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Making Mom Happy Ch. 04

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(Thanks for all your feedback so far. This is where we really get going….!)


“You ok Rasheed?” said mom, looking up as I walked in.

“Yea mom – just had to relieve myself,” I replied whilst at the same time thinking what a relief she didn’t know in what way.

“That’s alright then,” she said.

I moved over to the side of the table and barely knew where to start. The sight of mom’s near nakedness had me dazzled, a bit like a rabbit looking into the headlights of an oncoming car in the dark.

Dad then looked up from his paper. “Don’t be shy now Rasheed, give your mom a good rub all over.”

“Er..yep..sure dad. I was just about to start.” I placed my hands at the centre of mom’s back and started to massage in smooth swirling motions. The skin on her back felt wonderful to the touch.

“Ooh that’s lovely” said mom. “Just what I needed after a long hot day.”

I carried on up to her shoulders, still standing at the side of the table. My prick had already started moving inside my shorts. I dared not go to the end of the table by her head in case she spotted it, even though it would be below her eye level, under the table.

I kept my hands over her back although it was tempting to let them slide down to her sides where her tits protruded out a little as they lay squashed against the massage table cushion. I thought I should wait a bit before trying that.

Then I started moving downwards for the first time. Slowly down, past her rib cage, along the curve of her spine and to the small of her back just above the start of her buttocks.

My prick responded again.

I looked up to see if dad was watching but he had his head in the paper.

I carried on rubbing my hands, firmly, kneading the flesh beneath me. It felt wonderful.

“Do my lower back a bit more Rasheed,” said mom.

“Sure mom” I replied. As my hands went over the small of her back, I let my fingers wander over the beginning of her ass cheeks, under the towel. God it felt great!

“Mmmm…that’s nice,” she said softly. I’d kind of got used to her being quite expressive when my hands wandered near her butt.

My dick was now straining against my shorts again. ‘Oh boy’ I thought, ‘What am I going to do now?’ as I tried not to let her or dad see the tent in my shorts.

“Can you do my neck please now?” said mom after a minute or two. “It’ll be easier if you stand at the top of the table” she added.

‘Fuck it’ I thought. ‘She’s gonna see my hard on now.’

Awkwardly, I moved up to the end of the table by her head. She looked up for a moment and saw the bulge in my shorts.

“Rasheed what’s that?” she said.

Dad looked up, hearing her remark.

The game was up. They could now both see clearly the tent in my shorts. “Oh…er..sorry mom…er…dad,” I blurted out. “I…I …er..couldn’t help it, you know, just seeing you in the flesh and all. I think I’ve just got a bit worked up. I’m sorry, shall I leave the room?”

Mom and dad exchanged glances.

“Throw me my bath towel,” said mom without getting up so as not to expose her tits.

Shaking, I grabbed the bath towel and handed it to her whilst looking away, so she could cover herself up.

I now expected a good telling off, especially from dad.

“Oh you poor thing” said mom to my surprise. “I should have thought about it a bit more before asking you to massage me with so little on.”

“Rasheed!” said dad in his authoritarian tone, which I knew so well when he was annoyed at me.

‘Here we go, I thought, here it comes, he’s going to go mad at me.’

“Rasheed,” he repeated “you’ve become a young man I see.”

I swallowed, waiting for the next sentence, and quivering.

“Does your mother excite you when you massage her?” he added, to my utter surprise.

“Oh..er..well..I’m just not used to seeing a woman without any clothes on, and…and… I guess I do find it exciting” I said, trying to sound all innocent and like the victim here.

Dad smiled at my response, which stunned me.

“Rasheed, I do feel very flattered” said mom who was now sitting on the massage table with her legs hanging down and her body covered with the bath towel, as when she had originally come into the room.

“Is there any part of me that excites you especially when you touch it?” she asked to my utter astonishment.

I gulped again and I looked over at dad.

“Go on,” he said “answer you mom truthfully, now.”

“Oh..well..I guess..er.., I mean, I think…well I do like your bottom a lot” I finally blurted out and half embarassed.

Both mom and dad laughed out loud.

