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The first time I spoke to Maria was online, she had the most amazing personality, she was bubbly and kind and I grew very fond of her very quickly. We had both just come out of relationships and we both understood each other very well. Maria was 6 years my senior, but it never made a difference when we communicated. After many weeks of chatting online, I finally plucked up the courage to ask Maria to dinner.

We were both a bit cautious to begin with but after talking about the situation for a while, we decided we would give it a try. The first problem we encountered was that we lived miles apart, after some discussion we decided that we would meet half way, I decided that I was going to stop the night in a local hotel and offered to arrange somewhere for Maria to stay. Maria declined insisting to make her own arrangements.

As the day came closer, I booked my room and dinner in the hotel restaurant for two. I got my dinner jacket, packed a few overnight essentials and drove to the hotel. Once I had checked in, I groomed myself and got dressed.

My phone rang and I answered to find it was Maria. Maria had arrived early and was waiting for me in the hotel lobby. I invited Maria to come up to the room as we had at least 30 minutes before our reservation. I quickly tidied all my stuff off the bed as there was a knock on the door.

As I opened the door Maria stood there looking absolutely fabulous. Maria was 5ft 5 and a size 16, she had beautiful short red hair and her lips were covered in a vibrant red lipstick. Maria’s eyes were a beautiful blue and her eye shadow complimented her sparkly eyes. I greeted Maria with a hug and gentle kiss on the cheek, her cheek was soft and smooth like silk, as my lips caressed her skin I felt lightning travel through my lips, which sent a tremble down my spine. Her curvy body embraced mine and I could feel the pounding of her heart on my chest. As I moved away I noticed that Maria was dressed in a long black skirt and a sleeveless sparkly top. She looked absolutely beautiful and I was just smitten in an instant.

We made conversation for the time we had waiting for our reservation and then made our way down to the restaurant for dinner. Over dinner we talked about everything from our past to our future. Maria was very intelligent and just as creative I found. We discussed how we had reached this point where we felt comfortable to meet, during the conversation I asked Maria where she was staying and she told me that she had plans to drive back that evening after dinner. We finished dinner about 8 and I invited Maria back to the room for some coffee. Maria accepted my invitation, so I ordered coffee and desert to be sent to the room.

We got to the room and found that room service was waiting outside, the waitress came in and set the coffee and desert on table and then left. We drank coffee and finished our desert and chatted for a few hours, totally forgetting about time. When we realised what time it was Maria prepared to leave. I asked Maria not to drive so late at night and to stop at the hotel where I was staying. After some persuasion, she agreed that it was a very late and not safe for her to travel so far so late at night. I rang the hotel reception to see if they had any rooms available for Maria, but unfortunately they were fully booked. After informing Maria of this we agreed that it was best for her to stay in my room, canlı bahis Maria could sleep on the bed and I would sleep on the sofa.

The next problem we had was that Maria had no night wear; she had just come along for dinner so was not prepared. I leant Maria my t-shirt to put on and decided it would be best if I kept the shorts for myself. Maria made her way to the bathroom and emerged 5 minutes later, she had my white t shirt on and underneath I could see her blue and black lace corset, and the only thing covering her modesty was a small black and blue lace thong. The colour’s of her underwear complimenting her pink flesh. This wonderful view was enough to arouse my mind even further and I could feel myself getting turned on, my cock was bursting against the inside of my boxers, feeling confined , needing space to stretch itself.

Maria looked across at me and started to blush, I knew straight away she had noticed the stirring in my boxers. My erection was now clearly viewable and my boxers were soaked and getting transparent. As I turned away to look out the window, Maria wrapped her arms around my waist and then up over my flat stomach, the touch from her skin and nails sending a tingling sensation all over, she moved in closer running her hands up to my chest, her t-shirt covered body touching against my back. I could feel the softness of her breast and the wires of the corset on my back, her warm body made blood rush all through my body, my hair was on edge and my sensations had been awakened, I could feel her hot breath on my back. I ran my hands up the outside of Maria’s arms, sending shivers through her body, I placed my hands on hers, and Maria was stroking my chest. I moved her hands off my body and turned around, facing Maria. We looked into each other’s eyes and I leant forward to kiss her on her lips, as I leant forward to kiss Maria she obliged and we embraced slowly, her lips were smooth and soft and tasted off the chocolate cake she had had for desert, as I kissed her, she let go of my hands and ran her fingers slowly over my chest, every time she touched, my body reacted. She ran her hands all the way up my chest and wrapped her arms around my neck, her hands on my head pulling me into her sweet gentle kiss.

As we kissed my hands embraced her body, holding her by the waist, running over her wired silk corset, the lace sending individual shivers through my body, I traced the outline of her corset and followed it round her waist and down to Maria’s curvy bottom. With only a thong covering her cheeks I cupped and caressed and stroked every part of her bottom, it was warm to the touch and covered in dimples, every time I stroked her bottom she would gently moan with pleasure, moving into my body, my cock was rubbing against the front of her thong and the moisture had started to seep through and mark Maria’s thong.

