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Man on a Mission

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Hi readers, this is a fun little departure for me. It’s not part of another series, it doesn’t share characters with anything else I’ve written, so there are no awkward continuity concerns to hold me back!

Spare a thought for my editor no1Uno because he’s just trying to enjoy the build-up to Christmas and I keep bombarding him with more submissions! He still does exemplary work though, so please raise a glass to him over the holiday season.

This was just an afternoon’s fun. I dusted off the first few paragraphs that I wrote a month ago and rushed them through to the finish line. It was great fun to write, I hope it’s the same to read.

All characters are over 18 and consenting adults.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas.


“Hey mom, can I get you a drink?”

“I’m fine Teddy, but could you grab a bottle of sunscreen from the bathroom, this one’s done?”

“No problem, I’ll be out in a minute.”

Teddy McVeigh ran upstairs and found a new bottle of SPF30 in the bathroom cabinet. He nipped into his own room and after taking a deep breath he took off his swim shorts. He ran down the stairs and headed out onto the deck completely nude.

“Edward Irvine McVeigh, what on earth do you think you’re doing?” His mother Hilary exclaimed; a look of total shock on her pretty, forty-two-year-old face.

“Just bringing your lotion, is it the wrong one?” Teddy worked hard to keep his face neutral.

“Not that! You’re nak… you’ve got no… I can see your co… why?” she finished lamely.

“Oh, the naked thing? Well, I plan on seducing you over the weekend and I just wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect.” With that he dove nimbly into the pool, swimming strongly to the far end where he stopped and held on to the side, looking back at her.

“You what? You plan what? What did you just say?” Hilary was on her feet now, stalking to the pool edge. This gave Teddy a chance to look at her in motion. He had missed this during his latest semester at college, Zoom calls simply couldn’t convey his mother’s extraordinary femininity and sexuality. She wasn’t a teenage cheerleader or a hard-body yoga MILF, she was a proper woman. A curvy, sexy, smouldering sex goddess and she was going to be his. Her body had lived, it had seen things and done things that were still a mystery to him. He wanted to know those secrets, to unlock her like Pandora’s box and slip inside.

She stopped at the edge of the pool looking down at him. She looked amazing, tall with dirty blonde hair tied up loosely, heavy breasts stretching out her bikini top, her belly soft with just a hint of muffin top oozing gently over her bottoms. They, in turn, hugged her flared hips tightly, cupping her puffy sex snugly. Her thighs had just a hint of sag to them, enough to make him yearn to grab them, to kiss and stroke and explore them. As he stared at her he thought how a personal trainer would try to make her lose 20 pounds, but Teddy wouldn’t allow it, she was perfect!

“I plan to seduce you, mother. Get my head between your legs and eat your peach until you scream. Suck on your delicious nipples until you just can’t bear it any longer. Fill those lonely holes between your thighs with my cock until they are overflowing with my sperm. Over and over and over again.” Teddy had sort of rehearsed this but it came out better than he ever could have hoped.

“You’re insane. You’ve lost your mind. What on earth makes you think I would let you do that, that I would want you to do that?” Hilary’s voice was raised now, not shouting but certainly more strident. After he’d thrown her off guard initially her confidence was returning. Time to change that, Teddy decided. He pushed off hard and swam powerfully over to her, hauling himself up and out of the pool in one smooth motion. Up and on to his feet beside his mother, his imposing figure towering over her by six inches and 80 pounds.

“What makes you think you’d be letting me do anything to you? I told you I’m going to seduce you; you’ll be begging for me to do things to you. Nasty things, dirty things, secret things you haven’t done since college. Things you dream about, those dreams where you wake up in a cold sweat; your insides hot, slippery and horny as hell. I’m going to make your dreams come true; I’m going to give you a baby!” Teddy was on a roll. He’d been planning this for almost a year and thought he had every base covered.

She was staring up at him, mouth agape, her mind clearly reeling with confusion. She looked so fuckable.

Teddy’s head spun; he’d never felt like this before. His mind was soaring away on a magic carpet of lust and desire, his pulse roaring in his ears. His eyes swam and then he focused once more.

Bringing a hand up to the back of her head, he drew her forward and kissed her hard, right on those pouting DSLs. His tongue was in her mouth, searching for hers, ready to duel. His other hand slid around on to her bottom, ataşehir escort squeezing one plump cheek as he pulled her body towards him.