“Yes, me too” said dad, again, to my surprise. I’d never heard him, or mom talk like this before, and I couldn’t quite believe I was having this conversation with them both!

“Well, maraş escort maybe we should stop for now,” said mom in a semi serious tone. “Perhaps your dad will have to talk to you about this. Don’t feel bad or ashamed though Rasheed, it’s quite normal for a young man like you to get excited when seeing a scantily clad woman, even if it is your mom” she added smiling. “Why don’t you take a shower and cool off now”.

I felt a wave of relief go over me and left the room.

Later, when I was in bed, I thought about the evening’s events before going to sleep. I guess it would have happened sometime or other, and it was kind of a relief that they knew how I had been feeling whilst massaging mom. I was getting so aroused, I wouldn’t have been able to do it much longer without losing my head! Their easy going reaction did surprise me though.

The thought of mom naked got me worked up again, and I wanked myself off thinking about her before going to sleep.

The next few days were a bit strange in that neither mom nor dad mentioned what had happened, and mom didn’t ask me to massage her. We spoke as normal and got on with our daily activities, but it was as if nothing unusual had occurred, and I dared not raise the subject myself to avoid further embarrassment.

Then after about a week, dad called me into living room one evening. He sat on the sofa next to mom.

“Sit down Rasheed,” said dad. “We have something important to talk to you about.”

I sat down in dad’s ‘usual’ armchair.

“Rasheed” started dad, “your mom really misses your massages. You know she was getting a lot of relief in her feet and back and she’s not as comfortable as she was before.”

I looked at mom who smiled reassuringly.

“But,” continued dad “we realise you are a young man with normal, shall we say, human feelings, and we have a problem in that you get sexually aroused whilst massaging her.”

“I do feel very flattered, son” added mom, looking at me.

“Your mom and I have talked about this over the last few days, and we’ve decided that mom will help you out by providing some relief to your feelings, so you can carry on massaging her and relieving her aches and pains.”

I sat there, mouth half open, with my eyes almost popping out of my head, not believing quite what I was hearing.

“You poor thing” said mom. “I was just being selfish and not thinking of the effect I was having on you. But we’ll work something out” she added smiling, and with a wink.

I blushed, lost for words.

“Are you ok with that?” said dad.

I recovered my composure and said hesitatingly, “So what does that actually mean dad?”

“Well, when you get, shall we say ‘worked up’,” he emphasised the words ‘worked up’, “mom will help you to relax again so you can carry on massaging her without letting the problem, get in the way.”

“We can just relieve each other’s aches ” added mom with a slight giggle.

I started to feel aroused as she spoke.

“Oh,” I said, not quite believing what she was saying.

“There will be some rules, however,” continued dad. “Firstly, from now on you will massage mom on our bed in the bedroom. Secondly, only when I am here. Thirdly, it’s better to keep these, shall we say, sessions, between us, and not let anyone else know, as other people might not understand. Are you ok with that?”

“Yea sure dad” I replied, still stunned by this conversation.

“Would you like to give me a massage now Rasheed?” said mom.

“Sure” I replied, with my dick semi-erect in my pants after all this talk, and my heart racing.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” replied mom as she got up. Dad and I followed her. My legs were trembling at the thought of what was to come.

In my parents’ bedroom there was a large king-size bed in the centre with a study table by the window and an armchair similar to my dad’s favourite chair that was in the living room.

Dad sat himself in the armchair with his newspaper.

“Now, you and mom just do your stuff whilst I read my paper just like we used to do in the living room” he said. “I can also watch you both and make sure you’re comfortable and doing a good job with helping mom.”

I couldn’t quite believe it, but he seemed to just want to carry on like before, but watch me massage mom on the bed. I decided to go with the flow, and pulled up a stool near the end of the bed and sat on it.

Mom sat on end of the bed and faced me.

“Rasheed, your father and I decided that it would be better if I relieved you first so you can concentrate better on my massage afterwards. I’m going to undress and let you have a good look at me.”

I swallowed. ‘Did she just say what I thought she said?’, raced through my mind.

With that she started to unbutton her cream coloured blouse. mardin escort I still couldn’t believe what was happening.