Maria had moved away from kissing me know and had slowly started to kiss her way down my neck, as she placed her kisses over my neck, I began to feel light headed and dizzy, every kiss led to a mind tingling sensation flowing through my body, her hot breath sending shivers through my body, she kissed her way down to my nipples and then placed them in her moist hot mouth, her warm tongue tickling my nipples, and then she bit my nipple gently sending me over the edge, I couldn’t control my body and I just shot a hot lad of cum in my boxer shorts. Maria bahis siteleri felt cum spurt out all in my boxers and it was seeping through the whole in the front. As I orgasm against her warm body she wrapped her arms around my waist and dug her nails into my back, forcing more and more cum out of my throbbing cock. She moved away from my body looking me in the eye menacingly, my cum had soaked my boxers and had ended up all over the t-shirt covering Maria’s body. She moved closer to me again and placed her warm hands on my chest and pushed me gently, I lost my balance and fell into the sofa. Maria was still looking me in the eye as she took my t-shirt in her hands and removed it over her head. Revealing her 38GG breasts, her corset struggling to contain them as they attempted to burst their way out, her nipples erect and standing to attention, pushing away at the fabric, showing their shape, whilst being contained modestly. Maria dropped to her knees and started to kiss her way up my legs, gently switching from side to side as she got closer and closer to my cum soaked boxers, her fingers running up the outside of my leg, then all of a sudden Maria grabbed my cock hard. Maria squeezed my flaccid cock and then placed a gentle kiss on the head, a kiss so gentle, yet full of such spark that I began to get erect again.

She grabbed my boxers at the side and pulled them off, leaving me vulnerable and naked in front of her. But her plan was to take it slow, she rose to her feet and stood in front of me, slowly unlacing her corset, letting me watch her every move. Every time I got close enough to touch she pushed me away. Her breasts were bursting the lace open, trying to break free so I could ravage them. As she undid the bottom of her corset, her breasts finally broke free; her nipples were large and brown, rising to attention in the shadowed lights of our hotel room.

Maria slowly edged forward, spreading her legs either side of me, straddling me looking me in the eye, she cupped her breast in her hand as she wriggled her way closer to me, the warmth of her body, running like a hot iron all over my legs as she got closer, my jaw gaped open as she placed her erect nipple on the edge of my lips, she rubbed her erect nipples all over my desperate waiting lips, caressing, electrifying.

She slowly leant forward placing her large nipples into my wet mouth, her body on fire, my body on fire, I gently rubbed her nipples with my lips, covering them in my warm saliva, as I suckled them, she forced her breasts further and further into my mouth, until I could swallow no more, un-cupping her breast as she laid it in my mouth, she left out a soft moan, a moan that sent the blood flowing through my veins at the speed of light, my cock growing to attention once again, rubbing against her juice soaked thong.

She ran her hands down her body and round towards her bottom, reaching for my hard cock. My cock was throbbing, hungry, craving for her soft hands to ravage, stroke and rub it hard. Then, she grabbed my cock hard in her hand and squeezed, the pain immense, but so pleasurable, that my cock just throbbed even more. Maria rubbed and squeezed my cock against her soaked pussy. Her juices soaking through the fabric and running down my throbbing exposed cock. My cock could feel her pussy throbbing in anticipation of me, all the while my mouth being charged with sucking, biting and licking her breast.

Maria bahis şirketleri took her hands off my throbbing cock and pulled her thong to one side, exposing her pussy to my throbbing cock. She made a grab for my cock again, this time placing it at the entrance to her wet pussy, her juices running down my head, and her warm blood fill lips covering the tip, with a slow gentle action, she slowly lowered herself onto my cock, her hot moist inviting pussy, sucking my cock in, hungry and craving it. Her throbbing muscles, grasping, milking my throbbing cock. She let out a groan of pleasure as I filled her, removing her breast from my mouth, as the pleasure of my cock satisfied her desires.

As her desire and hunger for cock took over, she started to thrust harder and harder, her eyes closed, her sweat covered body, rubbing against mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder as she twisted and snaked her curvaceous hips. The hot, smooth walls of her pussy, caressing, massaging and enjoying my throbbing cock. Every move, made me long for her even more, my hands were running all over her body as she hugged and fucked me at the same time.

My hands scratched and rubbed her back as we thrust with pleasure, tracing the outline of her beautiful warm body. Making my way down to her bottom, taking a cheek in each hand, massaging it, spreading it, running my hand through the crease of her bottom, tickling her wet ass, her juices flowing freely, over her erogenous zones, all over me and the sofa. I circled the rim of her ass slowly with my finger; she was warm, soaked in pussy juices, her gaping ass, inviting my finger to enter her as she thrust my cock.

Maria’s bum hole gently started to swallow my finger, sucking it in, asking for more. Some gentler rimming led to her bum hole sucking in two fingers, she was horny lady, and she loved having both her holes filled at the same time. She slowly raised her pussy up removing my throbbing cock. She once again searched it with her eager fingers.

Grabbing my cock she worked it over to the entrance to her ass, and without any effort, swallowed my entire cock into her ass, shrieking with delight, her moans and groans echoing through the walls of the hotel room.

Up and down she slid as her ass, milked my eager throbbing cock, fucking her hard, she pranced up and down like a wild buck. Harder and harder she rode my cock in her ass, twisting, jumping and squirming it into touching her every desires. Her hand rubbing her clit all over, juices splashing all over me. Maria had gone into a pleasure zone of her own; this was now all about her pleasures being fulfilled, she rode harder and harder, and her ass squeezing my cock for every ounce of pleasure.

Then she moved her hands away from her pussy, and squirted like she had wet herself all over me, her juices covering everything from me, to the sofa and the carpet, sending me over the edge, making me explode into her hot ass, my cum dripping down, mixing with her pussy juice.

Maria wrapped her arms around me, kissing me, her wet lips caressing mine, her tongue, exploring the inside of my mouth. This was not what was supposed to happen between us, we were supposed to be friends meeting for dinner, and our friendship had gone beyond its limits.

As we embraced each other that night, we both knew we didn’t want that night to end, but what we had experienced together was just the beginning that night, a night that we would both never forget, a night that had not come to an end at that point, but had merely begun, just like our desires for each other…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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