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Mason The Masseur Ch. 02

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August Ames

The first thing I did to build my practice was to buy a 3 bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood.

I hired 2 construction workers and we changed the inside according to my specifications.

Six months later it was complete.

The inside was now divided into 2 separate areas.

The smaller one had a small massage room with attached bathroom & dressing area.

The bigger one looked much nicer. It had a larger massage place, luxurious rug and curtains, a larger mirror, a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling and several candle holders. The entrance door had a security camera watching it 24/7.

Between the 2 suites I had the workers arrange a cubicle that had a closet for robes, towels, sheets and blankets, a large bar & fridge area with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and several drawers with all kinds of oils, scents and other equipment commonly used in special massages.

A 100 yards of private road starting from the main street through an electric gate led straight toward the door of the smaller room.

In order to reach the luxury area, the guest had to turn left in the middle of that road at a sign that read ‘No entrance. Private property’. This paved path went around the house and guided the visitor to the luxury suite from the back.

The sign on the simpler door stated ‘Mason M. Licensed masseur’.

The sign on the luxury door simply had ‘M’ on it.

Subsequently I placed ads in local newspapers and popular social media platforms. The ad said, ‘My name is Mason M. I am a young licensed masseur, who recently moved to town. On February 1st I’ll open my own massage place, offering Swedish, Deep tissue, Aromatherapy and 10 other known types. The price is $100 per 1 hour and $65 for 40 minutes. The first 20 customers will get 30% discount. Any special requests will be addressed at the time of the massage and the fee established before the start. Hope to see you. M.’

I had 1 week to start, which I used to open ‘Mason M account’ in Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweeter. Then I created a work e-mail.

Lastly I bought all the necessary equipment for the first 100 customers, from 2 massage beds to massage oils and towels.

I planned to rest the last 4 days on the beach, but before doing it I checked my new accounts.

I was surprised to see 12 calls for appointments after only 48 hours of placing the ads.

I contacted each one and filled my first work week, promising myself that in the beginning I’ll be doing only the classic kinds of massage.

I’d accept special requests only after performing a regular massage on the person…

Among the first 12 clients there were 10 women and 2 men, most of them were between the ages 40 to 65.

Of these 12 people, 3 had ‘special requests’ that I politely declined, saying that I wanted to start conservatively.

I suggested to each one of these 3 to leave a message for me 1 month later if they were still interested in asking for specials.

By the time I began working, I added 8 names to my schedule.

On my first day I had 2 middle aged women, who I saw 3 hours apart.

The first one was a 52 years old average looking lady, who complained about lower back pains and asked me to do any massage that would be best for her aches.

I suggested a 40 minutes Swedish with more concentrated work on her lower back.

I did my best to relieve the knots in her back and near the shoulder blades.

When I was done, she bent forward and touched the carpet with her fingers. Her legs were straight at the time!

She smiled at me, “Mason, you are a magician! The last time I was able to do it was 22 years ago…”

I chuckled, “Ma’am, thanks for the compliment. I am only a simple masseur, but if you want to be able to continue these exercises, you better consult a specialist about self exercises that are recommended for your back. If you are not interested, get your husband to do simple massages of your lower back twice a week for 10 minutes.”

“Mason, my husband died 2 years ago. Do you mind if I come here for more massages in the near escort gaziantep bayanlar future?”

“Of course not. I was trying to save you money…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that… I have more than enough…”

“OK lady. Just leave me a message when you want the next one and I’ll do my best to accommodate you…”

The second lady was short and obese. She was slightly younger.

“Mason, I’d like a Deep Tissue massage for 40 minutes.”

“Are you familiar with this type of a massage?”

“I have never had one, but I read on line about it”

“OK ma’am, as you wish… Just remember that this type is more intense than the usual massage. So if at one point it’s too much for you, just give me a sign and I’ll switch to a milder form.”

As I predicted, 15 minutes into it she asked me to knead with less force.

After I was done, she paid and thanked me, but she looked very embarrassed…

Of all the other customers in the first week I remember one of the guys.

He was about 40-45 years old, 5’10”, skinny man.

He said that he wanted ‘a good 1 hour full body massage’. He put the emphasis on ‘full body’.

I had a hunch what he was interested in, but since he didn’t specify, I didn’t talk.

When I asked him to undress except for his underwear, he blurted, “I am not shy!”

He removed EVERYTHING and lied down on his tummy.

After doing his upper thighs I was ready to move to his shoulders, but he insisted that I do his buttocks.

I did as he wanted.

When I was finished with his backside I turned him on his back and covered his genitals with a warm towel.

