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Marlene and Tiffany Ch. 03

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“Ooof, there, I think that will do it,” Steffany said, putting the last of the luggage in the SUV. The dark-haired 18-year-old turned to her sister Dominica and smiled. “I’m so excited that we’re off to college and we’ll be roommates.”

The two girls had been born a week apart, and their parents jokingly called them “the twins.” They were thick as thieves. Steffany was a vivacious, extroverted head-turner with her mother Marlene’s good looks, and a trim, athletic frame. She’d won a full scholarship for soccer, and everyone called her Steff, except her sister who called her Steffy or Sissy.

Her sister, Dominica, was Tiffany’s daughter. She was older by a week and nicknamed Domino by most, or Sugarbear by her sister and their father, was also of clear Italian descent but through the genetic lottery of recessive genes had inherited her father’s blue eyes. Domino was significantly more introverted than her sister but was just as pretty. She’d won a full academic scholarship and in addition to his blue eyes, had inherited her father’s bookish personality.

Their father, Steve, pulled up in the car, returning from dropping their three younger sisters off so that he and the girls’ mothers could drop them off at college.

He told the girls to make sure they had everything while he went to get their mothers.

As he went into the bedroom, Marlene and Tiffany were eating each other’s pussies in a 69 position. After 19 years together, the women were experts in getting each other off quickly, efficiently and quietly.

He tugged at Marlene’s foot, “Come on. We need to leave soon so the girls can have some daylight to acclimate themselves at school.”

Marlene pouted, wanting him to join them for a quickie. Seeing the look on her face, he shook his head. “No, we don’t have time for that. We can go to the beach house after we drop them off. Then we can do anything and everything you want. But, right now, the girls are the priority.”

She scowled but knew he was right and brightened at the prospect of a long weekend at the beach house without the kids. He was a great father, and she was thrilled with the life she, Tiffany and Steve had made for themselves.

“Okay, okay. Just a quick five-minute shower, so we don’t reek of sex on the drive.”

He grinned, “Deal.” and went to check that everything was secured.

“You girls did a great job packing,” he told his two daughters.

“Thanks, daddy.” they beamed together.

Marlene and Tiffany emerged from the house, and the two mothers and their daughters hopped in the SUV. Steve jumped into the car they were going to leave at school for the girls and followed them down the road.

Three hours later, they’d unpacked the girls’ luggage in the dorm room, and were getting ready to say their goodbyes.

“Okay, girls,” Marlene said as she embraced their daughters, “It’s time for us to go. We moms are going to go down to the car so that your dad can slip you some extra cash as if that convertible we’re leaving isn’t spoiling you enough.”

“Oh, mom,” Steffany grinned, “Who are you to talk? I’ve seen jewelry stores with less inventory than you have.”

Marlene’s temper flared a little bit, but Tiffany kissed her quickly on the lips and laughed, “She got you, fair and square. And she’s not wrong.”

Dominica chimed in, “Give daddy a break. He’s taken care of all of us, and never once missed a soccer game, dance recital, school play or academic decathlon.”

“And let’s not forget the noises he helps make coming out of that bedroom with you two,” Steffany exclaimed.

Marlene realized she’d lost this particular round of ribbing, “Okay, okay, you win. Love you both.” She hugged them both tightly, as did Tiffany and the moms made their exit.

Steve handed Steffany the keys, “Okay, let’s go over the rules, you two.”

“No smoking. And no drinking and driving. Ever.”, Domino started.

“We can drink beer or wine in the room, but nothing stronger, provided we’ve opened it ourselves and not handed to us by a stranger,” Steffany continued.

“Study hard, and remember that’s it not all fun,” said Dominica.

“But we’re kids, and it’s not all work either,” Steffany finished.

Steve laughed, “So, you were listening to your dad after all.”

“Always, daddy,” they said in unison.

He hugged Steffany and whispered into her ear, “I know she’s your big sister, but look out for her. She’s not as street savvy as you are.”

“Don’t worry, dad. I will,” Steffany promised solemnly.

He turned to his older daughter and hugged her as well, kissing her forehead, “Love you, Sugarbear. I know you’ll study hard, but listen to your sister and have some nişantaşı escort fun, too.”

Some tears were forming in Domino’s eyes, as she embraced him, “I’ll miss you, daddy.”

Misty-eyed he took his leave of the girls and headed down to the waiting SUV.

