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Man vs. Woman

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Friday night, just before last call. I was on my fifth vodka-cranberry. On the other side of the bar was possibly the best looking man I’d ever seen. Toothpaste commercial smile, dimples, tousled curly hair. Beautiful in a masculine way. I decided he would be mine.

He spent most of the night hanging out with another man and I couldn’t tell if they were friends or something more. They weren’t touching, but they smiled at each other a lot.

I made my move when the other guy left for the bathroom. I pushed up my tits and walked over confidently.

“Hi, I’m Celia,” I said. “I couldn’t help but notice how cute you are, so I thought I’d come over and introduce myself.”

He grinned broadly and stuck out his hand.

“Hey, I’m Dale. I noticed you too. You’re the prettiest girl here.”

“Why, thank you!” I giggled. “I have much better beer at my place, if you want to get a drink someplace that doesn’t smell like the inside of an ashtray. I’m the prettiest girl there too.”

“Actually, me and my friend are gonna go party at my place. Do you want to come?”

“Oh. Yeah, I’d love to, that sounds like fun.”

“Dale, who’s your friend?”

The other man was back.

“Hey, Jason! This is Celia. Celia, Jason. She’s coming too.”

“Hi Celia, very nice to meet you,” Jason said curtly before turning to Dale. “Do we even have enough? I thought it was just going to be us.”

“No, we’re all good, it’ll be great!” Dale slammed the rest of his beer and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Come on, let’s go! My apartment is only a couple blocks away.”

Jason shot me a dirty look behind Dale’s back as we left the bar. I smiled and put an extra swing in my hips.

We stopped at a gas station along the way so Dale could pick up cigarettes. Jason and I waited outside. You could cut the tension with a knife.

“So.” Starzbet I tried to sound cheery. “How long have you known Dale for?”

“I met him tonight. You?”


“So you met him in the time it took me to piss? What was that, all of fifteen minutes ago?”

“What can I say? I’m a woman of action.”

“I bet you are.” He was quiet. “You know you’re the third wheel, right?”

“Actually I don’t know that. I think that if he was satisfied with what he had, then he wouldn’t have invited me. I think you’re old news.”

I put my hands on my hips and stared at him defiantly. He did the same. His face was inches from mine.

“Bitch, you better gird your loins.”

“I guess we’ll see about…”

The door chimed as Dale walked out. Jason and I turned to him, smiling.

“You guys ready to go?”

“Always.” I stepped out in front of Jason. He scowled.

The real party began when we got to the apartment. Dale pulled out a baggie of coke, and we spent hours doing lines, taking shots, and playing old board games we found in the closet. Jason chilled the fuck out, I stopped being so competitive, and we all loosened up and had fun.

We were playing Atari on the couch when Jason threw down his controller. Dale and I looked at him in surprise.

“Okay, enough of this,” Jason said. He turned to Dale in the center of the couch. “Which one of us are you interested in?”


“We both want to fuck you, and we want to know which one of us you want. Or, you know, are you even interested?”

“No! I mean, I didn’t except you to come out with it like that, but I’m definitely interested. Very interested.” He put a hand on each of our legs. “Do I have to choose?”

“No,” I purred.

Jason sighed and rolled his eyes.


Dale leaned over Starzbet Giriş to kiss Jason. I was jealous at first, but the thrill of watching their strong hands on each other soon overcame it. They kissed passionately, and the sound of their heavy breathing turned me on. Dale’s hand stayed tight between my legs, but every time he tried to turn his attention to me, Jason pulled him back.

They were all over each other as I sat alone at the other side of the couch. Dale brought his hand out from between my legs and put it down Jason’s pants. I sighed a big dramatic sigh. I took off all my clothes and stood in front of them. Dale didn’t even notice. I got on my knees and kissed the side of his neck until Jason adjusted his arm to box me out.

I unzipped Dale’s pants and pulled them down around his ankles. He was hard, though I guess that didn’t have much to do with me. I leaned forward with my ass sticking out and firmly grasped his dick with one hand. I licked him from base to tip and I could feel him quiver on my lips. I rolled his testicles in my palm and sucked them until they tightened in my mouth.

Dale moaned louder and louder until he finally stopped kissing Jason and turned his full attention to me. He took off his shirt, put both hands on the back of my head, and closed his eyes. He leaned back on the couch.

“Oh God yes.” He thrust in and out of my mouth. “Don’t stop.”


Jason stood up. He grabbed a ping pong paddle from the game box and slapped me on the ass as hard as he could. I yelped, Dale’s cock stifling the sound, but I didn’t break my stride. I knew he was trying to throw me off.

“Open wider,” he ordered. He gave me another smack just as hard. “Wider!” He hit me again. “Fucking straight girls.”

I forced my jaw as far as I could and Dale’s cock disappeared down my Starzbet Güncel Giriş throat. My eyes teared up at first but he felt amazing.

“Fucking pathetic.” Another slap. My ass was red and sore. I could feel the rough texture of the rubber and wood leaving marks. Another. Another. He switched hands. The pain radiated. Another. I kept my mouth around Dale.

Dale tightened his grip on my hair and rocked his hips back and forth. I could feel Jason staring daggers into my back. I moaned in ecstasy. I knew Jason was getting angrier and I loved it.

Another, unexpected swat. I cried out from the stinging pain but didn’t let him distract me. Jason wasn’t holding anything back.

“Pick up the pace.” Slap. “Suck. Harder.” Slap. “Swallow it, bitch. Eat it up.”

I can’t explain what happened but at some point I started getting me off on the pain. I knew if Jason realized I was enjoying it, he would stop. I started making mistakes on purpose so he would spank me again.

“Go. Fucking. Faster.” He punctuated each word with a hit. “Faster!”

I heard the jangle of Jason’s belt and a whoosh of fabric. I had no idea what he was doing and I didn’t really care. Dale was all mine.

Jason spit on his cock, pushed my legs apart, and jammed into my asshole. I gagged from the surprise and briefly brought up my face.

“Fuck me, you piece of shit,” I called back at him.

He roughly pushed my head down on Dale’s rock-hard dick. “Stop talking.”

Jason held my head down with one hand and grabbed my waist with the other. He fucked me hard and angry and nearly forced me to the ground. They both grunted like wild animals.

I glimpsed up briefly and saw Dale and Jason watching each other as they spit-roasted me. Jason bent over and laid on my back, and the weight of his body pushed them both deeper inside me. I was racked with volcanic pleasure.

They came inside me at the same time, and the feel of them shaking and convulsing, churning me up, brought me to climax too.

The three of us collapsed on the floor in a pile of sweat and tangled limbs. We passed out.

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