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Mary’s Adventures Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: This is my first attempt to write a story. As you may have noticed from Pt.1, English is not my mother tongue so you will find some mistakes for sure. Whatever is included in these stories happened last winter. Names are changed for obvious reasons. Feel free to leave your comments below. Parts 3 and 4 are almost ready and they are much more interesting. I strongly suggest reading Pt.1 before the story below

-That’s great, Anne replied.

-Yeah. Now I have to find what to wear.

-You’ve got to impress him, what does he like?

-Skirts, but I’m not in the mood to wear one. I’m going to wear the navy blue trousers I bought last week with a white plain shirt

-Wait a minute. You asked him out. You must impress him to hit your target. But you are not going to wear what he likes on a woman?

-Yes! I also don’t know how to tell him.

-Tell him what?

-That I want this kind of “relationship” with him

-Let your clothes do the talking.

-I hate skirts.

-He likes them

-I guess if he agrees on my proposal that from now on he is going to tell me each time what to wear. This may be the last time I can wear trousers.

-As you want

As Mary was ready, she looked herself on the mirror. She looked attractive; the navy blue trousers made her bottom look great. But she was nervous. Very nervous. She was shy when she was talking to men, even to John, whom she knew for more than 6 years. It was now or never. If she wasn’t going to take advantage of his interest that night, she wouldn’t have a second chance.

It was too early. She spent the next half an hour listening to music in order to relax. That night all she had to do was to take a deep breath and tell him what she wants. Easier said than done though. She decided to wear the pink leather watch, the one he bought her when he fell in love with her. It was old but still great.

Anne wished her Good Luck and told her to text her a code message when she had the chance. It was the signal that everything was OK

“What I’m going to do if he says no? He will probably stop talking to me”. That was her main thought on her way to underground station. The ten minute walk seemed like an eternity to her. But that wasn’t a first. They had stopped talking to each other several times, but each one of them either she or he made the first move for a reconnection. Once he had told her that he was thinking of her the whole time Starzbet and he was asking common friends for her news. She did that too. Now she was the one to risk their relationship.

As she walked into the train she was watching the faces of other passengers. They seemed relaxed, only she was the one to be so nervous. Her pulse was elevated. Her hands were shaking. But she had to act normal. As the train reached her destination, she made one last thought. If she was going to run away, that was the time. She didn’t know what she was afraid of. Him? Or the chance that a whole new chapter in her life could start that night?

He was late, probably stuck in traffic. While she was waiting, she texted her friend the code message. It was early, but she was sure that everything is going to be fine. She trusted him. She knew that he will not hurt her. She knew that he still cared about her, even though his love for her may now be long gone.

About half an hour later than expected, he finally arrived. He was dressed smart, as always. A nice white shirt with yellow and blue stripes and a grey chino. He looked older than he was

-Sorry to be late, I was stuck in traffic, John apologised as she entered his car

-I thought so. It’s ok, there is no need to apologise

-Nice to see you

-Nice to see you too

-You look nice.

-Thank you

-It is a bit late and it is Wednesday but it was a very busy day for me. I couldn’t make it earlier

-There is no problem. I asked you to go out after all, blame is on me.

-That’s correct, he smiled. How was your day?

-Boring. Anne went to her mother’s so I was alone. It was a chance to clean the house

-You’re right. I haven’t cleaned mine in weeks. Working and studying at the same time really consumes most of your time.

-Yeah, I know

-Are you all right? You seem a little upset, John asked her when they stopped at a red light.

-Yep, I’m fine. I’m just a bit tired

-That makes two of us. Plug your phone to the audio system. I let you choose the music to cheer you up.

-Oh, thank you. You never let anyone change the music in your car

-That’s a first, John laughed.

After another ten minutes’ drive, they reached their destination. He dropped her off while he was searching for a parking slot. She entered the bar and told to one of the bartenders John’s name. It turned out he had reserved the best table. She sat Starzbet Giriş there, waiting for him. After a few minutes, which seemed like days to her, he finally entered the bar and sat across her.

