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Marina’s Adventures Ch. 01

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Everyone in the house was passed out drunk except Marina, Pancho and Alberto. Marina is Alberto’s girlfriend’s daughter and Pancho is her husband. Marta, Alberto’s girlfriend, was one of the last partygoers to pass out and they had tucked her into bed already. Everybody had been up half the night celebrating Marina’s 23rd birthday and they were the last few still drinking. Alberto could see Pancho’s eyes closing indicating he was ready to pass out at any time and Marina looked like she was close behind Pancho.

Alberto’s eyes drifted between Marina’s legs. Being drunk she was careless and he could see that tiny camel toe in her pink panties under her denim mini skirt. Since he met Marina, she’s made him hard just by looking at her. Marina stands about five six weighs about 110 and has a great little figure. Her clear green eyes fit perfectly against her light features and raven hair. Her firm yet small tits are a mouthful and he lusts after them with all his passion. The tiny white T-shirt she had on made them appear more tempting than ever. Alberto loves to watch Marina walk away because he can see her perfectly round Latina ass sway as she walks. Right now he is focused between her thick firm thighs and the tiny patch of pink that is showing from between her legs.

Alberto is distracted when Pancho tries to get up but is too drunk and stumbles back onto Marina who falls with him. They laugh and giggle as Alberto now tries to help the drunken couple up. Alberto helped Pancho to stand up then looks down at Marina who is trying to get up. She is on her knees right in front of him. Her face is only inches from his cock. He has always described her face as one you would love to fuck because of those pretty eyes and her full thick lips. She truly looks like a little cock sucking slut in Alberto’s mind.

Alberto leans down and helps her up by reaching under her armpit and lifting her up. Her body brushes up against Alberto the whole time rubbing her firm young tits against his body. His cock aches to be let out and into Marina. He finally puts his arms around Pancho and Marina and helps them to their bed. As they enter the dark room the three stumble onto the bed drunk. They laugh and giggle more as they try to untangle themselves. Every few minutes one tries to get up but stumbles back into the pile of people. Marina’s and Alberto’s laughter increases as they hear Pancho start to snore. While waiting to regain his strength Alberto falls asleep between the couple.

A few minutes later, Alberto wakes up and tries to push himself off from between Marina and Pancho but the sea of bodies parts pull him back down. Alberto feels his hand is right on Marina’s tits and she has not reacted. Her full firm right breast feels just right in his hand as he begins to squeeze it gently. Marina arches her back and moaned turning over to face him. She places her other hand on her free breast and grabs and tugs on it.

“Ay Pancho. It’s been so long since you touched me. Cum on give me that big birthday present you promised me,” she mewed as she is stirring.

Alberto feels her rubbing her legs against his legs and her body wiggling next to his body. She inched closer and moaned as her hands began explore his own body. In her drunken stupor, Marina confuses Alberto for Pancho and she wants to fuck. Marian straddled Alberto and lay on top of him.

“SSSSHHH. He’s sleeping. We don’t want to wake up,” she slurred and giggles into his ear.

Alberto feels her hands undoing his belt and slipping her hand into his pants.

“Ay Panchito you’re so big and hard. I missed it so much it feels like it’s gotten a lot bigger and fatter. MMMM. I’m gonna take it all mi Panchito,” she said as she licks his ears.

Alberto reaches down and grabs Marina’s firm round ass. Her skirt has crept up around her waist giving him a clear hold on her naked ass. He loves the feel of her full firm Latina bubble ass. Grabbing it, squeezing it, spanking it, Alberto does everything he always dreamed of doing to her ass short of fucking it. Alberto wants to cum so bad but he keeps it back.

After pulling down Alberto’s pants and taking out his cock, Marina went back to kissing Alberto’s neck and ear. She dry humps him, rubbing her thong covered pussy along his hard thick shaft. Marina undoes Alberto’s shirt and with every button she takes off she kisses his body until she comes to the last button.

Marina starts to stroke Alberto’s fat long hard cock in her tiny little hands. Her smooth firm cool hands feel good around his hard hot throbbing cock. Alberto inhales deeply when he feels one of Marina’s hands begin to play with his balls. He reaches down with both hands putting them on her head and gently guides halkalı escort her to swallow his cock. She stops his cock before it goes into her mouth and slowly runs the head across her full lips. With just the tip of her tongue she licks the head without putting it in her mouth.