First the top two buttons and then she pulled the blouse out from where it was tucked into her skirt, and then finally the last two buttons. I could see a cream coloured bra underneath which covered her boobs. I caught my breath as she removed her blouse completely and smiled at me.

Her bra was quite low cut, and although I had no idea of womens’ bust sizes, they sure looked big to me. Mom moved her hands over her bra in circular motions as she touched the fabric, and looked at me, smiling. “I’ll show you more of these in a minute,” she said teasingly.

My heart was pounding.

Then without further hesitation, she unzipped her skirt and let it slide down, just like that! And what a shock I got. She wasn’t wearing any panties!

Dad looked up and grinned. “Oh that’s nice, darling,” he said. “Don’t be shy now Rasheed,” he said looking at me and in a tone like we’d done this a hundred times before, and then went back to reading his paper. This was amazing!

And there in front of me stood my mom, naked from the waist down, wearing just a bra. For the first time I saw a woman’s pussy from the front, although not a close up yet! There was a neatly trimmed looking triangular patch of pubic hair there.

“I know you like my bottom, Rasheed, so I thought not to waste any time, and leave my panties off” said mom. And with that she turned around and showed me her butt in its natural glory. It was lightly tanned with wide mound like ass cheeks. The flesh rippled a bit as she stood. I stared transfixed and absorbed the curves, the shape, and the parting line in the middle of her cheeks. As I stared at mom’s ass in its natural state for the first time ever, I realised it was more fabulous than I’d ever imagined. It was all my dreams come true. I wanted to touch it there and then.

My dick was now straining vigorously in my pants.

Dad looked up again. “Give him a wiggle,” he said laughing.

And with that mom, standing on the spot wriggled her ass in front of me, and I saw her fleshy ass cheeks ripple and slither against each other causing my heart rate to go into overtime.

“Do you like mommy’s bottom?” she said teasingly, without turning around.

My mouth was dry, but I managed to utter, “wow mom”.

“Would you like to see what’s between my ass cheeks?” she then said, again without turning around, and swinging her hips. This made me even more mesmerised, seeing her ass cheeks wobble from side to side in front of me.

“Yea mom” I said, again struggling for breath.

“You can have a little peek now” she said, “But I’ll let you have a better look later. We don’t want you using up all your energy now do we?”

And with that she parted her legs a little, and bent herself forward slightly. The parting between her ass cheeks opened slightly, but I still couldn’t get a clear view of her. Then as if she knew I wouldn’t be able to see quite clearly, she placed her hands on her ass cheeks, one on each, and then slowly pulled her ass cheeks apart.

I gasped. “Wow mom” I said again, this time louder, and with more energy.

Now, I could clearly see her pussy, with what looked like small flaps of skin hanging down either side. I’de never seen a woman’s pussy before, so the sight was completely new to me.

Then pulling her cheeks apart further, I saw her asshole, and what a glorious sight it was. It was light pinkish-brown and with a star like appearance emanating from the centre.

My dick was now raging.

Then she let go of her ass cheeks and wriggled on the spot again, letting me see her ass cheeks ripple and wobble again. As she did so, she put her hands behind her and unclasped the bra straps. She pulled off the bra and turned around again letting me see in full view her large tits. I sucked in air as I saw the large areola surrounding her nipples, which I’d never seen before on a woman in the magazines I had.

She shook her tits at me and smiled letting me see them in all their glory.

Then, putting her hands on her hips she said, “Shall we see what effect I’ve had on you so far? Come on, take off your trousers.”

“Don’t be shy now Rasheed” added dad, looking at me.

I stood up and mom laughed seeing the front of my pants stretched to the limit by my already hard cock.

I undid the catch of my pants and hesitated for a moment. I kind of felt strange showing my dick like this to both my mom and dad.

“Come on” said mom, “There’s nothing to hide from us.”

I grabbed both my boxer shorts and my pants and yanked them down in one go.

There I stood with my trousers at my feet and my 7 inch cock sticking out rock hard, with pre-cum oozing out of the tip.

“My, mersin escort Rasheed, you have grown into a young man,” said mom looking at my dick.

Dad looked at me and said, “Well done young man. Now let your mother relieve you as we discussed. Take your top off as well.”

