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Marlene and Tiffany Ch. 02

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I’d like to apologize to readers of the first installment. I don’t know how I posted multiple copies, but since 95% of tech issues happen between the chair and keyboard, it’s on me.


Steve woke up between the girls and extricated himself carefully so as not to disturb them. Tiffany unconsciously snuggled closer to Marlene. He threw on some workout clothes and went out for his morning run to clear his head. Steve made quick work of his five-mile route and decided to tack on a few extra miles. He was bewildered by Marlene’s surprise but knew that he was going to comply with her wishes.

He got back to the house and went to his home office where he pulled a small box from his desk drawer. He went up to the bedroom, and the girls were starting to stir. They smiled sleepily at him, and both sat up in bed.

“Good morning,” he said as he bent down to give Marlene a quick kiss. He held out the box to Marlene, and said, “It’s lame, but I wasn’t sure what to get you for our anniversary, so I got you this for your right hand to say that I’d do it all over again. But, given what you told me you wanted last night, well, I guess…” He looked at Tiffany as he trailed off. Marlene smiled as she realized where he was going with this.

“So, kiddo, what do you think?” he asked.

“Will you marry us?” Marlene finished as Steve handed Tiffany the box.

Tiffany excitedly opened the box, “Oh my God!! It’s a ring just like yours, Mar!! Yes, yes, yes.”

Marlene smiled and leaned in to kiss her 19-year-old cousin.

Still sweaty from the run, Steve said he was going to grab a quick shower.

“Oh no you don’t,” the girls cried in unison. They hopped out of bed, and Marlene dropped his shorts while Tiff took off his shirt.

“Get the fuck in bed,” Marlene said as they pulled him down onto the bed and pushed him onto his back.

They started taking turns sucking on his cock, grinning at him. Marlene bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, while Tiffany kissed and stroked his abdomen. Then, gently pushing Marlene aside, Tiffany took her place slowly sliding her lips up and down.

Marlene moved around on the bed and started lapping at Tiffany’s pussy. After a few minutes, Tiffany began to moan with her mouth full of Steve’s prick.

Marlene gently pulled Tiffany away from Steve and guided her down on the bed, licking at her the whole time, as she got on her knees between her cousin’s legs with her butt sticking in the air.

Recognizing his cue, Steve got behind her, and slowly inserted himself into her and began urfa escort to thrust in and out. Gently at first, but as he increased his pace, Marlene’s head started to smash into Tiffany’s pussy with each thrust. Tiffany raised her hips so that Marlene could grab her ass cheeks and keep her mouth locked on Tiff’s sopping pussy.

Steve began to buck and shot his load into his wife’s pussy, as she continued licking her cousin to orgasm. Tiffany wailed as she came on Marlene’s mouth.

Kissing the girls quickly, Steve said, “I need to shower, and we need to get on the road soon if you’re going to want any beach time today.”

The girls giggled, “We’ve already packed our bags.”

Twenty minutes later the car was loaded up, and they started the three-hour drive to the beach house. They made good time as it was still a bit early in the season for the beach.

They pulled into the drive, and Steve unloaded the car as the girls went into the house. They unpacked quickly, and the girls changed into bikinis and headed to the beach, as Steve hopped back into the car to grab some groceries and wine and beer at the store.

He returned, unloaded the groceries and then joined the girls down on the beach. The shoreline by the home was predominantly rocky, with only a narrow sandy stretch near their home, so it was secluded, and there were rarely passersby.

The girls were lazily enjoying lounging in the sun, chatting about whatever popped into their heads. They were wearing similar bikinis. Both girls had Mediterranean complexions which soaked up the sun. As always, he was amazed at how cousins could look almost like twins. Marlene was shorter with a bobbed haircut, and Tiffany wore her hair longer, currently in a ponytail. Steve spread a towel near them and pulled out a book that he’d been dying to read.

Around dinner time, they headed back to the house and began to prepare dinner. Steve marveled at how quickly the three of them had turned into a unit, working seamlessly.

They sat down to eat, and Steve poured the girls generous glasses of wine. Marlene quipped, “Oh look at him, acting like he’s going to need to get us drunk to get lucky.” Tiffany clapped and squealed with delighted laughter, and Steve rolled his eyes and blushed.

Tiffany joined in, “He’s the cutest thing when he blushes. Keep it up, Mar.” The girls both laughed with barely contained glee.

They finished their meal, and Marlene suggested a moonlight walk to work off the food and relax. Tiffany and Steve both eagerly agreed, uşak escort so they headed off down the beach. They walked a little more than a mile before heading back.

