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Mary/Marcy Pt. 03

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Marcy jumped up from the hot bath she had drawn. The water was getting cool, anyway. She reached her cellphone before the voice mail picked up.

“Hi Mom. You aren’t busy, are you?”

“Not too busy for you. You caught me in the tub. I’m naked and dripping water.”

“Ooh, tell me more!”

“Well, my hair is pulled up, I have suds on my tits, and I just finished shaving my legs and then some.”

“No! You shaved it all? I have to see that. Is that new since Dad left?”

Dad had moved out a while back. As they say, it’s complicated.

‘Yeah, he was old school about that, and, no, you can’t see. We have talked about that.”

“I know, but I can’t speak for my cock, it’s getting hard.”

“Do something about it. Here I will let you talk to Marcy.” She took a moment to assume her alter personality. “Hi, how’s it going? I hear you have a problem that needs a woman’s touch.”

“When I heard you were standing there naked it got me excited. I think we both need a little help. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, thinking of you with a hard dick is getting me excited. I wish you were here.”

“Me too. I want you to go into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. I want you to start rubbing your shaved pussy for me.”

A minute or so later, He heard her heavy breathing through the phone. He began stroking himself, thinking of her rubbing her hairless twat.

“Describe what you are doing.”

“I started rubbing the outside of my pussy, and now I have two fingers inside my wet hole. I’m thinking of the last time you fucked me, wishing you could be here now!”

“Oh Marcy, me too. I want to fuck you again. and many, many more times.”

“You do? I’m going to cum!”

When her moans culminated into an orgasmic scream, it triggered his orgasm.

After catching their breath, Mike got back to the purpose of his call; he would be able to spend the summer break with her after all. He would be there Thursday.


When Mike arrived, he slept most of first day from sheer exhaustion from final exams and the trip home. When he awoke, he made his way to the kitchen.

“Well, the dead has risen again. Good to see you up and about. Come give your aunt a hug!”

Mike was puzzled, but went with it. He hugged her.

“Aunt Marcy, I assume?”

“That’s right. I’m your mother’s younger sister. Here to help you while your mom is in Europe for the summer.”

“But Mom, I mean Marcy, I thought we were through with…”

“We are, but I am your aunt. It will serve me for the pool party.”

“What pool party?”

“The one you are going to throw for your friends that still live around here. The cutest ones anyway.”

Mike was catching on now. He knew about her affair with Dave, and he approved. He wasn’t so sure about pimping her out like this. But she wanted it , so he was okay with it. He could set it up and sit back and watch her get hit on by guys his age. It could be fun.

“Are you sure? It will be like throwing meat to a pack of hungry dogs.”

“Let your Aunt Marcy handle it.”

“If you say so. I will set it up.”

Mike got on the phone and managed to find four of his friends to come to the party. He knew they were the horniest of his old gang. He wondered which one would get lucky with his ‘aunt.’ His money was on Tom Meyer. He always seemed to have better luck with the high school girls.

Jim Olinsky also had gotten his share of attention from the ladies back in the day. Both of them were tall and athletic, Jim was blonde and had played basketball. Tom was brunette and heavier than Jim. He had been the back-up quarterback for the football team.

The other two invitees were Lynn and Terry Jameson. They were cousins that went everywhere together. The cousins were short maybe 5-8. They both had jet black hair. Lynn stood out because he was handsome. Terry was on the pudgy side and plain.

The cousins were not really in his sphere of close friends, but Mike was trying to get guys that had never met his Mom.

Mike didn’t like the thought of any of these guy’s hitting on her, so he decided to really buy into her identity as his his aunt. When he did, he found it easier to take and even somewhat exciting.

On the day of the party, bostancı escort Mike picked up the food and drinks while Marcy had a pedicure and a manicure. She also shopped for a new bikini. Whatever she thought about her soon to be ex-husband, he provided for her financially.

Tom was first to arrive. Mike always had felt intimidated by Tom’s physique, and had to admire how he looked in a swimsuit.

The twins came next. Mike had knick named them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in high school and now saw no reason to change that now.

Jim, alway late in school, was the last to show up.

“Mike, is this another one of your sausage fests?”

“That is for your benefit, Jim.”

Tom laughed, “Yes Green, where is the eye candy? I’m so horny I would even do your saggy old momma!”

“She’s not here but my aunt will be here soon.”

“What is she, 70? Maybe if she takes her dentures out.”

As if on cue, Marcy came out of the house in her new, rather skimpy bikini. All five jaws dropped. Mike muttered under his breath, “70, my ass.”

Marcy had purposely worn baggy clothes around the house since Mike had been home. So he was surprised to see how fine she looked. She had obviously been working out. Her body was toned and tanned. Her freshly painted fingernails and toenails we a brilliant red. The new bikini was hardly more than scraps of black fabric held together with red strings. She wore high heeled sandals to boost her 5-2 height as well as make her legs and ass look their best.

She was the dream of every 20-something man. She could pass for a 30-something herself.