I kicked my pants and underwear away, pulled off my t-shirt and stood in front of mom and dad completely naked.

Mom sat down on the end of the bed. “Now Rasheed, there are many ways in which a woman can relieve you. One is to take a man’s penis into her mouth, which I enjoy very much. Have you heard of this before?”

“Yes mom, I think I’ve read about it,” I replied meekly.

“Good” she replied. “Now come over her and stand in front of me.”

“Now,” she continued, “before I play with it, when men and women relieve each other like this, we often say words which may sound dirty or unusual. You might know some of these words already, some of which describe our various body parts.

Your father and I often use these words when we relieve each other and we feel it is ok for you to do the same, if you want to. Do you know what I mean?”

I was stunned again by her remarks, but way too much into what was happening to care now. As far as I could see we were going to have sex of some sort, so it didn’t really matter what I said now.

“Yea sure mom, you mean words like cock and tits, or fuck?”

“That’s right, Rasheed” she said smiling and looking pleased that I knew what she had meant. Now, don’t mind if I say some of these words as well as its quite relieving when men and women play together. Isn’t that right Manish?” she said looking over at dad.

Dad had dropped his paper and was now watching us intently. ” Yes that’s right darling. You just go ahead and say what you like Rasheed, we don’t mind at all, and it will probably help to relieve you better as well. Remember mom is helping to relieve you so you can massage her really well afterwards.”

“Come closer Rasheed,” said mom.

I moved myself to the end of the bed so that the tip of my dick was directly in front of mom’s mouth. She grabbed the base with one hand and then looking up into my eyes as she did so, took the head of my prick into her warm, welcoming mouth.

I gasped, feeling the ecstatic warmth of a woman’s moist lips and mouth around my dick for the first time. “Oh God mom, that feels so good.”

In inched myself a little closer to her face and she starting bobbing her head forward and backwards as she took my dick deeper and deeper into her warm, wet mouth.

“Oh fuck,” I cried out, starting to feel totally uninhibited.

She then stopped sucking for a moment and lapped her tongue around the head.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Here was my mom sucking on my cock and my dad looking on encouragingly a few feet away.

“Go on Sheeza – suck him good” said dad out loud.

Mom looked up at me again and then let her tongue lick the piss slit at the tip of my prick, playing and tickling it for a moment, and then engulfed my entire shaft again in her mouth. I grabbed her head and carried on pumping back and forth in time with her sucking motions.

As I looked down again, I could see her large boobs jiggle and bounce under my prick. The sight of mom’s tits bouncing up and down, and from side to side inflamed me further, and I felt my dick get even harder. She seemed to sense my increased arousal and responded by sucking even harder.

I felt the semen rise in my balls. “God mom,” I said, “I don’t think I can hold out much longer.” I started fucking her mouth faster, holding her head in place, thrusting forward and in time with her sucking motions. Faster and faster, her head was bobbing back and forth, in and out, until suddenly I felt myself cumming. “I’m cumming, mom. I’m cumming….Ahh, Ah, AGHHHHHHH………”

I shot my load into her mouth and she clamped onto my pricked as I did so, swallowing all I could give her.

“Ahhhh, AHHHH,” I cried out, feeling the cum pulsations continue and then slowly subside, whilst mom sucked on every last drop.

After I’d stopped cumming and my prick started to become limp she licked around it, gently cleaning it up.

She then looked up at me again and licked her lips. “That was lovely, Rasheed, you tasted very nice. I hope you’re feeling relieved now.”

“That was fabulous mom,” I said. “I never imagined it to be so good, wow” I added, collapsing next to her on the bed.

“Congratulations son,” said dad “I hope you’re now feeling much better and can continue helping mom, a like before with her massages, but with a few extras thrown in.”

“Yea thanks dad,” I said, “For being so understanding.”

Mom smiled and leaned back with both hands on the bed behind her, leaving her boobs hanging sexily over her chest. “Well, that was your first relieving session, son. We can try a few different ways as we go on. But now do you think you’ll be ok to concentrate enough to give your mom a good back and leg massage for a while?”

“Yea, sure mom” I said, “Until I get excited again.”

To be continued…

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