Steffany started stretching her legs, “Ok, Sugarbear, want to go for a quick run around campus to get the lay of the land?”

“Sure,” Dominica replied, “it’ll help get the kinks out of my legs after the long drive.”

Both girls had inherited their father’s love for running and made a quick five-mile circuit of the campus. They got back to their dorm room and hopped into the shower together.

After showering and drying off, they wrapped themselves in towels and went to sit on the sofa and watch a little tv.

“You hungry, Sugarbear? What do you want on the pizza?”, Steffany asked.

“Pepperoni and black olives,” Dominica replied.

Steffany placed the order from the app and put her phone down.

Dominica had gotten up to make sure they had some paper plates.

Steffany sighed, “Okay, Sugarbear. Before the pizza gets here, we need to talk.”

“Oh, what about?” her sister asked.

“Well, you know I love you, right? We need to talk about the raging crush you have on me.”

Dominica’s eyes got as big as moons as she sat down hard, “You know about that?”

Steffany giggled, “Yes, Sugarbear. Everyone knows about it. Well, except dad.” Seeing that her older sister was as white as a ghost, she continued, “We also need to talk about your crush on dad.”

Domino’s eyes nearly popped out of her head, and her heart sank, “You know about that, too?”

Steffany shrugged, “Yes, everyone knows about that, too. Except for dad. And it needs to stay that way. It would freak him out too much. Dad’s pretty straight-laced. Mom and Mom are the kinky ones.”

“I’m humiliated,” Domino moaned.

Sitting down next to her crestfallen sister, Steffany said, “Hey, don’t be. It’s okay. You’re my big sister, and I love you too. I’d love to teach you things, but you’re not ready for an exclusive relationship. With me or anyone else. I’m not ruling it out forever. Just not right now.”

Domino’s face brightened, “You’d do that for me? You’d teach me?”

Steffany leaned closer to her virgin sister, “May I kiss you, Sugarbear?”

Licking her lips nervously, Domino nodded, and Steffany leaned in, kissing her gently on the lips.

Dominica’s heart started pounding as her sister kissed her. Feeling Steffany’s tongue pressing against her lips, she allowed them to part as Steffany slowly traced her tongue around her older sister’s lips, and then playfully darted in to flick at Domino’s.

“So,” she smiled, “How did you like your first real kiss, Sugarbear?”

“I loved it, please, don’t stop. I love you, Steff,” as she swooned in her more aggressive sister’s arms.

Steffany kissed her tenderly, and patiently, not wanting to overwhelm her less experienced sister. She pressed forward, gently pushing her older sister onto her back and continuing the kisses. “We can go as slow or as fast, as you like. Just let me know what pace you’re comfortable with, Sugarbear”, as she stroked her sister’s hair.

“Steff, I know you’ve got so much more experience, with guys and girls, I just don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t worry, Sugarbear,” Steffany cooed. “We’ve got all night.” She slowly drew the towel away from her sister’s body. “You have such wonderful breasts, Dominica.” She kissed her sister’s cheek, and then down her neck and then began to kiss the soft, warm, enticing valley between her sister’s breasts.

Domino was breathless with anticipation, as she hugged her sister’s head closer to her chest.

Steffany pulled her head away, and smiled teasingly at her older sister, “Ok, Sugarbear. Decision time. Do you want me to teach you about girls? Or boys?”

Confused, Dominica said, “Huh? Boys? What do you mean? You’re a girl, Steffy.”

Standing up, and letting the towel fall away from her body, Steffany said, “Well, I stole something from mom. Let me show you.”

She reached into her backpack and pulled out a strap-on. Dominica’s eyes bulged, “What do they do with that?”

Steffany laughed, “Come on, Sugarbear. You’re not that naive. You know what this is. What you don’t know is that our moms had it molded from dad’s dick. And, yes, before you ask, I’m serious. He was traveling a lot, and they had it made to play with themselves.”

Domino’s eyes widened. “I’ve never seen a cock before. It doesn’t look like it would fit inside me. Is dad bigger than most?”

Steffany chuckled, “Well, ortaköy escort I haven’t seen his, or everyone else’s yet. But if it’s accurate, in my experience, dad is just about average, maybe a little less than average. But, judging from the sounds we hear from their bedroom, size isn’t everything.”

“So, what do you say, Sugarbear? Do you want me to fuck you with this?”