As they neared the home, Tiffany waded into the water and splashed them, beckoning for them to join her. Marlene declined and said, “You go, Steve. I think you need to wrap your head around this, and I think you two could use a little bonding time.”

Tiffany quickly removed her bikini, and took Steve’s hand and led him deeper into the water, and turned to face him in the moonlight.

Steve looked down at her, and asked, “So, how long have you two been planning this?”

Tiffany smiled sheepishly, “A few months. It was all her idea. We were hanging out one night while you were playing poker, and I was bitching about the loser I was dating. She gave me a peck on the check to console me, and I said I’d do anything to find a guy like you. At that point, she asked me, ‘anything?’ and I said yes. Before I knew it, I was out of my clothes and in her bed, and I was bi. Who knew?”

Steve laughed, “Marlene does get what she wants, doesn’t she? She’s a 4’11” force of nature.” and smiled to himself, thinking that Marlene was both the greediest and most generous lover he’d ever had.

Tiffany smiled and agreed. They both looked to the shore and saw a spark of a lighter and then an orange dot. They realized that Marlene was smoking on the beach waiting for them.

Tiffany reached for Steve’s cock, and said, “Well, you know by bonding, she meant ‘fuck’ right?”

“Yeah, I figured,” he replied as he kissed her tenderly. She continued stroking him as they stood in chest-deep water. As he hardened, he lifted her up and guided her down onto his shaft.

She felt almost weightless as the gentle swells of the waves lifted her up and down on his cock. Tiffany smiled into the kisses as she enjoyed the randomness of the water slowly lifting her up and down. It was an exciting departure from the more usual steadily rhythmic pace.

“Oh my God, this is so good. I never knew that slow and relaxed could be so much fun,” she gasped, as she enjoyed the water and gravity doing the work. He laughed and realized he didn’t see the orange dot in the distance anymore.

Sure enough, they felt a hand reach between them, finding Tiffany’s clit. “Okay, my loves,” Marlene whispered, “I hope you bonded, but I need to join the fun too.” Her fingers played Tiff’s love button, and soon Tiffany came. Steve spurted shortly after that, and their combined fluids polluted van escort the water.

Steve lead them back to the shore, and he and Tiffany discovered that Marlene had spread a blanket with some candles. Marlene lit the candles and then laid on her back. Steve began to slide her bottoms down, but she said, “Oh no, we’re not risking getting sand up there. That shit hurts. You can fuck me when we’re back up at the house.”

She then took off her top, instructing Tiffany to sit on her face and Steve to slide himself between her breasts. Her tongue quickly went to work on Tiffany’s pussy. She knew every inch of Tiff’s favorite places, and Tiff began to writhe.

Meanwhile, Steve was pressing her delightful breasts on either side of his cock as he thrust energetically between them. He and Tiffany were both moaning, and Tiffany bounced up and down and then screamed into her hand as she orgasmed. She collapsed to the side and Marlene ordered her to kiss her.

“Steve’s about to pop,” she said. “I want it on our faces.” Tiffany quickly scrambled into position and Steve spurted jets of cum onto both of their smiling faces.

Steve groaned as his balls drained. “I love you both, but I’m going to need a rest.”

Marlene smiled, “Not yet, love. You need to decide which of us you’re carrying and which of us you’re chasing back to bed.”

He laughed tiredly, as he scooped Marlene up in his arms, and Tiffany playfully shrieked with delight as she ran for the house.

Still laughing, Tiffany burst through the door, with Steve carrying Marlene in swift pursuit. They sprinted up the stairs and to the bedroom.

Tiffany paused as Steve gently tossed Marlene onto the bed. She then pushed him down onto his back. Marlene sat on Steve’s again aroused member, and Tiffany lowered her pussy onto his face.

“Do you think he’ll eat me as good as you, Mar?” she whispered.

“Probably not,” Marlene giggled as she playfully bounced on Steve’s prick, “But I bet you he gets an ‘A’ for effort.”

Eager to please Tiffany as well as Marlene, Steve redoubled his efforts lapping at Tiff’s pussy. The sight of her younger cousin writhing on her husband’s face made Marlene grind and bounce even harder as she decided to get herself off first.

“Oh, fuck…” Marlene screamed as she came, bucking and riding Steve’s shaft. Steve spasmed and shot cum deep into her wet, willing pussy. Tiffany gyrated on Steve’s face, muffling his grunts. Her orgasm hit hard, and she rocketed off his face, wailing with pleasure and collapsed on the bed.

Marlene smiled and nestled between her two loves, “How will we ever top that?”

The three of them cuddled and kissed and slowly dozed off.

Ten months later, their two oldest daughters, Steffany and Dominica were born a week apart, followed by three more girls over the years.

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