Mike marveled at her body and swimsuit as walked by. He then saw that it was a thong and that her entire ass was exposed! While admiring her taut ass, it occurred to him that only the thinnest strip of cloth covered her asshole. He realized that she was serious about getting laid. He also realized that he was getting hard, and suspected his guests were as well.

“Holy shit,” said Tom. “That’s your aunt?”

“She’s holding up well for her age. What was it you said…70?”

He ignored Mike and kept staring at Marcy’s ass. She bent at the waist to set her things down, giving the two guys a glimpse of the outer edges of her little rosebud peeking out from the thin strip of bikini bottom. Tom’s swimsuit got tighter for sure.

Tom shifted a bit to hide his erection. “She married?”

“Divorced. Recently. I’m guessing she hasn’t had any for awhile. A long while.”

“Hmm, really?”

Mike got everyone’s attention. “Hey y’all. This is my gorgeous Aunt Marcy. Marcy this is Tom, Jim, Lynn and his cousin, Terry. Watch out guys, she is recently divorced and ready.”

She playfully slapped at him causing her right nipple to pop halfway out. She didn’t seem to notice but the guests and Mike certainly did.

After that the party was everyone (except me) drinking beer and trying to coax Marcy into the pool. When she went in the water, she was immediately surrounded by horny guys. Tom soon separated her from the herd and had her cornered on the edge of the pool.

“So you are Mike’s aunt? I had no idea he even had an aunt, much less one so beautiful.”

“Thank you. I am his mother’s sister. I moved back here after my divorce.”

“So I heard. Tell me, how a man can be crazy enough to let you go?”

“He wasn’t crazy, He just couldn’t keep it in his pants. He was putting it to his secretary.”

“I can’t believe that anyone would ever want to cheat on you.”

“Thank you again. Believe me, he did. Caught him in the act.”

“He’s crazy then,”

“To be fair, I didn’t look like I do now, but still…what was crazy was that he asked me to join them.”


“Oh don’t act like you would’ve turned down a threesome. The question is: would you do a threesome with me and, let say, Tim?”

“It’s Tom. I suppose. If I didn’t have to touch him.”

She reached down and felt his hard cock. “I take that as a yes. I will hold you to that.”

Marcy pushed her hand into his swim trunks and gave his cock several strokes before going to Tom.

“Did you come over here to feel inside my shorts. Or is Jim that smooth of a talker? And, yes, I could ataşehir escort see well enough to know what you were doing”

“I can’t play favorites, can I?”

With that she tugged his swimsuit down over his erect cock. She moved in closer to keep the others from seeing. His hard dick brushed her abdomen as she gripped it.

“Is that a harpoon or are you happy to see me?”

“Maybe both. You work fast, if I may say so. Not that I’m complaining.”

“I’m divorced, I’m horny. What can I say? By the way, you have a very nice ‘harpoon. It’s been along time since any one harpooned me!”

“Well, I can help you with that.”

He ran his right hand down to cup her all but naked ass and pulled her into his cock. His left hand slid up and he felt her nipple under her top.

“I’m sure you can, in due time. But easy on the groping until then.”

She picked Lynn next. He was quite handsome, she chatted a with him and felt the front of his trunks. Nothing too big.

She had saved Terry for last, He just didn’t appeal to her, but she put on a smile and swam towards him. Was he moving away? She caught up with him.

“No need to be shy. I am just getting acquainted with everyone.”

“I know, but you are so pretty, that I…I get a little shy with pretty girls, er, women.”

“You ever go out to eat or dancing with a pretty girl?”

“Yes, at least she was pretty to me. Lynn didn’t think so. But I did.”

“That’s nice. Would you like to go out with me sometime?” He nodded. “If you let me feel your dick, I will take you on a date. How’s that?”

“Ok. I would like that. A lot.”

After she felt him, she leaned in and whispered something in his ear. He smiled and did what he was told.

When she finally left Terry and swam to Mike, he could see that her face was flush. When they were out of earshot, she confided in him.

“Terry just pulled my swimsuit aside and fucked me!”

“That was bold. I didn’t peg him as that forward.”

“It was my idea. He has the best cock here. I’m sorry but he does. It is so thick! I couldn’t wait to try it out. He didn’t cum by the way. I’m saving that for later.”

“Wow, so he’s your pick. I never would have guessed.”

“I didn’t say that. There are other factors beside dick size. I haven’t sorted through everything yet. And who said I wanted just one?”

She got out of the pool and said, “Everybody let’s go in for snacks.”

Then to Mike she said, “Did you bring the mustard I like, the one with the burgundy wine in it?”


“Would you mind? You are the only sober person here.”

“But the only place that sells it is clear across town.”

“Yes it is, so you had better get going soon.”

Mike knew this was only a ploy to keep him away for the better part of an hour. He dutifully obeyed her request and headed across town.

Everyone congregated in the living to graze on the snacks laid out on the coffee table.