Alberto was right Marina is a real cock sucking slut. He could not hold back any longer. The first stream of cum hit Marina’s lips and dripped down her chin. Before Alberto comes again, Marina swallowed his cock deep. Alberto holds her head tight as he unloads his cum into her mouth. Gallons poured from his balls into her young hot hungry and wet mouth. Marina does not spill a drop, she drinks it all down. Her head continues to bob up and down as she swallows Alberto’s sperm. Now he knows for sure she is a cock sucking cum drinking little slut and he lusts for her even more.

Marina keeps sucking Alberto’s cock long after he is done cumming. She wants him hard again and she knows what to do. Once Alberto’s cock is hard and fat she rubs it all over her face slapping herself with the huge shaft. Alberto knows Marina loved a fat cock in her face.

“MMMM Panchito you never tasted so good. Your cum was so yummy. And your fat cock made me gag. You never made me gag before. You must be really horny huh,” she said to him as she runs his cock across her lips.

Alberto Lays there and watches Marina outline as she strips in the dark. In the shadows, he can make out her fine tight little body as the last piece of clothing comes off. Again, Marina straddles him. Her firm young tight body feels so soft and smooth. Marina grabs his hard cock and slides it right into her young bald pink little Latina pussy. He could feel her tight velvet lips engulfing his huge cock. She is hot and wet and slides down so very good. Marina has the perfect pussy for his cock.

“Ay Panchito que rico. God I can feel your cock stretching my pussy Panchito. You have never done that before. Oh god you’re so hard and thick it feels so good. This is the cock I want in me every day. Oh honey, it’s like I’m fucking somebody else’s cock,” she moans into the air.

Marina begins to ride Alberto’s cock like a little whore. He puts his hands on her ass and meets her every thrust. Louder and louder Marina moans. Alberto becomes worried because he realizes she might wake Pancho up. He tries to stop her from moaning by putting his hands on her mouth but she just starts to suck his fingers and moans louder. After wetting his hands with her saliva she puts them on her tits and tells him to play with her nipples. Alberto does as he is told. He always dreamed what they would feel like and now he is going to do his best to please Mariana.

Marina she worked her hips to a fevered pitched as she fucked his cock long and hard. Up and down Marina’s tiny body falls on Alberto’s fat cock. The slapping sound Alberto hears is their bodies meeting with every thrust. She grinds and humps his cock with all her might. Marina loves fucking and she has found a cock that fills her every need. But she is still too loud. Alberto picks up her tiny body and gets on top of her. She fights back.

“No you know I don’t like doing it the boring way. Let me get on top. I want to feel that fat dick all the way in me,” she tells him.

Alberto grabs her by the arm and spins Marina on her stomach.

“What are you doing? I thought you didn’t like doggy style. Ay Panchito what’s gotten into you? You’re so forceful and rough. MMMMM me gusta Panchito. That’s it do it harder” she tells him.

He puts his cock right at her pussy entrance, grabs her hips and shoves his hard fat cock into her tiny pussy. Marina moans ever so loud as she feels it go in. Quickly, Alberto shoves her head into a pillow and stops. He listens for sounds of movement next to him and anywhere else in the house. All he hears is Marina moaning and whimpering. Alberto stays very still and quiet. Marina does not. She begins to move her hips grinding her pussy deeper onto his cock. She moans into the pillow and fucks herself with his cock.

Alberto again places his hands on Marina’s perfect round ass. The ass he wanted since he started dating her mom; just looking at it made him hard now he was touching it. He cannot get enough of her firm Latina ass so he squeezing it and touching it none stop. Alberto brings her ass onto his body so he could feel its round perfection. Then he pulls it away so his hands have their turn. Marina is fucking his cock with all her might and enjoying how he plays with her ass.

Alberto begins to pound that ass like he never fucked before. He grabs her hips hard and shoves it into her rough. She moans with every thrust but meets ikitelli escort his cock every time he shoves it into her pussy. Alberto jack hammers her hot little tiny pussy with his huge cock. The bed begins to shake and again Alberto fears that the passed out Pancho will wake up from his drunken stupor. This time he does not care. Marina’s pussy feels so good and he will not let it go.