-Nice place huh?, John asked her.

-Yeah. I don’t know many places in this area. It’s a bit far away from where I live.

-There are a lot of nice spots to have a drink here. But this one is the best. One of the best in the whole Athens I believe. I like the music, the drinks, the atmosphere. It’s great.

They were chatting for some time, he told her about the project he was working on, how his fellow colleagues were taking advantage of him because of his age and how much he paid to fix his car after he crashed last week. She was relaxed, alcohol had its effects. He was in a better mood too. He was laughing more often and seemed to enjoy his time with her. While he was finishing his second beer, she took a deep breath and told him

-Look John, I have something really important to tell you. Will you promise me you won’t laugh?

-Okay, no problem. But this must be serious

-Oh yes it is. So you remember when you told me about Helen? How she started exploring herself, how you helped her with that and that you finally broke up.

-I do. And thanks for listening to me. I hadn’t told anyone the details about our break up

-Well, all these things you told me that happened between you two, are rather exciting

-I’m not sure I’m following you but go on

-You see, I had fantasies about having a relationship that one person is the dominant and the other one the submissive.

-That’s great.

-And you know I trust you, maybe more than anyone else. And this story between you and Helen was quite arousing to be honest.

-Go on, I want to see how this ends.

-I was thinking about trying out how being a submissive is. And I want to try it with you.

-Seriously? John smirked

-Yes, I’m serious.

-Oh girl, are you aware of what you are asking?

-Absolutely. And I’ve been thinking about that since you told me your story with Helen.

-You’re quite unpredictable, you know that?


-Yes, you broke up with me twice and now you want to sleep with me again?

-Look, I’m sorry for what happened in the past. My behaviour was not ideal, quite the opposite I should say. But now these belong to the past. Of course you can turn me down, but Starzbet Güncel Giriş I wanted you to think about it.

-There is nothing to think about.

-What do you mean?

-I mean yes but I will set the rules. And you have to follow every single thing I tell you

-But I’ve got no experience at all. I wanted to start from some more basic stuff first.

-Drinks are on me; John said and left a twenty Euro note on the table. You have till tomorrow night to think about it. Let me know when you decide. You know where to find me.

-John, wait, she said as he was walking to the exit and putting on his coat

-Look, all these years you were the one to set the rules. Every time someone turned you down, you were coming back to me. When you were bored, you dumped me. What you were expecting? That you will reveal your fantasies and I’ll run behind you once more? These days are over. Now you will play with my rules. Whether you like it or not.

-Please wait, I already have a decision.

-Really? That was quick

-Yes, I do.

-I’m listening.

-Look, I’ve searching the web about fetishes and bdsm. And I have two hard limits.


-Firstly I don’t want anything that will leave permanent marks, or even worse, scars. And secondly I don’t like extreme fetishes like blood play or electro play, I know you don’t like them too. As long as our relationship doesn’t involve any of these, I agree to your rules.

-You haven’t heard them. And what if my ideas include more extreme stuff like pet-play? Do you agree with that too?

-Yes. Even that

-All right then, we have a deal. But you know that by the time you agree, even for one weekend, I give the orders and you have to follow them.

-I know. That is the fun in such a relationship

-OK, look I’m very busy tomorrow night. But you can come to my place Friday night. We can go for dinner and then to my house.

-Sounds great.

-I’m going to text you some details about what to wear and what to bring with you. And tell your mother that you are going on a friend’s house in the countryside and that you are getting back Sunday Night. You might need to go shopping. But I will cover the cost of it, don’t worry.

-There is no need to. But thank you.

-I’ll drive you home, it’s late.

-No, I’ll take a cab.

-I’m not taking no for an answer. Get in.

The roads were empty on a Wednesday night so it didn’t take so long to reach her apartment, even though it was more than 8km away. When he parked on the side of the road she kissed him on the cheek and she whispered “Thank you” in his ear. They both knew that this was a new beginning in their relationship

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