The cool air caused Marcy’s nipples to stand proud. When she noticed the attention they were getting she made an announcement.

“Your shorts are all wet, so you can’t sit down. Unless…unless you take them off! I will start it off.

The 45 year-old mom had the full attention of the guys as she slipped her top off. She paused for effect before she pushed the tiny bottoms to the floor, leaving her naked except for her heels. Everyone else stood dumbfounded.

Finally, one-by-one, they took off their swimsuits off, leaving four very hard dicks pointed at her.

“Wow, that looks like a firing squad. Ready, aim…”

She dropped to her knees and took the closest cock in her mouth. She alternated, going clockwise every minute or so. They were all similar, all in the 6 inch range give or take. The odd man out was Terry. He was closer to 7 inches, but it was much thicker than the rest. When Marcy got to him, She lingered a bit more.

The next round she suck each one longer. Jim was the first to explode in her mouth. She made a point of showing everyone her mouthful of young sperm before swallowing it, After seeing that display, Lynn lasted less than a minute, spurting most of his load in her hair.

“Terry’s already had a little of çekmeköy escort this pussy. So, Terry, do you mind if the others go ahead of you for now?” Terry nodded, gripping his thick cock.

Marcy laid back on the soft couch. Her legs went skyward, splaying wide. Tom wasted no time in filling her pussy. She pulled him closer.

“Harpoon time,” she whispered.

He nodded and began to roughly pound into her. In a one on one session her would have been much gentler, but this situation called for raw sex.

Mary/Marcy had not been properly fucked in a while. Mary had several dates with co-workers and clients when Ed moved out. The sex had been good but she missed young cock.

And she was getting it today. Tom was quick, unloading into her forcibly.

Jim took his place and was treated to an incredibly slippery pussy. Jim’s cum lubed the way. Jim lasted longer, having already cum from the oral pleasure he had received. While Jim fucked her, she grabbed and stroked Lynn’s cock. He was primed and ready when Jim unloaded.

Lynn also buffeted her now tender pussy.


She motioned to Terry to come closer and took him into her mouth. For the first time she had two men invade her body at once. She tried to concentrate on Terry’s thick cock but Lynn was getting close and he increased his thrusts. She was working up to a massive orgasm herself.

After Lynn had pulled out and shot his load over her tummy, she was spent.

“Terry, Honey, you don’t mind waiting a while for your turn? I have to have a break.”

She got up and went to the kitchen to bring out more snacks. No one had eaten any yet, but it gave her a moment to evaluate what had just happened.

It was then that Mike returned. He was surprised to see his Mom, or rather Marcy standing naked at the sink. She had lines of semen in her hair, cheek, stomach and running down her thigh.

“Oh my, what is going on?”

He well knew what was happening. He had figured she would pick on of his friends and set something up for later, or maybe discretely take him to her room. One guy could not have produced that much cum.

“Join us in the living room. We are having snacks.”

“I can see that.”

“Let’s go. I owe Terry a fuck.”

Mike followed and saw his friends naked and looking satisfied. Except Terry, that is. He was the only one who was hard. Marcy kneeled on the sofa with her ass wiggling playfully. She implored Terry to get behind her. He slowly worked his tool into Marcy’s open cunt. Her mouth came open in silent ecstasy.

Cousin Lynn encouraged his shy cousin. “Fuck her good, Terry.”

Jim and Tom joined in on the fun, urging Terry on.

Mike, seeing Mary/Marcy having sex with someone else for the first time, was very turned on. He was out of his clothes in a flash. He went behind the sofa and offered his cock to Marcy. She was enjoying Terry’s thick member. She glanced up to see whose cock was in her face.

“Mike, I don’t think we…”

He moved the head into her mouth. “Well, I say we can!”

“Way to go Mike, face fuck you own aunt, you douche bag,”

Mike ignored the harangue. His Mother’s warm mouth made it worth it.

When Terry had finished and had shot what seemed like a world record load on Marcy’s back, Mike stepped in to replace him. She had a look on her face that he didn’t remember seeing before. It was a genuinely loving look. He didn’t dwell on what it might mean. He was intent on once again having sex with her Marcy personality.


When the guys had gone home, Mary, no longer pretending to be Marcy, took a long soak in her bathtub. When she finished, she put on a sheer night dress, and returned to the living room. Mike was asleep on the couch, still naked. She shook him awake.

“Mom, er Marcy?”

“You had it right the first time. I am your mother. I have buried Marcy for good.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Marcy had a great time today being a slut and having those young men wrapped around my finger. But that’s not me. And that is who I need to be true to.”

“I made another decision. I am going to sell this house and get an apartment for us close to your college and then move to wherever you find a job.”

“But why?”

“There is nothing for me here. Besides, how will you fuck me everyday if we live apart?”

“Really. That will be wonderful. But don’t you need Marcy for that?”

“Not anymore. I don’t care who knows I am sleeping with my son. Now let’s get you showered and in bed. My bed. Our bed.”

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