouth…and then slowly “pump” the tit flesh out till the erect nipple would be entrapped between the two rows of white teeth. And wow! Kalpana would wail out loud and ask for more. It was indeed tantalizing to watch wet teeth marks on Kalpana’s tit, the smug look on her face, eyes shut and head drooping backwards just to let the foreplay continue uninterrupted!

Just then, I realized I did not want to be the passive one. All my inhibitions about Sushma and her approval, when she was massaging me vanished (read my earlier story on Maid(en) Massage) .

It was about grabbing the opportunity with both hands and making the best of it. And that is exactly what I did! I took both my hands and lifted Sushma’s bahis siteleri Kameez (the attire on the upper part of the body) and searched for the chord that ties the Salwaar (the pant like dress that is typically tied to the lower half so that the legs are covered fully).

Indeed, the search was not difficult since I had the lady cooperating fully. She tucked in her tummy to let the chord be untied without much ado…and there I was getting ready to slip the apparel down along with her panty! If I had doubts about how her wet juices were getting absorbed when she was massaging my dick (read my earlier story), those were put to rest. Here was her panty, soaked in her juices, husky odor and stained, as any white panty would have been!

What a sight to behold! Sushma sucking on Kalpana’s succulent tits, coaxing her nipples to extend themselves ever more; and me gazing into the neatly trimmed and well-maintained cunt of Sushma! Indeed, her cunt was symbolic of one, which has been consistently “seen” action, one that has met with many a probing lip and surely, met with demands of probing tongues!

I had always wondered if women actually like to grow a thick bush down there. If they were not particular about hiding their pussy, it did make sense to trim the bush and leave the pussy to gather fresh air and make it easy for the male lips to access!

My eyes riveted on Sushma’s gaping cunt, were soaking in its size and shape. The wetness had oozed out and was trickling down. I needed no further prompt to know that she was on fire! Nature had done its part – it was now for me to do the rest!

Instinctively, my tongue rose to the occasion. It had known to find its target. It knew its role, its potential and the rewards that were at stake. My tongue probed the outer lip of her cunt hole just to pry it open. The moist inner lips unfolded themselves and were inviting for the kiss. I pursed my lips and met her cunt lips in a nice sucking action. And while my lips were doing their part, the tongue set out to find Sushma’s clitty – the part that I always love to tickle, till my woman insists on pushing my tongue away!

I do confess that clit sucking is my most passionate way of letting my woman know how I admire her body. It is indeed my way of getting the satisfaction of making sure that I have been sharing the fun…and the best way to get my woman a “head start”! Indeed, it is all about giving “head”, isn’t it?

Sushma’s clitty was just waiting for me to reach there. It was waiting to participate in the action. Nice and erect, reminiscent of a small erect penis. Just the right size, perhaps, to even invade another woman’s pussy, I thought.

I took my lips and sucked on the clitty, in a nice up and down motion. It was like a candy when I did that. She was bucking her hips so that she could get her whole pussy into my mouth. I looked up to see Sushma’s action on Kalpana! Guess what I saw. Her hands took over from where her lips had left – on Kalpana’s tits,! Sushma’s lips had focused, to set the “ball rolling” – literally!

While, I was lost in Sushma’s bush, Sushma had gone ahead and dropped Kalpana’s dress to the floor. Without losing further momentum, she had glued her mouth to Kalpana’s cunny hole and was sipping the nectar, the way she has been used to. The slurping noise, the swaggering action of her tongue and her two palms on Kalpana’s tits for support – was indeed a sight bahis şirketleri to see.

Kalpana had closed her eyes and oblivious to the world around her, was making small movements to get the maximum attention of Sushma’s mouth – on the part of her body that was calling the shots! Surely, she was dominated by the need for sex.

Just as I was planning my next move, I found the building urge in my cock, taking over my next move. It was almost as if my cock was telling me that it was NOT enough if the eyes had feasted on a sight, that triggered a raging hardon, there had to be a an amicable solution, too. Without waiting for any invitation, I disengaged myself from Sushma’s cunny hole and got up to placate my dick. It had to be now or never!

I walked up to Kalpana’s mouth and slowly pried it open with my dick. She involuntarily opened her mouth as if to invite the invader! My dick knew it had to get used to a new mouth and it usually takes some adjustment to find out the best course of action. Kalpana, as if expecting me, brought her hands right to my dick and prodded it slowly in a piston like action.

The erect dick went into ecstasy. She let the dick slip between her lips and took her fingers to slowly cuddle my balls! I love women who “cuddle” my nuts rather than squeeze them. And Kalpana did exactly that! She brought the two of them together and slowly milked them. At the same time, her lips were making a sucking motion. She opened her eyes and looked straight into my eyes. She wanted to say some thing, but no way! She had her mouthful! She motioned me not to do a “fucking” motion. She knew most men just begin humping the woman’s mouth, when getting oral attention. But then, this was a more refined form of using the tongue, lips, and mouth together!

It was pleasure erotica! I stayed motionless while my hot prick was getting all the sucking action. I knew the time for my first orgasm had come. I had no intention of delaying it. I took my fingers to my own nipples and gave them the soft prod that they love! The buds were waiting to respond. The oral action coupled with my own triggering my nipples was all I needed to be set on fire!

The scene was set for all of us to cum together. Kalpna was getting her cunny sucked. Sushma had already got a “head start”- after my sucking action; and I was all set to explode!

Sushma opened her eyes and looked at me enjoying the best of oral action. She knew I was being attended to by the expert. As if to reciprocate and express my appreciation, I pulled out my dick from Kalpana’s mouth and knelt down on Kalpana’s tits. I took both her tits in my hands and formed the cleft that would encompass my dick. I wanted to form my cum pool on her tits.

I could sense the build up of cum in my veins and so did Kalpana make out from the look in my eyes! Just a couple of lunges, and I emptied my cum on Kalpana’s tits. I could not hold my grunts back. The ooohs and aaaahs echoed loud. The women needed no evidence that I was horny! Kalpna had her mouth open since I had left her mouth to inhale some air. She brought her hand up to her tits and scooped the cum and took it to her nostrils.

She smelt it and remarked” Now, I know whom Sushma was milking! Babuji, this was a confirmatory test to confirm the taste and smell”

Indeed, a protracted effort to confirm that it was after all my cum that had spurted on Sushma’s face!

Do respond to share your feedback! There are more such stories from where this once came!

Any ladies that get inspired by this creative work of mine, I would be only happy to respond to explore mutually beneficial relationship.

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