As I was moving from his calves to his thighs, he removed the towel and I saw his cock fully extended upward.

“Mason, what you did so far was fantastic. I’ll skip the chest and thigh massage to focus on a more… ‘private massage’. How much money would I need to add?…”

“Sir, you do not have to add anything, because I am not doing it!”

“Mason, you are young and handsome. I’ll give you $300 for what some people call ‘gay massage’. What do you say?…”

“Thank you for the generous offer, but NO!”

He let me finish the regular massage without further talking.

Then he pulled $100, gazed at me for few seconds and added $1 tip…

I said, “Thank sir, take care…” I knew that I’d never see him again…

In the first two weeks all the clients (21 in total) were done in the small area.

Now that I gained experience with the average local customers, I was ready to move to the next stage…

My first customer (LR), who had the back pains and was so impressed with my skills, called me a week after her first massage, “Mason, your wonderful hands made me feel good, but few days later the pains gradually creeped again. I am not interested in ‘self exercises’. I’d like to continue having my body tweaked as you did before. I want to schedule another session and then talk about a series of massages.”

I arranged for LR an afternoon session on a Friday, 3 weeks later.

This time I directed her to park in front of the luxurious suite.

She entered and looked surprised, “Mason, this is beautiful! I like it much better!…”

I smiled and led her to the massage area.

“Ma’am, returning customers get the VIP treatment. Now before we start, I’d like to ask you some questions. The first one is whether you want exactly the same massage as before, or one that I can tailor for you?”

She hesitated. “Last time after you were done, I felt very good. Is another type better for me?…”

“I know that prior clients liked the other one better, but I am ready to make a deal. Let’s try the new one. If you think that the one you had the other day was better, I’ll not charge you a dime. Sounds reasonable?”

She smiled fondly, “I am all yours. What should I wear this time?…”

“My recommendation is to be totally naked, with towels covering any part that is not to be touched. I am going to leave the room, put on my robe and be back eskort bayan gaziantep in 10 minutes.”

I left her to undress. Then I checked on the incense burner and put hot water for mint tea later.

I removed all my clothes and put on a white thin robe.

I entered the massage room. LR was on her tummy, naked with a towel covering her ass cheeks.

“Lady, are we ready?”

“Sure, go ahead Mason.”

LR tilted her head away from me.

I poured warm oil on her right foot and slowly kneaded it for about 5 minutes. I repeated the same thing with her left foot. Then I moved to her calves, followed by her thighs.

I began the outer side of her right thigh and then moved my hands to the outer side of her left thigh.

When I was done, I placed my hands on the distal part of both her inner thighs.

I started by massaging them thoroughly.

Slowly I climbed upward massaging the thigh less forcefully and more sensually.

A low moan escaped her mouth and her legs spread slightly.

My hands continued gentle squeezing of her thighs, moving higher still.

LR body quivered mildly and her moans became louder.

Her legs moved apart further and the towel fell on the rug.

I lifted it and whispered, “Do you want me to put the towel on you again or shall I massage your glutes too?”

LR sighed, “Mason, whatever you think is best…”

From the place I was standing, I could clearly see her cunt. Tiny drops were present at the entrance…

I poured scented oil on her globes and gently stroked her ass cheeks.

Some of the oil dripped downward into her crack and from there toward her pussy.

LR legs moved sideway even more and she lifted her bottom toward my hands.

My palms moved slowly toward the middle, carefully not touching her puckered hole.

Her body was now following my motion… ‘Not yet lady!!!…’

Interestingly, I became aroused as well… My cock rose half way, lifting the front of my robe…

Then I turned to LR shoulders. I stood in front of her and tweaked her muscles, gradually descending to her back. I was gentler on her lower back then last time.

I did 7 minutes of searching and releasing all her knots, adding finer rubbing of her sensitive middle low back area.

Then I said, “Ma’am, here are several towels. I’ll get out for 2 minutes. Please turn on your back now and cover the areas you do not want me to massage…”

Before I left, I noticed her giving me a strange look…

I returned with a tea kettle in my hand and a small cup, “Would you like to have mint tea before I do your front, or you rather have it later?”

“Later, please…”

LR had 2 small towels covering her chest and cunt, respectively.

As usual, I started at the feet and moved slowly up.

I reached the level of her thighs, poured oil and began massaging them.

LR eyes concentrated on my hands.

Her legs slowly began spreading apart as her eyes continued focusing on my rubbing hands.

The higher my palms moved, the more her thighs opened out. Her moans became more audible…

She closed her eyes, sighed and her legs moved sideways still.