He is fucking her deep and hard when he feels Marina begin to tighten up and her whole body goes stiff. She lets out a huge deep moan into the pillow she is biting as she cums on Alberto’s cock. Alberto keeps fucking her and feels orgasm after orgasm wash over his cock. He shoves it hard and deep one final time and holds it there until Marina goes limp again. Marina falls on her stomach and breaths hard into the pillow. She has cum hard and loud and is exhausted.

Alberto’s cock is still hard and he wants to cum one last time. He begins rubbing his fat cock over the bubble butt he has lusted over for so many years. Marina’s juices are spread all over her round ass and in between her cheeks as Alberto run his cock up and down the middle. He finally stops and positioned the head right at her hole.

Tired and groggy Marina slowly lifts her head and tries to look over her should.

“Stop it Pancho. I told you I don’t take it there,” she says in a somewhat final tone.

Alberto doesn’t listen. He begins to push it in. When she tries to fight he holds her down with his hands and shoves her face into the pillow once again. Marina squeezes her ass cheeks together to stop him from penetrating her. The added pressure feels better on Alberto’s fat cock. Her firm bubble booty squeezing his cock makes Alberto harder. Again he begins to push it in. It takes a few tries but finally he pushes the head in with a loud pop. He could feel Marina’s body tighten up once again and hears her whimper into the pillow. Alberto stops so Marina could get use to having a cock up her ass.

She looks over her shoulder at Alberto. “Please you’re too big. Take it out. It’s too big for me,” she pleads.

Alberto doesn’t respond. After a few moments of waiting, Alberto begins to pump his dick into Marina’s butt. She is not whimpering as much and her body has relaxed. Deeper he goes with each thrust. He puts his hands on her ass and squeezes it every time he goes in. In and out he keeps going. Alberto is fucking the object of his obsession and with every stroke he shoves his cock deeper, harder, and faster. Marina is no longer whimpering but is pushing her ass back onto him. He spanks her. Alberto always wanted a naughty little girl and Marina is a nasty little slut. A moment ago she was crying because she didn’t want her ass fucked; now she was fucking him like a pro.

Alberto pulls Marina by her hair and brings her head to his face.

“Call me papi,” says Alberto through clenched teeth hoping to disguise his voice a little.

“What?” she moaned back.

“Call me papi when I’m fucking you,” he clenches his teeth and repeats.

“Si papi. Fuck me hard. Oh papi fuck your dirty little girl. Ay papi coje mi culito con tu verga grande papi,” Marina moans back at Alberto.

Deeper he goes and both begin to moan loud. Marina keeps talking dirty to Alberto and calling him papi. Alberto feels the sensation start to build in his balls. This is too much. He loves her sexy voice and passionate moans coming from her luscious mouth as she fucks him.

“I’m gonna cum,” he announces.

“Ay si papi. Cum in my ass. Papi shot your hot warm cum deep in my ass please papi,” begs Marina.

Alberto grips her thick hips and begins to unload his cum deep into Marina’s ass. After the first shot, Alberto feels Marina’s body tense for her own orgasm. They have the most climatic orgasm of their lives. Marina milks Alberto’s cock with her ass which makes him cum more. After pumping the last load into her, Alberto falls onto Marina’s back breathing hard. He can hear her gasping for air as well.

Marina mews and wiggles her tiny body under his. She is reveling in the sweaty sheets after their climax. Alberto finally pulls out of her and rolls to his back. They both lay there. Alberto begins to fight his drossiness. It took a while, but soon he hears Marina deep breathing. The sign he been waiting for. He collects all his clothes and takes a shower before he joins Marta in bed. He has a great night’s sleep.

The next morning Alberto wakes up to the smell of breakfast and voices in the kitchen. He walks out in his pajamas and headed to the smell of coffee. In the kitchen, Marta and Marina were talking and giggling. They both laughed as he walked in.

“Good morning sunshine. istanbul escort Did you have a rough night?” asks Marta.

“I didn’t feel you get into bed. Are you hung over?” she smiles as she gives him a peck on the cheek.

