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Map It Out

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“She said to map it out!” Ted’s jaw was set.

“You don’t have to take everything so literally,” Liz said.

“Literal? What else could a direction be? ‘Map it out.’ That’s what she said. A direct quote I believe.”

“But I think what she meant was – “

“Just lay down, will you?” Ted pointed to the bed.

“I think we could – ”

“Hey, you wanted this marriage counseling thing, you get this marriage counseling thing. Lay down.”

Liz sighed and lay down on the plaid quilt. She had really liked this quilt in the display at the bed and bath store. That was back when having your curtains be a slightly different pattern in the same colors as your bedspread was a new idea. It was probably passé now, but she hadn’t had time to track the latest trends.

With a sudden pang, Liz realized her thoughts had drifted. She corralled them and looked up at Ted. He stared back at her, impatient. Her face scrunched in a guilty expression.

“I can’t do this through clothes,” he said.

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” Liz got up and started to lift her blue t-shirt.

“That’s not what we’re mapping.” The disdain in

Ted’s voice brought that about-to-cry feeling to Liz’s blue eyes. She quickly abandoned the shirt and tamped back the tears. She’d had years of practice.

“Oh, come on. It’s not like I haven’t seen you a million times,” Ted said at her hesitation.

Liz wondered why this felt so different. Of course she had undressed in front of her husband for 27 years. Still, she turned away from him to unbutton her jeans.

As she tugged the denim over her well-rounded hips, she caught him watching. His eyes carefully tracked her newly peeled flesh.

Could it be that he was more interested than she had thought?

She secretly glanced at him again as she removed her pink panties. He acted like he was looking out the window. But she saw his eyes trace the length of her thigh.

This time when she went to the bed, she pulled the plaid bedspread back, neatly folding it in half so she lay on the sheets underneath. She wouldn’t have guessed before, but maybe there would be reason to spare the bedspread.

She lay down and brushed a few dark ringlets from her face. They spilled across the pillow. With the help of a talented hair stylist, her curls looked just as they had when she first met Ted. Ted’s hair, however, was sparser these days. Gray hair blended into the light brown and resulted in a blond look, even more blond than when he had been a swimmer in college.

Liz looked down at her body, now half unclothed. Her breasts raised the shirt in two swells. She was surprised that her nipples raised little points through both her bra and her shirt.

Ted pulled the chair from the vanity, plopped it next to the bed and sat down. He studied the task before him.

Matter of fact, he looked so studious Şanlıurfa Escort that Liz bit her lower lip to keep from grinning. As he continued to stare, she pulled her knees apart.

“I need graph paper,” Ted declared.

Liz clapped her legs back together. From the next room, she heard him rummaging through a file drawer in his office. Graph paper. Liz doubted the marriage counselor had envisioned this exercise with graph paper.

Ted returned to sit with a pad of paper and a pencil. He made a few marks then reached the eraser end toward her thigh. Using the pencil, he drew her leg towards him. Liz followed his direction by spreading her knees again.

Pencil back on the paper, Ted sketched for more than a minute. Liz was surprised to feel a tightening within her as the cooler air wafted between her legs. She thought about raising her head to see what Ted was doing, but she didn’t want to disturb his concentration.

The wait lengthened. Tiny shivers rippled down her belly. Liz’s nipples poked higher through both layers of cloth. Liz closed her eyes. Ted’s fingers touched her outer lips and Liz jumped. After the wispiness of the air, an actual physical touch jarred. Ted glanced up at her, apologetic. Liz gave him a soft smile and a little nod.

Gently now, he pulled the outer lips apart. Cool air crept in and Liz inhaled a sharp hiss of air. Ted worriedly checked her face. She gave him two quick nods.

Holding her pussy open with one hand, he sketched on his graph pad with the other. Liz didn’t think her nipples could get any more erect but the tiny points rose into hard knobs. And to judge by the tightening she felt, her clit was following suit.

Ted stuck the pencil behind his ear. He extended one finger. He touched once. Her pussy twitched.

He had touched on the left top inner edge of the exposed lips. Just a brief second of contact. Then he pulled out his pencil and made a mark on the paper.

But her pussy still quivered.

He reached again. He touched just a quarter inch away. Her belly jumped. He made another mark. He touched the next quarter inch away. His finger stuck to the moist flesh so it tugged on the delicate skin as it pulled away. Tingles rippled across her cunt.

Liz gasped. Ted raised a surprised eyebrow and made a mark.

Methodically, he worked his way across the deep red skin. He touched the next quarter inch. Her cunt jerked. A moan caught in her throat. He wasn’t even done plotting her responses on the first line across the top of her open pussy and already sparks flickered back and forth across the puckered skin.

Liz prepared herself for the next touch. The last one still glowed. The next would be just to the right. Just a bit over. She wouldn’t flinch at this one. It was just a touch.

Here came his finger. Getting closer. Almost Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan there.


The nerves in her pussy twanged like a taut string. Ted made a mark.

Time stretched. Ted moved so deliberately. The mark took forever.

The vibrating pussy nerves grew right out of her skin. They strained into the space above her body, longing for the next touch.

