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Marcie and Leo Ch. 53

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Baby steps.

One of my “areas of opportunity” as it is called in corporate speak is the ability to be patient. There have been times I wanted to act on my instincts when Matt has stopped me. I would look at him, eager to get to the next step thinking we were ready. I would look at my best friend since childhood who would tell me those words. It was one of the reasons he took the CEO title. He had an eye to be able to tell when to act and when to hold back. He always pointed out to people how I was the methodical one, yet he was the one who had that timing thing down. He just knew when to act.

It was demonstrated more recently when he mentioned me putting a ring on Marcie’s finger before New Year’s. Even though we had only been a couple for a small amount of time, he mentioned it and set the wheels in motion for me to propose officially on New Year’s. I would have done it eventually; I was already thinking about it to be honest. Matt dropping the hint spurred me to action. It was that same timing that Marcie seemed to share when it came to more recently with my leg.

We were in the doctor’s office again. There were x-rays and the doctor walked in with them in hand to show me that the bone was healed. I was ecstatic before the doctor mentioned physical therapy. I could feel my pride take a shot when he said that. Marcie had my hand in hers as he explained that I had to be patient and allow the body to get used to it. I nodded my head, seething a little because of my desire not to be helpless. Marcie drove me home; the music playing was of little comfort until I heard my phone ring. I looked at the display and saw Matt’s number. I answered, not knowing what to respect.

“How did the doctor visit go?”

“The bone is healed, but he said I needed physical therapy.”

“That’s great news, Bro.”


I could hear Matt pausing on the other end.

“Do you think you could have Marcie drive you to my place?”

I looked at Marcie.

“Can we go to Matt’s house? Matt’s asking.”

“I would love to see the baby. Of course.”

I bursa eskort bayan went back to my phone.

“We’re coming over. Is everything alright?”

“Everything is fine. I’ll see you when you get here.”

Matt hung up and I was curious.

‘Any idea what’s going on?” Marcie asked.

“I have no idea. Are you okay with going over there? It’s kind of last minute.”

“Of course, Sweetheart. It is just going to delay what I was going to do to you when we got home,” she answered before she looked at me and winked.

In my mind at that point, I was silently cursing Matt. That wink was one of Marcie’s tells that she was up to something. It was a half hour drive to Matt’s place. We arrived at the gate and Marcie put in a code. We then pulled up to the front door. Marcie walked around and opened the back door to get my crutches before she opened mine. As I made it to my feet, her arms went around my neck. I looked into her eyes and smiled before she kissed me on the lips. She then looked me in the eyes again.

“You know we have this, right?”

I nodded my head.

She escorted me to the door before ringing the doorbell. A moment later, Shannon opened it. Shannon is Matt’s wife for those just joining in. Marcie and Shannon hugged before she guided us to their living room. There Matt sat with a smile on his face. He came over and hugged Marcie before hugging me as well.

“I can feel you seething still,” Matt said.

“I have every reason to. I want to be off these things.”

“Remember when I broke my arm playing volleyball?”

I was sitting down when he said that.

“Kinda. I mean I remember having to carry your books for a while.”

“That’s what I mean. It took a long time to gather the strength after the cast came off to carry them again. Your leg needs time to do the same.”

“I know, but…”

“No one is questioning your drive, Leo. Everyone still feels how determined you are every time you walk in the door. No one thinks you’re weak or helpless.”

It was then bursa merkez escort that Shannon brought in their son. He’s grown a bit, being that his mom was around him a bunch. She handed him to Marcie who held him for a while. I noticed his dad’s eyes and his mom’s smile. I then looked at Matt and noticed him smiling. The look on his face was a different look.

“Everyone always mentions how Marcie is the one who tamed the lion. Little Joshua is the one that tamed me even though his beautiful mother started the process,” Matt said as Shannon leaned down to kiss him.

It was a good hour, even the part where little Joshua let me hold him. I held him in my arms as he looked in my eyes. His smile melted me. Shannon slipped her arms under him to lift him up before carrying him back to the nursery. It was then Matt and I started talking about a few things business related. He then asked me how much I knew about Aubrey’s plans.

“She wants to have the wedding at her place, probably the same timeline albeit a smaller group.”

“Did she mention if I was invited?”

Marcie stepped in.

“She and I are putting the invitations together tomorrow. You and Shannon are on the list.”

“Looks like we’ll need to borrow her sister again.”

He assisted me in standing with the crutches before he hugged me again.

“Take your time, Leo. You’ll be walking on your own soon. I got your back.”

“I do too,” Shannon said as she walked in prior to hugging me tightly.

The drive home was partially quiet due to the music on the radio. I looked at Marcie and noticed the look of thought on her face.

“Penny for your thoughts, my pet.”

“Joshua is so cute.”

“I think so.”

“What do I have to do to help you be patient with your healing, Leo?”

I paused a moment before I spoke.

“You are doing it already. I wouldn’t be this far in the process without you, Sweetheart.”

We arrived home and followed the same procedure. When I was upright, I slipped a hand onto Marcie’s bursa sınırsız escort bayan neck before I leaned in to kiss her. We kissed warmly before she helped me inside. I followed Marcie’s lead as she walked in. She went to the bedroom and took off her sneakers as I slipped out of mine. I sat on the bed before rolling into my position before I looked over. She was removing her jeans before she slid against me. By then she was in her tank top and panties. I slipped a hand on her midsection and smiled. There was a deep kiss. She then slipped my sweatpants down a bit to reveal how excited she made me.

“I am kind of needy today,” she whispered as she stroked me.

“What kind of needy?” I asked her as I started stroking her hair.

She answered by climbing on top of me and teasing her clit with my cock as I watched. My hands went to her hips before she slipped me inside. I watched her face as she silently moaned for me. Then she opened her eyes.

“You are not the only impatient one here, Leo,” she whispered.

I thrusted my hips upward before allowing her to ride me at her own pace. During her bounces, she pulled off and threw her tank top to the side to let me see her chest bounce for me. There she was, using my cock to push herself to cum while I watched. My hand went to her left breast and pinched her nipple gently as she rocked on me. I could feel her movements as she was edging herself forward. After she did this for a bit, she bent down so I could kiss her. She started to slide on top of me, her hands on either side of my head as she fucked me.

“It’s your turn to cum, Leo. Fill up your naughty girl. I miss it so much,” she whispered.

My hands grabbed her ass and pulled her against me as I was getting close. It was then she leaned down and bit my nipple. Immediately, I felt my cock release it’s load inside her before she pressed herself against me and started to kiss me. We remained like that for a little while before she rolled off me.

“I can’t wait until you can walk without the crutches,” she whispered.

I smiled.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you owe me the take charge sex. You’ve let me call the shots since we could start again. I miss you taking charge of your good girl.”

We kissed again after that. The sooner I was able to walk, the sooner I could give my girl what she wanted. Talk about motivation.

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