Alberto motions hello to both of them and tries to smile. He is a little hung over, sore, and still a little groggy. Marina looks like she had slept for days. She is smiling and giggling and talking with her mom.

“I tell you mom I don’t know what you put in those drinks last night but wow. Pancho was a wild man. He did things I never thought he could,” she giggles.

“Lucky you. I guess he did have a good birthday present for you after all,” says Marta as she joins in on the giggling.

Alberto joins them at the table. He wants to make sure he was not found out. By the looks of things nobody was the wiser.

“Not me. My poor old vejito just came straight to bed and fell asleep. He’s not as young as he used to be. I have to get the timing down right,” she continues as she patted Alberto’s leg.

Marina gives him a quick subtle glace while she sips her coffee. Marta was looking at him while running her hand through his hair. Alberto smiles back at Marina as he sips his coffee. By now Marta had gotten up to refill her mug and check begins to place food out for breakfast.

“Well mom you’ll be surprise. Pancho was like a whole new man. Who knows maybe papi here will surprise you one day,” Marina tells Marta.

“Aaww you hear that honey? She called you papi. I guess she finally likes you sweetie,” says Marta in her motherly voice.

Alberto looks straight was Marina who is looking back at him. She is giving him a wicked naughty smile as she sips her cup. Alberto’s cock springs straight up thumping the table.

“She knows,” He thinks to himself.

“Opps someone is at the door,” says Marta who leaves the kitchen to see who was paying them an early visit.

Marina was still smiling at Alberto as her mom leaves the kitchen. She begins licking her lips as she looks into his eyes. One hand falls to the buttons on her shirt as she playfully tugs on them and unbuttons two.

“Papi can you cream me,” says Marina in a low sexy voice.

Alberto gulps and tries to swallow but his dry throat does not let him.

“Papi,” she pouts.

“Dame leche aqui,” Marina tells Alberto as her finger points to her coffee mug which she placed between her young tits.

Alberto gets up, grabs the milk and walks up to Marina. The bulge in his pants is inches from her face. Marina looks up at him then at his bulge then back to his eyes.

From another part of the house, both hear Marta yelling, “What do you want for breakfast?”

“I’m fine with chorizo and eggs mom,” replies Marina.

Alberto was about to reply when Marina bites down on the head of his cock ever so gently. She looks up at him with his cock in her mouth and smile. Alberto again swallows hard.

“I’m good honey. Marina said she will take care of it,” he stammers.

“Ok then. I’m going to get the laundry ready,” says Marta.

Alberto could not reply. Marina had take out his cock and was sucking on it again. Alberto could finally see what he felt last night. She looks so hot with a fat cock in her mouth. Marina’s full lips and hot wet mouth feels wonderful on his morning wood. He watches her as she swallows the entire length of his cock. The whole time Marina is looking at him in the eyes smiling.

Her head begins to bob as she gives Alberto a wet and sloppy blow job. Alberto pulls open her shirt to see her wonderful perky little tits. Then, Alberto put his hands on her head and begins to face fuck his girlfriend’s daughter for the second time in two days. Marina is the ultimate cock sucker. She uses her tongue like an expert, licking his cock as she sucks it deep. He stands over her as she sits at the kitchen table sucking his cock like a nursing calf.

Alberto is in ecstasy. Marina’s eyes and smile make her look both innocent and slutty as she sucks his cock. Alberto stiffens up and starts to grunt. He shoots one load into her mouth. Marina pulls his cock out of her mouth and jerks the rest into her coffee and on her tits. He squirts his load into Marina and her cup. Any cum that spilled Marina licks up with her tongue or uses her finger. As Marina is finishing buttoning up her shirt, Pancho walks into the kitchen. A few moments earlier, Pancho would have seen his wife jerking off Alberto into her coffee.

“Morning,” he mutters as he kisses her absent mindedly on her cheek.

“Morning,” she replies as she watches him get his coffee.

“Are you going to eat?” Pancho asks.

“No, I’m good. Alberto already fed me. I got all the protein I need for today. It was delicious. I, I mean we, should cum here for breakfast more often,” she answers smiling at Alberto and sipping on her cum filled coffee.

Alberto looks at Marina who sips and licks at her coffee cup. He wondered when he would get her alone again.

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