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Mamma Maya!

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My girlfriend Maya always insisted that she was no expert when it came to sex, despite her being quite experienced from previous hookups with women she had met at parties. But she certainly did know her way around the bedroom, not to mention, around my body.

Her biggest weakness had always been breasts. She could spend hours just concentrating on mine, alternating between squeezing, licking, and twirling my nipples. Depending on her mood, she would sometimes be the dominant one as she knew I would bend to her every wish and command but she also loved it when I was in control, straddling her and holding her hands captive above her head.

Maya was really into using nicknames. When it was soft and romantic, especially during foreplay, she would whisper “baby girl”, baby doll”, “pretty angel”. But when things got kinkier, it was not uncommon for her to exclaim “whore” and “slut” and it was so fucking hot hearing it coming out of her mouth.

She also kept a vast collection of toys. In fact, she had an entire box of them tucked away under her bed. Mostly an assortment of vibrators to choose from, that she would insert into my pussy before making me perform mundane household tasks like doing the fucking laundry while I was becoming overstimulated by the constant vibration against my clit.

She often rubbed my pussy over my panties, always demanding that they be gray so that she could better see how wet I was becoming for her. We would cuddle together and watch a movie and she would rub me throughout, sweetly telling me that if I came, she would not touch me again for an entire week, so that by the end of the movie, I would be dripping and throbbing against her fingers as they teased my clit which begged for forbidden release. Maya took pleasure in seeing me writhe and squirm.

And of course, there was bondage. Seeing me tied to the headboard, my legs spread wide, making me watch as she masturbated. konak escort She would kneel between my legs, just out of reach, fingering herself as the vibrator hummed inside me.

Maya loved when we dressed up in lingerie, modeling for each other before it eventually ended up on the bedroom floor long before the end of the night. She would always be in the mood, no matter which part of the apartment we were in. For instance, she would devour me on the kitchen table, explaining that, after all, it was made for eating.

We would spend days just walking around the apartment completely naked, in case we got the urge, which always happened eventually. We could never get enough of each other. The most basic daily routines always ended up with us in some form of sexual position or another.

Both still sore from that same morning, Maya already had other plans in mind. This would be payback for the way I had teased her the other day by wearing that tight skirt which always drove her wild when we were out in a crowded place so that she couldn’t do anything about it Often working from home and out of the office, she sat at her desk, biting on the tip of her pencil as she pretended to work on her report. Eyes downcast, she still watched me from the corner of her eye, noticing how I had not so discreetly begun to rub myself as I sat cross-legged on her bed.

She returned her attention to her notes and laptop as I whined like an animal in heat and slipped out of my shorts and panties. I removed my shirt and drew in a sharp intake of breath as the cool air made contact with my hard nipples, but still, no reaction from her. My hand would make its way to my dripping pussy, small gasps escaping my lips.

The sexual frustration getting the best of me, I finally made my way towards her, my hand still tracing circles around my pussy. I sat atop her desk and tilted her chair back, so that manisa escort she would have nowhere else to look but between my legs.

At last, that made a long moan escape her throat as she began to rub herself over her shorts, mimicking my own movements. It wasn’t long before her shorts were discarded, as we continued our act of simultaneous self-pleasure.

My body was the first one to jolt upwards, making me scream out Maya’s name. That made her stop her own slow crawl towards her grand finale as she watched me coast through my high.

Maya gave me a few moments to drift back down to earth before turning things up a notch. She pulled me down onto her lap, making my sensitive clit collide with the soft skin of her thigh. I whimpered, causing her to place a feather light kiss against my collarbone and making a shushing sound to silence me.

Then, she whispered in my ear,

“If I don’t finish this report by Monday, my boss will force me to do overtime and I won’t be able to fuck you after work. So be a good girl and ride my thigh while I work on my report.”

She guided me at the beginning, setting a rhythm, making my clit drag against her skin, my wetness making the gliding friction that much smoother. The moans I uttered against Maya’s neck were just loud and passionate enough to put any professional porn star to shame. Meanwhile, my hand would be busy against her drenched pussy, making her bite down on my shoulder, as she still hopelessly and unconvincingly pretended to type on her laptop.

She tilted my hips, further adjusting the grind against her thigh, but soon, my clit was no longer touching it, and somehow, she must have pulled out a vibrator from her desk drawer when I wasn’t looking. Introducing the head to my slick opening and then filling me up to the hilt before inserting the juice coated vibrator into her own pussy, her lips locating and latching menderes escort onto my right breast, sucking and biting the nipple as her hand tweaked the other, rolling it between her fingers.

Maya lowered me down against her thigh once again, and I threw my head back at the contact.

“I want you to cum one more time, baby. Do you think you can do that for me?”

I would simply bite my lip and nod obediently, wondering if yet another orgasm could be coaxed out of me.

She shook her head and made me press the vibrator even harder against her clit and I could tell she was close to her own orgasm by the way her face contorted.

She was stuttering by this point, but still managed to remain dominant.

“I need to hear you say it. Tell me how badly you want to cum for me.”

I had begun riding her again, and breathlessly gasped,

“Yes, I want to cum for you.”

But now, my concentration had shifted from myself to Maya, encouraging her as her hips began to buck, as I still had control of the vibrator, grazing it against her clit.

“You’re so fucking sexy! Cum for me, Maya.”

And she did, her head slamming against the back of her chair, her hands flailing out to grab my breasts, to grab onto anything as she catapulted and somersaulted into climax.

I extracted the slick vibrator from Maya’s pussy as she regained her bearings. She then reclaimed possession of the vibrator, invading my pussy once more but this time adding two fingers. The fourth orgasm that soon followed would be the one that finally made my body collapse against her as her fingers still thrust inside me. I was an absolute mess, with hair matted to my forehead, red marks blemishing my skin, sticky residue coating my inner thighs, but she still called me gorgeous over and over again.

For the first time in hours, we just sat still, foreheads pressed together, one of her hands on my cheek, her lips on my lips.

Just then, I realized that Maya had only had one orgasm. As though reading my mind, we disengaged from each other and stood up from the chair. She pulled me by the hand and lead me towards the bed,

“Now how about showing me what you can do?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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