Dominica’s mind was racing as she bit her lip nervously. She didn’t know what to do. “I… I… don’t know. I’m not sure. I want to, but maybe I’m not ready.”

Putting her finger on her sister’s lips, Steff lowered herself on top of her sister and kissed her tenderly. Domino took her sister’s face in her hands and began to return her kisses with greedy ferocity. Steff was surprised by her sister’s passion and smiled, “Slow down, Sugarbear. What’s the rush?” Her hand lazily wandered down her sister’s body, caressing her neck, pausing briefly at her breast to give it a firm squeeze, and then continuing down her body until it reached her pelvis.

Dominica moaned, “Oh, Sissy. I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s happening. I’ve never been this wet down there.”

Steffany smiled and continued kissing. “Sugarbear, if you weren’t wet down there, I’d be doing this wrong.” She patted her hand on Domino’s matt of pubic hair and commenced stroking her fingers back and forth on her sister’s pussy lips.

She pulled her face away from Domino’s mouth and asked if she wanted to see what was next. Dominica nodded timidly, unsure of what was to come. Steffany leered at her, “Stay right there; I’ll be back.” She proceeded to lick and kiss her way down her virginal sister’s body until she’d gotten to her moist pussy.

“Ready, Sugarbear?” she whispered, and Dominica sighed and nodded affirmatively. Domino moaned as her sister lapped around the edge of her pussy lips and casually ran her fingers back and forth across her love button. “Your pussy is the sweetest,” Steffany huskily sighed. She increased the tempo of her lapping and flicking, and Domino began to squirm a little.

“Sissy, I’m not sure, but I think you’re making me cum,” she said somewhere between a whisper and a whimper. Her younger sister laughed and said that was her plan and to lie back and enjoy.

Dominica ran her hands through her sister’s hair. She convulsed as Steffany flicked her love bean aggressively and her hips shook violently. “Oh my God, what was that?” she cried.

Steffany grinned mischievously, “Well, I’m pretty sure that was your first orgasm. Did you like it?”

“Yes,” her older, timid sister sighed, “I loved it. I want more. Please. Teach me more.”

“Okay, Sugarbear. What’s your next lesson? Do you want to learn to please me? Or do you want to learn about boys?” Steffany cajoled.

Dominica’s mind was spinning, “I want to learn everything. I want to please you, but I want to learn about boys too. What should I do?”

“Relax, Sugarbear; there’s time for both.” She stood up and positioned herself over her sister, with the strap-on waving in the air. Dominica’s eyes widened as she saw her sister brandishing what seemed like a weapon to her virginal eyes. “Don’t worry,” Steffany soothed, “It won’t hurt you, and it will fit.”

She slowly guided it into her Domino’s eager pussy, entering slowly with none of the pain or bleeding that Dominica had been told by her friends to expect.

Dominica winced, thinking it would be painful, but it just pinched a little. She reached up for Steffany’s breasts, and moaned, “Sissy, oh Sissy.”

Steffany stroked slowly, allowing her sister to get used to the sensations. She was gentle, pressing until she was all the way in. “Does that hurt?” she whispered, and Domino shook her head. Realizing that she wasn’t going to hurt her sister, Steffany increased her pace, thrusting more energetically. Her hips slammed forward, and the couch shook under their bodies.

She planted her mouth on her sister’s and kissed her savagely. Domino’s hands roamed Steff’s back, caressing her and pulling their bodies tighter.

Steffany pulled away and looking down at her sister with love, continued thrusting her pelvis and slid her hand down to stroke her sister’s clit. Soon, the combination of fake cock and her sister’s fingers were too much, and Dominica began to twitch. Her second orgasm was approaching quickly.

Steff stopped stroking with her hand, and grabbed her sister’s hand, guiding it lower so that Dominica could stroke herself. “That’s it, Sugarbear. Stroke your clit while I fuck you.”

Domino eagerly obeyed and stiffened as her orgasm hit. She pulled her sister down with her free hand to kiss her passionately and wrapped pendik escort her legs behind Steff’s back.

Steffany slowed and gradually stopped, and pulled out. “Last lesson, Sugarbear. It’s your turn to eat me.”

“Yes, Sissy, yes. I want to learn to please you too. That was fucking incredible.”

Steffany’s eyebrow arched at hearing her sister use such graphic language, “Oh dear. I think I’ve created a monster.”