Finally, his finger approached. Ah, it was coming. Oh, don’t stop now, don’t stop.

His finger touched, her pussy leaped. His finger left, the flushed flesh pulsed. The air licked and her cunt flashed with flame.

Ted made his notation.

Waiting, oh the waiting. It was too long to wait. She ached for the next touch. Her cunt swelled to reach it.

Ah, finally. The touch, a tug, the void. Each sensation only heightened the next.

Ted watched her reactions. He listened to her ragged breathing. He placed a mark.

His finger drew near. Not close enough. It lingered. Oh, now, please, now.

He touched. Her pussy clenched. Lightning speared her depths. She moaned.

“Good gosh, Liz. I’m not even close to your clit yet.”

Liz lay panting and didn’t bother to answer.

“You mean all these years I’ve been rubbing away and all you needed was little touches?”

Liz tried to shrug her shoulders but her attention was distracted by his finger. It hovered just above her engorged flesh. So close. So close. Just a little more. Why didn’t he touch again?

Ted’s eyes darted from his wife’s reddening face to her cunt and suddenly he grinned. He grinned like a man with a discarded lottery ticket that just turned out to be a winner.

His eyes began to gleam.

“You like these touches?” he asked. “Like this?”

Liz gasped.

“These little touches?”

Ted no longer stopped to plot points on the graph paper. With wicked precision, he touched each point across his wife’s quivering sex.

Liz’s breath came in short puffs.

Then Ted stopped. Liz whimpered.

“Oh, now, Lizzie isn’t getting wet, is she?”

The woman grabbed the sheet under her hands.

Ted slid a finger along her slit, barely touching, testing his theory.

A moan warbled from Liz’s throat.

Ted gently touched the wetness he’d found.

“Fuck me, you moron,” Liz hissed.

Ted’s hand jumped away as if he’d been burned.

“YOU are asking me to fuck you?” He sat in stunned silence.

Liz wanted his finger back. Or his cock. Or his tongue. Anything!

“Is this what the counselor wanted?” Ted shook his head in wonder. “The lady’s better than I thought.”

“Ted, come on. Please.” His hand had been away too long.

“Little Lizzie WANTS Teddie now? Is that what I hear?”

Liz nodded rapidly, furiously.

“Well, I think she’ll just have Escort Şanlıurfa to wait.”

“What!” Liz yelped.

“Now, now. We need to complete the exercise. I’ve barely got a proper start.”

Liz stared at her husband. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He was going to – to – wait?

“Now I’m going to try this sliding technique.” He slid his finger from the top of her cunt all the way to the bottom. “Oh. That gets a wiggle and moan.” He made a mark on the paper.

He slid his finger down the other side of her clit this time.

“Oh, oh, please.”

“No, no use begging. We’re paying big bucks for this therapist. We’re gonna get our money’s worth.”

The sheet in Liz’s hand bunched and twisted. Her legs writhed. Her hips squirmed.

In the midst of the aroused fog in her brain, Liz had a sudden inspiration. Her hand shot out and grabbed her husband’s crotch.

“Yikes!” she exclaimed.

There in her husband’s jeans was the largest lump she had felt in years. She looked up at him in surprise. He looked down in equal astonishment.

“But neither of us even touched me,” he mumbled in bewilderment. His face squinched in thought. “You mean if I play with you, then I –,” his voice trailed off in wonder.

Liz took her chance. She leapt for his pants. She had the fly open before he collected his thoughts. His cock sprung free.

“No! I’m not done mapping!” He pushed her back onto the bed.

Liz wrapped a leg around him, pulling him on top of her. She ground her hips up to his. She wiggled just so.

In slid his cock. His nice, long, hot cock. Into a pussy that had made its own juices. A cunt that, after all these dry years, maddeningly wanted to bury his cock in a tight hot grip.

Ted sent one glance towards the graph paper on the floor then he gave way. His wife felt so good. Her hot cunt squeezed him, swallowed him, enflamed him. He felt like a kid in the back seat of his Chevy. He pumped long deep thrusts, wild with abandon, driven unstoppably.

Liz bucked against the onslaught. Her cunt filled with a flood of fire. It overflowed her belly, raged up her breasts, bloomed across her face. She wanted this union, this dance, this cleaving with her husband to last forever. Gads, had she ever felt like this?

Liz screamed just before her husband grimaced and grunted. Their bodies contorted for long seconds, gripped in a unity beyond force. Ted collapsed onto his side of the bed. Liz rolled to her side and laid her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her and squeezed.

Gradually, their breathing slowed. Ted said, “Um, the map still isn’t complete.”

Liz looked up at him. “There are three days left until our next appointment.”

“I guess we’ll just have to do more on the assignment.”

Liz snuggled close to her husband’s warm body. “Yeah. I guess we’ll just have to.”

(Dear Reader, if you would be so kind as to drop me an e-note, I would like to know, on a scale of 1 – 10, how arousing you found this story to be. If you could also point out which sections contributed the most to your reaction, I’d be very grateful. Thank you, Andi).

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