His mind wavered as he remembered years before watching a tv show about surviving in the frozen north. How the guy had spent ages trying to light a fire, coaxing the tiniest of sparks into a roaring flame. Today Teddy was that guy, he needed to find that tiny flicker of her sexual identity and fan it back into life. He knew if he did, his dreams would come true.

Slowly Hilary’s tongue began to move, to slip tentatively towards Teddy’s. They met, the sensitive tips coiling around each other, slowly accelerating their movements, increasing the urgency of their touch.

Teddy dipped down and picked her up, even at 144lbs she felt light as a feather. Hilary squeaked when he did so but did not release her lip lock on his mouth. Her hands snaked around his neck and she pulled her mouth away, moving it beside his ear. “Are you sure you are ready for this son of mine? Once this genie is out of the bottle it ain’t going back in. Your father can’t handle it, nor could any man before him. Be sure little boy, be very, very sure!”

They were already climbing the stairs, still kissing ferociously. At the top Teddy made his way confidently towards her bedroom. Everything he had read, every psychology course he had taken told him that confidence and certainty were the keys. His mom’s little whispered speech had dented both, but he was committed now. He might never get another chance, he had to go for it.

As the large king-size bed came into view he hurled her on to it and did a double-take. Rather than the demure woman he’d seen outside, with the uncertain expression, here was an animalistic… creature. Eyes flashing, nostrils flaring and heart pounding, she was the personification of sex and desire. The ultimate object of his need.

“Show me those big tits,” said Teddy and she knelt, ripping off her bikini top, tossing it aside.

“These big tits, that fed and nourished you and that will do the same for our baby?” Hilary said, a note of challenge in her voice.

“Yessss,” said Teddy “that’s right. Now show me your cunt, where our baby will grow and where I’ll get to play every night.”

“Like fuck you will! Have you lost your goddamned mind boy? What sort of sick, perverted shit is this? Who the hell has twisted your brain like this? TELL ME!”

His mom was screaming at him, insane with rage… as they stood by the pool, his cheek stinging where she’d slapped him. Her hands were on his chest pushing him away.

Wait, what?! He’d dreamed the kiss, the stairs, the bedroom, the tits? Holy shit, how had that happened? He’d been so keyed up, so insanely hot for her, had he hallucinated it? Nothing he’d read had prepared him for this. And in the meantime his plan had gone directly to shit, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

“Wait mom, I can explain. Honestly, just calm down a sec, let me tell you.”

Surprisingly she did, she dropped her arms to her sides and took a pace back; holding his gaze unflinchingly.

Confidence Teddy, it’s all about the confidence he told himself, you can fix this, come on! So he took a deep breath and began to tell her…

…absolutely nothing. His mind was empty, his dry tongue was filling his mouth like cotton, and his lips refused to budge. At least he knew his larynx was working as he managed a very manly and confident “SQUEAK!”

As the milliseconds that felt like hours passed and his mom’s knifelike gaze pierced his soul, he finally managed to speak.

“I’m completely obsessed with you, mom. Everything about your body, your mind, your personality; they are the epitome of sexiness for me. You’re the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen, never mind met. I’m out of my mind with lust just thinking about you all day at college. Now that I’m here and you’re all… incredible” he vaguely gestured towards her “I just can’t function anymore. My brain spazzes out when I see you. My hormones must be oozing out of my pores. I’m lost. I’m bereft. I just had to take a shot. I had to lay it out. I panicked and did it in the dumbest way imaginable, but I had to know; and now… I guess… I do.”

He turned… and ran. Through the house, out the front door and down the street. Like Tom ‘Fucking’ Cruise in one of his movies. Teddy ran as fast as he could, turning left and right at random until he could literally run no more.

He had ruined it, the most beautiful thing in the world and he had… ruined it. He could never go home. Would she tell his dad? Of course, she would! They were living in the same house as ‘The Psycho Incestuous Rapist Motherfucker.’ They’d make TV programs about him. He’d go to jail, where the P.I.R.M. would not do well, he would not do well at all.

Teddy slumped down at the base of a tree, dropped his head between his knees and cried.


Hilary McVeigh was completely shell shocked. Her only son Teddy, her world, had bagdat caddesi escort just made some unbelievably lewd comments, followed by an extraordinary confession and then he had run away. Like Usain ‘Fucking’ Bolt. By the time she gathered her wits and made it to the front door, there was no sign of him up or down the street.