She stood, undoing the straps and letting the dildo fall to the floor. She motioned for Domino to let her lie on the couch, and once settled pulled her eager sister on top of her. The two sisters kissed enthusiastically, and Domino’s inhibitions were fading further into the rearview each minute.

“Mmm, I taste myself on your lips, Sissy,” she murmured, and went back in for another kiss, chasing Steffany’s tongue with her own. Soon, she stopped, and with a naughty smile proceeded to mimic Steff’s earlier activities, kissing lower and lower down her body. She paused at her younger sister’s navel and tongued it gently. Steff smiled in surprise. She beamed at how quickly her sister was learning.

At last, Dominica reached Steff’s honeypot and started to lick and return the favor. Her tongue danced on her more experienced sister’s clitoris and from Steff’s sounds, figured she was doing better than average for a first-timer. She stuck her index finger into her sister’s pussy, and Steff cooed.

Encouraged, Domino started sliding her finger in and out as she licked pussy for the first time. She inserted another finger and then a third, gently ramming in and out as her sister urged her on. “Oh, that’s it, Sugarbear. You’ve got the hang of this. Do it.”

Grinning, she sped her hand up and then stopped to work her last two fingers in slowly. Her sister groaned, and her eyes flew open in surprise, “Where the fuck did you learn that?” Steffany wailed, and Domino just grinned as she slid her tiny fist in and out, faster and faster.

Steffany’s head thrashed back and forth, as she moaned, “That’s the stuff, that’s the stuff. Keep going. I’m cumming Sugarbear; I’m cumming…” Her entire body tensed as her newbie sister fisted her sopping pussy. “Oh, God… Oh, God. Oh, my fucking God…” she screamed.

Domino was grinning from ear to ear, “Well, Sissy, did I do good?”

“Fuck, yes, Sugarbear, get up here and kiss me.”

Steff’s cell phone rang, as the girls cuddle and kissed. It was the “pick up or else” ringtone devoted to her parents.

She saw that it was Marlene, and picked up, “Hello? What’s up, Mom?”

“We know you took it. You had better have been gentle with your sister, you naughty minx.”

“Sorry, Mom. I was.”

“You should have asked first, but it’s okay. You can tell me all about it the next time you come home.”

Steffany hung up laughing, and said, “Oh crap. I’ve got to order that pizza. I only pretended to before so we wouldn’t be interrupted. I’m starving.”

Domino hugged her, “Me too, Sissy.”

In the SUV a few hours away, Marlene ended the call. “Damn, that little slut,” she smirked.

Tiffany turned to look at her in the back seat, and Steve’s eyes went to the rearview mirror to see what was up.

“I was looking in our toy bag, and noticed that our custom strapon was missing, so I called Steff, and sure enough, she took it,” Marlene chuckled, equal parts amused, impressed and annoyed.

Tiffany said, “So that means…”

“Yup,” Marlene interrupted, “Domino’s virginity is a thing of the past. And Steff used a copy of daddy’s dick to do it.” Seeing Steve’s shocked face, and the redness spreading up his face from his neck, Marlene and Tiffany both laughed. “Look at him!! Nearly twenty years later, and we can still get Steve to blush like a schoolboy. That is so adorable,” Marlene gushed.

“Oh come on, that can’t be too much of a surprise,” Tiffany snickered. “If Steff can hack the math, one day she’ll be an astronaut web-camming porn from space.”

The three of them laughed at their second daughter’s wild, adventurous nature. Tiffany sighed, “I hope they’re rooming together by themselves will let a little more of them rub off on each other. Domino could tame Steff and Steff could help bust Domino out of her shell.”

“They’ll be fine,” Steve said. “Steff is wild, but she’s got a heart of gold. And Sugarbear needs to put herself out there with people. If there are two better kids in the world, I’ve never met them.”

“Okay, enough of this, the kids will be fine,” Marlene interjected. “Step on the gas, buddy. You promised us a weekend of anything and everything we want. And I don’t want to leave the bed until Tuesday morning. I hope you’re rested up.”

She grinned impishly, “And, Tiff and I have been talking, and we think we’ve got two more girls in us.”

Shocked, Steve’s eyes widened at this news. But, knowing how this would play out, he glanced at Tiffany, smiled and said, “What Marlene wants…”

“Marlene gets,” Tiffany finished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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