This last action caused the small towel to fall between her legs and her moist pussy lips became exposed…

My hands were stroking her inner thighs as if nothing unusual happened.

I wanted to see if she’d put the towel back on her genitals… She did not!…

It was a clear sign that she was now aroused and let me do whatever I wanted…

My hands reached up to half an inch from her cunt.

Then I moved them to her lower tummy.

She whimpered.

My hands caressed her tummy gently and then moved up toward her lower chest.

LR opened her eyes, grabbed the other small towel, that was covering her breasts, and dumped it on the floor.

I looked her in the eye, “Ma’am, please tell me what you wish for me to do…”

Her stare was pleading, “Please Mason, you know what I really want…”

“Lady, in gaziantep bayan eskort the beginning you wanted something else. If you you wish to change your request, I need to be sure that we are in sync… Misunderstanding may lead to all sorts of trouble…”

“Mason, your hands are real treasure. Will you please… make me happy?…”

“Ma’am, I promise to do whatever you wish. However, I have to know exactly what you have on your mind. The fee will increase too…”

LR sounded desperate, “Mason, I told you last time… The price is not an issue! I want you to massage my boobs and then massage my vagina. I want you to bring my body to a climax! I haven’t had one in years and I am very horny now!… Please…”

“OK dear, as you wish…”

Her eyes were fixated on my face as I approached her chest.

Her tits sagged somewhat, but overall not bad for a woman above 50. Her nipples were small and dark.

My palms started at the underside of her areolas, lifting them gently and then kneading them, avoiding the nipples for now. She twisted her torso, attempting to make my palms touch the nipples. I didn’t let it happen, yet…

Then I moved closer to her body, with my groin touching her hand.

My cock began to stir.

She felt it and placed her hand around my shaft, feeling it.

She gasped, “It’s so big and hard!…”

One of my hands moved to her lower abdomen and then lightly touched her swollen labia.

LR stared at me with lust in her eyes…

Then she shut her eyes and soft whimpering sounds escaped her lips.

I inserted 2 fingers into her snatch and started stroking softly.

LR body became restless. It moved up and down, adjusting to my fingers impaling her pussy.

With her eyes tightly closed she whispered, “Please Mason, make me cum now…”

I pinched her nipple with my left hand, while two fingers in my right roughed her G-spot. Seconds later my thumb was all over her puffy clit…

Her reaction began 3 seconds later. The whole body shook violently and her screams sounded like she was being raped!

Her palm squeezed my cock very hard and at one point I thought that I was about to lose it…

Her prolonged orgasm lasted close to 10 minutes, followed by few moments that her body became limp.

Slowly her grip on my aching member decreased and I was able to move backwards.

Luckily my prick was still attached to my body…

I let her body recover, caressing gently her shoulders, moving gradually to her boobs with light touches and then caressing her tummy.

LR opened her eyes and smiled at me, “You have no idea what you did!… I haven’t climaxed in such a long time and this was awesome! Thank you…”

“you welcome ma’am…”

“Mason, I have a proposition for you. I need your massages at least once a week. Twice will be even better if you can spare more time for me… If it’s OK with you, I’d also like every now and then ‘special services’… Can you do it for me?”

“Lady, let us start once a week. How are Tuesday afternoons for you?…”

“I have a bridge game with my girlfriends on Tuesdays, but I’ll tell them to change the day… By the way, at least 2 of them complain regularly about body aches. Is it OK if I recommend you to them?”

“That will be nice…”

“Great!… We never discussed your fee for the ‘extra effort’… I am not sure what it should be, but $500 sounds reasonable to me. In the future I may be needing ‘other extra services’ for higher fees… Is it acceptable?…”

“Ma’am, I am here to make you feel better. Massage is my specialty, but I understand that people may have other needs in order to feel good, so I accept most assignments as long as they are legal…”

“Mason, that is beautiful. Thanks again for the… deep massage and here is your $500. Tomorrow I’ll tell my bridge buddies about you, so don’t be surprised if they call to make an appointment with you… See you again next Tuesday. Is 4:30 pm OK?”

“It’s perfect. Now that you wish to be a regular customer, how do you prefer that I call you?…”

“Please call me Lenora. I’d much rather hear you calling me by my name instead of ‘ma’am’…”

I laughed, “That will be great ma’am Lenora, Au revoir Tuesday afternoon…”

She smiled and waved a finger at me, “Mason, it you don’t stop with the ma’am, next time your ‘special assignment’ will be much tougher!…”

“Sorry Lenora, I promise to behave…”

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