Oh my god, she thought – he was naked – he’ll get arrested. Once a mom, always a mom. Everything else could be dealt with, but her little boy was in trouble and needed his mommy.

“Eloise” she barked into her phone “Teddy and I had a fight. He ran off really upset and I can’t find him. Can you jump in your car and help me look. Please?”

“Of course, honey,” Hilary’s big sister replied, “but wouldn’t he just have got a cab or a bus into town?”

“He was naked Eloise. I scared him so bad and he ran so fast. He didn’t think; he was so desperate to get away from me, I think he forgot. Please help me, Ellie, I’m going out of my mind!”

Both women began trawling the neighbourhood looking for Teddy. Luckily it was less than thirty minutes later when Eloise spotted him, curled up under a tree in the park. She got out of her car and called her sister. She was going to try to make light of the situation and said “Car 1, this is Car 2, we’re in the park off Millwood and have reports of…” at this point, Teddy noticed her and leapt to his feet and Eloise continued “… a big hard cock! Holy fuck that’s a big hard cock! Shit, sorry Hills, he’s here, near the fountain. Come quick.”

Eloise instantly realised that she had grossly misjudged the situation here. She’d assumed that Hilary and Teddy had had a silly argument and he’d over-reacted. Her baby sister had a temper, very quick to rise, even quicker to fall. But it wasn’t that at all. Teddy was clearly extremely agitated and stressed; worryingly so in fact. Despite having no kids of her own, millions of years of female evolution meant her body knew exactly how to be a mom at that moment.

She held her arms out towards him, palms up in a ‘stay calm’ gesture. “Hey Teddy, baby, it’s aunt Ellie, it’s ok. Your mom’s not mad, she’s just worried. She wants you home. You gonna come with me? It’s ok, I promise.”

“But what I said…” Teddy was whining, clearly frantic, as she could see from the tracks of the tears on his cheeks. “I can’t go back. I said those horrible things to my mom. Oh god, my mom. She must hate me and she’s so good and so perfect. Oh noooooo.”

Eloise began to piece the day’s events together. The traumatised, NAKED boy… man, the spectacularly hard penis he sported and some sort of terrible things he had said to her sister, to Hils. Were they… sexual things she wondered? She kept moving towards poor Teddy who was staring at the ground now sobbing. His massive, broad chest heaving, his big, man cock bobbing wildly.

Eloise reached out to take his hand saying “Hey Teddy, it’s Ellie, I’m here, it’s ok. You’re mom’s not mad, she loves you more than anything. Words are just that; they’re gone on the breeze and forgotten by morning. We’ll fix this, just you see.”

She got close enough to take his other hand and as he looked down into her eyes, he collapsed into her arms. “Oh Ellie, I was so horrible to her. I hurt her so bad. She’ll never want me back. She’ll tell my dad. She’ll tell the police. What am I going to do?”

Eloise heard a car screech to a halt and saw Hilary running flat out towards them. It was an image that would be hard to erase from her mind!

Hilary cannoned into them, babbling incoherently. “Teddy baby, oh Teddy my baby boy. I was so worried. I hit you and you just ran and I couldn’t find you and then…” she dissolved into tears; the two women encircling the addled boy.

After a few minutes of hugging and whispering, everyone seemed to calm down and they separated slightly. Hilary said:

“Come on Teddy, let’s go home. You’re all nakey in the park and your pee-pee is poking me in the ribs. Come on let’s go home and we’ll have a good talk and settle all this stuff.”

“Ok, momma. I am sorry.”

Hilary ushered him to her car and settled him in the passenger seat. Turning to her sister she said:

“Thanks, Ellie, I’m not sure what happened, but I am so grateful that you came out and helped. I have to get him home and get this all straightened out.”

Ellie thought Teddy had looked pretty straightened out already but replied “Are you sure you don’t want me to help at home, maybe to mediate a discussion. I am a therapist after all.”

Ellie hadn’t practised for ten years since her divorce; the settlement had left her extremely wealthy and she just loved her life of leisure. But this was family, this was important. She had seen the look in Teddy’s eyes, a quick chat wasn’t going to fix this. He was traumatised and might even need professional help.

Besides, she couldn’t unsee the boy’s massive dick. Ellie might be rich but she was lonely and horny nearly all the time. Her hormones were bostancı escort pushing her into the middle of this situation and her brain wasn’t far behind. She had no idea where this was all going but she desperately wanted to get to the same place.

“Teddy looks really freaked; I’d really rather be there to help talk him down. I think it would be better for both of you.” She’d laid it on as thick as she could, it was up to Hilary now.

“Yes, Ellie. I think that might be for the best. I think we need another person there so we can talk about what happened. Follow me home quickly,” Hilary said. The girls jumped in their cars and made record time back to the McVeigh family home.

Hilary pulled into the garage and shut the door, helping Teddy into the house. Eloise came in the back door and met them in the kitchen.

“Let’s take him upstairs, we… I mean, he should be in bed after something like this,” Eloise said. Hilary coaxed her son to climb the stairs, leading to his room when Eloise interjected again:

“No, use your bed, it’s much bigger and more comfortable. Come on, spoil your boy a little, he’s all shook up.”

Hilary nodded mutely and took her son into her master bedroom, slipping him into the king-size bed. She looked at Eloise with a little ‘what now?’ shrug.

“Hot sweet tea and get yourself a proper drink too, you look shattered,” she suggested. Hilary nodded and hurried out of the room. Eloise was on the bed beside Teddy in two seconds flat.

“Teddy, baby, it’s aunt Ellie. Did you say dirty, sexy things to your mommy? What did you say? What did you want her to do? Come on, you can tell me. You’ll feel so much better when you do. A problem shared is a problem halved you know. I love you; I want to help you and your mom.

You know I used to be a therapist; I saw way worse than this every day. This is nothing, this is just a speed bump. Come on, spill baby, I know you want to.”

Teddy was quiet then began to speak:

“I finally told her, Ellie, told her how hot she is, how horny she makes me. I told her how sexy she is, how she makes me crazy with lust. I took off my clothes and… well you know… you saw. I told her I was going to seduce her. I’d planned it. I thought if I was all confident and shit she would just fall into my arms.”

“Shit honey that stuff might have worked with m… some other women, but this is your mom. Sexiness and horniness are not what moms are interested in. They need love and tenderness and affection. Did you tell her how much you love her?” Eloise was becoming really excited. There was nothing in the therapist manual about this but Teddy’s admissions had gotten her crazy hot.

In her feverish state, she began to think she could help get them together and once that had happened Hilary couldn’t possibly object to Eloise having a turn. She took a deep breath, trying to focus.

“That’s the first step then Teddy, just keep telling her and showing her how much you love her. Little touches, not sexy but on the shoulder, at the elbow. And just keep saying the L-word all the time. Kiss her good morning, good afternoon, good night and every chance you get in between. Just pecks, lips together, nothing sexy, just a boy who loves his mom. Do the dishes, clean the pool, sweep the

yard. Do all the chores she normally yells about and every time tell her how much you love her. Nothing about her looking pretty or sexy, that will come later. I’m going to help you turn those dreams into screams Teddy but you’ve got to do what I say.

She kissed him hard on the lips, her tongue probing between them for a split second, then jumped up off the bed as she heard Hilary coming up the stairs. She smiled at the boy and gave him a firm nod.

Hilary was still in her bikini but she had put on a semi-transparent purple wrap. Eloise could see what Teddy meant; her little sis was sex on legs. Fuck she was horny and now incest? It was her secret taboo, from porn to erotica, incest was the type that got her off, no questions asked. But in real life? It was ten times hotter! Phew!

Teddy sat up in bed and sipped his tea. Hilary held his hand and they talked quietly. His colour returned slowly and Eloise was thrilled to hear him taking her advice. He told his mom how great she was, how ashamed he was and how much he loved her. Hilary visibly relaxed too, her own cheeks reddening at the endless sweet compliments.

Teddy’s dad Jack was away on business so Eloise offered to stay over to help and Hilary was delighted to have the help. She’d poured a large bourbon while making the tea and then another before she headed up to the bedroom.

Teddy was up now, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, setting the table. Eloise grilled some pork chops and baked them each a nice potato. Hilary made a green salad with her famous dressing. For a mom this was an idyllic family scene, she was loving it.

Eloise opened a bottle of wine and Hilary was about to object when she suddenly realised she would love a glass of wine with her dinner, so she just grabbed three glasses and joined the others at the table.

Teddy was only nineteen and never got to drink at home but today had been a tough one and a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt. They had a lovely dinner; Ellie had forgotten how much she loved cooking for other people.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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